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As anyone with even a moderate interest in fashion can attest, the annual Met Ball has been known to induce the most severe case of FOMO since Woodstock. I, for one, have been hungrily tracking its attendees’ hits and misses and spectacular lapses in judgment (I really love you, Sophie Dahl) since middle school. And in my relatively brief years of observation, I’ve come to appreciate the magic that a particularly fantastical theme can inspire.

While I love Prada’s minimalism and the American woman’s quintessential grace, it’s always going to be McQueen and Anglomania and whatever Naomi Watts wears that stays with me long after the red carpet has been rolled up and Beyoncé has gone home. At its best, this warm May evening reminds me—one gasp-worthy silhouette at a time—how much there is to love in fashion. And despite Tom Brady’s Smurf-wear, Punk: Chaos to Couture was the Met at its best.

Say what you will about the irony of a cultural institution attempting to co-op the spirit of street music. Say what you will about Jonathan Tisch’s tie. I loved the netting and the Westwood and the frequent mention of urinals on the red carpet. I even loved Anne Hathaway, who eschewed too-timid side braids in favor of bleach and a pair of kitchen shears. Most of all, I loved Lauren Santo Domingo who put it best when she summarized her aesthetic for the evening with this recollection: “Layer and layer, and as I walked out the door, another layer.”

On the morning after a Punk-themed Ball, amid the deluge of press releases that remind us we can still “Get the Look,” only one important talking point remains: the outfits in 141 characters or more. And when we’re talking Chaos to Couture, identifying she who displayed the most authentic commitment to theme in piercing her damn septum trumps almost anything else–except, of course, the irreverence of, say, Anna Wintour who took punk to a metaphysical place in a bout of rebellion, which reflected and simultaneously deflected the dress-code of her own event.

Now, because in this day and age everyone with a keyboard is a critic, we urge all of you to flip through the slideshow above and share your two cents on last night’s looks (sorry, lewks) in the comments below.

To get the ball rolling, we’ll just say: cheers to Linda Evangelista for dressing like a fairy but bringing it back around with crimped hair, to Sarah Jessica Parker, or Carrie Bradshaw, rather, for throwing it back Thursday-style on a Monday night in enormous head contraption-formation and to Kim Kardashian for finally staking her Gala spot.

Your turn.

-Mattie Kahn, Leandra Medine. Images via New York Magazine

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  • A. Rooney Mara was my favourite. B. Madonna looks like a Scottish prostitute. C. Ashley Olsen looks like Erin Wasson’s doppelganger.


  • Rooney Mara, why are you so perfect? She punks it up but keeps it classy and ultra-feminine. Linda and Nicole, what the heck?!

  • I adored this red carpet, but I think Anna’s gown was not so much a bout of rebellion as much as a kind of party pooper moment.

    • letta


    • SF

      It’s sort of a rebellion to the chaotic punk, I suppose. Meaning, rebellion to the theme of the event itself.

  • L.A

    rooney looks cool

  • Mirror Me

    Nicole Richie, Rooney Mara, Anne Hathaway and J-Lo (she should be in this slideshow!) are all in first place.

  • I think Kim looks beautiful pregnant!


  • Reptilia

    Love Rooney Mara and Anna Wintour!



    • SF

      And why is that? ANY reason, or just because they’re the host and EIC of American Vogue? Is that it?

  • Rooney Mara, Rooney Mara, Rooney Mara. And, Mary-Kate’s vintage Chanel Couture navy studded dress – to die for, with vintage fur-trimmed Balmain on top, perfect?




  • Bakkekilde

    Kim K looks like a sofa.

  • SJP ~ YAY all the Way!
    Kimmy K ~ NAY…Where your hands at, Gurl??

  • julie

    I love Rooney Mara, whichever Olsen that was and hate to say it but I am kinda digging Miley Cyrus’ style lately.
    Madonna looks awful with that wig. Kim K, Beyonce and SJP all look like silly too.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker was by far a favourite, she brought real Carrie B./ New York essence to the Met and no one who is mildly interested in fashion can deny that they don’t enjoy moments like that, especially when a Phillip Tracey hat is involved.
    Nicole Richie and her white hair embraced the theme pretty well too. But Anne Hathaway’s blonde hair, feathers and transparencies said more cheap looking couture than punk couture to me!

  • monkeyshines
  • Rooney Mara looked stunning, definitely my favourite. Not the biggest fan of Beyonce or Madonna’s choices though… Hits and misses as always, but that’s the fun part!


  • ladelbarrio

    Cara Delavingne was also perfect, loved her dress.

    And Kim, oh my god you have to love her for being soo brave.

  • alcessa

    Yeah: don’t know why but I really appreciate Miley’s “wild” efforts, too, while I never even noticed her before (because she’s way below my age group?) … OK, so I really, really like her now, so what 🙂

    • www.velvetjar.com

      Mary Kate

  • Alice

    Sooo many blunders and faux-pas… but can we just all take a moment of our busy lives and glorify Rooney Mara. What a goddess

  • @noelmo08

    can you make your pictures smaller for us underprivileged folks with very very small computer screens? it’s quite annoying to have to scroll up and down and not take in the entirety of the outfit as one.

    • Laura

      I just made a comment asking for the same 🙁 it’s really annoying!

    • Cat

      Absolutely. Mine isn’t even that small! It really drives me nuts to the point that I have stopped reading and gone off somewhere else because I can’t see a full picture at a time.

  • I thought both Miley and Nicole had a perfect blend of punk and formal. Kim should not be wearing that much floral, she looks like she’s hiding behind drapes. The Olsen girl looked cold (shiver) and SJP looked like she was having FUN and everyone who looked at her probably smiled, enhancing the whole evening.

  • Why hasn’t Anne Hathaway gone blonde sooner?!?! It SO suits her features!
    ..Also.. pleasantly surprised with Miley’s style evolution. Her hair is a bit much but the dress is great!

  • Definitely liked Rooney Mara and the Carrie Bradshaw moment -xoDale


  • Effie Ginger

    Madonna is a no! SJP, Rooney Mara and Anja Rubik looked the best 🙂


  • bb39

    where is kim kardashian’s hands, they are lost in the print? or are they covered, that looks so freaky!

  • VALENTINO looked great next to Anne Hathaway … and vice versa.

  • brunetteletters

    Rooney was perfect -classy, feminine, and elegant!

    Madonna was just plain horrible and KK O M G somebody has to tell her she C A N N O T dress like that when pregnant!

    SJP was probably trying to get Big haha

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Have not been a fan lately but I have to say, Miley had the best look

  • Dana

    I have never seen so many attendees look so appalling! Where does one begin? Madonna–it stopped being clever a long time ago. MKO–are we still doing this look? Kim K–a Rose Bowl float on the 2nd day after the parade. Lynda–nooooooooo (pleading)–and I could go on. blechk!

  • miley cyrus looks like the love child of marc jacobs and guy fieri.


  • Sarah

    Were you there? Love to see what you wore

  • Hathaway was best with Rooney in a close second. Sainted Beyonce looked like how gonorrhea feels feels and Kardashian… well, we’re on minute 13.


  • Harling

    My favorite part of this year’s Met Gala was definitely Kate Upton’s cleavage and its “Punk? LOLZ NO THX” debut in Diane von Furstenberg.

  • lessie

    SJP onws the world. And sienna miller’s jacket was to die for

  • kham

    Why is Olivia Wilde not getting the attention she deserves for her Calvin Klein number?
    She looked insane.

  • Katarina

    Anna Wintour is that good. She doesn’t even give a fuck she just does what she wants.
    That’s Punk.

  • Rooney Mara was MADE for this event, she killed it. A few personal favorites missing in the slideshow above, I liked Clara Delevigne’s look cause A. She can do no wrong, B. Sometimes (SOMETIMES) simplicity is good and C. I am currently trying to recreate her make up look and failing.
    Also, Emma Watson’s dress was kick ass, and I kinda liked Gwenyth’s look maybe because the color shocked me among so much black and white and silver and gold and hypnotised me into placing it in my top ten. Also, I would wear Cameron Diaz’s dress everyday if I could, such a great look that, while not extravagant or memorable enough to be in any top ten, still beautiful.

    Nothing to say regarding Kim K’s curtain, I’ve never been a fan of her style, so no surprise there.

  • Hudson Berry

    I might get married in Taylor Tomasi Hill’s gown. Cara Delevingne, Nicole Richie, Fairy Godmother Evangelista and Queen Wintour round it out for me. Anna just looks so content in her own style. Met ball 4ever

  • Jennifer

    I loved the theme this year. So many risks, so much awesome!

    xo Jennifer


  • Em

    Anna Wintour can’t not be awesome.

  • KK

    Rooney Mara hands down nailed it. Anne Hathaway has never looked better (except maybe in her cat suit.) Madonna- maybe she took punk a little too literal and wasn’t very creative… but hey at least she tried (I’m scowling at you Jennifer Lawrence.) Beyonce and Kim K. were the biggest fails for me. And I think Nicole Richie would have looked exquisite if she lightened up on the spray tan and embraced a more ivory skin tone.

  • www.velvetjar.com

    Rooney and Anne.H all the way. I love Nicole’s make up but the ghostly hair I do not love. SJP looked radiant. Beyonce is amazing but I don’t like her outfit. I loved Solange’s outfit. I feel like you and Solange should be friends, if you’re not already. Mary Kate looked how she always looks. Nuff said.

  • Samantha Berkley

    Anne Hathaway, Miley Cirus, and Beyonce get A+ from me. Some others looks liek they were dressed up for Halloween.

  • Sparkalicious

    Madonna’s outfit was urgh but I love that she was so committed to the theme! Loved SJP, Rooney Mara, Donatella Versace, Christina Ricci (Vivienne westwood designs are just so Peeeerfect for punk!), and others http://bit.ly/13fF9L0
    Can celebrities like Renee Zellweger just go with the theme and TRY a new look for one night? It’s not going to kill you!!

  • NeenaJ

    It’s PUNK, people! Have some fun! January Jones killed it. Also, Cara Delevingne looked amazing. Dree Hemingway went total ManRepeller. Even Donatella gets it.

    Colin Firth – hot tamales that he is – is forgiven.

  • Ciana March

    Tut tut Anna Wintour! This theme really showed us the who’s who of those ballsy enough to step outside the box. Playing it safe will never get you anywhere! Hats off to Hathaway, and Miley. Not my favourites but gutsy lassies all the same!


  • Johanna Moroch

    Vivian Westwood and Zandra Rhodes show us how!!

  • Somebody from Somewhere

    Anne Hathaway looked amazing as always!


  • Jen

    Gwyneth Paltrow HUGE disappointment!! LOVED SJP, Rooney Mara and Anne H.

    • Daniella M

      Although I loved the Valentino gown on Gwyneth, I do agree it was the wrong event to debut it.

  • yeah, all that faux celebrity depth was a little much for me.
    just bleach your hair and call it a day.

    props, miley.

  • when Michelle Williams flashed her Le-Tan, I nearly lost my shit! you popped into my head. Wished you’d have been there. LSD & SJP for best dressed. Nicole Ritchie for accoutrements. KK for upholstery. everyone else was boring. Grace was right, I was hoping for real punks to show up.

  • genius!

  • Laura

    I don’t know if it’s my computer or what, but it’s really awkward to scroll up and down to see the pictures because they’re too large to fit into the screen at one time. Kisses from Spain.

  • Laura

    And regarding the post: Anne Hathaway redeemed from Oscars faux pas.

  • Maggie

    You don’t have Catherine Martin in the most gorgeous neckpiece made by a talented young Australian, Georgina Pattinson. By far the most “punk” piece on the runway!

  • Marti

    i feel like Bey and Kim are those annoying girls at a fancy dress that don’t wear the theme cause they’re scared of not looking perfect. BORING

  • Thee Haute Cocoa .com

    I loved J Lo in MK & Necole Richie in TopShop!

  • Lilli

    10 points to nicole richie for somehow pulling off a cruella de vil look. Madonna = prostitute and kim kardashian looked like a sausage!


  • Costume De Rigueur

    I like Anja’s total red look…but hmm..again are those legs that they can go with everything..However, I think the rest (of the ones you posted) are a bit confused of what the theme is…?? and I guess they got even more messed up when they saw Wintour’s punk floral gown…(?!?!?) and I think Kim wants to be in the cover of Vogue, so she found out through Kanye about the flowers and did the same…and ok, Anne’s boobies are all over the place this year…what’s going on??



  • MK looks amazing, and you should’ve included Grimes!! the punkest princess of all.

  • maes

    Linda looks dead ethereal peasant, not punk to say the least

  • amandromeda

    my favorite part of this whole thing is that you mentioned tom brady. good lord, i love him.

  • Lu

    Kim looks like a sausage, i hate it

  • the absence of McQueen, Westwood, and early 90s Versace left me sad. Donatella’s outfit was bombastic!!! totally amaze. Highlight though was SJP and Miley. I think they nailed it.

  • Yin Chu

    Adored Nicole Richie, Rooney Mara, and Anne Hathaway in this slideshow! Admittedly I liked some others as well but wasn’t quite sure who they were.

  • S.Paige

    rooney mara looked amazing, anne hathaway is a stunning blonde, miley cyrus be my favourite, simply because her outfit was awesome and seemed like the most understated, yet perfect for the theme!

  • Daniella M

    Loved Jessica Beil (can’t believe her pic is not up here), Rooney Mara and SJP of course!!

  • anja groupie

    KK is just really confused by being pregnant. showing off all the wrong flesh and all. i’m really not trying to be mean, but she really looks like an over-stuffed sofa, at a time when she should look all fresh and glowy, decolletage-y and scrumptious. so severe i just cant look.

    on another note could anja rubik just fuck right off and stop making me want to kill myself. she hurts my eyes with gorgeousness and coolness – PLEASE hide yourself and your impossible legs.

    • anja groupie

      oh haha i just noticed KK’s missing hands, she really has lost her mind (too!)

      • Leandra Medine

        I think they’re calling her Kouchy K going forward.

  • thechicndamned

    Met Ball reminds me of the prom for the fashion industry. I think Rooney Mara absolutely killed it this year.

    x karen

  • rhodawong
  • Joan, Cara and Sienna – amazing! Simple but on theme.

  • letta

    Anja Rubik is far the hottest ! Nicole R is ghost busters and Giovanna Bataglia…excuse me?!? this isn’t even funny…missed it big time, this time

  • Love rooney..:)


  • Tegan

    Loved the Insty photos of Cara and Sienna kissing. SJP looked fantastic. Rosie Huntington-Whitley looked slamming. I totally had FOMO too 🙁

  • ela’s world

    love a little punk 🙂


  • Cassandra

    It seemed that everyone who attended this event interpreted the theme differently (which is a wonderful thing.) While some decided to really go for a punk look, others seemed to try to pinpoint the more subtle ways in which the punk “look” influenced fashion (maybe it was a few spikes, visible zippers, etc.). Others still stepped out of their boxes, not necessarily wearing something that seemed punk on any level, but perhaps they felt punk by doing something different. And yes, I do believe some people just decided to wear whatever the hell they wanted, theme be damned. While I personally would have loved to see some more really out there punk-inspired looks, I think there were few attendees that really looked horrible (and this may be because if someone did look kinda off, it easily gets written off as playing into the punk theme). But imagine if everyone dressed like SJP! How crazy would that red carpet have been! weeee!

  • Stile Vienna

    Madonna looks like the midget prince from the first Shrek.

  • A. Sara Jessica Parker nailed it with that headdress B. Anne Hathaway pulled off the blonde hairstyle really well C. Blake Lively & Cara Delavigne equalled out in terms of hotness!


  • Sunday

    Rooney Mara -nailed it. Miley Cirus – love the dress but hate everything else (including the smile). Madge – really….?! KK – what do flowers have to do with it.. Hate matching shoes too

  • Andrew

    SJP all day every day.


  • Jon

    Taylor Swift looked AMAZING!

  • alli mcnear

    Forget Sarah Jessica Parker! I’m loving the girl behind hers dress!

  • Bonny Ross

    The best outfit for me was definitely Carey Mulligan’s Balenciaga number with the safety pin. Simple and elegant, while perfectly capturing punk’s influence on high fashion, referencing Liz Hurley’s Versace safety pin dress from from 1994. Absolutely perfect.

  • MDOT

    I’m not sure about the PUNK part, but Chaos to Couture it was!

    Check out what we think: Mild & style-slap review on my blog.


  • lilylover
  • Cons

    I absolutely looved taylor swift and gwyneth paltrow even though they’re not pictured here. Kim kardashian should be ashamed of what she wore, althoughit was to be expected sinche she’s not exactly what i call a fashion icon

  • lori

    Lots of people say Rooney Mara was the best… but really dont get the vibe of Punk at all in her dress. its elegant. and her hair is perfect. the lip is dark? punk? i think the BEST dressed was Zachary Quinto. by far.

  • Bryn

    I feel like I’m echoing everyone’s sentiments, here, but Rooney Mara was the quintessential ivory punk queen. Top spots are also reserved for Abbey Lee Kershaw (what’s more punk than using your body as a mechanism to advocate gun control?) and Florence Welch. The girl rocked floor length fringe, people.

  • Mary-Kate all the way!!!

  • Anne Hathaway, hands down the best dressed, totally took my breath away! She looks amazing with her new hair! Also liked what the Fanning sisters wore. Kim K….well, I’m sorry but better luck next time :/


  • Dan

    So much to say! My red carpet wrap up is here:



  • WOW I am just speechless about the dress http://www.eluxl.com


    madonna Rules, only non fashion squares will never get it .

  • bibi

    why did nobody say anything about Giovanna Battaglia?
    The girl looks stunning.

  • ericaparkenglund

    I think everyone is forgetting that the Met Ball is supposed to be about a celebration of fashion. Where you throw caution to the wind and go nuts. This should NOT be about a calculated PR move where Rooney Mara wears another nipped at the waist, plunging, Givenchy/Valentino blah blah. Yes, she is beautiful and tasteful but let’s applaud the risk takers! And I can’t believe I am going to defend Kim K. in a blog comment section but…Do you think she really had anything to do with this? Just remember Givenchy’s TEAM choose and approved this for her. This concludes my rant that no one will see because I am 21 days late. Thank you.