The Bag Game

I’m sorry this isn’t actually a game.


This week in ways to bully you into thinking you need things you likely don’t need: a quick round-up chronicling some of our favorite handbags of the season, which may or may not come in light of last week’s shoe round-up.

Charlotte and I have recently found ourselves at the helm of what now seems like the handbag chat that won’t end. We’ve been discussing what we like vs. what we hate ad nauseam, unsuccessfully trying to chalk up the findings to larger (millenial?) statements that effectively make no sense. We’ve mutually concluded that in the event we’ve decided not to abandon handbags all together (she and I have both observed that immobilizing use in either of our arms seems silly if we’ve got pockets–which becomes less likely as jacket weather trifles away,) nondescript, quirky totes or teeny-titaki hard shell clutches, soft zip pouches and diminutive shoulder purses are occupying most of our mind space. Why? Here’s a cheap stab:

The caveat regarding the latter forms appear in their inability to make grocery shopping or “errand running” (what constitutes an errand?) any simpler but my uneducated guess on the attraction may have something to do with our inconspicuous hunger to be “chic” again. And I’m not quite sure leather hobos and enormous carry-alls that can hold several pair of shoes at a time fit that particular bill. Show me a woman walking down the street, however, small clutch in hand, a discernible sense of ease on her face and I will try to see her clutch and raise her a small shoulder bag that denotes an ability to condense, edit, and travel lightly which therefore infers that the small bag holder maintains perseverance, self-control and an overarching sense of perfection across all boards of that which is not tainted. Yes?

No real conclusions have been drawn on the tote’s front (none that could not besiege the previous explanation, at least) but I will say it’s interesting to note a departure from classic it-bags (there is a fundamental difference between a leather carry-all and a canvas carry-all) to celebrate the prospect of brand anonymity. Maybe an urgency to preserve the obscurity our social lives is next? Bag credits below.

1. Anya Hindmarch Imperial Keep Your Distance clutch, $1450 at Saks Fifth Avenue

2. Carolina Herrera Tango Dancer-Print Coated Canvas tote bag, $490 at Neiman Marcus

3. Siren Mini in black, $247 at Bergdorf Goodman

4. Serpui Marie Macaw straw pouch, $203 at Luisa via Roma

5. For shits, fun, OMGs and hahas: Olympia Le-Tan’s ineffable Jane Eyre embroidered clutch, $1870 at Net-a-Porter

6. Samudra Rocky Point pouch, $65 at Shopbop

7. Charlotte Olympia embroidered popcorn shoulder bag, $495 on Net-a-Porter

8. Blue Q Bicycle pouch, $8.49 on ASOS

9. Mary Katranzou printed leather large pouch, $950 on Luisaviaroma

10. Patent floral mini satchel, $44 on Pixie Market

Thoughts? Ideas? Proclivities? Anything? Anything?

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