Because It’s Hot

And maybe you don’t know what to wear.


Dressing for extreme heat is tricky–especially if you identify yourself among fashion’s “initiated.” Which, you know, would effectively grant you the ability to almost completely eschew the prospect of plain, old, simple tops (tanks) and shorts (little ones)–nose up and all–in favor of some resplendence. Frankly, when I think heat and the way in which it should be addressed, I get slightly uncomfortable with where my mind takes me–see: 1993, where ribbed tank tops of either the Hanes or Sugar Lips variety reign alongside low-cut, short shorts that could have been pants in another, more elongated life but function more prevalently as ass hugging sex catalysts in their current iteration.

It’s gross, really.

And this is where the antidote comes in. When it’s too hot for layers, and dressing “practically” just won’t cut it–a combination of prints will be the coffee to your morning, the Benadryl to your bee-string, the Imodium to your diarrhea.

In today’s edition of Maybe You Don’t Know What to Wear, I suggest pairing two different prints, set on the same color (in this instance, white) and a pair of your favorite sneakers/weirdest sandals. I am particularly keen on these Ancient Greek Sandals x Marios Schwab critters because a. they look like critters (albino cockroaches to be exact), b. they look like hula skirts, c. they look like mini tiki shops and d. they look like albino cockroaches wearing hula skirts inside mini tiki shops.

The t-shirt (by Soulland) is lightweight, awesome and made for men but probably more often worn by women because Babar and his big boy toys are stationed all over it and if there’s one thing that makes a woman’s loins feel steamy, it has got to be a French elephant who boasts a red convertible sports car. The skirt is 3.1 Phillip Lim and slide #4 is foreshadowing a new band I am starting called Smiley Cyrus. We’re interpretative musicians who don’t actually perform–just smile and sometimes send nude selfies. So, that’s that.

How are you combating this heat?

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  • monkeyshines
  • Carelia

    Awesome suggestion!!! I luv mixing patterns so this outfit is right on my alley. I am personally bringing back my old denim goods and working on giving them a new fresh start.

  • Me Gusta o No Me Gusta

    OMG that tshirt its lovely

    childohood prints – thats how I call them – are so cute



    I am all for crazy print pairingg.
    It is really hot in the south of Spain.
    Besos guapa.

  • Jennifer

    Loving that skirt!

    xo Jennifer

  • What a great skirt! For me, combatting the heat (in Texas) means staying indoors as much as possible. High of 105 todayโ€“it’s even too hot for the pool!


  • Alice

    prints prints prints and cotton (preferably organic). A white cotton summer dress also makes the cut in 90+ weather – with gladiator sandals

  • alex

    Babar is frenchman! but i agree about son รฉlรฉgance et son charme!

    • Leandra Medine

      shit stains–you are so very right. amended.

  • thumbs up button?
    i think you should create an html code for that!!

  • rhiannon
  • Isa

    I love the critter sandals! For combating heat, I generally go with a wear-as-little-as-possible philosophy… although honestly, it’s not the heat that gets me. It’s the humidity.

  • Monica

    Story of my life ๐Ÿ™ live in a country where it’s permanently 30 degree Celsius AND humid so you not only can’t layer, you get pretty sweat stains !

  • lovin the graffiti in the background!

  • I’m still recovering from a poison oak outbreak, so I have to beat the heat by sitting in the AC and popping lots of allergy meds until I stop itching so damn much. But when I do have to go out, I’m trying to keep things simple, but VERY colorful. Mixing prints also seems to distract people from looking at the horrible rash I have on both arms. Anything to distract the eye!

  • Frida Regeheim

    This is awesome. And for the record, I would so buy tickets to go see Smiley Cyrus.

  • Magda McCann

    You had me at Babar!

  • GlitterNinja

    Short, sleeveless cotton dress + nike pro neon shorts underneath. Bright bright lipstick, braided hair, and a sparkly chunky necklace.

  • Ginger

    I have has equally as difficult of a time dressing for this “Cruel, COOL Summer” we have been experiencing in NYC… check out how denim shirts have come to my rescue on my blog post here:


  • mdabernardes

    You are the only person in the world that can pull of these sandals without looking ridiculous… How????

  • Stylegodis

    Loving this!!!


  • You’re awesome. Love the tee

  • This post has come just in time, since I’ve been struggling with what to pack as I embark to the east coast next week. Despite my going for the past 17 years to New York in the summer, I still can never decide what to pack to balance my “initiated” outlook vs. a less sweaty option. The above sampling of a print on common ground makes a lot of sense. And for footwear, given that the city streets are so dirty — explained by The Rat in the Hat — would you actually where the (awesome) above shoes around should the weather not be forgiving enough for, say the Golden Goose sneaks, or do you make exceptions for such stunning sandals and non-house, house slippers? That was a long sentence. Sorry.

  • Just the usual route, shorts and tanks. ๐Ÿ˜€ might have to give this one a try when I’m feeling funky and brave.

  • linda_famularcano

    Fabulous instructions for an outfit! I’ve been wanting to try print on print for a while but have yet to actually do so… I love these prints. You really know how to make a hot day incredibly chic xx

    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SOCIAL_la

    Awesome look! Love the 2 prints together, although the shoes I might just have to agree with your grandma ๐Ÿ˜‰ And me too, during the summer its hard to stay away from basics (mine are denim shorts and t-shirts).

  • rhodawong

    great advice! im wearing super simple shorts and a loose black tank with killer heels!

  • Love these two prints together with those sandals!

  • Jamie

    I love these prints, they are so fun!



  • thechicndamned

    Phillip Lim has the chicest floral prints this season. I’ve been eyeing that skirt but have been trying to resist this purchase…especially seeing as its winter in Australia at the moment. But preparation is the key to success right?

    x karen

  • s

    haha id support your new band… just saying

    ps love the mixing of prints! so cute


  • Maike

    argh… the sandals are… mh…. not hot…. sorry!
    but the rest I like very muchoooo ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great combination

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports

  • tallywacker

    something about your face that annoys me

    • Leandra Medine


      • tallywacker

        I said, “something about your face annoys me”.

  • Love the prints, but not so sure about the sandals!

  • MDOT

    Prints are super fine together but I’m not a fan of those sandals.

  • Ola

    Love that prints together !

  • Ines De Cock

    Looks stunning! Perfect for a hot day

  • Nicoletta

    Nice Bracelet! Elsa Peretti?

  • Priscila

    Nice pics!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    My Showroom

  • Kate Co

    I bought a multi blue print silk slip dress that is perfect for the heat… lets the breeze pass right between my legs which is a godsend.

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Xen Melnikov

    so fresh and the hay fringe ohhhh

  • love this look but everyone knows that behind every great elephant man there’s a great elephant woman. celeste needs love too.


  • The sandals will surely repel a couple of man. Nonetheless, the print-clashing looks awesome.

  • jaclyn

    honestly that’s the best advice i’ve heard in like weeks! But best fashion advice I heard by far, for summer fashion! SO like tanks are totally out in your book- or just kinda???

    check my blog:

  • maud.schellekens
  • alicake

    Dude, sweet outfit. Love the sandals and the prints go surprisingly well together. But I can’t decide if I’m glad or sad that it’s bitch-ass freezing in Paris. Dressing for hot, sticky weather is quite a bummer but then again, so is wearing a coat when it’s almost July.

  • sasha

    Leandra, you’re a genious. Hope you know that already.

    You are my sole inspiration for every outfit I pick out.

  • Georgina

    Leandra I think you are addicted to the word iteration. I think it is time to go cold turkey…

    • Leandra Medine

      No. Way. Nevor.

  • Paola

    this is one of my favourites for sure! and I love those shoes, how I wish I had them too

    • Paola

      AHAHAHAHA I loved the joke about Smiley/Miley

  • Alba B.

    How much of Pocahontas dressed up on cartoon Pattern, projected in a fantastical reality such as New York, is your today’s outfit Leandra?!!!
    I think entirely, from head to toe!!!!
    Good alternative…..

  • Inbal R

    that top reminds me of children’s pajamas. love it anyway.

  • Jenelle Witty

    Totally in love with the Babar shirt, sad they have sold out, but thank you for the introduction to Soulland, what a great brand. I am envying your summer dressing, it is far too cold here in Australia. Living vicariously through you in sandals! x Jenelle

  • Fernanda Martinez

    You know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of when Michelle Pfeiffer had to use her little boys dinosaur T-shirt in One Fine Day.

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    Nice dress…like it….

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  • Alexinwonderland

    My birthday suit is the only option here in London at the moment!!!