Dare to Underwear

That time I wore panties out for brunch because I felt like brunching in underwear


Assuming that you’ve spent the last sixteen seconds clicking through the above slideshow, you are likely questioning a number of things right now.

On the one hand, are those underwear? Yes, I am wearing underwear.

On the other, are those…brown? And yes again, I own several pair of underwear of the brown variety (which is not a testament to skid-marks just the really odd predilections of my color scheming capabilities.)

And on a third hand, just to clear any lingering confusion: yes one more time–I am layering two separate pair of the aforementioned underwear because I layer everything. Those white frills fabricating thigh trim are actually the result of my slightly tugging at a white chiffon underwear, worn beneath the brown pair for, I don’t know, the sake of creating dimension? I’d recommend your trying it but have a feeling you’re going to tell me to put my pants back on any moment–which brings me to what I’d imagine is the next hard hitting question:

Why the fuck am I wearing underwear?

Put simply, I was explaining to Kate about two months ago that I really, really wanted to wear high waist panties with an oversize denim shirt and lace-up sandals out one night. She asked why I hadn’t and discrediting the circumstances of the frigid weather at the time, I sympathized with her question. Here I am, urging all of you to wear precisely what your heart wants you to wear–no matter how uncomfortable, outrageous or inappropriate it may be–while I sit behind a computer screen romanticizing what I want to wear without putting to practice my own advice and the overarching ethos of the site. That doesn’t seem very fair, now does it? So several weeks ago, on the first hyper warm day of spring, I layered two underwear and went out for a stroll.

Interesting deductions? We’re either a city of narcissists or very, very, busy people too fixated on our own doings to even recognize that every now and again, if you look up, you might see a woman walking down Bowery without pants on.

Man Repeller x PJK denim shirt, Ten Undies underwear, Alaia sandals. Jennifer Zeuner necklace. Photos by Naomi Shon

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  • margot

    i think you look good.

  • quailman had it right all along.


  • This really reminds me of that nightmare I get where I show up to school without pants on…except now it might be less scary, and it will be totally intentional.

  • Love it! I had to click through every photo and my boyfriend even came over to see what was going on. I wear a sheer shirt here and they stare so I wonder what would happen in underwear like those. It makes me wanna try. The skid mark reference made me laugh.


  • Reptilia

    LOVE it!! really sexy!



  • I’m sorry, but you are a genius.

  • monkeyshines
  • so in the end, did you wear them for brunch? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Melissa Varela

    hahahahaha, after this, I think you could convince me of anything.


  • Amanda Perry

    I think it looks great! You are definitely a brave one ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Irene Laura

    Really unexpected…. <3


  • Grace Kane

    I hope that is a snap crotch shirt…cuz there is nothing worse that fretting with ones clothes. Comfort and a relaxed attitude is what fashion is all about…well and tons of silly fun. I did notice a bit of lumpy shirt front on the tummy…that would have made it uncomfortable for me to step out in personally…but I am like that.

  • No sure how I feel about this: practical? No. Makes for good content? yes. I wonder how it lasted through the night out.

  • Jenn

    you definitely pull off the look!


  • deanna

    on the one hand, you look ridiculous. on the other hand, i think everyone who wears skin-tight high-waist micro-shorts looks ridiculous, and those appear to be “in” right now, so… power to you, i guess.

  • GURL…where is our booty shot?!?!

  • artificious

    you are the bravest and funniest person I have ever heard of.

  • i guess it is time to bring out my fafi x undiz culottes…

  • lilivm

    why the hell not? you go, girl!

  • You must be the only person in the world who could look that good wearing that outfit. Very cool hair and I love the cuffs on the shirt.

  • Kiah

    **DEAD** lol

  • Cindy K

    My problem too is romanticizing. . .but about everything. Need to light a fire under my (frilly underwear) butt. Thanks for always being an inspiration and a push. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well. P.
  • haha!!! just RT this before; “It’s not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself” E Roosevelt. (Which left me thinking, WTF am I not doing…) Great under pants. xx Synderela

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    These days some shorts are even shorter than underwear, so why not!? :p



  • andrea

    I think you have beautiful legs, but back before you we’re born, that was usually known as hooker wear. & you would be able to see women dressed just like that on the far west side of old.

  • Repelling!

  • Sartorial Revenge

    I guess the trick is to find a pair of underwear that – like yours – doesn’t look so much like underwear but more like shorts (of course, I’m not talking about the normal kind of shorts that one would expect but the newer variety that the fashion forces have recently made acceptable).
    But kudos to you – I still wouldn’t have the balls to pull that off.


  • Well done.

  • Fashion Hunter

    Just goes to show you…. you can jazz up ANY outfit with a great pair of stillettos ….and it will work!

  • nia

    part of me feels like this would work perfectly on some european beach

    then another part of me feels like this is something hannah would wear and then i’m suddenly really confused

    but i think the moral of the story is to do you girlfraaaand.

  • I want to see the back!! Then it also shows how it looks for someone who walks behind you..
    From the frontside it actually looks like you’re wearing like really really short high waisted shorts, looks cool because of the layering and because you have killerlegs. If you have short fatty legs like me, this is such a no-go..

  • Aubrey Green


  • You seem to be able to pull off just about anything and it’s really, really not fair.

  • Belรฉn Cavas Hernรกndez

    You look really fantastic!!!

    Today in the blog SOS Music Festival, my outfit and all the pictures.



  • TeuntjeVDW

    You’re awesome! xx.

  • Kim Fisher

    You’re adorable but this looks ridiculous – you’re bordering on The Emperor’s New Clothes area here .

  • Marina Casapu


    Much Love,



    Tezory Jewelry

  • Bonnie

    People should have more fun with fashion I always say!


  • brunetteletters

    omg wow!! i love you bc you dared to do this!!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • You look good, why not wear underwear to brunch?!
    I now want to wear underwear to brunch too.
    <a href="http://theeleganter.blogspot.co.uk/"The Eleganter<a href="http://theeleganter.blogspot.co.uk/"The Eleganter<a href="http://theeleganter.blogspot.co.uk/"The Eleganter

  • I think you can chalk up the lack of reaction to just how SHORT shorts are becoming nowadays. In fact, on first glance I thought you WERE wearing shorts. So I guess that since no one seems to notice, go ahead and keep your pants off!

  • Nena

    I think you pull it off more than any other girl could. you rock!!


  • you’re totally getting some tonight.

    • Leandra Medine

      One would think, right? I hit social rock bottom last Saturday night and haven’t come up yet.

  • Well, it kinda sorta doesn’t look like underwear. : )

    jessydust | Toronto fashion blog

  • Athena B

    It actually looks really good!
    I wouldn’t be sure those were underwear if you haven’t confirmed.

    xx, Athena!

  • Jennifer

    I think it would be great for a photo spread, but not necessarily for public wear. But to each their own lol

    xo Jennifer


  • bisbee

    Whatever makes you happy (and makes for a funny blog post), but, as your mother has probably already told you, there is a reason why it is called UNDERwear. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Princess Anne

    But what if your vaginal lips are too big? ‘Cos I’ve got real smackers down below (certainly not a neat, inconspicuous little money-slot). Do I dare?

  • Liz-Best.com

    Britney could definitely take a word or two of advice from this!

  • Michele
  • Audrey

    Great look! But I think you’re probably the only person on earth that can pull this off.

  • You look great. Ah, how I wish I had your self confidence, Leandra. X

  • Sarah

    these are such pretty shots!

  • Is “underwear don’t care” the new long hair?

  • Therese

    awesome look.. but only YOU can pull this off

  • =^..^=

    youre SO lucky you dont have cellulite (yet ) …. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Meredith

    How do you miraculously not have 1. Horrible butt bagginess from the tuck-in 2. A cameltoe?

  • mintandlime

    Love them! It obviously helps if you click your fingers at the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Fuck yes! I hope
    swearing in the comments section is allowed. Iโ€™ve been watching this trend and
    reading you watch this trend and I’m so glad that it has been implemented! The
    result couldn’t be better. I still think you should go out dancing in this —
    perhaps even in a red satin undies not unlike those shown at Dolce nearly every
    season (and for good reason). With a red lip, those Alaias, your black Acne
    blazer, and that Isabel Marant Victorian top you wore under your overalls at
    fashion week. Or perhaps no top would work, too!

    I’m going to implement this into my wardrobe shortly, and should I get a
    referral or severe violation of dress code mark placed on my transcript, I’m
    going to blame (read: thank/congratulate) it all on you. And Marc. And Dolce.
    And Betty Grable.

  • Just L-O-V-E!!!!! Hottest little brown undies ever!!!

  • Once again most amazing legs ever……oh and come on don’t be shy I want to see what the back looks like.

  • Reece Andavolgyi

    I love the ruffle peeking out! and their is no worry for panty lines. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    reece xx

  • #YOLO (side note: make sure you’ve waxed)


  • carly tati

    If the Marc Jacobs models can do it in a show, why can’t you? Who needs pants! Cheers. http://www.carlytati.com

  • Leila

    I think you did it so tastefully, it looks awesome! Hopefully I can pull that off this summer without looking like I just forgot, um, my pants.


  • Gurl, you crazy,
    I mean actually… it kind of works, in a strange way. Or maybe it’s just your flaming self-confidence that makes it all ok. You’re like a walking billboard for the phrase “Do you.” Maybe start wearing a sandwich board with that printed on it?

  • Haha more details please!! How were the reactions?! It’s not everyday you see a woman walking down the street with LAYERED underwear! lol. I never had ahankering to wear underwear but I do really want to wear high waisted shorts (mimicking underwear, i guess). Awesome heels! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • sarah

    you make me smile. thanks. i think we would all feel a little better if we’d just through our hand up and wear our underwear out.

  • V from The Drastically Blog

    I think we should ALL try it! If you’ve got it, flaunt it…in this case, a great bikini wax!

  • Jane S

    Put your pants back on. A bit too much of an exhibitionist for my taste, no matter how great your legs are. Save it for the hubby.

  • When did I miss you cutting and combing yout hair? Nice!

  • soan

    you are bonkers Leandra… thats the best thing about you..

  • Beauty Follower

    Great shorts!

  • the narrator

    only you could inspire me to want to go out in underwear and a button down. once again – well done !

    ps. my friends and i are thinking you will make the invite list to met gala within the next three years, max. most likely 1-2. your take on punk would have killed it last night – you have to get in there !

    all in favor of TMR at met gala please say ‘i’


  • dailyfashionmuse

    Bahahahahaha, I love it! Totally thought they were a couture pair of shorts. What an amazing look. Loving the shoes! The whole thing seems very Vogue worthy.

  • Serene

    I think commenter Kim Fisher said it best, especially the Emperor’s clothes thing (exactly what I was thinking). You are such a cutie….but this is just ridiculous. It’s not cute nor is it sexy. And reading the comments is really perplexing…have we become such sycophants that we won’t even admit that wearing underwear granny panties as pants in public is NOT a look that works? That, IMO, is the bigger picture to this post. Anyhoo, I do enjoy your humor!

  • You look great in those, and honestly, I’ve seen shorter shorts in some of the locals stores around here.

  • chiara

    hi leandra,

    please tell us how do you keep your legs in shape, how come you don’t have cellulitis? what’s your super secret?!!!!!

  • DTC

    But are you wearing actual panties underneath?


  • sarah

    underpants rock!

  • c.

    you had me at “skid-marks” — love it.

  • Merel

    Inspiring photo!

  • Outstanding..:)


  • Panty by Post

    I love the undies! Can I send you some retro hipsters from my company http://www.pantybypost.com?

  • Christina Pippin

    brave heart! you’re totally channeling romy schneider + brigitte bardot in these pics:

  • maud.schellekens

    Great look!

    XOXO Maud





  • Mexicaine

    Dear Leandra, I love your blog and your style! I always wonder how you cope with being a fashion icon , I think it must be pretty amazing. On the other (shady) hand … do you get tired of millions of girls copying your style? do you ever feel that your identity slips away? Do you feel tired of seeing copies of you all over the world, that dress like you and talk like you? I could not help, but wonder. Kind regards from Mexique.

  • L*******

    Hilarious, cute & clever.

  • allenkaren33

    In an strange dimension they look quite cool. I love the fact that you have the balls to go out in underwear and yet make them look like shorts shorts. Awesome!


  • Point taken … now totally convinced O.o


  • Omg, hilarious! Funny thing is, I think I won’t notice that you were wearing underwear if I passed by you in the streets too…


  • Fabita Punk

    too risky

  • hehehe, you’re an interesting and fun personality



  • Behind the Mirror

    I feel like this is the essence of the man repeller… well done!

  • Lenalena_says

    If I had your legs, I wouldn’t wear pants. Or skirts. Like ever.

  • cloverfairy88

    I understand you completely. when I saw one of the Dolce&Gabbana shows a couple od seasons ago, all I wanted was to go out in the evening wearing high waist black panties, but I don’t have your legs and self-esteem ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sunny Melles

    Picture no 4 lets me think you must be a guy, right? Not a good idea at all.

  • karly

    honestly, I’ve seen girls wearing cutoffs that are basically underwear, so this isn’t shocking at all!

  • Kosi

    Thought I saw ‘skid-marks’ written somewhere.. hang on

  • Victoria

    you could definitely pull it off, i think you look great

  • Nathan Eddy

    When I was living in Long Beach around 2000 there was this exercise maniac 94 year old lady who power walked 6 miles a day wearing 3 layers of underwear out powerwalking on the beach as if she invented it. She loved to wear the scooby doo print whities as the outer panties. My neighbor once commented that she must have been gorgeous if she is in such good shape when she was young. You go girl, you’re gonna be that crazy lady that outlives her friends.

  • Melie
  • This is why I don’t get how we act about clothes sometimes. Literally the only thing separating this from being an official romper (and therefore not just socially acceptable, but also “trending,” as the kids say) is that the shirt isn’t stitched directly to the panties.

    It’s as silly as when overzealous modesty bloggers are shilling high-waisted bikinis over their low- or mid-rise counterparts — because those extra three inches of midriff are apparently all that stands between a woman’s piety and total slutdom. But the same amount of fabric in a high-waisted bikini as “regular clothes” would be like, unthinkably immodest?

    It’s so arbitrary.

    This is a romper, but more creative and with options. It’s great, you’re great, so you wear that underwear with pride, girlfriend.