Currently Craving: Pajamas and Peplums

It’s market time! Here’s a selection of things we wouldn’t mind coming into right about now.


Don’t ask why but just acknowledge that if I’m getting dressed this week, I’m only doing it if I can either include an alternative peplum (that’s what we’ll call interesting or unexpected trim, like on the photographed Clu or Nina Ricci sweaters or that Jay Ahr, feather festooned dress practically begging for a hearty lesson in cost-per-wear.)

Cause of affliction (if you want to call it such)? I’m going to say the bell bottoms of Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection – see Kate Moss on featured image care of Vogue Paris – combined with those in leather, of Acne’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection (on Hanne Gaby Odiele). After an exhaustive look through, participation in and the eventual scoff at the traditional peplum–that is, an additional layer of fabric, shaped like a flimsy, meager lampshade, married to the end of a blouse–if we’re still going to go for it now, we may as well do it a bit differently.

I’m tethering these cropped, slim, yet loose fit Acne jeans to the sweaters with the addition of Prada shoes not unlike the Yoox-harbored pair, still available for the tiny-footed and very lucky, or these red New Balance sneakers, which me thinks have officially replaced Golden Goose on my personal scale of propensities.

As for the sunglasses (by Illesteva), they’re always applicable – which makes them perfect for what’s next on the roster of things I inexplicably want to wear. I saw this green pajama set by Olivia von Halle on Net-a-Porter earlier this week and fell deeply in like. If I’m willing to spit out $455 (!) on innerwear, though, I better be able to make it outerwear, too. Why not with a pair of black, combat style fall boots. The pictured pair is by Sergio Rossi but my inclination is to believe you already have a great set missing your feet due to the heat of summer, waiting for you to give them attention again.

Try a trench coat, too, (this one is by 3.1 Phillip Lim and though you can’t see it, features green trim on its interior). We have a really good feeling about the return of the Robe de Chambre outside the chambre and this is a great place to kickstart the resuscitation of that. Can you dig?

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  • Amatoria

    As soon as I saw your tweet, I clicked, in fear that you were talking about a traditional peplum. (I am bored with them) Fortunately, you meant this… ass peplum??? which reminds me of my infant days, wearing those bloomers over my diapers with ruffles on the butt.
    Add to the list of things that repel men… things that make you look like a toddler.
    P.S. I happen to have underwear with ruffles all around them, which I wear to frighten the boyfriend once in a while.

  • CarolinaG

    Your blog is great!!!!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Ginger

    I’m feeling both trends this fall… Instyle just did a great coverage of the pajama trend and how to pull it off… Though, I feel like this trend has been around for quite a few seasons, right?? Maybe this is my year to make it happen… Thanks for the thoughts!

    You can see my coverage of peplum here:


  • Jenna-Mae Bilmer

    As if, just featured the exact same Phillip Lim trench on my fall shopping essentials list!

  • Ella

    DIG IT
    the olivia von halle pjs are sick! love love love…

    xx ella

  • Barbi Knapper

    The boots will look great with the pjs. I got tory burch ones last x-mas. I throw on a black cardigan and its so nice

  • Ahh, yes! The Acne Pop jeans…perhaps the best jeans of all time? Especially if you put them with those NB’s. Let’s see this happen

  • Maike

    the Prada pumps are too cute to wear them – should stay in a Vitrine 🙂

  • kirbybee

    I’ve shied away from the peplum, and by shied away I mean avoid like the plague, but those feathers are talking to me. I would willingly wear a peplum that involved feathers frittering around my ass.

  • Elisa Taviti

    Perfect my dear!

    With love
    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • Michèle
  • Kelly

    Good god seeing those pyjamas just made my heart sing! I shall be finding a similar style and hopefully exact colour to pair with everything I possibly can 🙂 My husband isn’t so keen on my adoration for classic pj’s but I’m pretty sure if I tell him I will wear this during sunlight sans bra then he’ll see things in a more positive manner…Perfect compromise!

  • *swoon* … Sergio Rossi boots …

    Pyjamas? Much better than fishnets and an ultra mini, at least with THOSE boots …

    (my secret passion is cargo shorts right now. Men’s, of course. Sort of like pyjamas but already meant to be worn outside. I’d even do them with those Sergio Rossi boots if …)

  • Yana

    Yay for tags under pictures!
    And i’m off pairing my short feather wedding dress with my favorite gray sweatshirt!
    Man repelling inspiration FTW!

  • rachel

    the sweatshirt dress is fabulous!

    rachel from

  • ASULikeIt

    Olivia Von Halle makes a compelling argument for a sedentary lifestyle of online shopping in Louis Vuitton jam jams all day. Sign me up! And I’m still into peplum, considering I’m the assless wonder and I could use all the behind emphasizing I can get.

  • fbcreations

    swell post as usual! love the unexpected frill as an untraditional peplum

  • Love the pajama set you could totally wear the top with some skinny jeans.

  • Anna

    love that sunglasses!

  • EvaFalco

    Looks very comfy and chic !

    Follow my Fashion Blog please

  • Romina C

    love the selection. The pj trend is so nice and comfy! Romi

  • YES!! Totally digging those green PJs and the trench coat which turns into a vest.

  • luxurynews

    I love the Clu Sweater and the look of Caroline Sieber!! But would never wear the top and pants in the same texture. I bought the leoprinted look of LV but when I’m wearing the pants then with a sweater or blouse. And top with leather pants or jeans.

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  • Charice

    That’s a classy look pajamas.

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