Rain-Proof Style

Because, yes, rain, style and – womp – chicness can exist under one umbrella. (Get it?)


Last week, a commenter suggested that I illustrate a style story on how to look “cool” in the rain.

Ask and ye shall receive.

To be honest, I was slightly annoyed that I hadn’t done it previously, especially because for the past year and change, I have stepped into a very specific and distinct outfitting format that has thus far successfully deterred my proclivity to feed the frustrating angst married to rain and let my clothing reflect that.

Getting dressed for inclement weather really isn’t a particularly easy feat–humidity absolutely bastardizes the time we spend on our hair, that moist, dewey sensation that cloaks our clothed bodies harbors this terrible sense of, I want to be anyone but myself right now, and umbrellas fall into that abyss of Things That Magically Disappear along with socks and hair ties. It blows.

But what about this? Maybe if you were to invest in a quality umbrella, you’d feel a sense of urgency to preserve it the same way you might anything else of value.

While I’d historically looked to Alexa Chung for my personal rainy day style cues (is it just me or does the woman own a different trench coat and pair of high waist denim cut-offs for every drop of rain that will presumably fall on her head between now and the year 2015?), I realize that high waist denim cut-offs bound to a trench coat can only work sometimes. And for the days I just want to feel point blank good, I have found that wearing white jeans and a white t-shirt or button down blouse under a classic colored trench rain coat (the ultimate emblem of timeless style, no?) is arguably the only proven method.

That, married to a collection of the right accoutrements–these umbrellas are practically Alexander McQueen clutches. A baseball cap wouldn’t hurt either. Rain will not ruin your jewelry so pile it on if that’s what you’d do on a sunny day, and though the shoes are not rubber boots, just the way a little water won’t hurt your jewels, neither will it certain leather loafers. These have actually been able to age more gracefully as a result of the puddles they’ve emphatically endured. I’d stay away from canvas shoes, though. Meandering around wet-footed is no fun.

Just treat the day like it’s a regular one – acceding the miserable clothes to match the miserable weather will – to bring this way back around – feed the now dissected blah of last week. And I’m not sure about you but the other thing is that umbrellas maintain this strange, supernatural ability to turn me into an ass-pumper.

4VxzU7 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Which is a really fun activity I can only ever participate in while it’s raining. There’s my silver lining.

Photographed raincoat by London Fog, Topshop muscle tee, Paige jeans and Marni loafers. Pamela Love choker, CC Skye cuff, Khai Khai/Catbird rings. Umbrella by De Novo (we’re really into Illesteva’s selection, too).

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    I tend to stay at home when it’s raining but when I have to, I wear waterproof shoes as I often (unintentionally) step in puddles. But hey, you always look uber cool and awesome in whatever outfits in any kind of weather.

  • Laura

    oh you crack me up! looking good 🙂

  • Alissa from ChicPeek

    I love the trench coat for a simple day in the rain! I love wearing boots and a pair of leggings since jeans usually feel heavy for me and then a long knit sweater and sometimes a scarf! This is for during the winter though or colder rainy days. I rarely see hot, humid rain in my area.

  • Natali

    Rings and trench are just awesome!


  • Liztisch

    I’m pretty sure I would end up leaving that umbrella in a Starbucks somewhere. But damn, if it isn’t cool.

  • shelley

    Man, I wish it were true that investing in an umbrella would prolong the time you spend with it. Brand new all black Burberry umbrella with the perfect wooden handle, left philosophy class without it, came back literally within 2 minutes – poof! gone forever.

  • andrieya

    hot damn what a bumbershoot!

  • Hannah .X

    That’s a holy cracker at the end! Lollll!

  • LOL, your GIFs are always so good.


  • Amatoria Clothing

    If Twerking in a Trenchcoat in the Rain isn’t Chic, then I don’t know what is.
    Also, I was inspired by an old GIF you did a while ago, and showed my manfriend my SWEET DANCE MOVES while singing OutKast- The Way You Move… He told me I have NO SWAGGER. —> We are not on speaking terms. (Until Postal Service concert TONIGHT~!)

  • Nico
  • monkeyshines
  • Patricia

    I always feel so BLAH when it rains and I want to dress pretty but I’ve made a vow to myself to never let that stop me from picking pieces that make me feel good. Sometimes, yes, that calls for a pair of jeans a slouchy t-shirt but I think that the more you try and practice, the better you get at mastering any kind of weather.


  • Claire

    UMMMM De Novo’s website doesn’t have any photos or info on where to buy the umbrellas. Do you know where I can buy them–online or in store?

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey Claire! The brand is spanking new and therefore nothing is up just yet (the umbrellas are samples that I borrowed for le post)

  • Marin

    The most I ever attempt in the way of rainy-day chic is something hooded and some fat-ass wellies, and instead of an umbrella, I awkwardly walk-run from place to place (given, I never have to do more than minimal walking in the rain where I live)–but HEY, imma try this. No more coppin’ out

  • Irene

    Wearing white in the rain has to be the worst approach to looking cool in the rain. I live in Seattle, where it rains half the year and while I have tried to wear white many times here, I failed without exceptions. A minute after heading out home, your white pants will turn into a mess with all the splashes from the water/dirt on the ground.

  • Avery

    I raised my hand to heaven and shouted an emphatic “amen” to the no-canvas-shoe comment.
    See: Vans, Toms, Chuck Taylors…


  • StephC

    love the loafers – can you recommend any other brands (a tad more affordable)?

    • Leandra Medine

      I actually just came across this pair of Ralph Lauren collection ones from DSW which are not cheap but great quality ($250) http://bit.ly/14zWYBd – also, there are a bunch in this morning’s post that might work – http://bit.ly/18OXKmm – I am on a total loafer kick right now. Re: the ones in the post, if you’re really patient you can often find the Marnis and Tod’s guys super discounted. I bought these on FarFetch.com two summers ago for around 90 euro from a shop in Paris.

  • Alicia Hall

    Ass-pumper, lol. I bet you were so proud when you thought of that. & I am so glad you didn’t go the I love my Burberry trench route – London Fog is underplayed and fantastic!


  • Nicholas+TaylorLLC
  • ASH

    How do you do the pictures that move?

    • Leandra Medine

      Makeagif.com, yo

  • Sharon

    Those umbrellas!! uhh amazing


  • That umbrella is amazing!

  • Anika Zebron

    Love the “action” photo–so great! Thanks for the links to the umbrella sites too, really liked the ones by Illesteva. Very cool.

  • allenkaren33

    Looooove the simplicity of your look with the big statement of your accessories.

  • white, leather, & exposed hair?

    throw on a suede jacket and you’re practically naked.

    tastefully so, though.

  • kirbybee

    “Acceding the miserable clothes to match the miserable weather,” – So that’s where I’ve been going wrong! Next time it rains, most likely sometime in the next 24 hours, I’m gonna throw on a ridiculously inappropriate frock, some gumboots and go for a walk with my cool clear umbrella. Good-freakin-bye blah.

  • s

    that gif is hilarious! and those embellished umbrellas are awesome. makes a rainy day just a little better



  • jas

    love that trench. my solution to wet weather is always my burberry wellington boots!

    reckless abandon blog

  • Claudia De Berardinis

    great photos! more importantly, great sense of humour! love ya work xx


  • V from The Drastically Blog

    Some crazy gorgeous umbrellas and I see that you’re doing a very important Egyptian sacrifice dance. I was actually out this weekend and found these cool rubber ballet flats from D & G-complete with attached socks and thought of your blog and I’m sure you would have shared a similar love for them. Check them out at my blog. Thanks-V

  • SOCIAL_la

    Dancing in the rain! I think this is the coolest umbrella I have ever seen! I love how its almost like jewelry.


  • theconfuseddasher.com

    You’re hilarious. Really dig your goofiness!

  • thechicndamned

    LOVE the trenchcoat.

    x karen


  • pratima

    Wow I loved your jacket, Its awesome.

  • Maike

    From “the city that never sleeps” to “the city where it often rains”

  • I’m happy, I had my silly dance picture by Leandra!
    Apart from the silly dancing, this is the outfit I like you most in. The loafers are fantastic.

    Mafalda ❤


  • What i care about was actually the shoes. OH DAMN!

  • Oliver Lips

    Those umbrella’s are very cool! I also really like the jewelry you are wearing 🙂


  • Love this rain friendly combo. Classic trench and loafers.

    Christie x


  • Hahaha i LOVE the way you write. Hilarity. I concur regarding Alexa Chung, she appears to own a miriad of different trench coats & denim shorts.. until now I hadnt given thought to the multitude of variations! Your post is very timely for me as it is raining constantly here in Aus. 100 cheapy umbrellas later and my hair is no less frizzy & my silks no less water marked. I love your blog, not many give me a giggle but you balance style, great writing & a few laughs very well. Rock on! x

  • Paco T.

    so British! the best style of all time!


  • Marina Zilliacus

    And I was that reader! Feels cool to be mentioned in one of your articles (though I was just referred to as ‘commenter’). Thank you so much, this will definitely help out tons when the monsoon season starts in Singapore! 🙂

  • C

    There is no fucking way I would step out into the torrential downpours we’ve had in Toronto as of late wearing those awesome Marni loafers. Dirty water and leather just don’t get along! haha. However, I have spent a good 4 years looking for a trench to call my own… but always end up falling in love with stuff over $1000. Anybody have suggestions for, say below $500, durable and slightly un-conventional trench coats?

    • Charlotte

      A suggestion if you live somewhere rainy, you should take your shoes to a repair and have them weather-proofed. It is inexpensive and absolutely worth it! I also find that thick durable leather that has some sort of sealant on it is quite water resistance and doesn’t soak through. I also had a trench from H&M that was pretty standard but I changed the buttons on it to make it a it more unconventional, so if you like the shape & color you can find creative ways to alter your purchase!

      • C

        The buttons! That’s a really good idea, thanks 🙂
        Re. the weather-proofing, I find it works great on shoes that go up to (at least) the ankle, anything below just get soaked from the sides and in…

  • Michèle

    aaah, that umbrella is amazing and love your GIF as always 😀



  • Rain is like a treasure here. I wish it would rain! Loving your trench 🙂


  • vanessa acosta

    like always, your photos are entertaining!


  • Ludo Andréa

    really nice look, love the white jean 🙂

  • expvintage

    fierce choker. perfect for repelling both raindrops and men. love!

  • Georgia
  • That knuckled umbrella is badass!! I want!!
    P.S those marni shoes are cute too ^^


  • Your loafers are perfect!


  • christine rowfle
  • laura

    since i may ask and shall receive (as read on facebook)… i request that cra-cra-crazy beautiful proenza schouler dress you wore last summer. and you better had not given/toss it away girl!

  • Ana

    those marni loafers are beautiful!


  • Sarah

    I was inspired by our rain last week and did a little illustration for it!


  • Ash

    “I want to be anyone but myself right now.” I live in Washington State, and I totally harbor this sentiment. You get sick of dressing for the rain every single day, and basically life out here sucks. Unless you love rain ponchos. Then life is awesome.

  • Sydreed

    I hate it when it starts to rain and my coat doesn’t have a hood. I found this awesome thing called Hood To Go online. It’s a little vest with a hood attached you can wear under any coat or jacket and it looks like the coat has a hood attached. So cool!

  • Katherine H

    Haha oh my god I am laughing so hard at your gif. Nice work.

  • The dance is just super)))