Get Some Paper Dolls

Today in more ways to ask you to pre-order le book


Ladies and sporadic man, we are in the home stretch re Man Repeller, Seeking Love, Finding Overalls and your subsequent book shelf. If you pre-order my book, I can shut the shit up about you pre-ordering my book, so…what do you think?

Today in ways to entice you, there is a prize: a limited-edition paper doll illustration that appears not unlike the above photographed indecent me. While the doll’s intentions are actually to help you get acquainted with the various sartorial objects depicted in said book and to grant you the opportunity to dress me up however you please (wedding dress torn up into a skirt with only a strapless bra over it to count as a top, anyone?) I’d actually suggest getting freaky and practicing some creepy voodoo shit on me as just simply an experiment to see just how well connected we really are.

Here, I am told, is how it works: 1. You pre-order the book – it doesn’t matter how or when you pre-order: from any retailer, any time, including now, before now, and all the way through September 9th. You just need proof of purchase; 2. You screen shot your receipt— block out your address unless you want me stalking you which I am not above; 3. You Instagram that shit using the appropriate hash tags (#manrepeller, #labia, kidding about #labia) and tag @GrandCentralPub, et voila.

You wait and wait and wait until publication day (the 10th!) to see if you’re one of the randomly selected winners via Instagram. There will be 25 of you which makes you a quarter of a century wise!

The exclusive, limited-edition, signed paper doll illustrations (two examples above) of some of the outfits in the book, are drawn by Alice Rutherford. They’re yours and yours only, and will come signed with a note by me that may something like, “I am deathly afraid of bees. Did you know that?” So, I ask once more: what do you think? Get to it!

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  • Already pre-ordered, will insta that shit asap. And guess what, I am deathly allergic to bees, we can totally hang out, live in fear together and avoid fields of flowers, I’ll bring the Epipen .

  • Amatoria

    done and done. also….
    LEANDRA!!!! I can’t even tell you about my bee phobia. And this weekend, the most traumatic thing happened. Leaving to go to dinner with my boo (as you know even us man repellers can get a boo once in a while)… open the passenger door to his car to find…. 80+ BEES IN HIS DOOR JAM!!!!
    I thought I was that girl in the scary movie that starts losing her mind and seeing crazy shit. Anyway… bees come at me… I scream and run… realize they are real and I am not crazy…. end up walking to dinner 🙁
    (my deep hatred for bees stems from running around bare ass naked as an infant and sitting on one of those little bitches. Since then, I am like a magnet for bees! *vomit*)

  • shelley

    wow guys! you shouldn’t be afraid of bees…you should be afraid of yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, etc. which aren’t actually bees at all!

    as a bee-keeper I’m disappointed in all of you!

    • Amatoria

      I know they are good for flowers and such… they just need to stay away from me!!!!

    • Leandra Medine

      I’ve never been stung so I am pretty convinced that I’m allergic and will die upon contact. So, that’s where my fear is at. Can you tell me more about a being a bee keeper, though? I am so pleasantly fascinated.

      • Charlotte

        I took about 5 Benedryl upon first contact with a bee a few years ago…just in case.

      • shelley

        being a bee-keeper basically rocks! you can read my blog if you’d like to see some bee pictures and other random info.

        the outfit I wear is also majorly man-repelling. I looked like a 1920’s man hoping to go to the moon.

  • Amatoria

    Almost forgot! I like that your paper doll is wearing socks. Very Sensual. haha!

  • I LOVE your blog.
    I think I’m going to Pre-order the shit out of the book 😉

    • Leandra Medine


  • ElleDiz

    guuhhhzzz leaving to study abroad like 3 days before it comes out, may just have to find a way to have someone send it to me….or i’ll have to wait until December -_-

  • Can’t. wait. Please say you’ll do book signings, though?

    Your Friend, Jess

    • Leandra Medine

      Yeah! Will keep you guys updated as I know when they’re happening

  • A) Bees are simply and tragically terrifying B) IRONY ALERT (I am beyond fond of irony, it is quite the profound literary device and I can not believe I did not realize this sooner) My mom’s nick name is the “B” and therefor bees are also her favourite creature (at least for certain decorating instances) BUT SHE’S ALLERGIC! To me that is literary metal. Regardless I think I am more inclined to fear these wild-a-beasts then her. Birds are also treacherizing because they can drop from above and it is a challenge to escape this kind of bombing.

    I shall be requesting my mother’s card of credit this instance, can not possible wait for this book.

    • Kate Barnett

      oh man. it’s so much more palatable to think about receiving the bill for my card of credit. i don’t think i’ll ever use the term ‘credit card’ again.

  • Love the sketches!
    I have a very rare species of bees on my balcony, they’re loners, and they actually make little green “bullets” with pieces of leaves that look like they’ve been created by a crazy designer or fairies, and they put their larva in them, and bury them in my plants. I was going to call the firemen so they could remove them, but I Google them and saw they were an endangered species. And as far as bees are concerned, they will never hurt you if you stay away from them, and I feel good when I see them every year, because I’m kinda helping them.
    I detest wasps though, because I was stung on the bum as a kid and my mum tooks my pants and knickers off in front of people, so I’m still pretty pissed off when I see one!

    Mafalda ❤

  • The Provoker

    Yep I preordered it but Amazon said that it’s postponed till November 🙁 Was hoping to get to read your antics asap, but still, I’d patiently wait because man repelling is definitely worth the wait.

    xx The Provoker

  • Leandra Medine

    POSTPONED TIL NOVEMBER? They are pulling yo’leg!

  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Jesse Rae

    Can’t wait! Pushin’ your shit here…



  • Michael Aaron

    Pre-ordered and instagramming as I speak, err type. Sporadic man here by the way, although I think we may be a lot less sporadic than you think 🙂