Is it Fall Yet?

Kidding, guys. I’m totally kidding. Bring on the next heat wave!


Kidding, guys. I’m totally kidding. While I understand that short of just the last two days, it has been outrageously hot outside and that most people don’t particularly enjoy feeling like they’re walking through a sauna day in and out, I for one kind of love it. The way I see it, I’d much prefer to sweat my nipples off than lose feeling in my finger tips care of a visicious cold front. Frankly, waves shit on fronts and that is probably irrefutable.

The only road block presented here is a fashion thing. Sometimes I just want to wear a navy blue tuxedo jacket (one that obviously includes satin lapels and quirky trim) with cropped, low-rise wool pants, you know? And if not now, when else can I do that, sans over coat, plus a pair of devastatingly open-toe, impractical shoes? Answer: never. Except for maybe that one measly day of Spring that comes mid-April and typically leaves before we’re even aware that it’s come.

I hereby declace that weather and fashion suck in tandem.

Jacket and pants by Acne, muscle tee from Topshop, sandals by Isabel Marant and photos by Naomi Shon–taken in front of one fascinating wall on second street featuring bodiless dolls shooting rainbow beams out of every opening a face holsters. Also, I get that my face is looking unintentionally Snapchat-chic and that my hair is looking even more Fran Lebowitz-esque than usual but as Kate once put it referencing her relationship with cats, “this life chose me and I have no regrets.”

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  • Marly Wijvekate

    Just like I want to wear my white vintage fur coat during summertime

  • rainbowlasereyes

    what is that mural behind you. i swear i’ve seen it before…

    • Leandra Medine

      It’s from a wall on 2nd street between Bowery and 2nd.

  • maud.schellekens
  • Love the Acne jacket!

  • CarolinaG

    Beautiful sandals!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Magda McCann

    Fab ensemble. “Sometimes I just want to wear a navy blue tuxedo jacket (one that obviously includes satin lapels and quirky trim) with cropped, low-rise wool pants, you know?” I know. One year I lived for that one day when I could wear my white cotton summer dress, heavy jean jacket gladiator sandals and wool fedora. Weather and Fashion rarely play nice (especially the lofty dream of the outfit that speaks to who you are beyond the constraints of this space-time we live in).

  • monkeyshines

    simple and amazing!


  • Anna Louise

    Do I ever hear you. When/where does one wear those beautiful cashmere tank tops? Or those open toed thigh high winter boots. Or….silk shirts (in my climate, too full of static electricity in winter, too hot in summer, non-existent spring.) First world problems, I know, but I do wish fashion and weather were more in sync (recognizing the myriad of weather patterns this earth blesses us with.)

  • jen

    hi,have just posted a outfit post inspired by your blog with a link

    hope u can check it out 🙂

  • MyStorey (Paris)

    I have a love-hate relationship with heat. I love wearing shorts but I hate wanting to shower every time I feel an ounce of sweat. Love how you’re still wearing a blazer in the heat! Would love to have you join myStorey and post a “storey” about this to share this outfit with my friends and the entire myStorey community!!

  • Kim

    I am currently fighting the exact same battle. I purchased the most beautiful oversized, structure-less blazer with satin lapels and, alas, it has been hanging in my closet awaiting a cooler day on which to make its debut. I would wear it with shorts, but The Good Lord did not bestow upon me the loveliest set of gams. WHY GOD, WHY!

  • Sandra

    I agree! I am always looking ahead, mid summer scouting out my expectant fall purchases. When I get said purchases feeling unsatisfied in my current wardrobe because I am highly anticipating wearing my new arrivals. Once fall arrives I should have at least one month of satisfaction…and then the cycle repeats.

  • Charlotte

    For me the transition into fall is one i long for because the clothing options feel far less stale than those in the Summer. I am quickly growing tired of the inability to layer and subsequently provide any differentiation between my outfits. A dress looks like the same dress over and over again because the extreme heat forces me to wear it sans outerwear. In the fall there is much more versatility as I can pair that same dress with tights, boots, flats, sweaters, coats, hats etc… My wardrobe shrinks in the summer because you can’t mask fall or winter clothes as Spring/Summer whereas i find myself wearing a lot of my summer clothes year round. So I ask longingly/aggressively, IS IT FALL YET?!

  • I love wearing impractical open toe sandals with fall ensembles. You are right about there only being out one measly day in April to do this. So unfair!

  • chatNoir

    that freaky-ass mural could be the backdrop for a scene out of a low budget horror flik.

  • Fall fashion makes me wish it were fall half of the year, at least. Luckily, I live in San Francisco, where it’s fall roughly every single day.

  • allenkaren33

    You look fantastic, love your whole ensemble. Btw, the mural behind you is freaking awesome. Amazing article as always.


  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    Yes, fall clothing is the best with all the textures and layering options! When I first moved to California, I really appreciated when everyone started wearing boots and sweaters in fall even though it was 75 degrees! Those sexy/strappy Isabel M heels rock with the masculine jacket! You are too kool, as always!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Bluntly Beautiful

    I’m super excited!!! I love that time of the year, specially as it transitions into winter.

  • oh well nothing wrong with wearing some fall items during summer, especially not when they look that good

  • Paula McClelland

    Delighfully weird backdrop – and your’e talking about the weather, how British of you! I have the opposite problem to you guys in the North, down here in NZ it’s winter AND IM SICK OF LAYERS (never thought I would yell that)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Not yet, come to the south of France, it’s stifling hot!

    I could just watch your beautiful feet in those Marant heels all day… They’re perfection incarnated!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Hudson Berry

    This is a funny one. And before even reading I thought to myself, when did Leandra’s hair literally (pun intended) morph into Fran’s?

  • her persona

    in love with your shoes!

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Unfortunately, as a denizen of the Midwest, I understand your pain. Our Spring AND Fall weather combined add up to maybe a week of enjoyable weather. That aside…
    The wall behind you is so creepy/awesome. Those freaky little girls look like they are about to morph you into a gay man with their rainbow lazerbeam gaze. Which, frankly, would be perfect. <3

  • Ash

    My only regret is that I can’t wear a bikini in the fall, winter, or spring. Unless I’m on vacation which I never am because I’m a student and school sucks the life/money out of me. California dreaming..

  • Constance

    I love your jacket! And, don’t worry about your hair, it looks amazing.

  • Reut

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  • I’m ready for fall– the colors, the pear crisps, the boots.

  • sarah

    where i am its winter, and i have to say i really love winter clothes. you just cant wear enough in summer. i love this outfit, it has inspired me to wear similar tonight….”merci beaucoup leandra!

  • Kimberly de Los Angeles

    see more from the artists who painted the mural here:

    • Melanie Lasic

      Hi Leandra,
      I live in San Francisco, and it is freezing here. Most of July has been coat, scarf hat!

  • The Provoker

    I totally agree in the whole fashion/weather sucking sitch, it’s never really perfectly matched, and even if it is, we miss it like you said.

  • StyleGodis

    AMAZING jacket! love your style xx

  • wanderblonde

    Crazy about your outfit!

  • Just totally kidding but I really cannot wait for fall!! So many lovely blazers and leather and long sleeved goodies to wear!!

  • DNA (designers-artists)

    Love that Acne blazer.

  • Hiphunters

    love this outfit!

    have you heard about our contest!? £150 gift certificate to spend on my-wardrobe!

  • Sud Raj

    I’m a fashionista, who follows and keep updating myself about the latest fashion trends. Fashion accessories, literally, are the most stylish items that can brighten up any dull outfit and show your personality. Your blog is very informative and useful.

  • Henceforth,

    Love the blazer, almost as much as the mural. I’d throw on a glow in the dark bowling tee before jacket weather though…

  • StyleGodis

    Lovely outfit! Vintage and chic!



  • sgveronica

    love all of this.



  • jadorejen

    throw a dinner party in home in which you can climate control so you wear what you like!

    • jadorejen

      i meant to say in your home where..

  • Alejandra

    I need fall because I need to wear turtle necks without my AA cup melting off.. I’m 21 and already hate my neck.. (I’m not saying its Nora Ephron’s fault I hate my neck, but I’m not not saying it is.)

  • Gabi

    I crave fall fashion as much as the next layer-loving girl, but living in OC for four years has taught me that my eagerness for cooler weather will always, always lead to disappointment. Summer heat doesn’t come until July and autumn doesn’t come until November ;(