Your Pick-Me-Up

Because it’s Tuesday past 5PM and we’re fresh out of comments re The Met Gala.


Is it just us or are Tuesdays beginning to feel a lot like Wednesdays?

At least on Wednesdays we know the following day is a Thursday which also effectively means that Friday is in very close proximity. Tuesdays, however, shed no remorse for the preceding Monday nor do they signal hope in matters of you, the weekend, and the subsequent Wednesday. So what’s a human to do?

Ah, yes, get lost in YouTube’s black hole.

A close friend of mine sent me a magical link that directed me toward the YouTube version of this real life commercial that has actually aired unironically in some (large) capacity, somewhere that is clearly outside of New York. (Two million YouTube views later, that has to be the case, right?) The exact location of airing is still undetermined but I do know that in spite of my not having a car, I would totally trust this guy with my transmission.

Excuse me while I shift it.

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  • Eva

    This is so so wrong but that makes it even more hilarious :Dxx

  • kai

    The green screen is literally EVERYTHING !

  • Jei

    I cannot even deal….

  • Aubrey Green

    I saw this Sunday night – no words. My friend showed me, maybe we have the same friend?

  • Lilli

    has he had a face lift?

  • Diana Jacqueline


    Oh my God, he MUST be Armenian …!


  • Paweit

    I am EXTREMELY creeped out!!! But for some reason I can’t stop laughing! Omg!!! His look at the end! Literally a good pick me up! <3 Do more of these!!!!!!
    Paweit of:

  • Thank you for making my Tuesday feel
    more like Wednesday. This is a gem

  • Oh wow, I can’t believe this a real commercial, so wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you for making us laugh !

  • Mmmaybe Tomorrow

    I will be watching this video into Friday arrives…

  • Oliver Lips

    Hilarious! Love his look in the end ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Faeeza Khan

    Love it! Thanks for sharing

  • G-Dogg

    This is fucking brilliant

  • brunetteletters

    Wow. How can people spend money on those commercials?? Seriously!! Who told them that looked good?

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • The original Shah of Sunset

  • Truly scarred by the atrocity that it this advert… although now I want no one but him to fix my car.

    Shift it, shift it in reverse.

  • Well that’s one minute I can never get back.

    • Leandra Medine

      I think at this point, I’ve lost like 4728.

  • That the greatest thing I’ve seen in the past four days; rather genius too if it’s legit.

  • my neck of the woods, how embarrassing but lovely

  • alejandra

    i am like creeped out and very embarrassed for watching that entire video but i cant stop laughing it was so hilarious.

  • Sivan Eshel

    Makes you really want to shift …..something ….

  • I thought this was an SNL short for a second…but nope…totally better!

  • hilar

    HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you for giving me the opportunity to lol for a solid minute

  • Greer Clarke

    This is absolutely magical I’m gonna need a similar Tuesday pick me up weekly now

  • thanks for that!! I mean I really needed that laugh!!

  • okay

    omg i live in burbank! growing up as a burbankian, i have never seen this place or commercial!

  • anna effe milano

    hahaaaaaaa un genio

  • Saw this video hundred times and I am still laughing at it ๐Ÿ˜€