1 Look, 3 Ways

Pairing jeans and a t-shirt with different accoutrements for several different occasions. Let us know if the sports car metaphor gets lost on you.


At this point, it is professedly deplorable that I’ve delivered the same, dated utterance so many times. “The test of true style rests in a woman’s ability to style a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt,” yadi, yadi, ya. Bla bla bla. But seriously–think about it. Driving 200 mph is fitting in a sports car and therefore expected. Maintaining that speed in a family sized sedan is notable and even though the car in question isn’t as appropriate a vehicle for the task, its incompatible form only makes it that much more remarkable.

Would you rather operate as the sedan keeping up at 200mph, or as the sports car, just doing what it’s supposed to do? I’m opting with the former and in what is either a testament to that or my eventual having to deep throat my foot because I have so comprehensively failed at my own abstraction, here are three different outfits cataloging three different scenarios, utilizing the same pair of light wash, ripped D-Squared jeans and a white Etoile Isabel Marant t-shirt.

In #1 which is actually #0, I wear the jeans alone with the t-shirt (sleeves rolled up, obviously) and a pair of prosaic-but-perfect nude Chloe mid heel single strap sandals. To avoid the risk of typecasting the most banal but simultaneously most wearable version of the looks, I will say that the scenario married to this one boasts an extensive breadth that starts and ends wherever you want it to.

In the real #1, I pair a pink blazer with the jeans and tee and a pair of red Brian Atwood sandals to riff on Valentine’s Day and love in general but then eat it, chew it, swallow it and throw it up in an attempt to strip it of a stigma that decrees that the Hallmark day and its mascot can’t be cool. If I had to pinpoint where this is most wearable, I’d say under most circumstances that beguilingly implement a “smart casual” dress code. (The jewelry is by Khai Khai).

In #2, I attempt to dust off my layering skillz and layer Blk Denim’s most sublime leather jacket (no, really, the leather feels like butter but is even better because it doesn’t taste like it nor is it even edible, so cholesterol is of minimal importance) over a denim shirt from American Apparel with the common denominators and add Nicholas Kirkwood’s SS12 sandals for Peter Pilotto to spruce it up the way, say, Lisa Eversman might when placing ornamental birds on a tote.


I’d probably wear this one out to dinner, on a casual week night, to a party, to visit my great grandmother in the hospital, to pick up organic apples, meet a realtor for coffee, etc.

In #3, I utilize the 90s as a pillar in spite of my reluctance to continue participating in nostalgia and a tie a navy blue shirt (from Uniqlo) around my waist the way, say Jordan Catalano may have–introducing several ironies (he’d probably never wear a mock rosary made with daisies, now would he?) and ultimately getting lost in a pair of chunky, heavy black flat lace up sandals that may well call themselves boots. I suppose I’d wear this one to battle.

The subsequent opportunities are, of course, endless–pair a peplum, several additional layers of shirt, a sweater, a coat, a sweater and a coat, seashells–heck, try drowning your white shirt in mouthwash to offer it a glistening turquoise glow. This should function as nothing more than the diving board that helps you spring into plentiful, chlorinated waters.

[Drops mic.]

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  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!!!!!!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Maike

    Some nice shoes, some nice bracelets, necklaces, earrings… and you can Change a complete simple Outfit! Good choice, like the red sandals!

  • CP
  • Sarah

    Who makes those jeans?

    • Leandra Medine

      Dsquared (hyperlinked in first pp)

  • Grace

    #1 looks great too but I am always happy to stop at #0.

  • Natali

    2nd outfit is amazing!!


  • girlinmenswear

    Love the last casual, laid back look – gorgeous. A tomboy outfit always looks downtime chic! http://www.girlinmenswear.com

  • Those Kirkwood’s are too good!

  • kirbybee

    I have a hard and fast rule about the wearing of ornamental birds, on feet, body, earlobes or perched precariously on my head, when picking up organic apples. Which on reflection explains why I never pick up organic apples, severe lack of ornamental birds.

  • Petra

    OMG this growing up thing is so BORING! Snap out of it, man. I know you have neon and feathers in your wardrobe.

  • I like all 3 outfits, you look fabulous (wink wink)! I love the pink blazer and your rings too!


  • I’m completely in love with all these looks, and I’m glad you made the point that it’s really important to challenge our uniforms. Take it to new levels. I’d have to say my favorite look is the last look because the shirt around the waist and those chunky sandal-boot hybrids are perfect. I think switching out the around-the-waist shirt for a givenchy blazer on body would be an amazing look as well.

  • Asma and Reem

    Forever coveting those pair of Kirkwoods because you know, they just add that missing something to an outfit *sigh*.


  • ela’s world

    looks great!

    Also, check out ela in L’Officiel Fall13 Accessories trend guide!


  • Loved the 90’s take.


  • Perry

    This is lesbian power dressing, at its finest.

  • Reptilia

    The first look it´s my favorite one. Simple and stylish. I love wearing white t-shirt and jeans.



  • Hudson Berry

    Put a Kirkwood on it

  • while i love how you went full rebel without a cause in the second look and the kurt cobain meets dannijo vibe of the third look, it’s that blazer that both toni and candace would approve of from the first look that really steals the show.


  • Kate Barnett

    i feel like a white t and jeans are the best excuse to wear your most outlandish shoes and/or jewelry.

  • ONGala Velázquez

    Love everything about the second outfit, and the red sandals are beautiful!!!


  • monkeyshines
  • Katerina

    Love me some good ol’ jeans & tee combos! #0 works without even trying





  • daisies are the new eyes
    I can dig it

  • myvintagememoirs

    I love this post!! The second outfit is my favourite 🙂



  • Maida

    Looooooooooved it!

  • Cat

    Thanks for reminding me how much of an idiot I am for not pre-ordering those Kirkwood for PP sandals… Just when I thought I was over them BAAAM!

  • Melissa

    Dying for that hand chain in the last photo


  • contentnet

    I can get down with all of these looks. And a sports car, to boot.

  • Ooh nice one. Though i kinda hate look #2 (seriously, i think the shoes just kill it–in a negative way), i like this practical (and not to mention ‘economic’) way of being “a la mode”.

  • Kathy Jacobsma

    I must Have Those Nicholas Kirkwood Shoes. Immediately.

  • i can’t decide which look i like best. its safe to say all three you just shut it down. game over. its why i keep coming back to your blog.


  • brunetteletters

    I love how the nice shoes made such a difference!


  • Stephanie

    What was that other post of yours? Oh yah, shoes maketh the outfit! Love them!


  • Nothing more perfectly summer than distressed jeans and a good white tee.

  • I adore this post b/c I am a believer that fashion/style is versatile, not to mention a pair of distressed denim (authentic or store bought) are a fashion staple and will never go out of style.


  • acrick

    Trying to figure out where your bra is…..Do you just put it on and if it shows who gives a shit? Do you try to hide it? Help.

  • cristina MEDBLICK

    You are awesome Leandra!!!!


  • Jizalle

    I like the outfit and everything. but dude…your hair!!!! i mean i know it’s your own hair and everything but when you display in public i feel like it’s okay for me to comment on it. not saying it’s that bad. but u’ve had better days.

    • Leandra Medine

      New York is very humid right now (not that I don’t wear it like this anyway, though).

  • Amatoria Clothing

    did you ever get that “where ma furby at?” necklace?

  • Jess

    Second look its just brilliant, the Peter Pilotto shoes are just insane, but its even better the way you mixed them with a leather jacket and a demin shirt…. OMG! Perfection!

  • Adrianna Alejandra

    See now, I understand the appeal of a simple #0 outfit, but I cannot wrap my head around the basic-ness of it all. I yearn for some psychotically thrown together outfits, complete with prints and fabricated from sheer MR-ness. Socially repelling clothes in actuality.
    This want leaves me to prefer outfits #1, #2, and #3.

  • Linda Kenyon

    Love all three looks; the one w/ pink blazer especially. All the sandals took my breath away!

  • Avery

    Your hair is a surprise with each and every post, and I love it.
    You go, girl.


  • lolli

    love the blue and yellow shoes!!


  • agatha edison
  • Dani Zoo

    This one is amazing! My base outfit is almost always a v-neck and some jeans. This helps me a lot!

    Check out my blog at:


  • Man you really know how to dress up the simple stuff!! I’m loving the first two outfits!!


  • Alba B.

    And people keep saying to me that fashion is not a science as math! Do I still have to mention the infinite opportunities to combine clothes? So if numbers stay to math as a science then clothes combinations stay to fashion as a science too. Or am I wrong? ?

  • Lessie Julianne

    i’ll take this as a personal challenge.

  • ange

    I love Love the pink blazer!


  • I love the 1st look. Simple and effortless. Though I love all your heels!


  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love your accessories!

  • cici

    i need those salsa shoes in my life