Wet Hair, Don’t Care

Actually, I do care. I really, really care.


If we’re playing the word association game and I tell you to think about wet hair and share the first five words that come to your mind, what would they be? Certainly not elegant, graceful, chic-and-so-forth, right? My answers would fall closer along a spectrum that includes words like messy, disheveled and dirty (which I realize is odd because wet hair typically denotes a shower in close proximity which infers cleanliness, doesn’t it?)

After the last round of Fashion Weeks, I was delighted to learn that the bank of latter words would assume a position in the upper echelons of fashion, care of the meditated hair trends at Creatures of The Wind, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Venetta and Roberto Cavalli. Would this mean that the definition of chic was shifting further from the prototypically well put together woman and making a home for itself among the hood rats of the East Village–and Saint Laurent? I’m not quite sure–but in the wake of my shorter locks, there was absolutely, positively, no-fucking-way I wasn’t giving the trend a try for myself in slicked back form. Why? Because my hair gets oily so fast anyway, I may as well capitalize on the handicap/turn it into a proficiency. Plus, once I saw Penelope Cruz do it and she looked awesome.

Using three Bumble and bumble products and one of the Sebastian variety, (I started with the invisible oil, sprayed my entire head with it and then cloaked that layer with the mousse only to top it off with the Bb shine and Sebastian’s clay-ish putty,) I went for it.

The result? Slideshow image #6, which may mean nothing interesting or particularly comedic to you but this is precisely what my father looked like in 1990. Red silk Balmain blazer and everything. My older brother, Haim, had a decent run with the slicked back hair thing in 2005 and now I can’t shake the uncanny semblance to family members strictly of the male variety.

Naturally, I am very comfortable with it.

As an unrelated but equally important note: if you flip through to slideshow image #8, you will find that I continue to maintain an aversion towards pants. Do with that what you will. And back to the hair–what do you think? Are you willing to give it a test run?

Runway images via Vogue.com, photos of me and the products by Naomi Shon. Wearing a Balmain blazer, Pamela Love choker and Khai Khai YOLO necklace. The bracelets are Vita Fede.

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  • Wow – it looks like you’ve emerged from a 90s ad from the waters off of some Mediterranean island. Aka it looks good/hot. Especially with just the blazer, something about the look is very clean, but not without the flamboyance that those colors will harbor. While I will try this (and seem to every night after I get out of the shower), I must admit it doesn’t look nearly as good on a blonde as it does a brunette. Lots of things look better on brunettes, I feel. But I’m me (blonde) and that’s that.

  • dee Ramirez

    The wet hair kind of reminds me of the slick do of Christian Bale. So it convey a very authoritative and edgy feel. I love it and you rock it Leandra!

  • D

    You look great, but potentially ewwww. Did your jacket collar become a blotting paper for the hair product?

  • Not sure I can get behind this trend, but it would make my mornings a lot less stressful. It takes me for-EVER to blow dry my hair, so maybe just walking out with it wet is just the thing I need. Anything to get me an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning…

  • monkeyshines
  • amanda perry

    Living with wet hair would be so much easier, the biggest problem for me is that it is actually uncomfortable. I can’t stand they drippiness and the way it makes my shirts all soggy 🙁


  • SarEve

    I like seeing the “day after” henna lip effect! With which, thanks to you, I am very familiar!

  • Katerina

    I myself would not do this. If my hair dried perfect, than yes, but it just flies everywhere & basically needs to be taken care of. You, on the other hand, can pull it off!! Looks great!


  • Well. P.

    love this look wet and messy



  • Reptilia

    You look so elegant and chic! Love it!



  • brunetteletters

    I personally don’t like having wet hair- but I love how it looks after it dries naturally.

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • So, can I blow dry your hair?…no really, you look more like “Shahs of Sunset” than haute couture. Love you but I think I love your hair more.

  • Aubrey Green

    I love this look on you, very beautiful.

  • alcessa

    *sigh* … perfect pixie material … 🙂

  • wet hair / no pants is the perfect combo ESPECIALLY in that rockin’ blazer. get it girl.

  • I like it and I am willing to try it.


  • This look can look very lazy or unfinished but how you slicked your hair and with the styling it look rather sleek.

  • Lara K.

    Looks hot and love your whole look in the picture..but day to day I know my office buddies will ask me if my shower’s broken..no bueno

  • Ritika Mahendru

    It looks perfect on you! And wet hair look so sexy on everyone!

  • OMFG you look AMAZING. I give this style a test run every damn day when I run out my house 20 minutes after I exit the shower. Now I can just chalk it up to a trend…thanks Man Repeller!!!!!


  • Nico

    I don’t really like wet hair but I love your red blazer!

    New Post http://lowbudget-lowcost.blogspot.it/2013/05/le-fabric-made-in-italy-is-online.html

  • Madeline Taylor

    You kind of look like Mr. Pink, which is bad-ass.

  • I wish I could rock this look but my hair is sooo thin that when its wet it looks like I only have 3 hairs 🙁

  • Alejandra

    You look awesome!

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Sophie

    Fantastic, and smart, post! Loved it!


    View my blog: (new post coming May 23: Street Style NY)


  • Elizabeth

    I don’t think I could ever pull this look off! I already have way too much, way too long hair, and I can’t imagine slicking it back or giving it a “wet” look! With short and dark hair, this looks amazing and chic, but I don’t think I could handle it. I feel embarrassed going to the train station with wet hair in the morning, I couldn’t imagine trying to make it work all day!


  • CarlotaLMorais

    You look sharp with your hair back! But id love to see it without the wet effect! But i know the wet effect is the whole point but still Ahah

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    Perfect for summer!!!

    Don´t miss today´s post.


  • chatNoir

    based on your description, i was expecting cheesy: in a Guido-The-Killer-Pimp kinda way.


    sis, you look stunning: no joke 😀

  • GLUE

    “i’ve never seen you with wet hair before!” – you, idiot.


    power, it gives you power puff look Leandra


  • erica jensen

    When I was in high school we put baby oil in our hair to attempt the wet look. We failed.

    You look awesome though!


  • elle k

    so cute 😀

  • Mary – The Classy Cubicle

    Dude. You actually look by FAR the best among those photos. It looks amazing on you! And that blazer? Oh hello. Love the whole look (pants or not)!

    The Classy Cubicle

  • Alisha

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  • Reyes

    Love it!! I remind me my city, Malaga. Where do you can go out with your hair hair in summer and very few minutes later its completely dry. But the sensation with the sun is great!! 🙂



  • Maike

    ask a man and he will say: wet hair is very sexy! thats the reason why beach babes are so attractive to men, thats not the bikini!

  • Holly-Bella

    there is the potential to look seriously greasy with this style…I think it’s dangerous hair territory. I dare not.


  • is your dad gordon gekko?


  • hhahhaa I thought we had nothing in common! at least we have a first sentence in common! http://absolutelymrsk.blogspot.be/2013/05/baroness-o.html

    yep this was definitely a trend of the 90’s and it’s back! well fashion functions by some kind of hoopla hoop system. I think i feel the same way as you do: don’t like the feeling of the fact that my hair is greasy! but on the other hand, if your hair is a little bit greasy, this can be a fast food solution. like it on you because you have dark and a lot of hair! and you have natural curls too and they are emphasized by the greasiness (enfin, fake grease )

  • Colleen Kiron

    You need to keep your hair like that and rock a Balmain dress IMMEDIATELY. So chic and standout, I feel like this look is bringing you even closer to Parisian hair 🙂 I adore your style and the risks you take!

    I commented earlier, but girl I am keeping at it till I come to town!
    Obviously I’m sure this is beyond a long shot, but I am such a fan, I am a devoted fashion fanatic and I think you seem like my absolute fashion soul sister and such a fun and amazing person! I have been a HUGE fan for years I am headed to NY next week for my 24th Birthday and it would be like BEYOND dream come try status to meet you! Please please make a fashion girls dream come true?!?

    My instagram and twitter handles are @ckdoesitright

    Seriously, please!!!:)

  • Tabayi

    How beautiful it might look all I think of is getting a cold when imagining myself going out with wet hair. Sad but true. I get a headache just by getting into bed with humid hair. Is it just me??

  • I WANT that wet hair look from slideshow #3! I would love to maintain a wet hair look but have no idea which products to use without making my whole head looking like its smeared with grease. :((

    P.S. Totally digging the aversion towards pants.


  • Isabella

    i don’t think it’s even possible to try it and not feel humiliated by Catherine McNeil at Bottega Venetta. she does looks better than ever – and you, Leandra, look nice that way too – but I wouldn’t ever try so

  • Aliyumatent

    this look is awesome. everything about it from the hair to the absence of pants. werk.

  • Laura Ashton Barry

    I don’t feel the wet hair look, it reminds me of old men and sleazy mobsters. I love the red blazer though, very striking.

  • jay

    you look UNREAL with wet hair styled like that! but also you kinda look like a whole different person. i feel like this style is perfect for you because it seems as though you’re always looking for new ways to reinvent yourself via your hair (i.e. cutting it a wee bit every day) and wet hair holds so many opportunities! how would you feel about a slicked back bun, or on a ballsier day perhaps wet braids? also, i feel like if you put on some red lipstick and no other makeup, it would be to die for. the possibilities are endless. i can’t wait to see where you go with it. xo

  • Chic Trends

    Can’t say that we love this trend but it definitely would save us time in the morning after showering. The question here is: do you have to carry around a water spritzer to maintain that “wet look” when your hair begins to dry? That would prove to be tedious throughout the day. Additionally, that could be water that we could be drinking instead of spraying.

    Enough of the rant, you look lovely. Best to you dear, x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  • Behind the Mirror

    I don’t even have to try, my hair is so dirty all the time I have been rocking this look for years!!!

  • Captive Louise

    I wish I could leave the house with wet hair and without looking like 80’s Cher an hour later. I wish my hair were as practical as me 🙁


  • Viktoria K.

    Its a great catwalk-style! But I love hair more naturally and free.
    Free hair – what does that mean for you?


  • Viktoria K.

    Its a great catwalk-style, but I love hair more naturally and free.
    What does free hair mean to you?

  • Hannah B

    You look beautiful. I think the only time I’d rock the wet hair look is at the beach/pool

  • Tuba U.

    Omg, this blazer and you are ❤️ Großartig!

  • This might be my favorite shot of you, ever. Gorgeous!

  • Lajules

    SHORTCUT ALERT: I’m reading you can get the look by washing your hair and applying leave-in conditioner. Done.

  • Jamie

    You look AMAZING. I’ve always preferred the look of my hair while wet. I never really style my hair, but this may be worth a try…