Henna Lipstick

Would you commit to temporary lip tattoos? Fret not–we did it for you.


Looking for a more temporary lip solution? Try pink lipstick.

On the corner of 2nd Street and 1st Avenue, I complimented Charlotte’s lip color. It was a distinct hue of bright pink that met the proper dosage of red, specifically for her and seemed as congenital as anyone’s natural lip color might.

“Thanks,” she began explaining, “It’s a weird green henna product.”

“So it dyes your lips?” I was confused.

“Temporarily, yeah,” she told me as she went on to share the tale of her findings:

On a frigid night in a hole-in-the-wall bar in Berlin, I met a magician–and by magician I mean a denizen of Berlin by way of France, who insisted I try her mystical green lipstick.

“It looks different on everyone, it reacts to your body chemistry and turns a pinkish reddish hue. It has henna in it so it stays on evenly, all day. Everyday if you want,” she told me.

I was sold. Who wouldn’t want a part in this bizarre beauty witchcraft? But the selling point quickly became the Mount Everest standing between myself and the lipstick when the friend in question explained to me, just as I was readying to pay whatever it would cost that one could only procure the lip stain in Morocco.

After some frantic internet searching, I discovered that the lip stain is not a native product to Morocco and that color changing lipstick is a relic of the past (see: the 1980s). Back then, it was marketed as “mood lipstick” and changed color according to your mood.

As far as the chemistry goes, it appears that the main ingredient in many of these products is Red 27, which when dissolved in a waterless base, appears colorless.  However, when it comes into contact with moisture, it reacts to the pH (pure hydrogen) balance and temperature of your lips which causes the color change. This reaction to the skin’s acidity accounts for the variance in hue from person to person. pH levels can also alter based on diet and stress, which is another variance among different people. The lipstick is a simple reaction to a change in solubility from direct contact with the skin or even the moisture in the air.  While this lipstick is magical, technically speaking it does not penetrate the chemistry of your body to customize a perfect hue that works with your coloring.

In searching the U.S. iterations of these products, it does not state anything about them containing henna, however the more ambiguous Moroccan version may still.  Henna is a common product there as is utilized for lip coloration. My experience with the product is that it stays on for hours on end without messing up the way a typical lipstick would. It has a matted effect as if it is in fact tattooing or staining the lip.

Naturally, I too became bewilderingly curious to try the green lipstick inconspicuously but successfully masquerading itself as the answer to my red-lip, red-teeth and often red-pillow-next-morning quagmires. Upon first try, I looked into a mirror no more than twenty seconds post-application. I learned that perhaps a rosy pink wasn’t the color for me. Five minutes later, I looked back into the same mirror and observed that the color had grown deeper, darker and far more suitable to augment but simultaneously endorse the state of my lips’ innate color.

I’m still not quite sure how the glorified, semi-permanent lip tattoo knows how to ink me in a way that seems so precisely aware of that which “works” on me.

In the photos above, you will notice that I’d originally smeared the lipstick across my bottom lip to discern the difference between my natural color and the enhanced color. In the subsequent photos, you will see both lips stained. Twenty four hours post documentation, both lips are still distinctly pink. My pillows have yet to witness any color casualties.

Charlotte found the product for us, so if you’re interested in giving it a try for yourself, here’s a link to b-b-buy. Re the outfit and accessories above, my dress is Rochas, the earrings are Delfina Delettrez (left ear, lips) and Pamela Love (right ear, duh). The bracelets are Tiffany & Co and nOir and the rings are by Khai Khai.

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  • This sounds great! All day lasting huh? I’m sold! xx Pip


  • laura

    love it princess… you look so beautiful, I saw your pretty face the second I came to you site and voila!! what a great way to start my day:)

  • Therese

    Khai Khai F-U ring looooove

  • Passant Adel

    O..MY..GODD!! you have no idea what i did once i saw the first image, last time i saw this was like 15 years ago, with my mom, she had tons of these, yes i’m from Egypt and we are connected to henna in alot of ways too, so you gave me the biggest nostalgia here, so here is my goal now.. i’ll search for this product here and I WILL FIND IT.

    • Passant Adel

      After i did my happy dance when i saw that my comment became the best comment WEEHHOOOO! (yes it’s man repeller so i’m famous!) i love to say that i found it YES another happy dance, it’s greaaat! w8 a min. isn’t that wierd to reply on my own comment? 0_O weirdo

  • This is kind of amazing. MAKEUP VOODOO. Loving it.


  • drugstoreinc just got $3.15 [+ $4.99 shipping] of my hard-earned (lazily made) dollars.

    I’m actually a 5-year-old in a 22-year-old’s awkward body.

  • Svenja

    I’m from Germany and I just bought an orange version which is supposed to give a red lip from Amazon. Only 4,50€ (like 6 bucks) and no shipping fee 🙂 So excited!

  • ela’s world
  • rhodawong
  • This is awesome! Henna is great for all sorts of things!

  • melanie

    Awesome! Where can we buy it? The link in the article is not working 🙁

  • Lucinda

    How intriguing! The most natural lip stain I’ve seen – and it makes your teeth look whiter. Trickaay!


  • Haala Al-Khereiji

    There is one in blue. This shade looks good on everyone.

  • black.Steph.white

    WOW! this sounds so cool! can’t believe no beauty brand has picked this idea up, yet!

    just posted about my favorite hand bag beauty products. check my london-based blog: http://www.blackstephwhite.wordpress.com

    • Cat

      Actually they have… I have one by Dior, and I know there’s more out there.

      • Alice

        What’s the one by Dior called?

        • Brandi

          I have the Dior one too. It’s called Dior Addict Lip Glow. I got mine at sephora.

  • Mme Beatrice

    During the actual 1980s, my friend and I went in together on a tube of that stuff and being impatient little things, we put it on while walking home. Without a mirror. A few minutes later, we look at each other and all I could say was ” you look like you French kissed a watermelon”! She concurred that I too had a nice hot pink crazy person look. And you’re right — that shiz STAINS! At least it gave our moms a laugh.

    For a more modern version, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain seems to have just a bit of the pink stuff as a stain, mixed with a sheer color…very nice if you want the stain without the French kissed a watermelon effect.

  • Nico
  • Captain_Colleen

    That bracelet is magnificent

  • Well this is freakishly cool and hoping it’s not sold out since you just blogged it haha. Love this.



    • I just brought it…can’t wait to see how it look on my skin tone! …and someone please change my Ebay Password…I can’t stop ordering on there. Gawd.

  • black.Steph.white

    just ordered one! amazing how you influence people by posting about this… the link you posted was already sold out! and even here in the UK they sold so many products in the last hour.


  • Love it. Sold! Bought myself one!

    It’s such a lovely shade! Can’t believe they come in all different colours and I haven’t heard of them before!




  • Nionn

    I got one by a weird pharmacist when I was 10, in a souk in Marrakech (morroco).
    I was so thrilled! this lipstick is just amazing. it was all day long! even more…hard to get rid of it once you applied it haha
    enjoy! xx

  • Maike Kelck

    aaawwww, more than the lipstick I like your smile with your style!

  • this henna lipstick is all kinds of amazing but i think actual lime green lipstick might just be the ultimate man repellant.


  • Bobby & Luisa

    Greaat !! Do u know that in Morocco we call this lipstick “bouss matkhafch”, it means “kiss and don’t be afraid” 🙂

  • We used to get these in Mexico as kids to play ‘make-up’… They really are a pain to take out later on (unless they have updated them) (or possibly not make them in China anymore)

  • Wow, you tapped into a part of my memory bank I didn’t think existed! My mom used to wear this in the ’80s. Seeing the product’s packaging brings me right back to being 4 years old. I might buy it for nostalgia’s sake!

  • esssskay

    ordered! can’t wait to try – thanks!

  • Looks fab, just bought one. The power of blogging.

  • In England we have a very similar Barry M product which works exactly the same as you’ve described, it’s amazing. I’ll link it here for any British lipstick lovers: http://www.superdrug.com/barry-m-lip-stick-magic-tom/invt/567354&bklist= it genuinely does work wonders!


  • maria teresa lozano

    Is the lipstick safe from lead and other dangerous ingredients?

  • This is a really cheap lipstick that used to be in fashion here in Brazil some years ago, it was sold at 1 dollar shops!

  • huh it looks really snazzy out of the tube. i would have been afraid of applying something so bright green near my lips.

  • Louise Elisabeth

    Hmm interesting I wonder what the boy will think of the magic trick when I’ll show him 🙂

  • monkeyshines
  • Carolina Muniz

    I still remember when I was a little girl (I think I was 8), and I always saw my grandmom using her green & golden butterflies lipstick. She gave me a chance to try once and the colour kept all day long. I felt like a mini women at time. 24 years later, here I am: an obsessed Girl About Town ;)))

  • Rose and william

    I love your rings! And i want the green lipstick too.

  • Deanna

    Benefit’s O-Glow blush uses the same technology. It’s … okay.

  • Katerina

    That’s AWESOME!! A lipstick that actually stays and doesn’t mess up! A def must buy!! Love this voodoo-magic 😉


  • This is actually an old school product, very common in Asia! 🙂

  • My mother had one of these, she let me try it on a few years back.

    I don’t suit lipstick.

    It wouldn’t come off.

    But if I did suit lipstick, it was such a pretty color (and really its persistence was admirable considering I pretty much hosed my face with every available solvent) that I definitely would have got one of my own.

    x Camilla

  • This is very cool- been trying Henna dyes on my hair for the past couple of months- not achieved the desired result as is only good for a tint but with makeup I always look for something subtle- so this looks perfect! http://thelaststraggler.wordpress.com/

  • Niters

    Just bought some can’t wait to try it out!

  • Dejhana Waite

    Be right back. Buying this right now. I’m such a sucker for a good gimmick.

    x Dejhana


  • It’s kind of funny seeing you write about this product! My grandma used it when she was young and also my mom. It was actually one of the cheepest things ever but they had no choice because they lived in comunism ….and there weren’t any other quality lipsticks on the market at that time. I used to steal it from my mom to try it on in hiding when I was just a kid.Cristina Feather from Romania

  • emma

    so, like dior’s lip glow… only BETTER?

    • Cat

      No, Dior’s is better! hahah trust me, that green thing can turn into hot blinding pink. And you won’t be able to take it off for like 2 days hahah. Stick with Dior.

  • I just ordered one. I hope I get a nice pink stain on my lips like you did.

  • guita

    I had seen this lipstick about 40 years ago (I know you may think I am too old but I’m not). It originally came from Syria or somewhere in the middle east. Once you apply it, it takes about an hour for full color, yet its amazingly moist.

  • This is cool shit! Gonna try it.

  • Valentina

    Very bonita! But i still feel like f.u. Ring is kind of insulting meeeee in particular (as opposed to me in general).

  • Paperstarz

    Why does this remind me of a lipstick I had while growing up in HS, in the late 90’s….I do believe this lipstick has been around forever.

  • Rhiannon Lorenzo
  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh….it’s gorgeous! I’ve been looking for something like this for years!!!!!! I hate the red lips, red teeth, red smeared look but that pink is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for spreading the love….

  • Michelle

    Does it have any moisture in it? I have the driest lips on record and am constantly moisturizing my lips with balm. Hopefully the lip balm won’t contribute to lessening the longevity of this wonderful intuitive color magic!

  • Erin Hennessy

    does anyone know where else you can get it? the ebay store is already sold out!

  • laraleimarie

    Oh no! the link you posted to buy the lipstick is now SOLD OUT! Do you have any other suggestions of where to buy?

  • luisa

    same here- my grandmother used to use these- she was from cuba- they were very popular- and i remember them from when i was a kid. they smelled very weird.

  • Blou

    BARRY M does them! Their topshop stall sells them! 🙂

  • Lea

    Help.. Can find it online 🙁 can only find the “mood changing lipstick” not the Moroccan kind

  • Nice! And weird at the same time. The object itself is beautiful though. What color!
    A friend of mine brought me a little tajine dish with dry poppy powder in it from Morroco. I just had to put a wet finger in it and color my lips, it was wonderful!

  • helena nicolau

    wooooooowwww!! Love it!! so cute! So cool!! Have a nice day! One big kiss for youuuu ;D

  • Reptilia

    Wow, that´s is too cool! I want it.



  • Sonia

    oh wow!!! flashback.. xD My aunt gave me one of those 14 years ago or so…I wonder where it is now.

  • SOLD OUT!!! 🙁

  • Amanda

    this is so freakin cool. i just ordered some from amazon!

    • Sasha

      Did you find this product specifically on Amazon? I’m having trouble finding it (I live in the US).

  • brunetteletters

    So cool!! Thanks for sharing!!


  • lol

    you should bring a more beautiful girl than this one

  • kaitlyn

    my pre-school teacher wore this and it freaked me out so bad.

  • Whoa

    $1.3k dress

  • Lydia

    Love the look of this! I’ve heard about this stuff but always been a bit scared to use it. But if it’s good enough for the MR team, then it’s good enough for moi.

  • FatFreeFashion

    That is so cool! I’d buy it for the shock effect of pulling a lime green lippie out of my handbag alone! Great post.


  • xtyb

    Ha ha ha! We got some of this in Morocco. My macho man dad thought he’d make my kids laugh by putting some on too. He had perfect pink lips ALL DAY LONG and since then we’ve all thought it’s magic. Please don’t tell him he doesn’t have to take us back to Morocco to get more!

  • Natalie

    How fun! Totally looking this shit up on amazon!

  • Cat

    Yup, we had these all over the place in Colombia too. Oh the horrors I did with them as a child. The clown face would last 2 days hahahaha

  • Nina Eryn.

    I’ve been practically obsessing over this lipstick ALL DAY now. just bought some:) it’s not Moroccan unfortunately, (curse you eBay and international shipping) but it will do… hopefully

  • Not to be a total trip kill.. But im going to go ahead and kill your trip. With that said this lipstick seems to work just like my fav Dior Chapstick/lip stain only mines not green 🙁

  • Omg, this is amazing! I’ve never heard of something like this, its so cool!


  • Sabby

    Just ordered this neon green henna lipstick and excitedly sent a picture of my purchase to my mom. She sent me a concerned email back concerned for the safety of my lips – I explained, “it’s OK, I found it on the man repeller blog” – that did the opposite of pacifying her, now she thinks I’m dying my lips green to repel men…!

  • Check out this vintage lipstick ad for the same type of product!! I found this at my school’s image library.

  • Addison Cain

    Sold out already??? I’m dyyying.

  • Sónia Josue

    That’s soo funny. I had one just like that 15 years ago, I bought in Morocco… Even the lid was the same…

  • Ohh le3ker l Fess!! They sell that every where in the streets of Morocco! Sooo cheapp! Make me so happy to see this on your blog, being Moroccan and what so ever! :p

    THUMBS UP!!!!! And I’ve tried it before, great invention (not sure it has henna though)

  • 24 hours?!!!!!! dude I totally need to try this NOW. One of the many woes of getting older…must have permanently colored lips for a youthful glow. ^_~ and I haven’t found anything besides Nars semi matte lipstick and Benetint, for long lasting color.


  • Nellie

    Dior has one just like this! It looks like a chapstick but brings out the natural color in your lips matching your coloring. I have it and it works great! This green is much cooler though. Might have to invest in this!

  • Robin Verity

    I can’t find this online right now and browsing on my phone sucks so I’m protesting by whoring out my link


  • Leandra, if you paid more that $10 for this, give me a call. I can get 6 for $1.

    In every possible color you can imagine or desire! Holla

  • i love them! i wore the black, green and blue ones, i prefer the black one it’s darker but still pink i love it

  • This was a very popular lipstick at 80´s in Brazil and I used it so much when a was just a little girl… Thank you for remembering that!

  • Lippy

    Hi, i’m actually the seller from ebay that you linked, i’d like to thank you for a mention firstly, they’ve all sold out within a few hours, currently have none in stock till tuesday where i may have some small stock.

    It does indeed react to your body chemistry and turns a pinkish reddish hue depending on the person.

    Thanks again, nice article!

    Much love from the UK!

  • Dandy,

    I used to have one of these!! eeek along with a copious mood rings! just incase I forgot what mood I was actually in!


  • Afz

    I bought exactly this is Morocco. My husband still thinks I am nuts, but it works!

  • nawal

    i am from the UAE and i am 25 years old and this product was so common when my sister and i and cousins were at the age of 7 and still is with my younger sibling and nieces .. they are sold in old souqs and small grocery stores in the market for $1 .. there is green and blue .. but green is more common and found easily .. this post made my day

  • I can’t believe you brought this back to life, I used to own several of them when I was just a girl, yes back in the late 80s and early 90s and they were one of my favorite things to have. I thought they were so cool! Yet I had forgotten of their existence! I need to get my hand on them again! Thanks for sharing.



  • This color is arguably my favorite on you, it blends in seamlessly with your skin tone and rejuvenates your smile. SOLD

  • alex

    Manrepeller, you’re beautiful

  • meloxm
  • http://moodmagic.com/ making me feel 12 again 😉

  • Mona

    Aha I buy these from Morocco every year I go!

  • erica jensen

    Want to try this!


  • AlexisB
  • Olga

    Oh my God, I’m such a relic! 🙂 I still remember those green lipsticks from the 80s! 🙂 To be more exact, I’d long forgotten but you reminded me of them! I think I was 12 or 13 when they showed up in my part of the world, which is (or was) Ukraine. Some time between the 80s and the 90s. Thanks for posting this, this stuff is such fun! I’ll definitely look it up! 🙂

  • vicsfashionmarket

    cool, just ordered it 🙂 x Vicsmarketlondon

  • Wow that is amazing, I’m totally sold and now I need!


  • Charlotte @thecallagirl

    This lipstick is just amazing! I want it!

    View my blog:


  • tamara


    Hi everyone i have found the lipstick for SALE on ebay… This is the Link…


    Good Luck there is only 10 available…..

  • tamara

    Hi everyone i have found the lipstick for SALE on ebay… This is the Link…


    Good Luck there is only 10 available…..

  • Cat

    i’m from buenos aires, argentina, and i found it in china town for less than a dollar !

  • Olivia

    I´ve already got mine! I´ve got it as a gift from some nice dependants in a shop in Marrakesh! They called it “magic lipstick”, Loved it 😉

  • cris altuzarra

    I have the same lipstick, it was a souvenir from Marrakech.They are awesome! I have one in green and another in purple, but the final color is the same, so natural, so fresh…

  • Fabita Punk

    Looking really good girl 🙂 This was my favorite type of lipstick when I was a kid…it always amazed me 🙂

  • Anya

    Very interesting because when I was in Morocco all the women there had this… I tried it on to be told by my mum that it was too pink for me to wear every day!

  • Olga

    Hi! Thanks for the post, I was so intrigued by that lipstick- got it ordered the next day. It looks so different on you! I was in quite a shock, because on my lips it turned out super bright pink and I felt like a character from a comic book lol maybe worth trying to some lip gloss on top…

    • Olga

      to put*

  • tamara
  • Patricia

    Wow, I remember these were popular when I was a kid. My mom had one of those, some 20 years ago!

  • Captive Louise

    I bought some of this from one of those huge chinese department stores here in Portugal, but it was blue and probably had 0% henna or any natural ingredient at all. Thing is, I was actually looking for blue lipstick and felt deeply disappointed.
    …but these seem nice!


    • ritaduartesilva

      Hey, Portugal here too! Did it work like they are describing? Where did you get it? Rita

  • Nadine Khalil

    your just so awesome.

  • billy

    this is… AMAZING. I saw a girl applying it on the tube once and had to ask what it was about 3 years ago, science and beauty go perfect together!

  • vivimo

    Hey i am from argentina and here this product is very commun but it´s not the best beacause the ingredients aren´t the best for the lips so , take care , don´t use this every day. This a product that u can use for some party is not the worst but only take care wen u use them.

  • anna
  • charlote
  • I now that product a friend of me hat it to

    So cool

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports


  • Dry Lips

    Hmm thats quite interesting! Im nor sure whether staining your lips can be a good thing, but is certainly interesting. http://drylips.org/

  • Juliana

    When i was a child in Brazil, in the 80’s, it was a trendy. My mother use to have it, everybody used to buy it in Paraguay .

  • merry

    hi i just bought it and i couldn’t believe my eyes it’s such lovely color and the more amazing things is that all colors turns to a real attractive pink.

    the link for the ebayer shop is here


    lots of love

  • Camila Santa Maria

    I bought a similar lip stain (although at a contemporary and branded packaging) at Sephora in Madrid (from their own brand, it was a slick black tube with the cutest lip drawing on top) last year and they happened to have to variations of it, one pinker and the other a red-ish colour. I bought one for me and one for a friend and it turns out that it too changes from person to person. Yours is great for a 80’s/90’s flashback though!

  • Brian22can

    Note that tipping practices will vary from country to country, and even between regions in the same country.

  • aisyah

    the green color makes it look like a Halloween decoration to me. xD

  • Ana Carolina

    Here is Brazil this green lipstick used to be called “24 hour lipstick”, coz once you had it on, there was no make up remover to take it off. When we applied, it was a bright pink color which would be just horrible by the end of the day… This is sooo 80’s. I can’t believe you resuscitated this product!!
    xxx, Carol

    • Ana Carolina

      Here IN Brazil

  • Paty T

    My sister got me one from some sort of moroccan shop near her neighborhood in Belgium, and it’s awesome. I love it.

  • Lachlan Molineux

    Adore making you fairness! Fairness is now you’re on hand. Apply thesenatural products and make you fairnessand healthy. These natural products change your life style.

  • Daaaaaaaaamn that’s awesome.

  • bigl4k

    I’ve been wearing this lipstick for ages. It lasts forever on my lips even after brushing teeth. Super cheap. Less than $1 in my country

  • Willa Grant

    They had that in the 1940’s it was called Tangee.

  • CY

    pH is NOT short for pure hydrogen.

  • Angie.Evan.

    ok it lasts. but can you remove it easily? i had a similar once where the colour stayed on like for days, it just didn’t leave my lips. annoying.

  • pltn

    Reviver Balm by Dior does the same thing in a more..proper way!!!

  • Emily

    I have 3 tubes of these from Moracco. They are awesome. Indeed green, same tube, same everything. Turns a bright pink on me and looks fabulous. No smell.No taste. Great consistency. So excited to see someone else knows this exists. Now I have to take a picture.

  • sns

    I had this in the 7th grade in 1988. mine was blue though

  • Madeline Mad Maddie Moon

    Is there a better link or a more permanent way to get this lipstick? Perhaps a US distributor? I’d like to try it, but the EBay seller you linked to in the article is already sold out and does not have any other items posted, let alone the lipstick. 8(

  • pamb

    I’ve read several articles with Linda Rodin about her beauty routine, and she always mention Fran Wilson (I believe) Mood lipstick. Looks like I will be buying that one or the Moroccan one for summer. Curious if they dry out the lips, though.

  • I got this at Duane Reade a few weeks ago- does exactly the same thing and stains your lips for a freakishly long time: it’s called “Fran Wilsons MoodMatcher”


  • Read this. Bought it.
    Can’t wait to try it!

  • pearlymae peanuts
  • pearlymae peanuts
  • Nefeli Steirou

    Oh my god! I’ve had this lipstick for years, my parents had brought me one from a trip to Morocco, some 6 or 7 years ago, so when a friend went there last year I asked her to search for the green tube and bring me one back. I love it! Also, I’ve found it perfectly doubles as a blush. And, it’s a GREAT conversation starter.

  • Red wine is more fun!

  • The go to catalog for everything your mom or grandma used “back in the day” Tangee: http://bit.ly/1ISxvvj The Vermont Country Store.

  • earlyholo_scene

    Have been rocking this since 1989. Best worn with mood ring and hypercolor t-shirt.

  • Jenna

    Hey! Someone finally explained how it works! Thanks for the details. 🙂

  • Victoria Lustig

    One of my best friends is from Morocco and here visiting Houston for a week. He brought me this lipstick, and I love it! Was researching it and came across your post. I’ve already been asked by three people about it, and yesterday was the first day I wore it. He brought me a bunch, so I will have some lucky friends!

  • Marie SG

    girl from Manila, Philippines here. around Asia we call that Magic Lipstick. it’s popular with Korean brands as well. our local drugstore sells em for under US$2 😉

  • Elena Alexandra Marcu

    I just read your article and i find it to be fantastic! So i rushed to ebay(cause i’m from Romania and there are zero to none chances of me finding this arround). And i bumped into a seller that uses your pictures. Last time i checked that wasn’t really errrr….legal. Am i right? Sorry if i upset you in any way and thanks again for your article!
    www. ebay. com/itm/HARE-MAGIC-MOROCCAN-LIPSTICK-TURNS-PINK-WHEN-APPLIED-Christmas-Gift-/262296423414?hash=item3d1215cbf6:g:kx4AAOSw9N1VhIqj

  • Mary Yasmine Arrouche

    One slight correction, pH means power of hydrogen or potential hydrogen and not “pure hydrogen”

  • Meredith

    I vaguely remember seeing this as a kid in the 80’s but wasn’t old enough to use it. I was surprised to see it a few years ago at a random souvenir store in Waikiki. So I bought it, and I still use it occasionally. The one I have is called “magic kiss.” It’s similar to a lip stain. I love it!

  • LetsEatPizza

    these are so great BUT only work on certain skin tones. not great on brown skin. i looked like an 1980’s hussy.

  • Andrea Cas

    PS- the “p” in “pH” stands for -log (the math function, not the word). Great explanation otherwise <3

  • They sell these in Mexico for like 5 pesos . I remember my mom used to get me these or lip balm when I was a kid and I wanted to wear lipstick like her. I don’t know a lot of people that wear these but I still love it , they last longer than a regular Liptick and you can make it as brighter as you want.

  • Shahi Biscus

    HAHAHAAAA I’m so dead you guys discovered the lipstick our mothers had when they were young

  • Shahi Biscus

    Also there is more than one shade , there is red, purple, light pink and the pink you have in the picture

  • Filza Nasir

    Oh my goddd! This is my favorite lip stain. It’s so subtle and leaves your lips moisturized. I put in when I’m in no mood for dressing up in the morning for work. I didn’t know you got them in the US too. I got mine from the UAE.

  • Carolina

    Gosh, my great grandmother had literally ALL the shades of that lipstick. You should try the black one, it’s actually quite nice. It turns into a kind of dark purple (depending on how many layers you apply) and it lasts like forevuh! xx

  • DarthVadersCats

    This is just to say
    I tried this ‘magic lipstick’
    I found it at my local beauty store
    For like, under two dollars
    It’s so pink and so sweet
    This parody is bad but like I went from being a no lipstick ever kind of girl to a swipe this stuff on and wipe it off for a very natural looking pinky neutral that’s super pretty and I never would’ve tried it if I hadn’t seen this arrrrticccleeeee