Rosie Assoulin

One last (this time, I promise) look at resort and a brand new designer that will change the way we wear clothes.




It is rare that a new designer debuting her first ever collection could breathe such fresh air into the lungs of fashion–but it’s possible. My one disclaimer here is that the new designer in question, Rosie Assoulin, is also one of my friends–and to know Rosie is to know these clothes.

I wrote that–“to know Rosie is to know these clothes”–approximately thirteen times before deleting it (you don’t necessarily know Rosie and that makes this pompously esoteric), rewriting it (but there’s a chicken or egg bit manifesting here–to know the clothes, too, is to know Rosie, and now you know the clothes), and ultimately settling on leaving it there.

Why? Because in matters of the clothes, we are all Rosie’s girl–and if she’s evolving, she’s allowing us to evolve with her, which informs our respective relationships in a highly unique way.

This collection maintains the million dollar, majestic ability to let fashion let us assume different identities (you may be lobbying for Hillary Clinton in a red pantsuit tomorrow morning but unleashing your untapped predilection for enormous green bows in the form of evening dress tomorrow night) without forcibly bequeathing us any specific regulations. Rosie Assoulin speaks to a woman who understands fashion from the deepest trenches of her veiled-by-faille guts, who wants to look good without shouting it and perhaps most importantly, who knows who she is–which, mind you, may still be TBD.

And so the clothes certainly don’t try to prove anything because they just want to be what they are–an untrammeled nod to subsisting among the banalities of the day to day in the only thing that makes them liveable: really, really, good garments. Which, before anything, is precisely what these are.

Cotton, twill, silk, even terry cloth permeate this collection. Think about that for a moment–and about how highly functional, useful, even near-impossible to avoid those fabrics can be. But are they, in their previous iterations, chopped into pencil skirts with corresponding crop tops and dramatic, gown length cropped blouses fit for a wedding but perfectly suitable for a summer night’s barbecue? I don’t think so. Rosie makes clothes that transcend the test of fashion and trendiness but maintain that modern boyish allure (see: the recreated white Jncos) and feminine mystique (see: dramatic, off-shoulder sleeves, Betty Friedan) which makes it refreshing to see a new designer get it so quickly.

Rosie Assoulin is clean, irrefutably beautiful and simultaneously distinct. And see, that marriage–beauty and distinction–may be the precise special sauce that differentiates the creativity of someone like, say, Raf Simons or the aforementioned from the rest of us. Did I just take it too far? Frankly, these are precisely the clothes make me feel like it would have been selfish had the designer not shared them with the world…but maybe that’s just me.

Your turn now, camp of critics–I am dying to hear what you think.

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  • Nico

    Wow, this is really a great collection, so chic and classic!

  • Ms. Monday

    That cross-top-flap-your-wings piece is a winner. WinneRRRR. Well done, Ms. Assoulin.

  • NHazard

    That look #13 is gorgeous, new and classic packed in one.

  • monkeyshines

    amazing structured pieces!


  • The main feeling I get when looking at this collection is that the pieces look comfortable. It’s such an important, and often over looked, point when deciding on what to buy and ultimately wear. Am I comfortable? I tell my clients time and time again if you’re pulling at your clothes, they don’t fit properly and you look uncomfortable it’ll show. The girl who wears these clothes looks like she could dance, give a speech, spend a day at work, go to the cinema, pop to a party and then maybe end up on a rooftop somewhere watching the sunrise all in one outfit looking and feeling fabulous. A definite winner in my eyes.

  • Oh this collection is just incredible, I would love to own one of these dresses!

  • CDJ

    Kind of looks like a “clothing Olympics” parade. Every piece reminds me of a different countries flag with the way they all flow together. I would give them all the gold for sure.

  • kiki714

    wow. it has a young, modern Carolina Herrera inspired feel. LOVE it.

    • sarah

      oh i just said that! but you already had. amazeballs. 🙂

  • Alice

    woah, I’m impressed! She seems to convey the image of the woman we all want to be: no-nonsense elegance with a twist. The proportions are also great: the longer the legs, the smaller the waist, the better. I love brands like Celine, however, don’t we just love them on models? I don’t see myself (a mere 5’2″) wearing wide pants with birckenstocks… Sometimes we small girls are forgotten. This collection definitely refutes the latter.

  • Okay, what you said about Rosie and her clothes being one is completely true. So, my only real knowledge of Rosie comes from the handful of instgram pictures you post, along with a Vine or two, and some photos of you two on street-style blogs. That being said, I’ve still been able to enjoy her personal style, which seems to made up of high-quality,structured basics that are worn in a very relaxed way. When I saw the first images of her collection — also from your instagram — I said out loud “This collection is SO Rosie!!” While my visual of her style is limited, all the pieces looked exactly like something she would wear or does wear. The pieces look like they are of high quality, the white collared shirts are popped as I believe I’ve seen on her, the pants are wide-leg, structured, but have said penchant for remaning cool as a cucumber, and casual if wanted.

    I think what we can gather from these pieces is that she cares about her woman. Which, for the most part, most designers do. But I think that her care goes beyond, especially due to the fact that her clothes breathe her personal style. By creating clothes that reflect herself (actually, ARE herself), she will strike such a chord of genuine respect in all of us. Plus, in an interview once, you cited her as one of your favorite Man Repellers (alongside your mama), so I’m sure none of us will have any trouble falling in a deep, deep love with the clothes above. I know I already have, and I just wanted to say: Nice to meet ya, Rosie!
    Best regards,
    Fan Emma

  • I’m not usually one for new designers, but I love these looks. It’s not anything I haven’t seen before (I mean, red pantsuits aren’t exactly groundbreaking), but the attention to detail, quality construction, and nice fabric makes them seem just more…amazing. It’s all stuff I would totally wear, and is just ever so slightly elevated that it looks better than the classic looks that use some of these cuts/styles.

    I’m digging this, and glad to see fashion is getting back to simple, well-made clothes without so many bells and whistles.

  • Aubrey Green

    I want and would wear all of them, if that’s not telling enough… Congratulations to your friend.

  • Reptilia

    AMAZING pieces!! great collection!


  • zoe_whip

    Love it — beautiful, timeless, classic.

  • Such beautiful work. Really amazed.

    That white top needs to get on my bod.

  • I love the group of strapless dresses. She folds the fabric like origami but also embraces the drape. Gorgeous.

  • Kathy Polo

    Wow, what great pieces. Very bold and captivating. Great way to jump into the summer season and look chic!!

  • Royal Wang

    this collection reminds me of celine and balenciaga

    you are a nice friend to her.

  • Ching Yi Chang

    Couldn’t agree more! Refreshingly stunning indeed!

  • Donald

    The structure of the clothing is amazing. For her first collection this is wonderful, I see a bright future ahead of her in fashion.

  • Jennifer

    I am in love with every piece! This is exactly how I wish I dressed. xoxo JJ

  • Hudson Berry

    Rosie’s clothes embody the woman I want to be right now, and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be just as fresh and classic when I’m ten or even thirty years older. They are transformative yet grounded. Her style reminds me of an accessible Holly Golightly. Go Rosie!

  • Hannah

    I am in love.

  • Donna

    I love that the cloths are tough and also feminin. The draping is amazing. She really understands fabric. Very modern.

  • marinacasapu

    That pink long skirt is something!Amazing look. You’ve got great style.

    Much Love,



    Tezory Jewelry

  • Daria

    Incredible collection. How refreshing.

  • This collection is beautiful! So chic. 🙂
    xoxo Aimee

  • Christina Giannone
  • slides 5,7,8,9,10,11,13,16.. everything goodness. Could we be introduced because I feel like these are outfits from my dreams come to life. I want to wear. Congratulations to your friend Rosie Assoulin, I am sure this is just the beginning! How exciting!

  • diane

    Very nice line; is it resort and what will the price point be?

  • The last look is something I want to wear right now!!

  • arin antoine

    All of this is absolute art. Particularly, looks #10, 13,14…. I NEEEEED. Hook me up, @manrepeller

  • Guest

    Does anyone else have a problem with never being able to see the full image on their browser? I can never see the whole thing.

    • Leandra Medine

      Hi! Can you walk me through what you mean?

  • gail.

    As someone who actually rocked white (among other colors handed down from big bro) JNCO jeans in Jr. High, I wish I’d know how chic they could’ve been.

  • sarah

    feels like a 30 year old carolina herrera to me…..yes?

  • Dominica

    love everything I see ; congrats to Rosie ..

  • sf.mama

    If you’re over a size 4, you’ll look like a house in these oversized clothes. No thx.

  • jas

    i love the oversized silhouettes. this has your name all over the collection

    abandon blog

  • Katti

    I LOVE every single piece – the way she plays with proportions, especially, is amazing. The simplicity yet boldness is captivating.

  • Anna

    Firstly, very much like your writings. Secondly, those dresses are beautiful, recalls to Christian Dior at 50s.

  • Holly-Bella

    love the structure and androgyny of it. Gorgeous colour palette too.

  • Stephanie

    #12, wow! I’d get married in that!

  • Paty

    Beautiful! I loved it!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Olivia

    I’m loving the clean lines and the confidence that these pieces inspire. They’re so unfussy but still completely considered. A breath of fresh air and the clothes I always hope to be wearing, three cheers for rosie.

  • Sharon Macklin

    Love these clothes! It’s apparent that they could be worn by different ages, sizes, in many variations and combinations, to many occasions. Well done!

  • Katerina

    What a collection! Those white drawstring pants are superb!! I wish I knew Rosie so that I can love this collection even more!! Congrats to her!!

  • Omar Abreu

    What a GREAT first collection. And I mean GREAT. Totally agree with what you said about Assoulin just getting it. But what I loved the most is being able to get such a wide variety of pieces, while making them all looked relaxed. Good to see some awesome, new, fresh designers!

  • Pretty awesome collection! I love the structure of it all! 🙂 My personal favorite is that origami looking white dress. 🙂

  • Evalution

    this collecting is beautiful. its so classic I’m almost surprised it hasn’t been imagined before but that might be what makes it unique.. if that makes any sense.

  • Absolutely stunning shape and structure, the last skirt blew my mind. Simple and classic. Designer to watch.

  • Highland Fashionista

    Holy Cow. I covet each and every one of those pieces. Absolutely exquisite.

  • Pauline Lim


    xx pauline

  • Ai-Ch’ng

    Wow, wow! Super-chic, spare and unbelievably wearable by women of all ages. So different, so elegant, and very clean. I love the purity of the photographed images, and the models’ modesty. It’s true beauty.

  • lemkam

    The red suit in pic #6 is stunning. It’s looks sexy, professional, sophisticated, classic, elegant, and comfy, all at the same time. I’m coveting this look.

  • A.

    Bravo. These pieces are truly works of art. No pretension, no overwrought or superfluous details (no, extended shirttails and cape backs are not superfluous. They are what you need to be a warrior of life). Just beautiful. Like a Goya painting or something.

  • habitatus

    Aesthetically on point…BUT: world changing? I think that the proportions & historic references (early nicholas ghesquiere) and volume (early jil sander) have already been done and have become a part of the way we wear clothes now. What makes it seems fresh is the drama. But the drama is problematic…read the comments “these clothes are for the woman I wishI I could be” echoes among your readers. The reason why they are not actually these women: most of this line is pretty much unwearable. (and to paraphrase cathy horyn…if it is unwearable it is irrelevant). And one of your commenters hit the nail on the head (but I’m paraphrasing her here): very few body types can pull of this kind of volume. So as a first collection: IT IS STUNNING. I can’t wait to see what she makes when she actually has to design clothes that sell in order to keep the label from going under. Don’t believe that? Just ask ghesquiere and sander.

  • Tina

    She is magnificent! Extremely talented! Congratulations!

  • The Trendstop Team

    Great choice of designer to focus on! Amazing sillhouettes with beautiful structures – an incredible first collection.

    The Trendstop Team

  • Nadine

    obsessed. where can we find her!?

  • Lit Crit

    Your prose? It’s a bit purple. The clothes, however, are lovely.