About That Mini Skirt

See ya later, pants.


What started as an uproar against my yeshiva education (where long skirts were mandatory and therefore short skirts were highly lucrative) turned into a nonsensical crime of passion in 2009 when I declared violent hate for, in addition to maxi skirts, pants. Why? I don’t know. I think I probably wrongly disseminated my feelings. Looking back, I just hated the way the button and zipper mannerism on jeans endemic to the early aughts made my thighs and FUPA look. But calling it high school’s fault likely seemed easier than blaming myself.

I remember wearing one tight, spandex cotton black American Apparel skirt nearly every day for a full two years. Two years. You name it, I paired it. Sweaters, linen blouses, tank tops, blazers, leather jackets. Tights. No tights. Heels. Ballet flats. I think I even layered two versions of the skirts – which I holstered in three colors. (Somehow, the white just didn’t do for me what the black did, though. I am not very good at wearing thongs and evidently, pant lines can become a nuisance).

By the time I was a senior in college and still stuck on an inexplicable reluctance to wear pants, my favoritism in the short skirt department shifted from tight to A-line, which kind of felt like the difference between Tara Reid and an ingenue. For the latter half of 2010, I would look like a feminine, naive cupcake with legs and arms.

It was when I graduated that something weird started to happen.Β Late into that summer, I began slipping deeper and deeper into pants that only got longer and longer as the fall season approached. Two years later, which leaves us right here, I can say with true conviction that over the last two winters, I’ve rotated approximately four pairs of pants and four pairs of pants only.

Yet here I find myself once again, highly craving the skater-style but more structured, girly mini skirts of my collegiate past. Blame it on a combination of really good street style, Zara, and the timid runway predictions of the imminent Fall/Winter and further distant Resort seasons, calling to mind a highly customized, deeply individual, decidedly fresher nod to the girl I was, melding with the one I am.


You know what?

Never mind.

Scratch that.

All of it.

We’re probably just really, really, finally visibly back on the Clueless bandwagon.

Above you’ll find me pictured in a J.W. Anderson skirt that all but screams Cher Horowitz and an Alexander Wang white sweater from last S/S. The shoes are Rick Owens and here’s the beauty in that: if and when you can find yourself at the helm of a Yoox-fostered 80%-off-all-summer-inventory sale, you may be able to find the shoes that typically run for 4-digits-worth-0f-hard-cash at a very impressive $200. I know, it’s still money, but he makes the same shoes every season. They never get old. They never get boring. If ever there was any salt to be held up to the old adage, “buy now, wear forever,” it is right here.

In addition to what I’m wearing, you’ll also find a composite of skirts we love from the likes of Net-a-Porter, Nasty Gal,Β Shopbop, and Pixie Market. Click around, and let us know what you’re thinking. As in — cupcake: yay or nay?

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  • LOVE the skirt. It’s kind of a throwback to those old car wash skirts we wore as part of our highly sought-after cheerleading uniforms in high school. =) I say cupcake: Yay! They’re the most flattering skirt a 5’1″ girl with a defined waist can find, so I wear them all the time. When you’re as short as I am, most of them begin to approach the knee just enough that wearing them to work with solid tights and a blazer is borderline acceptable. =) I just keep my fingers crossed that they’ll come back into style now and again, so I can look cool every few years. =)

  • Juliette Laura
  • rachel

    cant go wrong with a mini skirt

    rachel @ http://watshouldiweartoday.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Behind the Mirror

    I got too distracted by the shoes to concentrate on the skirt… shopping yoox now…

  • Kaitlin

    Do you ever just look back at your first posts on manrepeller and say “damn I’ve come so far”?

    • Leandra Medine

      Sometimes I look back and shake my head at how TERRIBLE THE PROSE WAS. Though I’m pretty sure I’ll probably do that with the contemporary posts a few months from now.

      • kaitlin

        I actually like that you started off writing semi-terribly, it really gives me hope.

      • Aww, I remember the days when you used to say “FUPA/harem pants/etc , I tell ya!” and bold every other sentence. It’s funny because at the time I thought that was the funniest, best writing that I’ve seen on a blog, and now I read your current posts and think the same thing. I think we’ve grown as readers as you’ve grown as a writer. X

  • CarolinaG

    Love your blog!!!

    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:


  • I really like the skirt you’re wearing. Mini-skirts aren’t something I’ve been a big fan of (with the exception of college, where they were basically a sluttier version of shorts for me), but I like that now they’re venturing away from the super-tight, and into something I might be able to get away with now that I’m 30 and no longer looking for something slutty to wear to a bar. πŸ™‚

  • Natali

    Love your mini skirt and shoes!


  • I kind of went through the same pants fase, really loving skirts at the moment as well! Can’t get enough of them, can’t have enough of them! Great read πŸ™‚

    xoxo Iris

  • Anna S.

    My style has taken a similar evolution to yours. My first two years in college I couldn’t stay away from skirts (with leggings or tights in the winter – thanks boston). Currently, I haven’t worn a skirt in a year, but wear dresses 95% of the time and rotate pants and shorts the rest. Maybe it’s the simplicity of getting dressed in a dress compared to a skirt that has led me away from them. Either way I support the full on mini, as I always feel maxis make my legs look shorter.

  • Anne

    I fell in love with these skirts πŸ™‚ X Anna


  • At first, I will admit that I was a bit put off by the skirt. I am a pants wearer, and a skirt one day every other year. Maybe Zara will help me in that department this year, as I get midway into MY collegiate years.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • I love your outfit – all of it. The shoes are mmm (a dream) :-), the skirt is VERY interesting and so is the sweater. I really like it when things look like someone had a really intelligent brainwave or five and then came up with something like that (meaning I dislike sheets of material draped around a person and called “clothing”) …

    To me, skirts mean freedom. You can move more freely in them, even when hiking, and I don’t really understand how come men don’t wear them (more often), they do tend to prefer more freedom of movement plus reliable clothing, often.

    At the same time, mini skirts don’t mean freedom to me πŸ™‚ – in my conservative opinion, you need legs to wear them. You know, LEGS, not just two pillars you love to hide (in trousers or maxi skirts) … Though I don’t know whether pants are really good at hiding legs πŸ™‚ (some time ago, I read a novel about a lady time traveller who started in 20. and ended up in 18. century and who wore pants at one point, which made her lover almost lose his sh*t because her butt and the room between her legs were visible. Publicly! πŸ˜€

  • monkeyshines
  • I love the fitted and flared version of this skirt, looks more modern.

  • Liliana

    I’m also totally pro skirt. I’m very skinny and petite and I have the impression of looking like a potato sack with anything else. Skinny jeans also do the trick πŸ˜‰


  • Heidi

    I think the fabric of this mini keeps it from being too “teenager” and instead it’s a refreshing adult piece! Well done you, as always.


  • Aubrey Green

    Love your legs.

  • I’ve always loved skirts. My mom on the other hand wonders why I love them so much.


  • sharla

    love ALL of these skirts!!!!

  • Wish I had nice legs to wear short skirts, that’s the only thing preventing me to do so!

    Mafalda ❀

  • Jennifer

    So many pretty girls!

    xo Jennifer


  • Greer Clarke

    Does anyone know the brand of the maroon skirt in the photo with the two stupidly well dressed blonde girls?

  • rhodawong
  • Hanadi

    LOVEEEE the skirt. You look fabulous Leandra.

  • Alba B.

    What about the fact that before just even passing from the corner of your brain the idea of wearing a mini skirt, you better watch your legs (shape, tonic, length, proportions, shaved etc,)? And then if all the topics are ticked positive, go for that LADY!!!

    To my concern, this happens rarely, as much as a change of pope, but I have been in love with pencil skirts since then and they really kind of suit me!!! But now in alternative I do like also the ’40s style shape skirts. What is your relation to this last shape Leandra?!!!

    Do you like the ’40s style shape?!!

  • CarlotaLMorais

    This summer I wore dress after dress after dress! They’re light and girly! But I know what you mean, and I will for sure try the mini skirt this winter! Girly but SEXY

  • C

    This type of skirt is the only one I seem to wear anymore. I am short, and have small-ish everything except for my big latin ASS, courtesy of my mom (I love her dearly, I just wish my ass wasn’t so big). I used to wear tight mini skirts a lot a couple of years ago, but the older I get, the less I find the look appropriate on me. It just looks too… Kardashian-ey ? The same way many are of the opinion that a revealing cleavage works better on flat chested-girls than those with larger breasts, I feel tight, short skirts look better on those with a more modest behind. A-line skirts on the other hand are so flattering on all body shapes and sizes in my opinion. Of course I am not saying people with my body type shouldn’t wear tight skirts! I just find myself feeling uncomfortable when they attract a certain type of attention πŸ™

  • This post is awesome, as I have legit been rotating four skater skirts the past few months. I can’t get enough of them! Clueless is my favorite feel-good-no-matter-how-shitty-I-feel movie and after seeing a photo of Cher and Dion roaming the halls in their plaid skirt get ups, I didn’t even realize I may have subconsciously channeling my inner Cher as you said. Love this post. -xo

  • The skirt is such a staple for women. Can’t ever go wrong, especially with the right pair of shoes. Love your skirt. That one is a keeper.


  • Ashley Burks

    I love your style! Your blog is an inspiration to bloggers, stylists, and journalists. Your usage of verbiage, images, and hyperlinks makes your blog stand apart from the rest! I am a fan of short skirts as well and I will be taking some notes from the images above. Thank you for sharing!

    ~ @JournalistBurks

  • Michele Radin

    What about the age-length connection? At what age must a woman start to cover her knees? And do tights give her an extension in the winter? Certainly this skater style ages out very quickly — anything reminiscent of cheerleading does not belong on a female falling on the “woman” rather than “girl” side of wardrobe. Jennifer Aniston recently appeared in a lovely flounced-skirt dress that looked like she accidently grabbed Tayor Swift’s wardrobe change — the floral fabric didn’t help, but even in black the skater mini on a 40+ woman is silly (unless outrageous is your goal, a la Betsy Johnson). But Aniston still looks great in a straight mini — does that mean a woman without benefit of an army of dermatologists, trainers and plastic surgeons (not that she has had knee lipo or a butt lift, but scars and the like? Or maybe Hollywood stars don’t skin their knees… I picture a P.A. throwing himself across a gravelly driveway to break her fall off her Jimmy Choos) need not resign herself to the discomfort of trousers? And then there is the whole issue of shorts…!

  • myblissisthisway

    I love the unique shape of your skirt and the others that you shared!


  • Alyssa Lyon

    It’s so weird that I am reading this post today of all days, because I was just thinking about how much I love skirts, earlier today. I love bandage and circle skirts, flouncy A lines and maxis. I can’t stand the pencil, though. I feel like it accentuates everyone’s calves and if you’re not a Barbie doll with super fit long legs, forget it. Skirts are so comfortable, and they go with practically EVERYTHING… At your age you really just can’t go wrong with a girly, cupcake number. I like them.

    Shop Vintage Levis

  • Annewil Hokken

    Love the pictures!! <3

    X Annewil

  • Moi

    Leandra, I don’t know if you realize that but I’m pretty sure the Zara skirt in pic. 2 was made because of the Rag & Bone one you wore to the shows last september… (i’d even go so far as to say the shape was inspired by the Hegalson one you wore during the same fashion week, Cf post “the what I wores”).
    I’ve been seeing a LOT of you in Zara stores, for a while now. At least in Paris, it seems super obvious to me. The Superga lookalikes, the Valentino pointy heels you used to wear a lot, the khaki/denim/white lace color scheme that used to be yours in the summer, the big chunky Dannijo necklaces that you made so enviable, even the Alaia sandals you own have been copied.
    Anyway, I’m not complaining at all, it’s just that I don’t know if you realize that your influence is that big. It’s pretty awesome for you I guess πŸ™‚

  • pamela marines

    i adore you, just please, please (I’m begin you) stand up straight

  • Blakey

    CLUELESS. Story of my life… In my dreams…
    Not really actually.

    But I do love mini skirts, especially for people with shorter legs, a little high waisted leg baring number is an instant gateway to success. Skater style could literally flatter anyone ever. That’s a lie, it probably wouldn’t.

  • hil

    i love the Proenza one!!

  • Irene Laura
  • Heidi Thornton

    Of course ,with legs like yours…..

  • Martu

    I know this is random, but I just watched Clueless because of you.

  • I love how skirts are being designed in a more creative and structured way!