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Ladies, gents if you’re reading, we’re going there. After long years of proposing comfort as a state of mind and putting a left, high heeled foot forward in support of the self-fabricated aphorism (which I still won’t deny, I’ll just gently eschew), we’re taking a new direction. And if we have to walk there, that is totally, totally fine.

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Now, is it just me/us or have people actually taken a step – and consequent several inches – back in the matter of their preferred footwear? I may be spending too little time in the Meatpacking District and too much time traipsing through Nolita, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a pair of sky-high stiletto heels obstructing the walking process for a denizen of the Lower East Side, just trying to get to dinner. Maybe this is entirely a summer thing and that people have become one with the earth–acceding to the climate’s request for more comfortable shoes.

We can probably agree that a walk in heels gets a sweat going in a way that flats never could and in temperatures that have peaked above 100 since the start of June, do we really need aid in the sweat department? Personally, not unless you’re presenting a deodorant stronger than the average man’s.

Or maybe this has nothing to do with meteorological conditions and that genre of climate at all and instead just stands as a testament to the element of “wearability” perpetuating in fashion. While we’re at it with our cream colored menswear-inspired pant suits and New Balance sneakers–why not take a dip into an archive of loafers, or sandals, or slippers and exploit those too?

I can’t quite tell what Fall will hold but I’m perfectly aware that it’s been months since I slipped my feet into a shoe heeled at higher than three inches. The consumer in me, who is devilishly beginning to crave the incipient Fall offerings from the bevy of e-tailers selling them, can’t even look at the selection of heels on display. And it’s not because I don’t love them. They’re wonderful to look at but maybe that’s just it. They never take care of you the way you’re instinctually taught to take care of them. With flats, though, when you entrust in a pair, you see return, don’t you?

Which, of course, brings me to my final point. Hey! Guys! Tell your inner-demons to shut the shit up. Your legs are beautiful and you do not need heels to amplify their current state of existence. If you want to wear flats, or mid-heels, just do it. Plain and simple. There’s really, really nothing else to it. Might we suggest starting with Acne’s jelly-heel pink loafers?

In slideshow order, the black studded brogues from Asos ($93), the leopard print slipper mules by Barneys New York ($109), the white, buckle double strap sandals are by Belstaff ($269), suede lip slippers by Charlotte Olympia ($695), creeper loafers with rubber white sole by Jil Sander ($249), purple suede loafers by Manolo Blahnik ($695), embellished satin loafers by Marni ($810), white oxfords with black heel from Nasty Gal ($188), buckle flats from Pixie Market ($259), studded flat booties by Pour la Victoire ($325), and because in this day and age, no shoe is beautiful unless it is certifiably ugly: leather clog sandals by Rochas ($280).


Moisturize your legs, too. It might make a difference. From the creams above, I really enjoy Tocca’s jar and the smell of the cream, the multi-hydrating toner (it’s an oil) from Nars which makes my corse-ass legs confoundingly shiny and I’ve recently taken to Ahava’s firming body cream, too. Kate swears by her Almond Glow ($5.99!) and will offer send photos of it posing next to her cabal of cats if you’re interested in a gander.

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  • Love the Chanel flats and the loafers.

    Mafalda ❤

  • I like the part about the inner demons. Must we stand on tip toes in ballet flats for photos to make us look taller? I think not!

    • black.Steph.white

      AGREE! 🙂

  • Rachelle

    Its WAY too hot in London for day time heels, I’ve just about bought the entire high street worth of flat sandals.. I don’t envy you in New York!

    Try the NARS body oil, it gives legs the most amazing glow!

    rachelle xo

    • Leandra Medine

      That’s what I use! It’s practically magic.

  • CarolinaG

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Nikki Chowdhury

    I’ve always been a flats girl, loafers, ballet flats, sandles.. but being 5’4, if i don’t wear heels I’m practically invisible. 🙁

  • CDJ

    Can we make a new rule, though? If you’re under 5’3″, and your friends are all taller, and you plan on wearing any of the above… shoot them a quick text so they know to stay closer to the ground as well. Although posing like the AT&T service bar logo could be fun, too.

  • Sarah-M.

    Love the red shoes so much <3 and this moving pic is so cool 🙂



  • Flats, for dayz! Not only is wearing flats in this weather considered understandable, it’s so much fun. I for one won’t consider wearing heels for quite a while!
    Your Friend, Jess

  • when it comes to my shoe diet i’ve opted for full flat over flat free for years now. it’s not that i don’t love me a good heel but i’ve never been one of those tall girls who feels like a glamazon in heels. glamonster has always been more accurate. i’m a flat girl for life.


  • haven’t worn a stiletto since 2007. i’m done. it’s just flats and wedges from here on out. life’s too short to be that uncomfortable. i’ll appreciate them as works of art, instead.

    • Molly Oberstar

      I am with you, sister.

  • I rarely see women wearing heels walking around SoHo but do see lots of sneakers and cute flats.

  • black.Steph.white

    i love the Isabel marant sandals. they’re gorge!! but those slippers on the left…not really my thing. repelling. 😉

  • andrieya

    What are those red suede booties?

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! they are Tabitha Simmons

      • Charlotte

        Hi Leandra! And those silver stunners in the first photo? PS. The Instagram photo of you and your brother is adorable! Love the Khai Khai line!

        • Leandra Medine

          Hey–those ones are Tod’s!

          • Charlotte

            Thank you!

  • Awesome shoe collection! I’m all about the comfort in this London heatwave!!

  • MsDenbi

    Oh how I agree with this post! Though I have never been one to spend a day in heels, I have to say I’ve seen more people in flat shoes this summer than before. Probably because heels really can be torturous to the feet, and flat shoes in general make walking easier (and you don’t look like a baby fawn). I even got into wearing sneakers this summer, which has never been a part of my wardrobe before.

  • S

    Boycott AHAVA- they profit off of goods made on illegally stolen land ( ). Other than that, great post, but I still can’t bring my 5′ self to wear flats anywhere that matters.

  • Clairette

    Dear Leandra, I especially love the green/navy plaid buckle boots, where did you get them? Thanks and best regards from Berlin – we adore flat shoes here!

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey Clairette- they are McQ by Alexander McQueen from last fall. You may be able to find on Yoox.

  • Hanneke

    I was always a high heeled girl but I’m also starting to enjoy wearing flats. Especially since Chanel started making THE espadrilles, love them xo Hanneke

  • I am with you! high heels and high heat don’t mix. I almost fainted while I was strolling around in my 4″ heels 2 weeks ago! LOL

  • Chic Trends

    I think I hear those gold loafers calling my name. I say you ask them, Leandra. Tell them to give me a call.

    My boyish look ways have gone too far. Now I hear them calling me!

  • jusju

    Usually I avoid flats like the plague, but I just purchased my first pair of flatform oxfords from this new line called Marvin K. and am in LOVE! Ok, technically they’re not flats but whatevs.

  • Anna

    I usually am out wearing six inch platforms, but lately i’ve been indulging in nice flats for walking around my campus next fall xD

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Senso has some GREAT flat/low heel booties which I am CRAVING. Have one on its way now! I can’t get enough of anything that looks slightly like a man’s shoe!!!… Pre-Fall influence or the Gay Man inside me taking over…

  • Alicia Hall

    Dying for those Belstaff sandals… what’s a fashion student gotta do for some beautiful expensive shoes?! lol

  • Andrew

    You’ve redeemed yourself. The gif is sublime.

  • =^..^=

    Post a photo of Kate’s Cabal o’Cats, PLEAZE !

  • d4divine

    Thank you! That is all.

  • lc

    Thanks to you I am the proud owner of jelly-heel pink loafers

  • Charlotte

    Over the past 2 years I replaced my collection of ballet flats with loafers and flat boots. They offer a lot more versatility and can be worn through multiple seasons. I was frustrated with all the ruined flats I owned and wore to their deaths. In fact, my penchant for unsupportive shoes landed me with tendonitis and I had to find alternatives. Boots, loafers & brogues have space for inserts, proving that flat shoes can also be supportive.

  • Paula McClelland

    FINALLY someone said it! Heels aint all that ( I do love them but flats are too comfy to completely discount)
    I just posted about Yeardley Smith – voice of Lisa Simpson and shoe designer (Marchez Vous) for Shoesday as they’re designed as heels with comfort factor built in… the post was not well received by Louboutin Lovers. But after my trip to the UK and traipsing around the country side in converse I’ve been reluctant to put the towering heels back on and grow new blisters. Maybe you can advertise this post in Vogue so we can make flats a bit more sartorially acceptable?

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Fisayo Longe

    Who are the green tartan boots by please? LOVE.

  • HAHA coarse ass legs shiny? I must try that Nars oil now!! And why do I keep wanting to purchase creepers lately??

  • fashionablecollections

    I ONLY wear flats, so I”m all about this.

  • diane

    Who makes the gold tasseled loafers?

  • tallywacker

    alllllllllll hideous

  • Gigi

    Mid-heels are my favorite! Who makes those studded sandals in the gif?? (the back row on the right)

  • Eva Falco

    I also have the same Chanel Ballerinas and they the most chic and comfy shoes ever !!

  • aimee

    I’m searching for the most perfect of black leather Chelsea boots that look more villainous than not… Much like these babies:, but maybe not so much monies… any ideas of brands to look at?


  • Flats are considered as the most comfy for our feet and also useful to wear at all places if we purchase some stylish one.

  • Shawnee Rajala

    It’s currently fall and this is 100% correct. Not that I doubted I’d be living in flats, but I do love this.