Out of House Slippers

Because it’s Wednesday morning and you might want to reconsider your footwear choice.


Was a phenomenon that included mesh, embroidered slippers a wildly popular fad to plague the girls of your high school, too? I had them in three colors–yellow, pink and red. They all featured sequined flowers on the toe and I’d only been able to find them at a small shop at the intersection of Chinatown and Nolita for exactly $7 a pair. Once they began ascending uptown, into higher brow shops at prices that clocked in at five times the initial dollar amount, I knew the thrill was almost over. They were kind of like a less expensive version of Isabel Marant sneakers before Isabel Marant sneakers became Fauxsabel Hahant sneakers.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sorry. Not because this might make less sense than it should but because evidently, you were deprived a uniqiue high school moment. One choc full of backless, closed toe pseudo-shoes that required a pedicure (they were essentially transparent) and sometimes socks (on days you knew the air conditioner might be on full blast).

If you do, however, catch my drift, guess what? They’re back.

Well, not exactly, but I’ve finally caught wind of the teetering-on-fancy girl’s answer to the pubescent secret sauce dreams were once made of in Oscar de la Renta’s hyper glorified house slippers. Never did I, for one, ever imagine that they could amount for the filling that would gap an outfit deficiency in 2013 but you know what? I’ll never wear ripped jeans (or cut-offs, for that matter) without them again.

The shoes and I had originally met because a close friend of mine showed up at lunch (not to be confused with the popular female sport, brunch) one Sunday afternoon wearing a pair in navy. She’d recently taken a job at The Row and it seamlessly clicked that if I ever wanted to become the third Olsen twin, the only way I’d be able to do that was by wearing a pair of expensive house slippers outdoors, so, lo and behold, here I am.

Cracked heels to the concrete.

Clearly, I don’t have the whole minimalist, The-Ring-meets-Rick-Owens-but-in-hues-of-cream inspired drapery thing down yet but like most things in fashion, I’m still a work in progress. But I digress–where do you stand on out of house slippers?

American Apparel denim shirt, Three Floor shorts, Steven Alan hat and Oscar de la Renta slippers. Photos by Naomi Shon

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  • Those Oscars are classics, me lady.

    • Leandra Medine

      Indeed! See: “I’ve finally caught wind of–“

  • Zee

    The Oscars are beautiful! But i have to say the blue mesh slippers brought a huge smile to my face!! I had 3 pairs pink, blue and black that i got in probably the same shop as you in chinatown in the summer of 2002 when i spent the summer babysitting 3 kids on the upper eastside, i’m from ireland and i wore those shoes to death, and it was probably one of the best summers of my life πŸ™‚ thanks for bringin back the memories xx

  • Jo Hind

    Great slippers πŸ™‚

  • Sofia

    Remember during the mesh slipper fad, when those cloth mary janes, also from chinatown, got popular? I found a flourescent orange pair in my closet a year ago, and they were…horrific.

    • Hahah I remember those too! I mean everybody had a pair of those! Even me the rebel who didn’t want everything everybody else had but they were cheap and pretty cool in the Demin color IMO.

  • We did not have this trend, but I am fully embracing it now! Any shoes that are easy to slip on and off rise to the top of my list.


  • Royalwang
  • sketch42

    I love the Oscars. I actually saw someone wearing the old school mesh version on madison avenue a few days ago. FOR REAL.

  • dd

    omgggg, I remember this trend. I used to buy mine from a 99 cent store in Queens. That’s no joke. I’m glad you resurrected them.

  • brunetteletters

    It would be nice to wear one of those to work haha..


  • Reptilia

    Your look is absolutely amazing!!
    Love the slippers!!



  • Lynn Lawless

    I totally had a pair of those redonkulous mesh slippers and rocked the shit out of them.

  • Guest

    I sort of feel like, been there done that.

  • tnh225

    I had them in purple but had to get them from Urban Outfitters in Texas! High school memories…

  • Guest

    I sort

  • HeartsofJune

    I sort of feel like, been there done that.

  • Sam

    where is that choker from!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ohh I’ve been wanting to order the AA denim shirt. How’s the sizing? I want the fit like yours.

  • At first I was a little apprehensive about all these backless shoes/sandals coming back, as I’m very much a sneaker person. But now, I can’t wait to purchase another pair of these. They remind me so much of the hundreds of hours I spent waking around San Francisco’s Chinatown, spending my pooled money from the tooth fairy on a healthy dose of the above shoes and sesame donuts.
    Your Oscar ones look dashing, especially with those shorts that I’ve been fawning over ever since your feature on the New Potato.

  • Ghazaleh Kermaani

    Hmm… I remember the trend but wasn’t exactly in high school πŸ™‚ The outfit looks great, but those Oscars are some serious man repelling…

  • Those slippers are so M-K/Ashley Olsen! Which is a compliment of course.

  • MaiLin

    I seem to remember wearing those slippers with matching gauchos. err gerrrd


  • jaclyn

    lol I remember those. I had them in pink, maybe purple too. On a different note: your shorts–> mind blowers!!!

    check my blog: http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  • Rose

    I’ve grown to wear oscars, but truth be told I rock the black china town version to this day…it never stopped after high school! Friends get a kick out of em, strangers get nostalgic and I don’t give a sequin that my footwear goes from $3-?…as uncle Karl once said “either go very cheap or very expensive, it’s middle ground that is fashion nowhere” TROOF

  • Amen to this. All of my shoes are slip on easy. Probably because I’m entirely too lazy to bend over and tie my shoe.

  • When I was a teen I thought this was a DC thing, after awhile it was known as “hood” and nobody else wanted to wear them the next year but I loved those little shoes to death.

  • That trend totally happened at my high school too and I wish I knew how it started. I can’t believe that we though those slippers were trendy haha. Looking back at them now they look so hideous, and I thought they were the hottest thing.


  • Sydney Malain

    Your Oscar ones are so cute! I feel like they are more modern then the mesh blue pair from the horrid high school years. Very chic outfit. I love the mustard yellow contrast from the red stripes in your shorts.

  • chezsasha.com

    Oh god. Yes, the slippers plagued both my middle and high school (not to mention intermittent camp) experiences. I owned like 5 pairs.The soles were so thin, it felt like walking on plain concrete, which really did a number on my flat feet. But hey, at least I stayed en vogue *hair flip*

  • heybabyhey

    I know you’re not asking about your shorts…but they are just so damn bad, I have to comment. They create gunt and look like a perma front wedgie is going on. Maybe you’re going for that awkwardness? Anyways they are really repellent.

    • keeks1225

      giving circus tent FUPA

  • maud.schellekens

    Great pics, you look great!

    XOXO Maud



  • haley

    I remember those mesh sequin flower slippers! I was in middle school when they were the thing–like everyone had them, and sock buns decorated with butterfly clips (the ones with wings that wiggled around). Oh, memories.

  • Selena Delgado

    I love these! I have a pair from the Bazaar in Istanbul (pointy upturned toe with a pom-pom) maybe now I’ll grow the balls to actually wear them.

  • Guest

    I had those babies!. The last time i wore those it was 2006. my 1 year anniversary. I had that exact color. I wore those suckers all over the streets of Rome for days. Too funny!

  • emilycmcmahon

    the sub- title of this post is such a homage to Girls and I love everything about that

  • haha totally remember them from high school!! Never had a pair myself but boy were they popular. Those and the little beaded bags that you can get at the flea markets. Are they really back? i probably will skip them this time around as well.


  • Emily

    Ahhh those mesh embroidered Chinatown slippers, how could I forget those?! Those ODLR slippers are gorgeous, you wear them perfectly! xx

    oh my gilded

  • I totally rocked those plastic mesh things. I trekked all over Santa Monica thinking I was the total shiz.


    Lovelyintage style short shorts. They would be even better if they sold them with a lovely pair of legs like yours, LOL .
    Beso guapa.

  • blanca

    i totally remember those slippers!! We wore them on Yom Kippor all thru middle school πŸ™‚

  • Those ‘laundry slippers’ made me a super nostalgic for early 2000’s fashion. Not so much in a, let me pick up a pair of $5 beaded shoes (or 10) but in a, I had completely forgotten we ever wore those kinda way. A friend of mine bought an extravagant pair for grad night, I think we’re talking around the $20 mark here, and somehow, getting on the yacht for our cruise one of them slipped off her foot and into the ocean. I’ll never forget the look on her pain ridden face as her slipper floated off into the sunset.

  • Haha I defs remember this! I actually thought it was only a trend in England! Must have had at least 3 pairs aswell, my fave was pink (duh).
    Love these Oscars x

  • Nico
  • Paty

    Love your blog!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Emily

    ah I do remember those shoes from high school! They were oh-so-trendy.

  • Marissa Joy

    I remember those, but I thought they were more a fab in elementary/middle school. Of course, you do a great job making them look completely relevant again!


  • Oh gosh I love the yellow slippers! Somehow reminds me of Vietnam and intricate beadwork.


  • Alex P

    Off to Elmhurst/Jacksonheights/ Flushing to see if I can find a pair of those Chinese slippers… are you proud or worried that you have inspired this?

    • Alex P

      Oh and,

      “Clearly, I don’t have the whole minimalist, The-Ring-meets-Rick-Owens-but-in-hues-of-cream inspired drapery thing down yet….”

      Same here!

  • lefukaka

    I remember all too well dragging my boyfriend to canal street from lawrence, in a desperate attempt at finding the black ones with black flowers on them. I couldn’t resist wearing them to haftr the next day where open toes were a no no…rebel. FYI canal doesn’t open until at least 10am on a Sunday. I know because we arrived at 8.

  • b_haun

    Those were popular when I was in high school , even in east Tennessee! I had a red pair I probably paid less than $10 for.

  • kristiina ^..^

    Yes, I we did have that trend in my high school, I thought it was just us! I went through several pairs before trend died down and we all decided to wear havianas.

  • Carrie

    A pair of those Chinatown slippers, in the exact green of my dress, saved my feet post-prom. Thanks for the memories.

  • They look so comfy

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports


  • Cherie Gisondi

    Used to love them until I nearly killed myself coming down the stairs. Not very supportive. Promptly threw them all away and never looked back.

  • QueenOfTheFlippyLittleBoys

    I definitely remember these from 7th grade. I’m also the reason why every girl in a district 14 school couldn’t wear them anymore because I played kickball in them. Blood. Hole in the toe of the slippers. Not a pretty sight.

  • K

    $2 a pair on Canal Street. Someone is not looking hard enough. $5-8 if you’re on eBay. Also, don’t like the bottoms – they look too tight.

  • houndstooth

    Yeah, but those Oscars are gorgeous. The mesh ones from memory are…. what’s a fancy way of saying hideous? (Past owner of 1 blue, 1 red and 1 grey here!)