Five Summer Dresses

That you don’t necessarily need right now, but might want to consider anyway


It’s getting hot and while I can’t speak for you, I can say with conviction on my own behalf that the moment temperatures rise above the 80-degree-Fahrenheit mark, I lose all sense of looking cool in favor of, you know, cooling off. And cooling off is a hard sentiment to execute when you’re consumed with the trivialities of pairing the proper skirt with the proper blouse, under the proper vest–made cooler by the proper bracelets, socks, sandals and so forth. So what’s a girl, stricken by the plague of fashion’s banalities to do? Settle on a dress, duh. But not just any dress–there’s a science circumventing how to function practically while still maintaining that whim of decadence so below you’ll find five different silhouettes hand-picked for you, by me, which is either awesome or terrible.

I won’t tell you that in order to accomplish the looks you need the precise dresses as shown above–no, no–this is far more about understanding what will help you maintain your cool without compromising your, erm, cool.

Just punch me in the face now. Go ahead. Do it.

Look 1: A cotton, long sleeve mini dress is gr8-with-an-8 in light of several circumstances: while wearing calf length wicker booties for example, but also with plain old white sneakers or a pair of flat booties. This one is by Isabel Marant and you don’t have to wear a choker but I still think you should. (Booties by Sergio Rossi, necklace by Pamela Love).

Look 2: And this is an important one. Is anyone else beginning to feel insatiably hungry for mid length skirts and dresses? I’m not sure how much clearer a nod to 90s paraphernalia I could possible make (Spaghetti strap? Check. 3/4 length? Check. Floral print? Check. Plaid? Check. Back slip? Check again) but frankly, I don’t want it to end. Furthermore, nothing else seems quite as right, fresh, or now. (Dries van Noten dress, Isabel Marant heels)

Look 3: The layer of tulle permeating the inside of this pale blue, off the shoulder party dress leads me to believe it was likely designed for prom or some blazon of event in that vein which is also precisely why I would only ever wear it with beaten up sneakers and sunglasses–even in doors or at night. This particular guy is from Topshop but the gamut of big-little dresses made for parties, waiting to be used at supermarkets is extensive and all around you. All. Around. You. (Sneakers by Golden Goose, sunglasses by Ralph Lauren).

Look 4: It’s not a summer dress round-up without one of the white variety, is it? This PJK number is something of a chameleon–pair it with high tops and look cool. Layer it with a leather jacket and look cooler. Try a panama hat, enormous necklace, and gladiator sandals that hit you just below the knee and pretend you’re back at Coachella, but only for a couple of hours before meeting your step dad, Indiana Jones, at his friend, Caesar’s abode.

Look 5: Here is the seemingly casual, bathroom wallpaper print dress featuring fun caveats like a cut-out back, skater skirt and floppy sleeves. I know it’s not entirely convenient to suggest pairing this particular dress with a suede fringe jacket but when all is said and done, I suppose beating heat, practicality and making sense aren’t really my bag. Also, seashells. (Dress by The Reformation, jacket by Isabel Marant, sandals by Charlotte Olympia).

Photos by Naomi Shon and the backdrop bike does not come included. So, what do you think?

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  • this confuses my urges to be you,
    because I can’t decide which you I want to be.

    look #1 makes me hate myself for ever having worn anything else.

    • Leandra Medine

      I am pretty sure we just met at the intersection of existentialist and fahshunz.

  • Irene Laura

    love the first and fourth 🙂

  • i wish my body was made for some of these dresses. I’m looking down at my 44H’s and sulking…I want to wear cute dresses! I love all of the shoes, and #4 is my favorite outfit!!

  • Nora

    thats the kind of post i was subconsciously waiting for, love it, thanks!

  • Miss Kutsu

    The short blue one is so pretty, it is my favourite! And I love it even more with sneakers!

  • jules

    where is the bike from?

    • Briana


  • Robin Avidor

    Look 4 – all u need are those glads!!!! love the look.

  • I LOVE THIS POST. So many good dresses, and there’s no other option than to want them now. I feel like I’d be cheating, though, if I chose a favorite. However, I will leave a note on the Dries. Lately I’ve going back into my mom’s closet way more – something I had vowed never to do – to find all her goodies from the 90s. So many simple, calf-length dresses were to be found, and all they needed was a little shirt around the waist and a heavy-duty sneaker, be it an air max or original saucony jazz. I’m just becoming one of my parents, right?

    • P.S. How great is short hair for off-the-shoulder things? Rocking that in look 3.

  • Hudson Berry

    Looks 1 and 5 are killing the game. Isabel Marant x Sergio Rossi = Prairie Dog x Honey Badger

    • Hudson Berry

      And it goes without saying that the Dries dress is fucking awesome

  • Maike

    it seems that none of them are comfortable… you are looking a bit sad/tired/stressed… no?

  • Love the Isabel Marant dress! Takes me back to late 60s in India when all the stylish women wore this kind of ‘tunic’ with tight leggings called ‘Chooridar’ and a flowing ‘dupatta’ (scarf) around their necks!

    PS. I wish they came with this bike for it is such an adorable one!!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!


    Style-Delights Blog

  • bloomaglow

    My favorite is the third ‘guy’. So cute and fun!

  • Natali

    1st and 4th dresses are my absolute favourites!

  • Francesca Keller

    Great post! I love these looks, specially the Isabel Marant dress! it’s so gorgeous on you!

    I adore your blog!
    Always a reader,

  • I just love the Dries Van Noten, it looks perfect with the Isabel Marant heels.

  • Berty Morales

    I love every single dress and adoring the shoes as well.

  • #1 is my fave – love it -

  • Me Gusta o No Me Gusta

    I love the 4th look.
    Its so nice the shape it has on the shoulders.
    A little bit romantic, but cool and stylish, and I surely would wear it for a summer party.


  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Katie

    I love that little blue topshop dress- I would wear it with shorts those as kind of a Dior moment though…

  • I love the first one and the last two!

  • grace kane

    #5 is a true Seattle look. One never knows what the weather will turn into next.

  • gaylezc

    Love this look especially the gold choker. You look awesome!

  • royal wang

    I do like that Dries van Noten dress,i am so into some outfit which has at least two kinds of prints or different fabrics put together,like a patchwork,and at this point i think Dries wan Noten and Phillip Lim is the bywords.By the way i enjoy your post and images like always you never let me down.Thank you so much,hope you can subscribe my website if have time and if i am lucky maybe i can get some advice from you,whatever have a nice day,love you.

  • Nica

    The Isabel Marant (look 1) is the best one I think … the Dries van Noten .. not sure. At first sight it looks mumsy ; thank God you gave us a look at the backside. This shows why we love DvN so much. Love the Isabel Marant shoes too !!

  • monkeyshines
  • maud.schellekens

    Great pics!

    XOXO Maud


  • Oliver Lips

    I really like all 5 looks, but no. 3 is my favorite! 🙂

  • Connie McKendrick

    Love the choker!!! What a lovely bike! My favourite form of exercise when the sun is out then relaxing in a beer garden.

  • Katerina

    Great, great, GREAT! Love the picks!!! That 1st dress is beyond perfect, and number 4? I need it in my closet…stat. Thanks for making me have the need to go shopping…again

  • Elena Vasilieva

    oh, i’m really feeling this little blue number right now. awesome on you and just perfect overall

  • elle K


  • Somebody from Somewhere

    the boots in the first looks are so gorgeous!

  • Paty

    I loved it!

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • love the gladiator sandals in look 4!

  • Now that I know summer dresses to put on my body, I need summer dresses to put on my bikes body too! #bikesjustwannahavefun

  • brunetteletters

    Isabel #1 is my favorite…

    Outfit Post
    Brunette Letters Blog

  • c.

    love the fringes and floral

    • c.

      ps please speak at Teen Vogue Fashion University this year

  • Aubrey Green

    You’re amazing. That’s all.

    p.s. – I am jealous of you (and your legs – damn girl) –

  • Anna Black
  • I love look #1, but yeah…look #2 totally tickles my 90s nostalgia button! I almost gasped when I saw it had plaid on the back! It’s like wearing layers without actually having to WEAR layers!

  • I love the first and last look!! The choker definitely gives an awesome touch to the dress and those mid calf heels are gorgeous!!!

    I’ve been eyeing that reformation dress and it looks great on you. Although I must say for some reason it looks even better with that heavy fringe jacket and those adoraaaable pumps!


    Absolutely loooove the looks!Especially the first one!I always feel you’re inside my head!!!

  • ASULikeIt

    I love the second look. Dress #2 looks like you ignored the “Caution: wet flannel” on a bench and gave no fucks about it. I need more dresses like that.

  • Aliké Boggan

    I think we need to discuss the neck wear…”we” meaning you…very blog entry worthy. I’ll check back!

    Thanks and gracias

  • salma

    Who is the maker of your bike?? xx

  • Saša Rakovec
  • Jessica Penny

    All five of these dresses are gorgeous, but I particularly love the second one. So. Damn. Cool. And the shoes in the first photo are divine!!

  • Avice

    I literally love those dresses! Awesome post! Can you check out my new blog? I’d love it if you would leave comments too!

  • ines

    Love look 3, it is perfect!! But i can’t find it in topshop :(((

  • andrea encalada

    Look #1 is everything.. I want to wear it everyday for the rest of my life.
    And you, you look pretty-fkn-amazing.

  • Andrew

    Screw practicality. Long live suede fringe jackets in summer.

  • rhodawong
  • the coattail effect

    btw the flasher stance pleases me. well done

  • jaclyn

    every single dress is a dream come true! But the isabel and the topshop my mouth is still open at the thought of these dresses!!

    check my blog:

  • Love look 1 & 3. Awesome

  • Gabi

    #1 makes me want to cry tears of joy. #4 makes me want to party til i die in a blaze of summery glory.

  • instant love numero uno e cinque!
    instant delivery??

  • isaobeso

    I soo agree with you on that second look and the whole going nineties is so now. I want so many mid calf dresses right now!

    visit me at

  • Briana

    Me loves the CriticalCycles bike!

  • Chic Trends

    Your neck. Your neck always has something that we want to see. Love how you accessorize it.


  • Violet

    Just cant stand how these outfits make me feel… I think the poses are what is doing it for me but i know want to recreate them


  • Violet

    why cant i delete these things… i keep making grammer mistakes and i some how feel you are judging me Leandrea!

  • sasha

    I love how you play dressup inside your house. Makes me wanna

    host a tea party inside my closet and live there forever. Except my clothes

    suck compared to yours. Sigh. I pray that one day I will have your closet. ONE DAY.

    for now, here’s mine:

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    love the 3rd dress! it’s my favorite!

  • sgveronica

    i dig this post so much. sum’inspiring. grazie.

  • TeuntjeVDW

    You’re so fab!!! xx.

  • MDOT

    ME LIKEY! No. 3 and 1 are my faves.

  • Patricia

    3, 4, and 5 are my favorites. Also, I want to raid your shoe closet! All your selections are wonderful.

  • Allegra

    Where is your moon shaped necklace from?

    • Leandra Medine

      My mom makes em! Company is called Mark Henry (not to be confused with the wrestler)

  • Great dresses

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports

  • Jeanie

    The 1st and the last 2 are way gorge!

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