Bounce With Me

The greatest beauty secret we’ve procured care of one Lucky hair stylist


While on set in the financial district with Lucky Magazine on one of the first of an unwitting many scorching, eminently humid days that would intermediately follow, I learned The Secret. It was early May and we were working on a fashion feature that had absolutely nothing to do with hair – much less, galvanizing frizz. In a series of dedicated, professional click-click-clicks that were obviously not on par with the adjudicators’ idea of what The Money Shot should look like, I wondered if there was a cure for a syndrome I’d grown to refer to as a cold case of the Cory Matthews. Don’t get me wrong here–it’s not that I don’t like Ben Savage, it’s just that I don’t want to look like the prepubescent version of his Boy Meets World persona.

You know how it goes, right? Try as you might to domiciliate a head of slightly kinky, short Jewish hair while the air is hot, bothered and moist and if you listen hard enough, you may actually hear the gods R.O.T.F. – or rather, in the sky – Laughing at your futile efforts. And like a doctor may finally concede to throw in the stethoscope while trying to treat hiccups, I was all but ready to surrender defeat, pack up my sneakers and head home, the seeds of my labor unplanted and therefore incapable of producing fruit.

But it was in the most vulnerable moment of my flocculent poodle’s misbehavior that the apex of what is arguably the most compelling part of working on set with a team (that sense of camaraderie that manifests haphazardly,) revealed itself.

“Does anyone have a Bounce dryer sheet?” One hairstylist asked.

I know–why would anyone have those fine smelling sheets of portable, paper laundry, right? Furthermore, what would we do with them? This was about my hair, damnit.

The laundry accoutrement has become notorious for its ability to defeat static and so the product has become common place, right up there next to binder clips and safety pins, in any run-of-the-mill styling kit, which, of course, meant that every stylist and assistant stylist had at least one box on hand. The man behind the coiffure was handed an entire box of dryer sheets at which point he began partitioning chunks of my hair and combing through them with the dryer sheet in his hand, functioning as a screen.

Four, five, six strokes deep and just like that, the poodle was tranquilized and I was certifiably elated. Is this how Kate Middleton felt when Prince William proposed?

But it was so simple. If dryer sheets were champions of static on clothes–why wouldn’t they champion frizz on hair, too? When asked where he picked up the little trick, he offered credit to his wife, who’d taught him to use the sheets on clients several years prior. This meant he’d been harboring the informational gem for just about as long as I’d been living in the shadow of static fluff. That’s all forgotten now, though. I smell like a bouquet of fresh laundry for heaven’s sake.

Photos by Naomi Shon, birds of paradise blouse by Stella Jean.

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  • As a sufferer of ‘fuzzy bear’ syndrome since birth, you have over joyed me today with this post. I’m going to try it and see how I get on. Love your posts Leandre, keep them coming. xxx

  • shelley

    I remember reading Style magazine in the 5th grade and they shared this little tip! Although, I have super super fine baby straight hair that doesn’t frizz so it was completely useless to me. I have shared it over the years though!

  • I do that too!!!!!!! Especially winter time when my hair gets super static. (My hair was pretty long and it sticks to my plastic chair when I was in high school.) This definitely helped haha. I’m pretty sure I’ve used more fabric softeners for this purpose than what they’re meant to do…

  • CarolinaG

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Been using this one for years when my hair is dry and static-prone. Can’t go wrong with a method that both fights frizz and makes you smell fresh and clean!

  • Leandra, thanks for this! I would’ve never have known this. My hair is about the same length right now and it looks hay bale in this east coast humidity that it is not used to.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    I need to try this!!


  • OH FINALLY–A REAL ‘not your usual’ HAIR TIP!
    This is genious. Well, if only Jakarta has that………

  • Kristen

    bounce is also great for repelling mosquitoes, so if you use this trick you’ll kill two birds with one stone!

  • The Avg Girl Guide

    So awesome! Another Jewish girl is rejoicing over here. 🙂


  • Oh wow, I’d never heard of that, how weird!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Lindsay

    Bounce dryer sheets have beef fat in them…. Gross, but true.

  • monkeyshines
  • Beata Kanter

    Umm so glad I checked this post BEFORE getting ready for work. THANK YOU.

  • ZipStyle

    Brilliant – Works like a charm! —> currently blogging about NAS!

  • Jennifer

    This post could not have come at a more perfect time. Chicago is humid and hot as hell meaning my hair is fluffing out as well! I tried to tell myself to just rock it, its the grunge MK&A look, but now I wont have to lie to myself! haha Thanks for the tip!

  • This post could not have come at a more perfect time. Chicago is humid and hot as hell meaning my hair is fluffing out as well! I tried to tell myself to just rock it, its the grunge MK&A look, but now I wont have to lie to myself! haha Thanks for the tip! – JJ

    • Leandra Medine

      I have to be honest–9 out of 10 days I still probably prefer my recalcitrant poodle.

      • Agreed ,it has so much more character! ( but some days it needs to calm down… I never know how my air dried locks will turn out when I get off the train, def. carrying a dryer sheet from now on just in case its out of control) lolll

  • Lola Waldorf.

    Legit hairtips! J’adore <3

  • brunetteletters

    I would have never known about this tip!!

  • Sheena

    I’d think twice about rubbing those chemical laden sheets on your head. Tons of petrochemicals and toxic substances go into making those seemingly harmless sheets.

  • cool under pressure, problem solver, and bestower of a life lesson. this hair stylist was definitely the mr. feeny to your cory.


    • Leandra Medine

      why didn’t I think of that, damnit.

  • missermaerma

    I’m surprised I haven’t run across that tip on Pinterest yet! I must not be trolling Pinterest long enough. I also know of a similar trick: spray Static Guard on your comb or brush and then brush your hair, it should help too.

  • Wow that’s a pretty awesome trick. I gotta try this when my baby hair frizzes up. 😛

  • Magda McCann

    alternative: dip your comb in some vinegar brush through (no nasty chemicals needed)

    • Leandra Medine

      Wait does this really work?

      • Magda McCann

        I have not tested it on “a head of slightly kinky, short Jewish hair while the air is hot, bothered and moist” as my euro-american mutt (heavy on the Irish Catholic decent) hair is (almost pathetically so) ‘poker straight’. If you decide to experiment, please do report back. Lots of people have an eau de vinegar dislike but the aroma does dissipate as it evaporates.

      • Magda McCann

        alternative alternative: (as commented on by Leslie) find a less toxic alternative

  • Leslie

    I can’t believe you are JUST NOW learning about this. I highly recommend using the chemical free versions of dryer sheets you can get at Whole Foods so you don’t breath in bounce all day which is very toxic (gives me a headache!). They work just as well!

  • The Provoker

    I love how stylists and all the genius that work on shoots have picked up lil’ tricks here n’ there, and I believe rather than listening closely to whether the gods were ROFLing, I’d listen closely to those tips that fly innocently between mindless banters of the real gods that make me physical look puuuurty and smell like fresh linens.

    xx The Provoker

  • I do this trick in the winter when my hair is super staticy!

  • Didi Ramirez

    Yes. I need this to tame my mane in this jungle like humidity of South Texas! Come on… we all secretly want to smell like artificial fresh laundry.

  • Amatoria Clothing

    “Is this how Kate Middleton felt when Prince William proposed?”… this kills me.

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Precious trick of the trade! Wish I knew this when I was eleven and my hair turned into a birds nest!!

  • lizzz

    After watching an episode of “Strange Addiction” with a woman who ATE dryer sheets, I could never put dryer sheets near my face.