Lindsay’s Comeback

Lindsay Lohan “told all” to Oprah on Sunday night. But why do we care?


Written by Amelia Diamond

Last night, the much-awaited Lindsay Lohan/Oprah Winfrey interview aired on Oprah Winfrey Network. There I sat with bated breath, back hunched and chin in hand the way a young child may have in a late 1930s living room, waiting for FDR to address the nation.

Is Lindsay going to be super out of it? Will she cry? Will she actually “tell-all,” as promised? Will she have a full come-to-Jesus?

…Will she win a free car?

And what I ended up watching – though a more cynical person could have probably predicted – was an hour long public relations case study in post-post-post-post-post-post-rehab image control.

Lohan seemed poised and calm. Her lower lip trembled when appropriate, eyes wetted on cue. She regurgitated psychoanalytical statements about herself in an attempt at introspection and self-awareness. She made Oprah nod and squint and hum like a therapist close to their client’s breakthrough.

Frankly, I couldn’t sit through the whole thing. I found myself wincing and yelling at the TV, wishing she had worn a more supportive bra and a little less bronzer. I wish she had been able to acknowledge her parents’ toxic role.

But here’s the thing of it – I really, really want Lindsay Lohan to succeed. I want her to beat her addictions, to get her career back, and for people to stop reminiscing. Remember when? I want to see now.

I don’t want her to be a parody of herself, huddling under an umbrella with the Britney Spears of the world as a perpetuation of the tragic young-Hollywood cliché.

I’m rooting for her.

And now here’s the question: Why is that? Why do I care? Is it because I was almost the same age as she was when Lindsay charmed America in The Parent Trap? Part of me instantly suspected that I, too, had a twin sister (also, did that make me the spunky tomboy or British debutante?). To this day I still eat peanut butter with my Oreos and crave cornbread from the housekeeper I didn’t have.

Or maybe it’s because when Mean Girls came out my friends and I went to the movie theater dressed as famous mean girls throughout history, (I was Taylor Vaughn from She’s All That). We had already memorized every quote the trailer was willing to throw away and by the following Wednesday at school, we wore pink.

When I was nine and Kenan & Kel was like, the coolest show ever, I had a hard time watching it because I just knew they were going to get in trouble. I’m like a basset hound for foreshadowing and could see the predicament coming far before Kel could convince Kenan of one of their wackyyy schemes — and what’s worse — I could see the solution.

“DON’T TOUCH THE RED BUTTON,” I’d shout at my television and cover my eyes in dread. There were always five stomach-churning seconds where I’d quickly rewrite the script in my own head so that no one got in trouble and no one got grounded. But I wasn’t a writer for Nickelodeon (I was also only 9) and instead had to sit on my hands in agony, consoled only by the fact that this was sitcom television, and sitcom television always rendered a happy ending.

So is that my problem? Maybe I see Lindsay Lohan’s life as a TV show-with-a-moral, featuring Oprah as her Danny Tanner. And maybe she’s finally learned her lesson this time. At least that’s what I’m hoping. But what about you? Did you watch her micro-comeback? Did you care? Do you want her to see her succeed or are you perfectly fine watching her continue to drown? And, perhaps most important, for the love of Oprah – why???

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  • Juliette Laura

    I didn’t watch! But I can relate to growing up with her, the peanut butter and oreos and cornbread, stuck with me as well. I think it’s sort of sad the path she went down, and I also would love to see her succeed. Great article!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • andrieya

    i never understood why when she was going all crazy, people kept saying oh she was such a great actress! honestly……..she made like one good movie (mean girls) and everyone said she was great in parent trap……but that’s IT! it’s not like she had this great career that went down the tubes! she was on her way, but never got there. can’t we just let it go?

    • Bethanie Marshall

      Seriously! Everything she was in was completely worthless, and Mean Girls was really only good because of Tina Fey. She is more famous for her train wreckage than her actual movie roles. I honestly can’t figure out how she got so many chances.

    • Leandra Medine

      So I think the problem here is that as humans, our inclination is to put all our
      eggs in the basket of promise and LiLo offered a lot of promise which in some ways is even more valuable than concrete roles

      • andrieya

        blah. we’ve been so closely watching this girl for like 7 years waiting for a “comeback.” if only she could focus on genuinely getting her ish together instead of focusing on her next “comeback interview” or appearance paycheck.

        • Sydney

          I think you’re being very harsh on someone who grew up with an abusive father and a mother who put her daughter’s potential career before her daughter’s mental health. She has made tons and tons of mistakes over and over again, but as a human being, you should feel sad for her, and you should hope for her to get better, not talk about how sick you are of waiting for her to make another movie for your entertainment. Have a little compassion.

          • andrieya

            i think you misunderstood my comment –i absolutely do have compassion–i think it’s horrible how many people take pleasure in seeing her fail. it IS so sad. when i said we’ve been watching her so closely–i mean the media scrutiny obviously.

    • Chloe

      I loved her in Georgia Rule with Jane Fonda! She also did Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen alongside a young Meghan Fox. No matter what the role, I’ve always liked watching her.

  • Donna

    I too want her to succeed, I don’t know why but I so do! There is something about a great come back story – hell we all did the same for Brit Brit and look at her now! Maybe I want LiLo to succeed since we do know there is some form of talent in there, somewhere dying to try again. I think I’ll always be team LiLo.

    And clearly, she has a better PR team and with Oprah on her side – I think she’s in good shape. Here’s to the next 6 months….


  • Renata

    I agree with you. Lindsay was a part of my teens and I truly hope she recovers and get back and do great stuff. She is talented and a good actress, it’s sad to watch her going down this road.

  • Was going to watch this interview today but now I don’t feel the need to. I agree with you though— rooting for the girl and hoping she makes!


  • Renee

    Wait I just laughed out loud about Kenan & Kel. To this day, my sister and I talk about how much we hated that show (and watched it anyway) because of their crazy adventures that always had so many messes and problems and everything just went wrong. It like, really stressed me out as a 10-year-old.

  • moldub

    completely agree that she needed a more supportive bra!

  • alejandra

    Okay, am I the only one who likes to watch lilo be a train wreak? I feel like her being a hot mess is her image now, and I’m not mad about it.

    • alejandra

      Am I evil for saying that? Whatever, so be it. Also, never like her sartorial choices. why is her face always so greasy?

  • jacki

    Oh my god, her boobs. What??

  • I’ve convinced myself that she’s actually a genius who can manipulate the media to her advantage (even if it portrays her in an unflattering light) and that everything she does is thought-out and calculated to cause a fuss. It’s the only way not to get sick of seeing her face. Also, have you seen The Canyons? There really isn’t any hope for her career, at all.

  • Leandra Medine

    Also, how come we’re not talking about her having decided to match her nail polish to her ring?

    • Amelia Diamond

      yea or her polka dotted shoes

  • kgal1298

    I just want the Mean Girls Lohan back….pleasssseee make it happen.

  • I wasn’t going to watch then I decided to do so, we’re almost the same age, I watched all her movies growing up and was so disappointed to see such a beautiful and talented girl go so wrong. I don’t know if I believe her as I think Lindsay is not a dumb girl, she seemed a bit fake to me in that interview and at times I think even Oprah could see that. I do hope I am wrong as I really want her to succeed and get her career back.

  • She became more mature and more wise from all that. We call it human. We call it growing up. Everyone has different way of growing up. You can plan it, but you never know. It is a process. Bless her.

    • Amelia Diamond

      loving the positive vibes!

  • Lauren

    Thank you for this! This whole post is almost verbatim what I was thinking throughout the interview (the bra was the first thing I noticed!)

  • Ash

    I love her, and I don’t know why. The whole bra (no bra?) thing though..

  • danielle

    did not watch. do not care. but your “will she win a free car” joke made it all worth reading about.

  • olya

    Oprah is too predictable and too ‘safe’ for my taste…. but I believe LL will succeed. Her problem was that she was a follower and hopefully the therapy will help her understand that in her position she can be a leader and call her shots!

  • Rara

    Wow!!!!! This piece is so well written and funny! Amd i especially appreciated the Keenan and kel nickelodeon reference.

  • Stella K

    I think the question should be: “Why would we ever NOT want someone to succeed?” Anyone out there hoping for someone to fail needs to examine that (unless your hopes are aimed at a serial rapist or maybe Chris Brown…). How many more preventable deaths of young stars and starlets do we have to witness before people start treating each other better? I wish Lindsay all the best!

  • Stella K

    I think the question should be: “Why would we ever NOT want someone to succeed?” Anyone out there hoping for someone to fail needs to examine that (unless your hopes are aimed at a serial rapist or maybe Chris Brown…). How many more preventable deaths of young starlets do we have to witness before people start treating each other better? I wish Lindsay all the best!

  • Hanne

    i understand your thing for her. i have always for whatever reason had sympathy for Lindsay, and I felt bad for her. Everybody expects her to mess up, and at some point, maybe it is easier to just do. Especially when you are a bit unstable at the moment. And why I have sometimes felt bad for her is that I feel I could have been her, or so many young people growing up could be her; imagine you have had cameras around taking your picture at your worst nights out, at your most embarrassing. And then people just waiting to speculate about every stumble, expression, and reading whatever into it, it just seams as if almost everybody could have been labeled a trainwreck at one point or another. She is my age, and I have been drunk when she has (maybe on a different level, i am not an addict or use drugs, but did like to go out travelling and in college), and there have been moments where I was simply releaved that I could just forget about whatever happened, with no paparazzi shots having everybody talking about it and making me the crazy girl. i talked about that a lot with my friends.



  • I root for her always.

  • hi_itsgabby

    LindsLo is like our friend from middle school who we were really close with but she slept with all our boyfriends so now we just stalk her from arms distance. I agree with Amelia though, we are all inherently rooting for her because we grew up with her. Even though she totally gave an OTPHJ to Kristie’s crush at homecoming in ’04.

    Amazing writing! and great commentary on a prolific person from our generation. Can’t wait to keep reading Amelia’s articles!! And also… the fashion restropsective is pretty epic.

  • Hudson Berry

    Oprah and Linz’s boobs create a yin-yang. So there’s that.

    • Amatoria Clothing

      It’s sad when Oprah’s boobs look better, even though she is older. Way to go, girl! #The Importance of the Right Bra

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg this is perfect

      • Guest

        All the likes.

  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    I don’t think it’s talent we are rooting for, I think it’s that we often project ourselves onto these highly public people. There are parts of us that we see in her. Also, there is a part of her that seems really genuine, like she is tired of being lied to. That might just be good acting- in which case, it is the talent we are rooting for.

    Psychoanalytics aside, it is generally a good thing to want people to do well and to forever get better.

  • Guess who?!?!?!

    Amelia Diamond, you “lure me in and make me squirm” I once wrote that that is what the best artist do through their work. Your an artists and i fucking love you. hugs forever.

  • Tina Anney

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  • Ines Roma

    I support her more than her bra did.

  • Tamires

    I want her to succeed.
    And she should definetely wear a more supportive bra.

  • Katie Weber

    I admit I watched the entire thing. She seemed sincere at parts, but there were things she said that just seemed like her repeating what she’d heard in Rehab (which time no one knows.) I do, however, want to see her turn herself around.
    Best question though? “how does it feel to be both an adjective and a verb for child star gone wrong?” love that Oprah.
    And would someone please get Lindsay a better bra?! I couldn’t agree with you more on that one.

  • Fantastically written piece on someone I don’t think deserves this kind of attention. Just because she’s got money and can get herself on Oprah doesn’t make her any less of a train wreck than the homeless addicts on every urban street corner. Sure, everyone deserves help and a second chance, but the same mistakes over and over? And over..? Not buying it. As for her movies, she was a cute child star and Mean Girls was great, but the talent stopped there. These shenanigans get her the media attention that a successful career otherwise would have. So I’m sure the cycle will continue…

  • Bridgitte

    I think the question of whether or not we want her to succeed should be obvious. As fellow human beings, especially young women, would it not be cynical to wish anything other than happiness upon her? Despite her life in the public eye, she is still a young adult with addiction problems that are most likely deeply rooted.
    Who are we to judge who can and cannot make mistakes after all? So of course I would root for her. And as people who have no idea what kind of demons and struggles she has faced, how can we say we don’t wish her well?

  • hibrowlowbrow

    I never comment on someone’s personal life because I know there is so much I do not know, but, man, you are dead on with the bra comment!

  • Rachael

    spot on about the bra comment

  • Regina

    Over it – Over her. Like others have said, her noteworthy films are a Parent Trap remake and Mean Girls. If you actually pay attention to her acting in Mean Girls, it’s really rather blah. The contributing actresses are what make it so funny. I don’t dislike the girl, she’s beautiful and seems kind spirited and like any decent person which her good health. But as far as her career, I think there are more deserving young actresses who are much more talented and take the job for what it is, a JOB, and not a free ride to being a celebrity.

  • Regina

    Over it – Over her. Like others have said, her noteworthy films are a Parent Trap remake and Mean Girls. If you actually pay attention to her acting in Mean Girls, it’s really rather blah. The contributing actresses are what make it so funny. I don’t dislike the girl, she’s beautiful, seems kind spirited and like any decent person I wish her good health. But as far as her career, I think there are more deserving young actresses who are much more talented and take the job for what it is, a JOB, and not a free ride to being a celebrity.

    • Suzy Q

      Its kind of ironic that your posting name is “Regina”. I definitely agree with you though; as am adult actress, she’s never been able to capture an audience with her entire film solely on her own shoulders. Like for me Rachel McAdams made Mean Girls what it is today.

  • Cherie Gisondi

    I couldn’t focus on the interview due to those amazing Oscar de la Renta shoes she was wearing!

  • i can’t stop looking at her boobs just drooping down. Seriously wish she wore a better bra with that dress.

  • Geidi Primes

    Does she not wear bras?

  • Niyah

    Personally, I thought orange was a bad color choice. I mean really? And a more supportive bra would’ve been great as well!


    In 2004 I think her mother dress her LOL

  • Fashioncandywc

    I really cannot explain in a rational matter why I want Lindsay to have a true comeback and succeed. That being said I woulb be so happy to see that of her. It has been frustrating to see her choose to go down a dark path further and further. I don’t know if she will ever truly comeback but I still hope she does.

  • Brooke

    Great article! Totally agree…,missing my LiLo!!

  • I completely understand what you mean. I really hope Lindsey all the best because growing up she was a year older then myself, and I probably saw all her Disney Channel films. I really hope she pulls it together.

  • ohmygosh! i was the same when it came to kenan and kel, to this day i still am gutted that kel LOST the lottery ticket. re:LiLo, maybe we want her to succeed so we can just go “hey, if LiLo can do it, then so can I”

  • xuerkuhck

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  • Sophie I Live Here

    I am definitely rooting for Lindsay. In the extras of the Parent Trap she says that when she grows up she wants to be a really successful actress “like Jodie Foster” – It’s not to late LILO! Also Mean Girls is definitely the film of my generation. I quote it almost daily.