White Noise

We can’t stop wearing white. Here is probably why.


In spite of better judgement, I’m putting a slightly blase foot forward and hereby surrendering color – all of it – in the name of white. I want to argue that because of the scorching heat and potentially, too, because the humidity is stripping me of all the creative license I’ve thus far accumulated and galvanized in the name of neon feathers, excessive prints, corduroy overalls and three piece, multi-colored suits (I’m envisioning a red double breasted jacket, green interior vest and purple pants but maybe that’s just me), I can’t even fathom wearing anything but simple, no-more-than-two-piece white ensembles.

I know myself, though and to know me is to know that I am one fickle mother fucker. (Only I don’t actually fornicate with peoples’ mothers).

What seems a brilliant idea right here and now: season old, white Nina Ricci dresses aplenty, Stella McCartney pants that require seven inches of heel beneath them and one such cropped cotton button down blouse that I found lingering in a small, nondescript shop in Nolita will more-than-likely render completely BO-RING come the start of as early as next week. Which is why I want to suggest that you call this a layover post and take it for what it is: the LAX to your trip to Australia, or the Jaimaca Estates to your journey out east.

I’m in between identities right now and using light instead of darkness as a representative vessel of that.

Between us, though, I probably won’t forfeit the photographed pants outfit. That one seems pretty perfect under any/all circumstances that don’t require I walk too far but certainly beg that I stand an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall in comparison to my more regular (or if we really want to beat the pun out of me: colorless), 5’7.

I’m wearing a Nina Ricci dress and white Superga sneakers in shot-by-Naomi-using-film photos 1 through 3, an A.L.C open back sweater and Stella McCartney pants in 4 through 7 (the shoes, which are barely audible, are by Olcay Gulsen), and in images 8 through 11, I’m wearing a brand-less white blouse, Chloe shortsΒ (culottes, really, but they make my legs look so damn skinny)Β and shoes of the same designer.

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  • Maike
  • Jane

    I’m in between identities too. I know my style is evolving but I find myself holding onto things, that now I’m not sure how I even liked -or loved. Anywho those white Stella pants are incredible

  • Toyin Akinwande

    White can be very noisy


  • Lovely dress and I like your background wall. <3 Cute!!

    xx Diana

  • Rupsha B

    I love the crop-top so much, it makes me cry! :’)
    White is like my only eternal true love(the weather can be pretty much blamed for that).

  • With this heat, I’d love to be wearing all white, but I know there’d be a stain before I even opened the door


    • Leandra Medine

      Makeshift tie dye! You win.

  • Reptilia

    All these looks are amazing! You look stunning!



  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!!!

    I’m posting looks from Los ANgeles and accessories:


  • glad to see that you’re choosing the light side of the fashion force. yoda would be proud.


  • ASH

    I was wondering, are you immune to this NYC weather?

    • Leandra Medine

      In what capacity? I think the answer is a no across all boards.

  • Katerina

    Those pants are amazing beyond belief!!! You should totally wear them with a white bikini top and some round sunnies, Beat the heat πŸ˜‰


  • Sartorial Revenge

    I’m finding myself in a very similar state of mind – only my non-colour of choice is grey.
    Those Stella McCartney pants are to die for, by the way.


  • Amatoria Clothing

    Love all white! When I was little I was mad that the only girl power rangers were yellow or pink. I wanted to be an all-white power ranger! Year-round white leather… I was just ahead of my time πŸ˜‰

  • Love that A.L.C. sweater!


  • White is so perfect right now. And so hip from head to toe! Your outfit posts are always my favorites.

  • monkeyshines
  • Alissa from ChicPeek

    White is a huge staple in my wardrobe but white on white is definitely recipe for a stain. Loving the pants though!

  • Kate Barnett

    those pants are as good as i’d hoped they would be. well done.

  • You look lovely, and I love your fish face!

    Mafalda ❀


  • CarlotaLMorais

    I’m waiting to get my tan on, one more week and I will definitely try the all white look its clean, but also sharp and chic, and looks great with your dark hair and skin!

    • Leandra Medine

      Now, now, you don’t need a tan to look rad in white–don’t let them UV rays fool you.

      • CarlotaLMorais

        Ahah! I know, I know but still I think I look better and healthier with a tan! That’s just the truth at least to me

  • danamforrest

    im surrendering to color due to olivia pope.

  • CΓ©line

    I really like an all white outfit during summer. It’s so fresh and clean but I have to say though that the more skin is shown the better because here in Switzerland it’s burning hot so I’d definitely opt for the last outfit πŸ™‚ x


  • The most impressive part of these outfits is you were able to find a ‘brandless white blouse.’ I didn’t know clothes came in brandless nowadays, is that even possible???

  • Looking like a cutie patootie lil girl ! πŸ˜€



  • Guest

    What do you guys think of white clothes on extremely white people? I’m Irish and I don’t think I’ve ever worn white in my life except for two pairs of granny panties that I take out on special occasions.

    • Leandra Medine

      I for one, am all about monochrome.

  • those Stella pants are everything

  • The ensemble with those gorgeous white Stella McCarteney pants is stunning! Your legs look endless!



  • maud.schellekens

    Great shots!

    XOXO Maud


  • My favourite was the lightweight knit with the wide legged pants. Gold jewellery topped off the perfection. DIVINE! x


  • Jamie Morton

    Love the first outfit! This dress is so sweet πŸ™‚


  • Leandra Medine

    That is the magic is crazy long pants–isn’t it?

  • Amy

    I understand your reasoning–layering in the Austin summer heat makes me hot just thinking about it. Love the sneakers with the dress.

  • Ash

    Here in the great northwest we battle cold mornings that lead into hot/humid afternoons. I need more velcro in my life so I can just rip stuff off when the sun decides to burn off the fog.

    • Leandra Medine

      Your entire life is practically a lesson in layering

  • Hannah Travers

    Look three is aces

  • diane

    I love the way all-white pops with silver accessories in the summer. And it’s pretty much summer all year long here in SoCal, so these looks are golden (pun intended)

  • Celine
  • Gabi

    This made me feel so much better about where i am in my style right now. i’m totally doing the same thing. All white, every day. or a white tee or tank with jeans or cool shorts and heels, but I’m definitely a blank slate right now, but feel good about it.

  • Jamie Morton

    Loving all of the outfits! Perfect for the summer!

  • girlinmenswear

    Shorts are to die for. Repel men further and stop by http://www.girlinmenswear.com a blog for girls who love wearing men’s clothes.

  • All white! Your legs look endless!


  • Just trying to be of help

    All of your clothes looked better when you’re hair was longer… Grow that shit out.

  • Mona

    I am discovering that white like black comes in many shades and causes white shade mismatches that are driving me crazy.

  • Love the white outfits!! My favorites are definitely the short white blouse and the long trousers. So cute!!