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Because it’s Friday afternoon and your weekend look demands a slight dose of Katharine Hepburn


One thing I’ve noticed in my recent quest to get dressed through the duration of this hyper-hot week is that in spite of better judgement and plenty of suitable shorts, I want to wear pants. And not just any pants–I’m not talking jeans, or some culturally ambiguous linen blend that should be indigenous to the douche trucks of St. Tropez. I’m not even really talking a cigarette leg, or cropped variation–I am talking full fledged, crazy long, wrinkle-ad-nauseaum-when-I-even-just-squat silk trousers. Call it an homage to the late Katharine Hepburn or a testament to evolving style but something else I have noticed is that if they’re not of the white or cream variety, I’m not particularly interested.

In celebration (or commemoration) of that, here is a new round of If The Internets Were My Closet and a selection of clothes I’d totally wear all weekend–rain or shine, t-storms or hydrangeas for you to either gawk at or revel in. Because, really now, it’s Friday afternoon–what else can we possibly do if not assassinate the pages of our favorite shopping sites?

1. A good place to start is always with a nice white, cotton  t-shirt if not because you’ll find it more useful that you might think than certainly because sweat stains masquerade themselves as diminutive  inconspicuous “water marks.” T by Alexander Wang white crew neck, $100.

2. Ah, the pants in question. Let’s call these the first and most integral stroke of paint on an empty canvas. Whatever circumvents it will be interchangeable. Belstaff cream colored pants, $150.

3. Except, actually, this belt. Linea Pelle belt, $115.

4. In the event you’re spending the day walking (and find yourself hungry to emulate the most regal gigolo in your vicinity), I suggest a comfortable, rubber bottom loafer. Fendi, $240.

5. Once your day is over, I want to speculate you’d rather kill yourself than change out of the outfit because you like it so much which makes relying on a pair of green platform sandals to take into the sweet, tender night far more digestible. Charlotte Olympia, $472.50.

6. As established earlier this week, sunglasses are not just your best friend. They are your mother. Asos, $25.

7. For the previously noted evening portion of your look, how about a clear clutch? Make sure you’ve got a bevy of tampons (21st century pepper spray) at hand. Shourouk, $855.

8. For the early portion of your look, this Reed Krakoff shoulder bag, which is now on sale for $533.

9. Per the accoutrements: how about a question mark for your index finger to denote a sense of perpetual curiosity and a snake for your pinky finger because the year belong to the reptile in question and you want a piece of that. Both by Khai Khai Jewelry.

10. And for your other arm: Herve Van Der Straten cuff, $595. I’ll probably have to sit this one out though–I have a fairly straight-laced rule about only wearing things for which I can pronounce the designer’s name. So, where ma’ Jean-Charles de Castelbajac at?

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  • I kinda want all of it now. I’ve been in the mood for pants lately too, if only because my pasty legs just won’t quit being pasty!

  • Hudson Berry

    Love me some Kathy Hep, but daydreaming of the Charlotte Olympia’s with a breezy white minidress and the electric green Rag & Bone ss13 jacket slung over

  • Ru B

    I have been into pants too these days and it’s like hell-ish hot over here. Okay wow…


  • Those sunglasses! So great.


  • Anta Paleoyianni
  • I’m regards to dressing and most other things in life, Katherine Hepburn-ing is always a default mode of operation.

  • Anna

    love the pants!
    stylmodablog moda

  • edafiliz
  • Love me some Alex Wang tees! For comfortable shoes, I’ve also been eye-ing them Givenchy B&W slip-ons. Though these Fendi loafers are definitely a sweet deal.

  • Kathy Jacobsma

    Herve Van der Straeten? I find that much easier to pronounce than every French designer ever. But I also can’t speak French.

    Also, I heart your brother’s jewelry. So trendy and yet so classic.

  • OK, I think you’re good enough to be my personal shopper. Come over to France, we have a bedroom for you, and 4-year old twin girls and their mum to s

  • OK, I think you’re good enough to be my personal shopper. Come over to France, we have a room for you, and 3 clients: 4-year old twin girls and their mum. Deal?

  • Ah, now i need to buy all of these things for summer! Life is so hard these days.
    The loafers are a hit, though.

  • Ye Jades

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  • marinacasapu

    I am craving that shourouk bag too!

    Please take a minute and check out my latest post.

    Much Love,



    Tezory Jewelry

  • I seriously love Charlotte Olympia but wish those terrible platforms would disappear.

  • Lauren at adorn la femme

    The sunnies are the best value I’ve ever seen~ yes, you can def look really chic on a budget!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Hayfa

    Oh that R.K bag is just gorgeous!


  • Also a Katharine

    Katharine with an “a”.

    • Leandra Medine


  • Monica

    I have this Reed Krakoff bag in pink! Love! The Fall collection is amazing!

  • mery

    Love this list

  • watchthis sale

    every man should look that stylish xx

  • I’ve been wanting some wide legged trousers made of thin material for the summer!! This heat is killing me and I just want to feel like I’m barely wearing anything if I must wear something. 😛

  • Silvia

    Sunglasses are spectacular! Fabulous!!
    Visit my blog 🙂 I hope you like

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    I love shourouk things and that rings are amazing too!!!


    New post in the blog. ✄ BLACK CUT DRESS ✄

  • Glad to visit your blog. Thanks for this great post that you
    share to us

  • Rachel

    I’ll take it all

  • Kate Mullin

    Katharine Hepburn with an a not an e

  • A white t-shirt and silk pants sounds just right for now, love this!