Wet Hair, Don’t Care

Actually, I do care. I really, really care.


If we’re playing the word association game and I tell you to think about wet hair and share the first five words that come to your mind, what would they be? Certainly not elegant, graceful, chic-and-so-forth, right? My answers would fall closer along a spectrum that includes words like messy, disheveled and dirty (which I realize is odd because wet hair typically denotes a shower in close proximity which infers cleanliness, doesn’t it?)

After the last round of Fashion Weeks, I was delighted to learn that the bank of latter words would assume a position in the upper echelons of fashion, care of the meditated hair trends at Creatures of The Wind, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Venetta and Roberto Cavalli. Would this mean that the definition of chic was shifting further from the prototypically well put together woman and making a home for itself among the hood rats of the East Village–and Saint Laurent? I’m not quite sure–but in the wake of my shorter locks, there was absolutely, positively, no-fucking-way I wasn’t giving the trend a try for myself in slicked back form. Why? Because my hair gets oily so fast anyway, I may as well capitalize on the handicap/turn it into a proficiency. Plus, once I saw Penelope Cruz do it and she looked awesome.

Using three Bumble and bumble products and one of the Sebastian variety, (I started with the invisible oil, sprayed my entire head with it and then cloaked that layer with the mousse only to top it off with the Bb shine and Sebastian’s clay-ish putty,) I went for it.

The result? Slideshow image #6, which may mean nothing interesting or particularly comedic to you but this is precisely what my father looked like in 1990. Red silk Balmain blazer and everything. My older brother, Haim, had a decent run with the slicked back hair thing in 2005 and now I can’t shake the uncanny semblance to family members strictly of the male variety.

Naturally, I am very comfortable with it.

As an unrelated but equally important note: if you flip through to slideshow image #8, you will find that I continue to maintain an aversion towards pants. Do with that what you will. And back to the hair–what do you think? Are you willing to give it a test run?

Runway images via Vogue.com, photos of me and the products by Naomi Shon. Wearing a Balmain blazer, Pamela Love choker and Khai Khai YOLO necklace. The bracelets are Vita Fede.

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