Beach in The East

Collaboration nation continues to reign and we are not complaining


While we’re on the topic of collaborations that make us go, “weee!,” Yasmin Sewell and Paper-Mache Tiger bring you Beach in The East.

For the uninitiated, trust me, you are initiated. Flip through any street style slideshow documenting the four major fashion weeks and rest assured that you will find Lady Sewell at the helm of the entire photo-snapping-pack, fusing her boyish style with a unique brand of unassuming femininity. Paper-Mache Tiger is her husband’s London-based showroom so this is a darling, homegrown operation, featuring a pop-up shop in the U.K.–and being sold exclusively online at–choc full of collaborative sartorial gems between the style star and a heavy deluge of the brands inspiring her current mood which reflects Californian nostalgia. (The idea sprouted while she found herself combating London gloom the only way she knew how: by allowing herself to get caught in the black hole of American ’60s cinematography.)

Think skateboards, surf boards, graffiti, (Slim Aarons) and try to imagine the corresponding clothes.

Naturally, there is a lot denim (cue my shorts, cue the dungarees) care of Bassike, House of Holland, Rollas, and Frederick Maxwell Kingaree. If nothing else, the pop-up will function as a deeply important lesson in designers-to-know. The price-point seems fair–nothing clocks in above 200 GBP–and I’d even go so far as to say, these are precisely the clothes you should want to wear now, if not because they rather successfully mimic Sewell’s own marriage of the aforementioned unassuming femininity with that boyishness than certainly because they holster the power to transcend this season and excite you all the same next year. After all, these clothes are helping us buy into a lifestyle emblematic of youth, wilderness and freedom.

Take a look at the Pop-Up for yourself right here or stick around a while and get lost in the details of our personal favorite pieces, formatted in the slideshow above and ticketed below.

Frederick Maxwell Kingery dungarees, $294

Peridot London cropped bow detail blouse, $214

Richie Culver x Cecile Copy & Paste t-shirt, $232

Thomas Tait ‘Crazies’ sunglasses, $237

Ancient Greek Sandals lace up sandals, $154

8nNGAr on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Me, personally, I’m wearing a Cecile blouse, Frederick Maxwell Kingery skater shorts, a Reece Hudson x Beach in East flower gun clutch (and Manolo Blahnik pumps). Wanna dance?

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