Remember When Ryan Gosling Was Ugly?

Feeling kind of ugly? Don’t even worry! Ryan Gosling can totally empathize.


Ryan Gosling, we feel ugly, sometimes, too!  We have also wondered what you would look like with makeup on.

Before you close the browser and attempt to begin plotting my assassination, hear me out. If you flip through the slideshow above, you will notice there are only – count them – six images that stand as a proof of concept. You’ll count eight but it’s only fair that we disclose two of such images were extracted from film clips from a movie that forced a fake receding hairline into the rico suave’s head.

To bring this back to the initial point, that is six images culled from the big ass world wide web and six images only. If you google a mere pedestrian, one not unlike myself, rest assured that in the first scroll through that extensive bank of photo content you’d be able to count more instances of “ugly” than of any other defining character trait, so, really, if you think about it, the man is doing pretty well for himself.

Maybe, though, on this Wednesday afternoon, you’re remembering a study that Jezebel brought to light several months ago alluding to a terrible semi-substantiated truth which confirms that ladies, you were right. Your aesthetic value does waver and according to one tanning brand (I know, what?), we are all our ugliest on Wednesday afternoons. That’s every Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately, this study neglects to mention whether men fall victim to a similar fate but because my highly advanced investigatory skills found me staring in distant bewilderment at a black haired, bowl cut laden image of what I swear could have easily passed for an emo drama school dropout but was actually Gosling, I’m going to surmise that we’re in this together, humans.

So, if you find yourself feeling particularly ugly right now–don’t stress it. Gosling can probably empathize.

In fact, the current heartthrob told British magazine Company on getting cast in The Notebook, “The director, Nick Cassavetes, called me to meet him at his house. When I got there, he was standing in his back yard, and he looked at me and said, ‘I want you to play this role because you’re not like the other young actors out there in Hollywood. You’re not handsome, you’re not cool, you’re just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts.'”

This quote, of course, then brings up a much larger question – especially considering how fucking irresistible the man looked in The Notebook. Are we actually only in love with him because he has grown to epitomize real, whole, true, un-teetering love? Or worse, because fame is sexy?

Nah…it can’t be. Can it?


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  • Kathleen

    That was a really difficult time for me, Leandra.

  • Jennifer

    Sorry, Ryan Gosling has never been ugly.

    xo Jennifer

  • nah. still a babe.

    i am feeling the wednesday afternoon blues, though (or maybe thats just the greasy hair from my 2-day old blow out).

    • I’m saying if this is “ugly” i’ll take the ugly. hahaha.

  • shelley

    I don’t find any of these to be ugly/unattractive

    We would all be lying if we said The Notebook didn’t make him much much hotter though

  • Colleen Berg

    None of those photos are ugly, just dated.

  • Jen

    “Hey girl, don’t pay attention to society’s unachievable standards of beauty. You’re not ugly, you’re beautiful.” -Ryan

    • Leandra Medine

      So easy to say when you’re NEARLY BETROTHED TO EVA MENDES!!@#$%^&*&^%$#

      • Amatoria Clothing

        I would go gay for Eva Mendes. She is hotter than hot and HILARIOUS! Bitch. I love her.

  • Guest

    I think the only instenses in th

  • I saw the post title on bloglovin and I was like, “no, I don’t.” When I feel ugly some point in time, I just remind myself that celebrities are photoshoped most of the time.

  • Amatoria Clothing

    It’s the role for sure. No matter what role he plays, despite how good of an actor he actually is, I always want him to turn to me and say… “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird”. He could be a starving artist (which might make the sex even better) and I would feel the same way.
    That said, I am usually not attracted to the “usual” HOT GUY with huge muscles and strong jawline. I like it when something is a little different. If he had not been in the Notebook, I doubt anyone would faint at the sight of him as he walked down the street.

  • Ummm maybe I need to adjust the screen on my phone, laptop, desktop, TV and tablet because Ryan Gosling has always looked mediocre what has happened he finally use some of those “Notebook” residuals to get a trainer.

    His body is nice but his face is still that of a child who has to ride the short but in which he plays all his roles the same.

    Is it me or does he play every role has he has a reading/ writing learning disability?

  • Paperstarz

    Ryan’s always been too cool to be vain.

  • Restless Blonde

    My problem is, I guess, I’ve never though of him as a handsome

  • Nikki

    It took a while for me to think of him as a ‘heart throb’ – especially considering as he is a fellow Canadian, I grew up watching Ryan play a bratty teenage on Breaker High. (a TV show about a high school on a cruise ship). Why footage of this show has not resurfaced to mainstream media, i’ll never know. It was amazing and maybe I even love Ryan more for it now.

    • Nicole Balano

      Seriously! He was such a bratty dork and nobody ever talks about it!

    • Jessica

      Thank you for bringing up Breaker High! I think a lot of people actually have never seen this and probably should. When I saw the Notebook, I was shocked to see the Breaker High alum in a more grown up role. But alas, he won me over, and has grown well into his adult self (because back in high school, he was by far the most annoying character on BH. I would never have imagined him growing up into a legitimate sex symbol.)

    • Sati Marie Frost

      OMG, he was in that? I used to watch it, but I was blinded by the glamour of one of the Alisharan brothers…whichever was in that show. (Please let that be the right name, my memory’s on the blink but I’m too lazy to Google.)

      Oh hell, I’d better go Google the show and see if I can get it on YouTube. I’m not too lazy to miss out on a teen RG.


    He is by no means conventionally handsome. I find his mannerisms really attractive; he’s charismatic, charming, kind of weird and quirky, maybe even introverted. NC is right; he’s unlike anyone in Hollywood. And then his abs of mother-fucking steel just solidified the whole deal.


  • Chelsea

    I don’t even think those are bad pictures. I’d still do him.

  • BJH

    not ugly – just very young in some of the photos (men tend to get more handsome as they age) and a little heavier then he’s now, in the other photos.

  • zoe_whip

    I think what gives Gosling his attraction is that he seems to be a genuinely a nice guy.

    Think about it…we all have had neighbors, boyfriends, brother’s friends, etc that have looked like him but they don’t carry themselves like he does. Most guys try too hard.

    In this day and age, it’s hard to find a guy that is comfortable in their own skin. Why do you think he takes all the offbeat roles?

    Ryan Gosling isn’t a douche.

  • Claudia

    I totally agree with you! Except for the fact that I still found him unattractive in The Notebook (what can I say, I have high standars). It wasn’t until Crazy, Stupid Love that I noticed the change!

  • CherBear

    Just watched him with my kids at a very tender age of 16 in Goosebumps: Say Cheese and Die.

  • Kristina

    OMG the 5th photo, ewww

  • I can’t believe I’m “saying” this, but Ryan Gosling has became the international symbol for “real love” because we all associate him with The Notebook. However, The Notebook aside, he’s a pretty talented actor…or am I just saying that to justify my reason for loving him. I don’t think it’s fame either that makes him sexy. Well, we don’t want it to be.

  • NOPE. Fame can’t bequeath you that smile, honey. A note on fame though: I’ve decided that celebrities are so good-looking for two reasons. First, that’s how they dun got famous. Second, they have heavy incentive to maintain their image. The face, the hair, the body–the exterior is essentially their money-maker. Fame IS sexy, but it also REQUIRES sexy. Feel me?

    I concede the photos are repulsive though.

  • Aubrey Green

    If you saw him walking down the street as a non celebrity, would you still find him sexy? That basically solves the question. My answer is yes 🙂 – I like his “not typical hot guy” – like James Mcavoy – I find him damn sexy.

    • Sarah Lou

      yes. I had the pleasure of practically bumping in to him on a Toronto street a few years ago. I was just checking out this cute guy from a distance and as he got closer I realized who it was & he looked sexy as hell wearing an old misfit’s T & jeans. *sigh*

  • interesting perspective. i think him playing the epic lover that we all want to end up with, am i right!? may have increased our love for him beyond physical apperance. either way, i’d date him! *haha

  • maeph

    Love, I ask myself the same question about several other hollywood “hearthrobs”. I’ve come to realize that, like Jules Winnfield once said, personality goes a long way, and sometimes it really is about the personality these celebrities portray, but more than that, the confidence with which they ooze.

  • Pilar

    Esto si que es interesante!!
    Un beso

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    I believe that what happens w/our crushes on celebrities is true of how we are w/civilians. When you ‘experience’ someone over & over (even if it isn’t firsthand) and usually, if that experience is positive (i.e., they’re humble, funny, smart, expressive or whatever gets you off), you find them more attractive where there may have been little or no sensory stimulation at all. I was probably crushing on Johnny Depp or Matt Damon when Mr. Gosling was in Remember the Titans. Repetition perhaps, makes the heart grow fonder. Oh and yeah, he fine even as a hapless, sad husband.

  • Selena Aponte

    His character in Blue Valentine had me at hello. I still fell in love with him; bald, drunk and all.

  • heygirl

    I’d love to look into blue eyes like those. He strikes me (and everybody else apparently) as passionate And smart.

  • SarEve

    I think the post should have been named “The Ugly Gosling” cuz we all know how that story ends!

  • Wandering In Heels

    We all have our “moments.” He’s always going be a 10 point man in my book.

  • Betty

    What is “ugly”? A receding hairline?! C’mon! How, pray tell, can one even decipher what ” . . . a black haired bowl cut laden image” is supposed to mean? The phrase makes no sense whatsoever. If you meant there is an image of Ryan which depicts him with black, bowl-cut hair — why not just say that? “…bowl cut laden” — ? Could you please explain how an “image” can be “laden”? Anyway, it’s not a bowl cut and he looks beautiful. I must confess total ignorance of the definition of “rico suave.” I realize and acknowledge that the term might be understood and accepted by some demographics or cultures other than those with which I am familiar. However, “ugly” cannot possibly ever be construed to be a “defining character trait”; it is a characteristic. “. . . how fucking infallible the man looked . . .” ? “Looked” infallible? Lord, girl! Get a dictionary or, better yet, find someone literate to edit your oh-so-cutesy, self-aggrandizing, twee little rants.

  • Pblah

    It’s because he’s had work done!

  • theExpandress

    oh, the marvels of branding an actor…thanks for reminding us that there was a time before that happened to average looking RG

  • royal wang

    now i know because you studied a major about journalist in college what makes your passages so beautiful and so impressing.

  • Christina

    Haha, I didn’t recognize he´d been choppy 😀 he´s cute. I like him!

  • The thing about being at our ugliest on Wednesday afternoons is hilarious! I think that most men are at their ugliest on Saturday mornings (Friday night hangover).
    As for Ryan Gosling, I don’t find him particularly attractive, but charm and sexyness can be found in any person really, and of course playing a great character in a famous movie can change the way women look at a men.

    Mafalda ❤

  • He’s no ” classic beauty”, but he definitely has something

  • Nope…I still love him in all his awkwardness and adorableness wrapped up into one. I will, however, say he has aged quite nicely. And he seems to just get better and better <3

  • Crystal

    You pose a great question at the end. I was watching Half Nelson the other day and I thought to myself, “What is so hot about this guy? Do I really believe that he’s hot or am I conforming to the majority?!”

    He’s definitely intriguing to look at but it’s almost as if his roles make him sexy…Hello, Drive! Even on that kinda good mostly bad Only God Forgives he’s gorgeous! But when he’s not playing the string silent type he’s very, “oh yeah he’s kinda good looking….” The way you would answer you girlfriend when she asks about the guy you met at Starbucks in the morning.

    Fun fact though! In the pics where he appears heavier with the beard, he was supposed to play Mark Walhbergs character in The Lovely Bones and put in the extra weight and hair to appear older…the director decided to cast Mark so he was left over weight and unemployed for like 2 years.

    But damn girl! I’m so conflicted now!!!

  • laura

    i’d have him ugly!

  • Adrianna Grężak

    In 2008, I once walked behind Ryan Gosling for 20 minutes in SoHo and the East Village in NYC. He looked like picture #4 – he was smaller than I expected, and his hair was very greasy – his greasy hair is actually why I even noticed him and did a double take. We made eye contact as I passed him on the sidewalk. His face was distinctively Ryan Gosling, and he put on sunglasses after pedestrians started whispering his name to each other.

  • MsK_NY

    LOL, this made me laugh but no, still pretty cool and cute dude

  • danielle

    i would eat the bop version of him for breakfast. everyday. for the rest of my life. seriously though.

  • Had a crush on him when he was a Mouseketeer, still have a crush on him now. Hell, even FAT Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl was hot, in that way you think you’ll actually get away with giving him a hug in real life because no one else will think he’s Ryan Gosling.

    …aaaaaand now I’m trying to Google ugly pics of Ryan Gosling. No dice. 😉

  • Maria

    Could have been ugly in the 90’s…but who isnt’ugly in their teens? Now…total babe… Don’t even get me started on how dazzling he was on Drive

  • Elle Bee

    People only love Ryan cause of the Notebook and as you said ‘he has grown to epitomize real, whole, true, un-teetering love’ . Every other role he’s played a crazy person, which he does brilliantly, but still – people tend to forget the fact that he’s not only the lovable guy in the notebook.

  • dare is say it on a public forum but i have never seen the notebook but that aside, i think he has always been a cutie…

  • Don’t forget the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. SO gdamn sexy.

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  • deneb

    i haven’t seen any of his movies, and until recently i only knew his name only because pretty much everybody talks about that guy, how incredible, beautiful, sexy whatever he is…i’m not really into celebrities and don’t follow hollywood movies, eventc etc…, therefore i just didn’t know …so not that long ago i decided to google his pics to see the most beautiful, amazing, sexy man in the world….i must say i ended up being pretty disappointed and even shocked cause i was expecting something much…better i guess? actually, an average north american guy has nicer facial features IMO and this guy just lacks something that screams “masculinity” out of him…if he wasn´t famous, i only assume he´d be a normal guy nobody would consider particularly beautiful or anything…other than that, he might or not be a good actor, have amazing movies etc…i just don´t know as i´m not into it…but physically i really think he´s overrated.

  • Jedai

    Ryan Gosling is only considered hot because of his body, particularly his height, but women would never admit it, even to themselves. His face is very random, a lot of guys in the street are better looking than him.

  • malis

    of course everywoman loves him because he played Noah

  • Giedre

    He is a scorpio by zodiac, as funny as my statement may sound, this sign in super sexually attractive! About him being ugly, well agree, not his best pictures, but we all get ones. Nonetheless, he is my crush from when I was 13, no matter how he looks there, I still find him charming and charismatic!

  • The Grasshopperie

    You know nothing Man Repeller! He has always been handsome!

  • Sati Marie Frost

    Hah, maybe it’s just me, but I think he looks better in some of those pics. But then I really dig the emo drama school dropout look. 🙂

    Not sure about the 80s porn moustache though.

  • CoyoteUgly

    He is hot due to psychological preselection by peers. In other terms, good old social pressure and fad following. Enough said.