In Pursuit of Magic

Do you want me to cut your hair? I am really, really good at it.


The magic in question, of course, is wholly dependent on whether or not you will let me cut your hair.

Today, I’m going to take a different approach and open up the floor to a conversation that you will lead. The hope is that the conversation in question will be elicited by the above video, which was shot by the ineffable Naomi Shon last month. After having cut my hair approximately sixteen times (but who’s counting?) in the course of six months, I recognized that it was obviously high time I try my skills on other people (and on the rare occasion, things–see: that plant). The result: several uneven, otiose trims that angered the range of hair professionals familiar with the afflicted heads.

I don’t know, though, there’s just something inordinately powerful-feeling about the raw, do it yourself nature of cutting your own hair–and conversely, something wholly endearing about the heightened relationships you can forge with those who trust you enough with their heads. Know what I mean? Talk to me.

I’m wearing a backless denim Acne vest thing and Sally LaPointe shorts.

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  • Irene Laura
  • If you come to Boston, you can cut my hair. Any time.

  • Isa

    You are an extremely conservative hair cutter, so why would anyone be afraid?

    I cut my hair for years (since high school!) which is actually not that hard to do if your hair is kind of wavy, long, and you like layers (it doesn’t have to be perfect). Recently, though, I shaved my head, so I don’t think it’ll be something I’ll have to worry about again for a while!

  • Jacqueline Nooner

    Your ensemble? So jazzy (as my baby sis would say). Your shearing skills are probably better suited for sheep (my baby sis might say because she’s a hair stylist). Girl! You scare me!! Put those scissors down. P.S. I still love your goofy talented ass.

  • Jacqueline Nooner

    Oh as a matter of full disclosure, you cut hair much better than I do. Much better. I have a chunk in the back that I will NEVER show my sister. Still love you. 🙂

  • rhodawong

    i want to bump into you on the street purposely so you can cut my hair

  • Kate

    You are hysterical…spending a day running around Manhattan trimming things 🙂 I guess we change the world bit by bit? Haha.

    Kate – New Giveaway today!

  • Let’s start with the stylish Acne blouse …I would let anyone wearing that blouse cut my hair…Of course I would let You…and yes, I have cut my own hair…



  • No you shant cut my hair or I will lose my superhuman strength haha You can cut my hair as long as you don’t run at me with scissors Leandra!

  • No you cannot – I shall cut my own


  • Hudson Berry

    Haha, this is so great. You can cut mine. Just call me Samson.

    I’m with you regarding the cheap thrill that is cutting your own hair. I chopped off the hair all around my forehead when I was 8. I felt great about it until my parents saw and lost their shit.

  • Charlotte

    When I lived in another country for a couple of months the first thing I did when I went home for a pit stop was to go to my hair dresser. She is the only one I trust, and therefore practically family!

  • Stel Style

    hahaha it’s a so fun video

  • I love cutting people’s hair. I do it all the time! And people TRUST me! All I ask for return is that they buy me whatever meal is closest to the time of cutting their hair. It gets people to stop for a moment and talk about anything. It’s been a fun experience (except for one time someone got mad at me for getting hair on their carpeted porch…oops!).

    Bethany (The Style Hippie)

  • The House of Fasti

    please my page on facebook……The House Of Fasti xx

  • Amy Bevis-Smith

    haha loved this, I cut my own hair last week and i gotta say i did a pretty darn good job if i do say so myself! its kinda scary & liberating at the same time- and if i f* it up ive only got myself to blame. im lucky seeing as my hairdresser isnt the pretentious type and usually likes whatever i do to my hair whenever i see her (once a year if i have to haha)

  • Haha! You are hilarious! I won’t let anyone touch my hair bc I cut my own for years now and am far too particular! xx Pip


  • Johana

    u are sooooo funny!!!! lol

  • =^..^=

    sis, i’d let you cut my rat’s nest IN A NEW YORK MINUTE !

  • Michèle
  • Molly

    I have had a serious phobia of hairdressers for the past 5 or so years, and there was only this one hairdresser that i trusted with my hair. She is really very very good (and very expensive) but i’d always sit there leering at her every move over the top of the magazine i was pretending to read. My hair goal was a long, beachy gisèle-‘do, and with my hair almost reaching my waist i’d almost achieved it. But then you started your never-ending-diy haircut. And i was intrigued. Mainly because i think you’re the coolest girl ever in the whole entire world, but also because there seemed to be something quite liberating about short(er) hair. And the idea of doing it yourself made it all the more exciting. So i bought a pair of scissors, and now after my 6th haircut i feel super chic and hair has become something that’ll “just grow back”. It’s fun. I tried to copy your hairstyle. Hope you don’t mind.

    You’re basically awesome

    Love from a Danish reader

  • Reptilia

    I usually cut my her by myself! I love it!
    Y have hairdressingphobia
    this is too funny!

    Love your top btw!


  • Emma clarkin

    I’m gonna be moving to NYC this summer…. I have REALLY long hair.

  • Oliver Lips

    This vest is so cool! Why is my hairdresser never fancy dressed up? oO

  • If you remember an email long ago, I wanted you to chop my shit. C’mon now. Perfect time. 😉

  • maud.schellekens

    Hahaha, love this video!

    XOXO Maud


  • Of course I’d let you cut my hair – it’s just hair, after all! I’ve always had the opinion that if I don’t like it, I will just pay an arm and a leg for someone to fix it.

    Now I’m tempted to cut my own. I’m bored today, and don’t feel like finding another stylist. I’ve lived in Dayton, Ohio for about 5 years now, and gone through about a dozen stylists! Every single one of them has either moved or quit after about 2 sessions with them. I like to think I’m the Death-Eater of hair stylists. 😉

    Oh…are there any particular scissors you’d recommend for this? I have some at home, but if there are any you prefer, let me know!

  • Alice

    If you want, you can shave my legs too!

  • Passant Adel

    Now I have that feeling to walk the streets and cut some hairs!

  • Noemi E.

    Um Leandra you wouldn’t by any chance happen to be able to cut naturally curly hair would you? And no not curly Caucasian hair or curly Spanish hair, but curly African 4B textured hair (google it)? When you learn, give me call 🙂

  • brunetteletters

    hahaha most likely…no.

    Funny video!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Behind the Mirror

    I was always told running with scissors is dangerous, who knew it could turn out so well…

  • This is great! I love the random men who let you cut their hair.

  • Jennifer

    I might let you cut my hair 😉

    xo Jennifer

  • You can cut my hair anytime you want. I have truly lost hope in all hairdressers, having extremely curly hair can be really complicated, but I would let you try out your hair-cutting skills on me. X

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • jaclyn

    lol- love!

    check my blog:

  • I tried to cut my hair once. It felt good until I walked out the door and became Olga the living logo for Dutch Boy Paints.

  • Helena

    Me and my boyfriend cut each other’s hair, and yes, there’s definitely something raw and liberating AND intimate about it (not least because we do it naked so that we don’t have to bother with towels and stuff). I have to say though, my haircut always turns out better. But that is mostly due to the fact that it only consists of putting my hair in a low ponytail, sticking a comb in and running the clippers along the comb. When I do his hair, I actually have to use scissors and try to somehow shape it freehand. So I’m still learning, and I’m never quite happy with what I’ve done, and that in turn pisses him off. Still not sure if I should give up. Anyone has easy tips on cutting men’s hair?

  • Helena Kalman

    what was that song?

  • I was feeling particularly brave last month and ‘trimmed’ almost 2inches off my (already bobbed) hair. After two fairly sizable chunks I screamed for my flatmate who proceeded to ‘even’ the rest out through my tears/uncontrollable giggle-fits. All in all it was pretty liberating, maybe next time I’ll stick to a light skim off the ends!!

  • Kate

    Girl, come to Brooklyn and cut my hair. It is in some desperate need of some TMR.

  • Claire

    I haven’t had my hair cut by a ‘professional’ for about eight years? I don’t know, I’ve never known what I wanted, and of course, it never turned out like how I imagined. So I gave up. And now I just do it myself. I grab a pair of scissors and it’s hello hack job.

  • Hannah

    You should most definitely host an event where us readers can all come and have our hair cut by you. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be down.

  • Christina Ooi

    SOOO AMUSING! You may cut my hair. 🙂

  • Fanny

    Leandra! I’d trust you! If only we could cut each others hair!

    … oh, wait. naaah, well, just realised i’m already wearing the same haircut you’ve got recently, by accident (;


  • Amanda Perry

    I would totally let you cut my hair!

  • erica jensen

    You are my favorite, for reals. So awesome! But sadly, you can’t cut my hair lol.

  • jellybean

    YES yes yes! I’m too far away to have you chop my locks, but I just decided to do it myself, right now, thanks to this video! Chop chop bye bye hairs! It’s ok, I won’t hold you accountable for the results.

  • This was amazing. You did that plant proud.

  • MLCinPRC

    All I can think about when watching this is that you are RUNNING with SCISSORS!

  • Lilli

    i once cut slut strands to hide a pimple on the side of my head…that ‘once’ was last week HELP!

  • Dandy,

    I used to cut my own bangs, it was perfectly cut around my eyes and then long at the sides, so dodgy! as long as I could see I didn’t care YOLO hahah

  • Romina Ch

    My god you must have so much “fun” doing this. The video is cool. Romina

  • mariaelina

    Yeah, I do know what you mean.

    My husband-to-be (in a week, yikes!) casually informed me some time ago that I would be his barber from now on. End of conversation. He proceeded to block the bathroom door with his considerably larger frame and told me I would start right away. (That sounds bad written, but please believe me when I say it was all in good humor.)

    I have now cut his hair several times, and he has (surprisingly?) been truly happy with the results. And still refuses to see a barber.

  • Eszter Pasztor

    Whattttaaaa lovely smile 🙂

  • Klara

    You could absolutely cut my hair! <3

  • Reyes

    hahaha!! amazing video!! 🙂

  • I WANT YOUR TOP AND YOUR HAIR! so you can cut mine, obviously!

  • Guest

    You are absolutely adorable! ♥

  • Love Makeup

    You are absolutely adorable! ♥ ♥

  • Bird

    Yeah, please cut my hair. I’m serious! I’ll be in New York for my 20th birthday next week and there would be no better gift! I’ve been keeping up with your hairstyles since your Bumble ombre post waaaay back when.

  • The video is hilarious! Love it§

  • Popfizz

    Fantastic. Since a tragic haircut left me with no choice but to fix the damage, I am a devoted self-styler. I’m getting more adventurous doing angled cuts etc. It saves me a fortune 🙂

  • Sophie

    Lovely post, I LOVED IT! Thanks for adding, and go Man Repeller!

    View my blog:

  • rose and william

    you are mad! if you come to London you can cut my hair too.x

  • ela’s world
  • Mand M.O.O

    Is someone more hysterical than you !?!!! I mean I would most definitely leave you cut my hair ! Any plans on coming to Paris ? Should I make an appointment ? Lots of goofy love

  • Katerina

    That last “Can I cut your hair?” made this video! And that vest is amazing!!

  • The power of this blog is amazing…I’m sure that many of us had in the past a haircut by our mom and still blame her about that embarrassing style that we wore for their fault. We promised that we would never ever let anyone but a trusted professional cut our hair. And here we are, all of us, who would not only allow you to cut it, but will also enjoy the experience. Oh, by the way, in my country there is band of hair-thieves. They chase girls who are wearing ponytails and cut them to sell it in the illegal market. Your face made me thought of them in action…hahahaha

  • great song choice!! yippee!

  • bitty bits

    This reminds me of the Regina Spektor lyric: “maybe you should cut your own hair, ’cause that can be so funny. It doesn’t cost any money and it always grows back. Hair grows even after we’re dead.”
    Also, you’re fucking awesome.

  • Cynthia Brizuela

    I think this is what life is about. Walking around the streets, minding your own business and suddenly a wild blogger/hair trimmer appears asking to cut your hair.

  • Do you choose the music for the videos? If so, great taste you have for la musique!
    And my hair will never be short enough, so long as you cut it.

  • LOL You’re crazy!

  • Aniqah

    I absolutely adore you, you’re faces are priceless. You can cut my hair anytime.

  • Soledad Valenzuela

    Hahahaha you’re so funny!

    Xoxo from Peru


  • Adrianna Alfidi

    I’m so glad I didn’t run into you that day because I would’ve convinced you to sit down and chop my hair off.

  • alex

    you’re so awesome! cut ma hair pleaz

  • zoe_whip

    Cut my hair!

  • Peter

    Your video it’s so funny, I love !!

  • Momo

    My favorite short hair cut started with me pulling my long (half way down my back) hair into a pony tale at the nape of my neck… and then cutting the whole thing off! It was a rush and I’d do it again in a minute, unless of course you beat me to the scissors! You’re amazing 🙂

  • anna

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    In scandinavia people think jews have a very strange face, especially the nose is very bad-looking,kinda scythe-like they say, . They call it ” Ful nasa”. the word “ful” is pronounced like the english word “fuel”. i kind of feel sorry for them, but maybe its the testosterone.. i´ve heard it increases the tissues inside the nose, especially bone mass.

    It´s intresting to note that the hebrew work “nasa” can mean both “to marry” and “to lift” and “to desire” among many other verbs..