Marant Reveals Resort

How in the good name of Carol did we let this one slip under the radar?


Layered skirts! Slouchy metallic pants! Boxy coats! Tie waists! Woven fringe! Fuchsia!


But wait a tick, why has it taken an additional three months for the images from Isabel Marant’s resort collection to finally inundate our feeds? With ponchos? Maybe it’s more appropriate that we rescind that question and instead just say thanks. Can you think of a better way (other than the prospect of becoming a human charger or learning to ride a camel) to initiate yourself into the imminent “grind” than with a handful of brand new Marant looks?

That’s a rhetorical question. If I’m going to be really honest, I’m not particularly blown away. At all. In fact, I don’t, dare I say, like it. I also think that may be the point, though.

You see, the better acquainted I become with Isabel Marant’s clothing, the more obvious it seems that her clothes aren’t supposed to be the ones that make you yell OMG-I-NEED. They’re supposed to be the ones you vow to live in all season, nay, year, long. The ones you pull out of storage five years down the line and like even more than you did upon initial purchase.

As her runway seasons progress (with a most notable shift buffering last S/S from the forthcoming F/W), it becomes incredibly evident that what she’s creating is far less about the fashion merry-go-round and way, way more about the clothes, the lifestyle and the lifestyle in the clothes. But if her brand has risen to abundant popularity care of that urgency to buy, buy, have, buy, is that sentiment even valuable?

Well, duh.

I may not be on board with the polyglot of fuschia (though it is probably the natural progression post the current season’s muted nod to pastel pink), that two tone poncho or the Navajo wide-sleeves but that might be a good thing. It occurred to me last February that to find myself enthralled with the clothing on a runway – while it’s on a runway and not a sales floor – may very well mean it’s just not…forward thinking enough. Who cares if I want it now? The real question is, will I want it a year from now?

In the over digitized world of, I-have-a-keyboard-and-therefore-an-opinion, we often forget that even just a mere five years ago, early access looks to approaching seasons were still completely in the control of the editors who monopolized the magazines that we would buy to see what was happening in the illusive world to which we were almost all outsiders.

But now that we’ve been afforded these early looks on a fairly global scale, we feel a sense of necessity to do something with them. We need to offer an opinion or share our fondness and discuss why we’re so smitten. But I think in doing that, we’re misrepresenting our feelings with an unreliable megaphone. We’re not supposed to feel that intense sense of exigency for clothes we can’t have for at least six more months.

Don’t get me wrong, though. We are absolutely supposed to “get it” and to be intrigued – whether pleasantly or otherwise – but we should need time to let the styles marinate, to make sense of them and to derive meaning and the referential nuances that tangle these clothes to seasons prior but offer a sense of enigmatic longing for what could unravel in the future.

So I guess I probably do look forward to emulating Kimmy Gibler. I’m just going to trust that it’ll happen when it’s appropriate.

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  • The Fashion Panda

    I love that totally pink look so much! It’s a great collection 🙂

    • (BAD) Blog About Design

      That’s one heck of a pink! Love it too 🙂 The whole collection is very cool girl glam!

      Check out the BAD blog…

  • Nico

    I really love this collection!

    New post on->

  • Oliver Lips

    This collection looks so cool! Typically Marant 🙂
    Loving the metallic pants.

  • Stephanie

    Such a great collection!

  • It looks like some fabulous go to pieces are part of this collection. Can’t wait for the H&M collab.

  • Behind the Mirror

    I don’t know… I feel the need to scream “OMG-I-NEED” I need all of it!

  • Charlotte

    I think ya hit the nail on the head with this one. Having the foresight to shop for items you will want in a year is very difficult. It is hard to distinguish what we actually like and what could potentially have longevity in our wardrobe when trends are quickly being thrown in our faces and disappearing equally as fast.
    You reminded me that on a trip to Paris a few years ago I purchased a really boring pair of black linen etoile isabel marant pants. They fit great, but they didn’t scream “Look at my Parisian souvenir!” the way the glitter oxfords adorning my feet did.
    My friend convinced me to buy them, assuring me that they were extremely cool in a French way. So i took the plunge. And guess where the pants are? Hanging at the front of my closet. And the glitter oxfords? in the way way back.
    While I am not sitting here, mouth agape from the new wisdom this collection has imparted on me, i do find myself lusting after the subtle beauty and effortless cool these looks achieve, y’knowww???

    • Avery

      That’s the word I was looking for when I saw these photos. Effortless.

  • Martu

    It’s the second or third time I see the pictures of this collection and I just love it. But, I just really can’t say if I love the clothes as independent pieces or just the whole styling and campaign… Anyways, …that pink. I just love it. Or is it just the whole outfit as it is presented to us? …Damn

  • Maura

    How can you NOT love this collection?! I want, need, HAVE TO HAVE!! Gorgeous!!

  • Love this collection!

  • Aubrey Green

    I really love it. This is why we should always stick to lots of basics…white t-shirt, skinny jeans, pencil skirt, blazer, cardigan, etc.
    I don’t know Leandra, I see you wearing all of these looks.

  • I feel like this collection is a bit more like a J Crew collection than an Isabel Marant collection. Though resort turns out like this all the time. So I’m not particularly attached to any pieces…but this might change if I see them on the sales floor haha!

  • Tory

    I love it! Simple but chic. I believe it portraits what we actually wear in real life and that’s the beauty in it.

  • Roula

    So I see this collection has given us something to talk about! You either hate it or you love it!

    I agree that the pieces of the specific collection aren’t great or something that as you say would save to buy and keep for the next 5 years…

    But to tell you the truth I never really felt like that for Marant’s clothes.

    I also feel that the specific collection is probably her best one so far mostly because she used fabrics with patterns that aren’t loud at all and started to go with the general flow of simplicity.

    I feel that this collection really represents “French chic” more that her previous collections.

    And I think sometimes you don’t need to try so hard to succeed in something, like she did now.

  • cupcake6

    Fuchsia is universally flattering to all skin tones

  • “the polyglot of fuchsia” … a few years ago, I attended a uni course on English pronunciation (yeah, it didn’t help much, so there you are) and we were dealing with difficult words. Each of us had a try at her won difficult word and when my turn arrived, I saw fuchsia and said immediately, you guessed it, fuck-see-ya. No, no, our lecturer said, it’s actually fjušah, so I blushed straight away.

    But ever since, I’ve been switching between fuckseeya and fjušah in my head, depending on how I feel. And I LOVE the color. So, you know, if the world and all the little creatures in it are good and I see the color, I might like to think fjušah. But if I see the color and feel naughty or something … you know.

  • diane

    I LOVE resort collections in general because I live in Southern California where you can wear these fabrics all year long. And I am a Marant devotee who justifies the expense of her clothes by dividing the cost by the number of times worn. I still have some of the very first pieces of hers that I ever bought 8 years ago, before it was even possible to buy her stuff online, let alone in a west coast brick and mortar store. The real keepers from both her lines always turn out to be the more subtle pieces and not the heavily embellished items.

  • I’m loving it and I’m wanting it.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  • I don’t totally agree with you, in France, IM’s clothes are the ones everybody HAS to get immediately, but that hardly anyone can afford. I do like a resort collection though, but hell, it’s expensive.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Alba B.

    So is it you that isabel marant follows or you following her?!!!!! I can recognize a sincere reflection of your manrepeller style within this collection!!!!

  • Dani

    I don’t know about anybody else but I happen to looove this. Wearable, simple, chic. That’s all you need. Oh, AND THE PINK!!!!

  • Angelina S

    great collection – the individual items themselves don’t overly commit to this seasons trends, yet their combination is spot on, even the ponchos make sense. Am also a fan of the slouchiness and simplicity in the collection. my fav is the black tailored one piece with plunging neck line – great detail – and pleats in the hips make it very flattering

  • Gabi

    fucking fressshhh. i love it.

  • Mona

    tattersall shirts …

  • Steph

    Who made the blazer in the second picture with the gold pants?

  • Sasha Jane Shanks

    Love love love it. The ruffled skirts are gorgeous, and the leather pants are too good.

  • Elenka Montesinos


  • isaobeso

    I really get your point here, but contrary to what I guess you see as maybe negative in this collection, it’s what I got obsessed about when I first saw it, so much that I posted it directly on my blog to share with anyone willing to like it. Lately I’ve been on a very simple mood, always thinking: “how many times will I wear it until I get tired of it?” and if the answer is “well, maybe once or twice”, then I don’t buy it. In this collections I saw many pieces I could wear not only so much as for a year from now but, as you state, even five years from now. I guess for me, with all this fast fashion and all, I get tired too quickly of trends and opulence and gravitate more for simple and classic pieces I know I’ll wear over and over again, and that’s what I loved about this, even fuchsia filled, collection.

    • Leandra Medine

      Well no, I think that’s precisely what I DO like — I just haven’t realized until the most recent collections.

  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!

    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

  • Oh my goodness, those little bow tie sandals are so effin adorable!! Loving the collection but especially smitten with ALL the pants!! Love the relaxed skinny fit.

  • dustUP

    It’s not at all true what you are saying (“even just a mere five years ago, early access looks to approaching
    seasons were still completely in the control of the editors who
    monopolized the magazines that we would buy to see what was happening”). I’ve been following fashion weeks on Style.come since 1998, only, they deleted that early part of the archives. The difference is in simple fact that we are talking about it NOW, nobody was really concerned about waiting 6 months for collections to hit the shops. I actually think that those editors have much more power now to lure us into wanting things asap more than ever. 10-15 years ago, editors were marginal and nameless and trend pages were not so uniform and less aggressive in what they propose compared to now.

    Truth is, I was falling in love with catwalk looks more back than, in lonely blog-less world.

    Today, I look away most of the time in order to keep my head straight and vision fresh. I rarely get exited anymore, knowing that some editor or blogger will chew up my favorite catwalk looks and spit them out before masses within a month.

  • Brita

    You’re right about the layered skirts, but other than that, I actually LOVE what’s going on here! A simple collection, but also pushing the envelope for a “cool” girl wardrobe. I’m happy to shout HAVE TO HAVE all over dis!!!

  • monkeyshines
  • myblissisthisway

    I like the collection and you’re probably right, these are pieces you’ll want to keep in the long run unlike pieces from other collections that aren’t nearly as wearable as her stuff is.

  • Sylvia

    But look at the pictures!! Even the “background” people are styled in the right colours. There is do much detail to see… even the bottle caps are a deep purple! Don’t get me wrong the clothes are effortlesly chic but there is so much detail in the shoot. I just love the idea of the lifestyle behind the clothing.

  • sandrine jouss

    I love the gold trousers, with the shirt: it is a mix of a club trousers, with a casual shirt: J’aime!

    New post on my french fashion blog:

    Bows on my jacket

    Jetez un coup d’oeil! (Have a look!)

  • You are so freakin gorgeous! That dress is the perfect color for you! butik busana muslim modern bandung

  • Love love love it. The ruffled skirts are gorgeous, and the leather pants are too good. butik busana muslim modern