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In collaboration with Max Mara.

One important thing we left off amid all the noise we made about sunglasses and the future of your eyeballs and whether wearing them on cloudy days actually does render you a douche-bag (it does not,) is that it was ambitious for us to assume that the deluge of outlandish eyewear would appeal to everyone. Some people just don’t particularly like a pair of, say, gold caged sunglasses or another pair of equally unusual, pink and green frames that may or may not resemble an antiquated car. One I am only familiar with because I have seen Grease over 15 times.

We can definitely talk about that, just not today.

Which brings us to this: today in notable collaborations that launched last week, still rock this week: the precise, quote unquote investment piece you may have found yourself looking for on a quest to shield your eyes, delivered. Ladies and gents, Max Mara, with the instrumental aid of Safilo, does eyewear. Again.

Frankly, I have up until this point been almost certain that I would always opt for the more baroque sunglasses that fall into my Cosmo but recently – and maybe this is simply an additional bout of hunger-for-uniformity – I’ve noticed a reversion to respect for good old, reliable, never-in-but-never-really-out either lenses. This is obviously where the above animated frames come in. Sure they’re “classic,” one can even call them basic–but look at those dance moves! Can they be any more lucid about the concrete fact that they know how to have and even distribute a good time? No – the answer to that is no.

In line with their simplicity, it seems only fitting that Jennifer Garner would function as the face of a recent launch for Max Mara, which rolled out in tandem with the sunglasses. If nothing else and based the aforementioned merit alone, at least you’ll know that when you put them on, (I’m rooting for the beige cat-eyes and those brown frames, second from top,  which look like a strange but accurate answer for people looking to marry aviators and plastic frames) either now or ten years post-purchase, you will totally feel 13 going on 30. No question.

Actually, there’s one question: is that reference too dated?

In collaboration with Max Mara.

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  • max


  • Oliver Lips
  • Simone Cumberbatch

    It’s quote unquote.

    • Leandra Medine

      THAT WAS A IPHONE FOSTERED TYPO. Thank you for pointing it out though.

      • nancy

        wait, you write your blog posts on an iPhone?

        • Leandra Medine

          Haha–just this one in particular because I was on a train while I wrote it and didn’t have my computer with me. (You’ve got to nurture the hunger to write when/wherever it appears).

      • Chava Havanna

        You write your blog posts on your iphone?

      • Simone Cumberbatch

        Cool. The English teacher in me couldn’t resist. Love your style (sartorial and writing).

  • Lisa

    Seems you’re having a thing for GIF’s… 😉 Always fun to watch!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  • These are beautiful, I need a new pair

  • These look really good!

  • monkeyshines
  • love them! can’t live without my sunnies. hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling!

    Caroline @ PatagoniaGifts Jewelry

  • maud.schellekens
  • Grease. Just watched it for the thousandth time last weekend. Love the dancing sunglasses 🙂

  • Amatoria Clothing

    These large classic frames would come in especially handy when avoiding the press (after more photos of your husband’s weiner are released) and looking chic while doing it! Yes?

    • Leandra Medine

      OR while seeking respite on one particularly gruesome Morning After

      • Amatoria Clothing

        Hah! No Shame, No Gain… wait.

  • rhiannon
  • Charlotte

    As someone who leans more toward the crazy lenses or classic and identifiable shapes a la Ray Ban, I find it nice how these frames are elegant without being obviously recognizable. I appreciate the simplicity and quality and see them as a better alternative to similar shapes that you can quickly discern the designer of which make you look like you’re wearing a label across your face. You want to wear the glasses, you don’t want them wearing you, which is what appeals with these frames.

  • Cija

    13 Going on 30, not dated! Which reminds me, I lent someone that movie and haven’t got it back…turns out it’s a classic just like those sunglasses. The brown and beige pair are the number one stunnas!

  • I want to try them all on! In the course of my blogging journey (just started last fall), I realized when I’m having a puffy eye day or just plain tired, there is nothing like a pair of sunglasses to cover up the damage for photos. 😀

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