On Big Earrings

Or: how to let your earlobes rip while wearing clothes you really like


I have long been against big earrings. Call it my inability to see beyond the large gem stones chandeliering from my ears (chandel-ear-ing), creating a new set of tchotchkes to further complicate and in turn make less consumable my look. Interesting, maybe, but during a time where I am purchasing New Balance sneakers and wearing outfits that resemble all too keenly the cloth-filled endeavors of my grandfather, am I really concerned with appearing interesting?

I guess not but that’s the point.

Recently, I’ve taken a liking toward the larger-than-life earrings that have been known to rip my earlobes in half – case in point: the large pair of gold hoops my parents bought for me when when I was 16. Because I am not Gretchen Weiner and therefore maintain no allegiance to Regina George, there was no sanction on my wearing the hoops – so I would.

Then one day, deep into my stint moonlighting as Jennifer Lopez, I was putting my coat away and readying myself to walk away from the dispatched jacket when one hoop got caught on a nearby hook. I felt a burning sensation as the hole tore through my ear. I lifted my hand to my ear to assess the damage and caught sight of the excessive blood staining my finger tips. I cried.

Once that shit was stitched back up, I vowed never to wear large earrings again and yet, here I am. Maybe I’m still on the heels of Beyonce’s concert and therefore living in her shadow, or maybe, just maybe, the very uninteresting clothing now cloaking my body leave room to allow me the liberty of appendages made from tchotchkes. What you’ll find in the slideshow above is a set of three outfits chronicling precisely how I intend to wear big earrings, storing a sense of comfort in my consciousness while remembering that these babies are clip-on.

If7EjY on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Earring by Dannijo.

Outfit #1, which includes the green football tee and navy blue high waist pants is a look suitable for a. drinks with your dentist, b. a stroll down York Avenue, c. museum traipsing with an old colleague or d. walking up and down the escalator at JFK airport. (Isabel Marant long sleeve tee, Zimmermann pants, Brian Atwood heels.)

Outfit #2 is what I call: what weirdos wear to weddings. As far as I’m concerned, gown skirts are greater than gowns, the difficulty here is in what a skirt-wearer is supposed to wear on top. I’ve settled on men’s oxfords but the question still lingers for your answering. I will say that pairing a choker with the earrings was deliberate as ass because I am not above going big at the expense of someone else going home. (Lands End white shirt, Peter Soronen skirt, Isabel Marant heels, Delfina Delettrez collar.)

And finally, in what is the most casual way to pair your earrings: why not wear a silk dress that may or may not actually be a nightgown with a utility jacket (wear it over your shoulders for extra pretension points) and sneakers. Show the world your legs while you’re at it. Angelina Jolie would have wanted it that way. (Miu Miu dress, Rag & Bone jacket, Golden Goose sneakers).

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  • (BAD) Blog About Design

    All I can say is YES to big earrings! Those Dannijo’s are awesome.

    Check out the BAD Blog…http://design-bad.blogspot.com/

  • Juliette Laura

    I’ve never been for big earrings, but oh wow you have me sold! Incredible!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Oliver Lips

    Loving all 3 outfits, but my fav is numero uno 😉


  • rhodawong

    crazy about your shoe collection actually!


  • You know what, I’ve never been that into big earrings either. I always thought they made my shoulders look broader, as if I was a linebacker — it was a strange illusion because my shoulders are far from football proportion. Plus, about one week after I got my ears pierced, they closed up. But the way you’ve paired these with much simpler outfits is quite appealing. You remind me a lot of Katharine Hepburn in the first outfit, Jenna Lyons in the second, and Leandra Medine in the third (which, as you might imagine, would be quite natural).

  • Big earrings peeking out from chin-length hair? Sexy. I only wear light-weight ones. Earrings dangling from stretched earlobes with long slits for holes. Not sexy.

  • Amatoria Clothing

    I like the sexy flamingo leg in the last dress! 😉

  • You got the Atwoods! So damn comfy. I’ve been sleeping in them.

  • Sabrina Dinucci

    I’m all about big earrings! The bigger the better is my favourite motto, yes even with jewelry!!! Check out Cavalli’s Fall 2013 earrings – they have a hook that sits on top of the ear for extra support! By the way, Outfit #2 totally rocks!!

    Sabrina xo
    weloveaquaskye.blogspot.ca – a reference guide to everything bijoux!!

  • I would have suffered PTSD from such a rip but I have to say those are one gorgeous pair of earrings!

  • Nico

    I really really love the 3rd look! It’s so stylish and I love these earrings too, but I’m a huge fun of this kind of earrings!


  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Yes to big earrings, as long as they don’t make me a robot head…

  • I love big earrings!


  • In comparison to those Zimmerman pantalones, I’d say they’re actually not that big…. LOLZ. They’re gorgeous, though. I love how big earrings look, but I find they seriously impair my head’s range of motion so I no longer own any…

  • monkeyshines
  • MasonBentley

    I’m with the ladies of Advance Style…earings frame the face..the bigger the better? Xxx

  • Katerina

    Beautiful earrings, although I would never wear them. I actually can’t even remember the last time I wore earrings period! One another note, great outfits! I love those Zimmerman pants!!


  • I must say I have enjoyed reading articles on here but I will always be here for your fashion choices! I think I’m in love with the fact that you actually wear collars! I love it, when I was younger I was obsessed with them. Anyway I love all of these outfits and the earrings are so pretty!

  • The last outfit is definitely my favorite, and I love those earrings!


  • Your hoop horror story reminds me of my own when I was babysitting, wearing big earrings, and the two year-old I was holding decided they were teething rings. Had to get my right ear stitched!

  • Janet

    Gorgeous — outfit # 3. Gorgeous.

  • Royal Wang
  • ohhh clip ons? They’re making the huge earrings a bit more bearable. I just can’t get past imagining your hole rip! your earhole. ;P


  • Mona Safabakhsh

    I love it. I’m posting this on What Goes With This for more outfit ideas! http://whatgoeswiththis.co/#request/59

  • Lilli

    I actually almost projectiled onto my clean, crisp white sheets when you described your ear ripping. HOLY MOTHER … never-wearing-big-earrings-again!

  • Elyse

    I enjoy nothing more than to come home from a long hard day/commute to read your highly intelligent wise ass rants about one of my most favorite 80’s accessory! Take it from a girl with earlobes lower than normal from the heavy weighted darlings I sported! I am glad you took a walk on the wild side and agreed that bigger is better! Thank you to you and Dannijo!

  • Elsi Ferris

    dannijo does no wrong, especially in the size department.

  • Marini Alessandra

    amazing this big earring!

    abiti da cerimonia

  • These earrings look fantastic, love all the outfits!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Alissa from ChicPeek

    I absolutely love those earrings! What a great outfit for #2 and #3! The first outfit isn’t my taste too much, still lovely all together. Great post!

  • Hannah

    Love these! I found a very similar but much more manageable option in terms of earlobe burden and $$$ over at Bauble Bar: http://thecheapishly.com/opal-essence/

  • Emily Jenny

    You should check out Arman Sarkisyan! He has the most amazing fine jewelry line!


    Emily Jenny

    Stiletto Beats

  • Tessa

    The bigger the better, especially when it’s Dannijo. The third outfit is how I wish to look every day, for the rest of my life.

  • bma

    I don’t really like the (semi-transparent) black rectangle with the magnifying glass. It blocks me from enjoying the view of your shoes– which is normally, everything, like the cherry on top to your outfits!

    • Leandra Medine

      But if you click the magnifying class, you get to see the image IN BIGGER!

  • Katharina

    love outfit #3 with the earrings – that’s exactly how I would wear it!

  • Grandyyx

    Yess to big earrings not hoops though as ive always been afraid of storys like your own happening to me but a pair like your danijos i would embrace gleefully ah its been far too long since ive been on your blog now im in love with your writing and sense of style all over again xo

  • Denton Taylor

    You can’t, grammatically, be a proponent against. But nothing wrong with those earrings!

  • Idalia

    kudos to big earrings! Love Love Love!


  • Style is Never Out of Fashion

    The idea of pain leaves me too scared to try!


  • Sonsoleslondon

    Love them! All your outfits and especially the accesories you choose; Classy, preppy, but with personality! Congratulations for your sucess! You deserve it!

  • Kelly M

    You seriously have the best sense of humor. I love all of these outifts and the way you describe them somehow makes me like them even more. You are an inspiration!

  • lottie21

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  • Yes yes and yes to big earrings, though it’s difficult to wear them at winter…



  • Shaina Healy

    “I am not above going big at the expense of someone else going home.” WORD. I’m obviously gonna have to invest in some dramatic ass earrings! I’m loving earrings from Dannijo, but also Holst + Lee and Elizabeth Cole. God willing they’ll be ripping my earlobes soon but for now they’re going to sit in Pinterest Board purgatory…


  • anisebeer

    omg. Can you do a whole segment on “what weirdos wear to weddings?” So much help needed!

  • Shenny