Weekend Lust

Lights! Camera! Broke.


I appreciate a wristlet as much as the next guy, much more when decorated in black patent leather stripes, strategically positioned to compliment the trim of a clutch inspired by one of them fancy, shmancy Hollywood Lights, Camera, Action boards.

I have never directed a movie and I will likely maintain that sentiment forever and onward. But if you, like me, find yourself mentally jotting down screen plays (fine, just their titles) all the time (see: You’ve Got Texts, Sleepless in Sri Lanka, Hilight–this one is about a vampire who falls in love with a hair colorist), here’s a small something I think may assuage our collective (fine, my lonesome) handicap: Charlotte Olympia’s Lights! Camera! Action! clutch.

Picture 6

Fashion continues to evince the supernatural ability to allow us interchangeable identities and in today’s edition of Want, Likely Won’t Get, this particular clutch aids the moonlighting process as director–because upon further thought, we are all directing something, aren’t we?

Maybe too, you’re really, really late on the Mother’s Day game. If that’s the case, I might suggest schilling (or, you know, DIYing) the $395 for a patent leather, soft shell lady-bit-container that will lucidly explain without your having to explain that mom is boss.

Plus, it’s cooler, cheaper, and easier to wear than the $1700 croissant I’d initially wanted to tell you about, no? Yes? I’ll leave with this question–if croissants are the French answer to America’s bustling fast food culture, what is the British, inedible, rose gold version a response to?

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