You Got It, Dude

From Bob Saget to Anna Wintour: A journey to the 27th year as scripted by the Olsen twins


What a perfect storm.

Today is not only the 24th Thursday of 2013 as mandated by the Gregorian calendar, nor is it just Throwback Thursday as mandated by Instagram. It’s not even really just a rainy-ass June 13th. It is also (and irrefutably most importantly,) the 27th birthday of a certain television-cum-fashion duo, originally well versed in the fictional family matters of a three sister tree but currently far better articulated when considering a more fashion-oriented sphere, where caftans rule and “Bob” is just a haircut–no Saget included.

Indeed, folks. The Gemini twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 27 today. In thinking about how to celebrate the centenary of their births, our (Charlotte is an Olsen enthusiast) cogitations could have taken us in several directions. Maybe we’d put together a list of twenty seven reasons we’re positive our lives will never be like a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie. Reason #1, of course, would have been because really attractive, twenty-something men playing the role of teenagers rarely approach us, whisk us away on Vespas and cue closing credits. Another one could have been, we likely wouldn’t doubt Megan Fox’s theatrical performance in Holiday in The Sun–if she says she wants Jordan, give her Jordan, dammit. Maybe too, another list could have chronicled all the questions we’d have asked John Stamos if he was our uncle Jesse. (See: if every would you said, could make me laugh, would you talk forever?)

Or perhaps we could have amassed some of the more valuable wisdom Michelle Tanner bequeathed us, (we also, however, fear, that wisdom may have stopped after, “you got it, dude!”). And it seems like acknowledging their brief stint at NYU in any large capacity would have likely garnered similar results.

Which is why in considering the circumstances and caveats of their professional pursuits–down to that partnership with Walmart, their guest appearing on an episode of 7th Heaven, working on Stylemint, Elizabeth and James and, of course, The Row, we knew that digging into the photographic archives (and selecting 27 frozen memories for every year) was a most efficient way to monumentalize this indubitable jubilation.

Frankly, we’re pretty excited about it. Collecting photos from their virtual family album (see: Google–do you think that seashell a landline?) accumulating them and finally watching the progression of their careers (made painfully evident care of their changing fashion taste) condensed into one slideshow has been the silver lining on this terribly gloom, June Thursday. Sit back, kick up your feet, indulge in the glory, and get involved, folks!

Favorite Olsen moments, go.

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