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File this one under Awesome Things We Accidentally Came Upon But Will Not Forget Unless A Violent Case of Amnesia Plagues Us.




File this one under Awesome Things We Accidentally Came Upon But Will Not Forget Unless A Violent Case of Amnesia Plagues Us.

There are exactly one items in that cabinet but I digress.

While combing through some fashion blogs yesterday, I came upon Style Nanda by way of Karla’s Closet (and one particular white shirt dress, highlighting three large sized, linear blue stars embroidered into the shoulder). As fate would have it, there was a link that would redirect me to the international part e-comm hub, part personal style blog where I would find myself lost in an abyss of moderately priced, highly trendy, compelling-to-stare-at clothing, accessories (umbrellas included) and shoes.

Yes, in the wise form of the late Stefon (see: SNL): this website has everything. Tie dye, white socks, shoes that look like dying grasshoppers.

And I don’t know what’s better – the fact that globalization is winning at bringing to the United States some of the vastly interesting and fairly well-priced goods that up until this point seemed indigenous to Asia (and this teeny-tiny nondescript Nolita shop on Prince and Elizabeth), or that we know precisely how these items will look on care of the subsequent personal style images that animate the items for sale. (We’ll take the liberty of adding a few inches to the circumference of our thighs.)

Chronicled above you’ll find some of our favorite looks from the site, highlighting specifically that blue oxford blouse equipped with baby toucans loving in tandem (slide 1) and some slouching, skinny-ish blue jeans that seemingly feature the most perfect knee holes (slide 7). I’d say the website’s forte is in its ability to source white cotton and blue denim which, you know, is perfect for someone not unlike myself who loves white cotton and blue denim.

The downside? Once you’ve made up your mind about the offerings which reflect a better you (thus meaning you must own them, duh), you’ve essentially set that shit in stone. Shipping costs $20 and as far as I can tell, once the clothes are yours, they’re yours forever.

It’s actually not unlike what Rihanna describes as the process in which good girls go bad if you think really hard about it. This in turn really makes me wonder if this grammatically laughable dress is a testament to the ancient RiRi song. We sure hope so.

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  • Royal Wang

    Hey,can i invite you to subscribe my blogs,and if i am lucky maybe i can get your advice

  • Amalie Espeland

    haha love this! i catch myself doing this all the time, so consider my cabinet with Awesome Things We Accidentally Came Upon But Will Not Forget Unless A Violent Case of Amnesia Plagues Us … FULL. xx

  • ellie

    Toucans man, toucans.

    • Leandra Medine

      Really shouldn’t have slept through those ornithology classes.

  • Keena

    Most Korean e-commerce sites follow that format… buying directly from cute streetstyle-esque models. Like: . Surprisingly, no one stateside has been able to make it work. Everyone’s just trying to keep up with the rather bland department store look.

    So glad this caught your well-trained eye Leandra! xo

    • Leandra Medine

      COME TO THINK OF IT! I actually remember LA-based Mikkat Market following a similar format.


      • Keena

        Touché! Katherine Kim, from Mikkat, is Korean born.

  • What great looks! These girls are awesome!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Oliver Lips

    Love the stylings! 🙂

  • monkeyshines
  • Fashion Ghost
  • Chic Trends

    Been a fan of this site for quite some time now but have been hesitant to buy anything since many Asian ladies are tiny! Not completely sure how that would work. And also sometimes the clothing have grammatical errors. I think I’ll just buy makeup and shoes for now. Yea, that’ll be better.


    • Anna Louise

      They do give very, very precise and detailed measurements for the model and for each piece, including shoes. Much more than any other site I have seen. That said, they often have no information on the fabric. In addition, even the most voluminous styles often go only up to Korean S (US XS) and never more than Korean M (US S). Sadly!

  • I recently tried some of their makeup- Three Concept Eyes. The colors and products are really fun and unique. I loved some and hated others. I did a full review on my blog. Like, the clothes, they draw you in with beautiful girls wearing really edgy and standout looks.

  • Been staring at their gifs for months, though their nonexistent size range does ring notably unAmerican.

    • Leandra Medine

      Those gifs are so underrated.

      • Claire

        yours are much more unique.

  • Ariadne Ch.

    I have known Style Nanda for a few years now, but never made my mind and ordered anything. The fact that additional rates may (and actually will) be applied scares me (what if they don’t fit? more taxes? the last time I ordered something from far away (I’m from Spain and I had a pair of awesome Coltrane Black Jefferey Campbell shoes delivered from the US) they charged me almost 70 dollars of shipping + taxes)

    But, yeah, the website really rocks and the fact that each piece is worn in many ways in the billions of thousands of photos is very useful.

  • I’m always browsing through the korean websites but never sure if I should jump the gun and just order. So scared that I might not want them anymore!!
    On the upside..supposed to go to korea next year so maybe I can just shop the cute street style in person! 🙂

  • from_syd

    I perused Stylenanda last night by clicking on the exact same shirt dress with the stars. We may or may not be soul mates. But realistically, I question the fit .. I am far from built like that tiny asian model.

    • Leandra Medine

      Should I bite the bullet and make the first order?

      • Anna Louise

        Yes, we need a fashion scout!

      • I’ve bought from StyleNanda, a couple of years ago (shit I’m trendy) and my suggestion, coming from a 5’10 girl would be go for everything except the pants. Otherwise, was quite happy with my package and the items I bought, well priced too.

        Now, go forth and spend money!

  • Katerina

    Love the ripped jeans in slide 7! Go to check them out to purchase …”Available in size S, M, and L (up to waist size 29)”

    What does that even mean?? Ugh, I want them, and am too scared to buy and not be able to get them passed my thighs!!!

    All in all, great pieces and interesting concept!!

    • anna louise

      I checked the sizing on the website and L (up to waist size 29) means waist a little over 25 inches and hips basically 34 inches. Yikes!

  • Domonique

    Oh dear I clicked on the image with the shirt feat the double 0. Why oh why did I have to do this? I will be certainly plagued until I purchase, haha!

  • sally fogg
  • SJ

    I’m Korean-American, in Seoul for the summer and my sister and I were literally JUST discussing visiting the Style Nanda store this afternoon when I came across this post!!

    This is the beauty of Korean fashion/e-commerce/shopping/whatever – cute, unique pieces you don’t find anywhere else AND at super affordable prices. The above photos pretty much sum up what the current trends in Seoul are for this summer.

  • Jules Kwon

    Leandra 🙂 Hi I’m Jules and I’m a Korean girl living in Australia. This website is an all-time number one online shop in Korea and the models became famous through this site as well 🙂 FYI, the shipping should be free on orders over $200 and fairly fast. I get mine delivered all the way to Melbourne, Australia and I usually get them in 1 to 1.5 weeks! Warning! Shouldn’t be a problem to you but their sizings are tricky. Most of them are “free” sizes (AUS 6-8 = USA 2-4).

  • ‘Size Guide: One size fits most’. Fits most what? Korean women? What about tall Irish women that enjoy potatoes for dinner?

  • Love a lot of these looks!

  • esse

    I love stylenanda !
    Also, It is recommended to go

  • danyelleb

    Oh man, this may finally fulfill my dream of dressing like the cutesy little Asian tourists I see traipsing around in their adorable little outfits!

  • CCC.Yuting

    Style Nanda is really famous in Asia. The flagship store also became a tourist attraction where all the people would spend all the afternoon shopping there. Especially cosmetics , I’m also the big fan of Style Nanda. Lipsticks and eyeliners are the famous product that worth to try .

  • Great to see the power of the Internet helping to give recognition and popularity to great brands!


    Love the grunge style!

  • Sharon

    LOVE Stylenanda, their instagram pictures always brighten my day and one of their models (Park Sora I think) is STUNNING

  • erinblythe

    Toucan shirt RULES!

  • Alyssa Coscarelli

    OMG- i ordered those glorious ripped-knee jeans and they arrived yesterday. my rating? 5 stars. came quickly, too. already can’t wait to order from here again.

    • Alyssa Coscarelli

      not to mention the free nail polish that came along with it which is probably my new favorite.

      • jaypea

        just wondering if you think the jeans run true to size? 🙂

  • Jsuol J

    I love their style. I bought a coat that cost me total of $182 and guess what, the quality is so bad that it was full of fuzzy balls all over the coat. I wore half day and my car seat was colored by it. I emailed them and complained how bad the quality is and want to return it. they said I can’t. cuz I wore half day!!!!!!!! WTF..DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM. SUPER OVER PRICED FOR THAT QUALITY!!!!!!!!

  • not a STYLENANDA fan

    I personally won’t shop from STYLENANDA again! Always an exceedingly long waiting time plus a ‘I’m sorry, the item is sold out, since we’re running a pre-order system’. How they run their system is not customers’ concerns, we order we pay and we expect them to be delivered on time. However STYLENANDA is ruining its name of the korean Nr. 1 online shopping by its poor service!