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This week in, “Funny Ladies Who Tweet.”



In today’s round of Funny Ladies Who Tweet, we’re not exactly sure if the 140-character-smith behind A Fashion Blogger is a lady. We’re also not sure it matters, though. Between Karlie Kloss, who functions as the miracle glue tethering an identity to the sobriquet and perhaps even more importantly, considering the sinister nuances that comprise the sarcastic tweets, it seems this questionable magic comes from nowhere but deep inside a blogger-infiltrated Cosmo that I like to call The Rockstud Repository. That should totally make the twitter account fair game for this column.

As for the tweet, though it was written and published on May 17th and in the three month interim several exceptionally notable ones have come and gone, it seemed unlikely that we (or rather, Charlotte) would be able to draw another one as poignantly as we could this one.

That poor Ox has no idea what he’s got coming from the long-haired, slender broad to his left. And as for her, the fashion blogger, you recognize that 3.1 Phillip Lim t-shirt, Zara skort, and those Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, don’t you? We’ve really got to wonder who the real victim in this instance is anyway?

As far as I’m concerned, it looks like PETA still has a ways to go.

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