Spring’s Best Sandals

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Maybe this is just a testament to precisely how vapid I truly am as an individual, or maybe this is a testament to the authentically impatient nature of any real New Yorker, but if you were to ask me about the single most important feature to denote summer’s arrival, I’d give you only one answer.

Sure, whipping out your denim cut-offs a month too early helps. So does smelling fresh cut flowers. I’d even argue that the mere acknowledgement that you’ve regained feeling in your finger tips and across your cheeks is likely a surefire sign that more generous climatic circumstances lay ahead but it is only really when I begin to see exposed toes infiltrate the streets of New York that I know our golden months are in very, very close proximity.

Picture 1

Which is, of course, why we thought there was no time like the present to share our favorite sandals of the season. Above you’ll find eleven pair from around the web clocking in at a price point that ranges from $60 to $695, collected and combined for you to bring you the best of the loot. We’ll naturally assume that you’ll be wearing them immediately, if only to prove to the rest of us that you are as impatient a New Yorker as any.

1. Short-heel (“Asos Hipster”) gold and pink sandals, Asos. $66.50

2. Black buckle ankle strap sandals, Gucci. $695

3. Silver and clear Cinderella sandals, Nasty Gal. $130

4. Leather, mesh and feather sandals, Reed Krakoff. $695

5. Gardinia lips print wedges (there’s an air of Schiaparelli about them), Carvela at Asos. $199

6. Two-tone leather flat sandals, Maiyet. $595

7. Gladiator sandals, equipped with black hula skirt, Ancient Greek Sandals x Mario Schwab. $390

8. Red suede and snake embossed gladiator sandals, Monika Chiang. $450

9. White T-strap patent leather heels (kill me for saying this, but they are very Gatsby), Rochas. $695

10. Who doesn’t need a light-washed denim cowboy-style bootie equipped with studs, right? Kurt Geiger, $290

11. And finally, white flat buckle sandals, Vivienne Westwood. $265


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  • great picks but sadly none of them are adequately filling the isabel marant charlotte sized whole in my summer footwear life. and there they are in your photo, front and center and teasing the shit out of me.


  • So much love for those Monica Chiang babes. Ditto the Vivenne Westwood pair. I just bought a new pair of sandals from Russell & Bromley and I’m dying to wear them out but it’s raining out, gah.

  • monkeyshines
  • mel

    Leandra – who makes the black leather lace-up heels in the left corner your photo? Thanks!

    • Leandra Medine

      Those are Isa Tapia!

  • I love Reed Krakoff sandals!!! Aprovecho para invitarte al SORTEO de mi blog,
    un lote de productos reafirmantes y anticelulíticos!

  • brunetteletters

    The buckle ankles are perfect!!

    I still can’t wear any of that though…it’s been pouring!!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Elisa Taviti

    Lovely post!

    Elisa My Fantabulous World

  • TeuntjeVDW

    Amazing selection! xx.

  • Domonique

    All over those Nasty Gal sandals! Nice choices my darling.


  • Katerina

    I feel the same way! You know the weather’s warming up when you can finally pack away those socks & show off your perfectly pedicured toes (At least, for the most part! Ladies, if you’re gonna show ’em, clean ’em!) My favorite pair you’ve shown has to be the Gucci heels. Sexy & classy 😉


  • Trendy Mondays

    peep toes, sandals, and flats are absolutely a sign of summer. The Reed Krakoff pair are to die for!

    Trendy Mondays – your online fashion destination for independent European designer brands

  • been pinning the rossi ones with inane fervor for months
    not on your list
    but deep in my heart

  • Jaq

    Who makes the ones in the main photo with the large clear strap?

  • Kirsten

    Leandra, who makes the sandals on the right side of your photo? They appear to have a floral print.


  • Lovely shoes!!! Those Kurt Geigers are such great spring-summer booties. The light wash denim color and all. Though, your own collection trumps all. Have you seen the tall Zara gladiator sandals? They look glorious.

  • Great shoes.. Now I only need the money to buy all of them.. LOL..


  • Une Petite Bruxelloise

    Gucci and Rochas – nothing simpler nothing more elegant.

  • Jennifer

    So many pretty shoes!

    xo Jennifer


  • N G

    Exposed toes frighten me. Specifically those who flaunt yucky…ugh, I shudder thinking of it.

  • Those black Gucci’s are BANANAS. I would wear them all day, all night and I would definitely wear them in the rain right now.

    I also love those Givenchy’s in the big picture, so gorgeous with the clear strap.



    • mariabeatrizcampedellikavamoto

      They are to die for! Did you see Karla Deras posted a white version of them recently? Gorgeous!

  • Caroline Preuss

    Awww… i want to have them all! x


  • Alison Liaudat

    I would love all of them <3
    So addicted


  • Lenka Stará

    just a perfect post for a shoe lover!


  • Anna

    Thanks for inspiration. Well done!


  • There’s no better thing when the warm weather arrives than finally packing all the winter clothes and being able to show some skin… and your pretty toes, of course!

    I’m in love with that Gucci ankle strap sandals; want so badly! Also, your shoe collection is enviable. X.


  • Somebody from Somewhere

    The second ones are my favourtie!


  • a.n.a.l.u

    So many great options in here! I wish i could buy them all, specially the Gucci ones.


  • www.LydiaWho.com

    Those reeeeeed ones…….. <3


  • Lauren

    Thanks for the love! We love our Vivienne Westwood sandals, too! Check out some of our other brands… http://www.titanindustriesinc.com

  • Anne Marie

    Obsessing over all those sandals!


  • If only I could try on those blue Marants, just to feel those feelings.

  • And I’m SO feeling the red monika Chiang ones.

  • Emily

    Hey Leandra. Who makes the black and gold striped shoes in the top right corner of the photo?

    • christine

      I want to know too!

    • Cat

      They’re by Tabitha Simmons!

  • I love your picks but I wish you’d include shoes most girls can buy! Even anything under $100…

  • I like the Vivienne Westwood pair. I’m short, and the gladiator sandals were just…overwhelming…on my short, stocky legs. These are a nice alternative that won’t make me look like I wrapped a rubber band around a hot dog. 🙂

    Now, if only I can find them for less than $265…sigh.

  • ehm, number 8,please?


  • Lilli

    right now im sitting in a debate about whether or not athletes should be able to use performance enhancing drugs. I have no clue who thinks what or who is going to ‘win’…and nor do i give a shit. I’m tempted to get up on stage and start my own debate. A debate that discusses whether or not shoes give insight into personality types and thus from looking at someones shoes you can either befriend or avoid.

    e.g. if i met someone wearing shoe number one I’d quickly compare them to Elle woods (legally blonde) and subsequently avoid them like the plague (hey, thats just me)

    WTF now I don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about but its distracting me from this boring as bat shit debate, so thanks

  • Kate

    I like the Vivienne Westwoods…. Gorgeous!

  • I wouldn’t be able to pick a pair. Sandals definitely give me a summer feeling

    fashion in belgium

  • eww

    I actually hate them so much and I hate the fact that every freaking blogger has them even more. Have some originality people.

    • diane

      I, too, hate the fact that every blogger and shop girl has been photographed in these Marant sandals (I prefer the stacked heel version myself). But that doesn’t negate the thrill I had the first time I saw these sandals in her look book long BEFORE anyone was wearing them on the street. Let’s face it, she really gets women so it’s no wonder you see her stuff everywhere, especially since her line is so readily available now.

      • Leandra Medine

        The shoes are great! But they are certainly experiencing a hard case of blinded by the blogger which is probably the worse version of Blinded by the Label

  • Thanks for the inspiration- am dying to get my toes out but its still pretty cold here in London Town


  • Karen M

    Hi Leandra! Great post (I love the Jeffrey Campbells)! On the other hand do you have any suggestions on what to wear to a graduation/last day of school? I’m looking for something casual but dressy… and different… I’m in a serious need of inspiration! Thank you 🙂

  • Uschi

    Oh, I love-love-love no. 9!

  • Holly-Bella

    I’m only just confident enough in the warm weather to wear ballet flats again! The thought of risking heels on slippery London pavement gives me a freaking heart attack. Gorgeous eye-candy (or should that be foot candy?), however. xoxo


  • rhodawong

    shoes shoes shoes! obsessed!


  • Burnsy

    “Maybe this is just a testament to precisely how vapid I truly am as an individual”

    Maybe? Uh, you just posted a picture with 10,000$ worth of shoes in it. I think it’s pretty definitive.

  • ela’s world

    love the mirror detailing on the Dior pumps!


  • sarah

    THanks dude. Now we need your help avec some maillot de bains.

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Love them all!!


  • Burnsy

    I was wondering why there’s never, even mildly, negative comments on here. It’s because you delete them as soon as they appear. Just shows how much you care about the feedback from your readers.
    Go on, delete this one too.

    • k

      Some topics are more sensitive than others I guess, but I have seen plenty of VERY critical feedback on the manrepeller. She has even responded to some. I don’t know if she deletes any with coarse/violent language (which I think she has a right to, no need for that no matter how much you disagree with someone). So I really don’t think she censors comments very much, if any, at all.

  • Carole

    My heart just stopped. Gasp.

  • I think I’m in love with the first sandals!! <3

    Fashionably Sparkly

  • emily
    • emily

      i thought i’d share my blog on this wonderful blog

  • Alyssa

    Oh, the Reed Krakoff’s are a no brainer. You should make a post on my blog! http://www.yourfashionfinder.com

  • ana romero

    omg I want them all! very cool

    kisses http://www.rockafollow.com

  • Very inspiring. I am in love with the pair number 8.


  • Chic Trends

    The black heels with the metallic pink are EVERYTHING! Would you mind sending them over? 😉

    Best to you! x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  • What’s your shoe size?

  • Love the Rochas white t-strap heels, so classy and yes, so very Gatsby!


  • michelle lowe

    I love sandals and there’s nothing better then buying a few pairs for the new season ! You have some great choices there


  • Molly

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I just have to express my love for it! You and your blog is simply genius! 😀


  • Very cute picks. Love the two tone leather sandals and the first asos one! 😀


  • The sandals are looking so trendy. I would love to have the blue ones in the corner to blend in with my new bracelet I bought from http://www.paris-inspiration.com/fr/12-bracelets-fantaisie

  • Kirsty

    Oh the asos ones are so very tempting because maybe I can just about afford them but the Gucci ones…gah if only I could afford them

  • Patriciabrand

    Love the rochas!really gatzby style!!!

  • Bdettah

    Who makes the floral with turquoise piping ankle strap sandals in the bottom right corner?

  • Neslisah Cetin

    gucci is the best 🙂
    love it

    also visit my blog: http://www.neslisahcetin.com/en

  • marinacasapu

    I was “eyeing” those Monika Chiang sandals, for some time now! Love them.

    Please take a minute and check out my latest post.

    Much Love,



    Tezory Jewelry

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  • Iwavva

    aren’t those boots Sergio Rossi??