On city-appropriate (or not) bathing suit wearing


On the second warm day of spring (lest you forget, I spent the first one wearing underwear as pants), I wanted to try something out. Piggy backing off the new-ish predilection I uncovered for suiting earlier the previous season, I felt like transporting that cue into the new season. And in spite of the obvious fact that a grey and white cotton suit could probably do that on its own (call it a summer appropriate nod to Beetlejuice infused by that magic Swedish potion indigenous to Acne), I commissioned the help of a brand new one piece bathing suit aptly equipped with stationary green flamingos to pay slight homage to last summer’s Bikini in The City video but also consummate this marriage of suit and summer.

Conclusion: While I really appreciate what vertical stripes do for my FUPA and the fact that even as I maintain an A-cup chest, my knockers could look…depressed, I would definitely never wear this out if not for the sake of a blog post/experiment. In becoming better acquainted with the suit, I’ve learned these pants need height in heel formation and that the bathing suit, though dynamic and hip and with it and obviously ready to dance, needs a pool–plain and simple.

So why am I even showing these photos to you, right? Wrong. I see no problem sharing the trial and error process especially because I fuck it up really, really often. And because I tell people that to achieve a good outfit, it is sometimes advisable to pair three of your favorite garments together (which is essentially what I’ve done here), it was important to document the time that didn’t work. But make no mistake–this is my mistake, that is not a testament to the clothes themselves. In any case, what do you think of this look?

Outfit credz: Acne suit, Marysia Swim bathing suit, Superga sneakers.

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  • I’m digging the bandeau top w/ the blazer…

  • Glad to know that even the best can fuck up an outfit now and then! I actually love the jacket and bathing suit though. I think you’re being hard on yourself 🙂

  • In all honesty, I actually really enjoyed this look. Maybe it’s my infinite, undying, strong love for that Acne suit (namely those pants — the slits! Ahhh!). Or maybe it’s that similar love for the swimsuit. Or, also maybe, is because the look reminds of the leotards poking out from the slouched pants at Rodarte this past collection, making the look above perhaps the ’50s Floridian summer version of 90s Santa Cruz.
    Given my main “income” is that of sporadic babysitting, how can a girl like me get a pant like that? Have you seen any similar? Maybe I’ll have to DIY, but knowing my past lack of craft with most anything crafty, that could go horribly wrong.

  • So, if I like it,

    I’m like, fer sure never getting married, right?

    PS: The double waistline is….genius.

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Royal Wang

    The same outfits,but you can always find a different way to wear it,so impressing,so personality

  • Giving this look a miss was my first reaction. But the longer I look at the photos the more it’s sort of growing on me. Leave it to you to make a serious don’t into an ever growing do. xx

  • I like that look with the blazer.

  • Reptilia

    Amaizng outfit! Love this suit.
    The top is amazing and i like stripes in the blazer and pants!


  • Nico
  • Restless Blonde

    🙂 Very nice and funny post 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I’m diggin it!

    xo Jennifer

  • Natali

    Girl you’re amazing!

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic styling! inspiring layering!


  • Marina Casapu

    those acne pants are on my “to buy” list too! U look lovely!

    Much Love,



    Tezory Jewelry

  • Katerina

    I love the blazer!! You’re totally rockin’ it!

  • I seriously cannot find the right words to utter how much I love you. Whenever I dare to write a comment on your blog I go over-the-heels nervous , trying to step up to your infinitely intelligent writing style. I’m kinda on the verge of building you a statue, girl, as you constantly rock my blogging world. Need I say anything about this particular outfit now? Well, obviously it’s purely adorable and genuinely brilliant, so nothing new.

    p.s. thanks for boosting my A-size-cup confidence.

    Sara Constance @

  • haha lol
    I prefer the way Columbine matched the pants over yours.. sorry hehe.
    Do have to say that flamingo bikini is pretty awesome.

  • It needs some killer white heels and a white sporty maybe mesh related crop top and I think this would be super hot.

    With the Superga’s it looks like a costume and the bathing suit is just too much, but I don’t think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen! You still manage to look remarkably cool despite the insane outfit!


  • Laura

    you are a GENIUS !! i love your trial an error.

    ps: love the way you express yourself. 😀

  • Domonique

    Acne can do no wrong in my eyes, with the inclusion of yourself and the sneakers I’d say you pulled it off. With the removal of the bikini and addition of another top of course 🙂

  • Viveca

    I think it would’ve been perfect with a pair of heels rather than the sneakers – so not completely fucked up 😉

  • brunetteletters

    One of my favorite things about this blog is that you are so YOU. You don’t care if people stare just wear it !

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • A true man repelling outfit, I’m out!

  • Eva

    That is one awesome suit! Talking about perfection! xx

  • Georgina

    95% of the time I love what you wear…today is not the case. But they totally work separately, tho.

  • Leandra- I love that you just go for it on every level, and that you don’t succumb to the blogger’s pressure to *seem* perfect all the time. It’s so refreshing to follow your chance-taking and experiments, especially with your attendant honesty. Love it.

  • It’s very cool, I’d see a neon color bag with it, a tiny one…


  • I love that you’re admitting that not everything “trendy” is fabulous . Fit and proportions is important in any look and this here has neither.

    Love the shades and yes we all have trial and error. It’s a strength to being able to pull them out and learn from it so you can style it differently with other looks.

  • ladysupermarket

    When I first saw it, I didn’t see the bathing suit, and when I did, I really loved it. Perhaps some shorts instead of the whole suit? I actually like this outfit. Don’t be too harsh on your instinct , Leandra!

  • You look like a sweet, wrapped in a suit, with a flavour of sunglasses, jewels and colourful bikinis.

  • rhodawong

    the pop of print looks great!

  • Ji-Youn Sung

    Can’t find more great combination. Where’s fun if you don’t try?

  • Wholly agreed, this outfit isn’t doing it.

    Which only means one thing: Underwear-as-pants for the win.

  • Togs, togs, undies? A classic conundrum!

  • Dandy,

    i love this! i think if the bikini was a one piece it would have nailed it!

  • Katie

    Love this look and that swimsuit is to die for… I actually think the blazer with shorts (even diaper shorts) and the swimsuit would be chic with Isabel Marant sneakers…don’t you think? I love the idea of a blazer and a swimsuit or just those pants with the swimsuit as a top but for the ultimate man repeller look: you scored! I love it!

  • I do like the bathing suit inside. 😉 looks awesome with the blazer.

  • maud.schellekens

    Great look!

    XOXO Maud


  • alicake

    All this outfit needs to be kickass is for you to wear the pants lower (they are supposed to be worn at the hips) and either hem them shorter to wear with flats, or wear heels. The double waistline is great and I love the genius of wearing a bikini with a suit!

  • Jane

    Leandra, Do you ever go out in an outfit that within minutes you realize you just fucking hate and experience subsequent anxiety? How do you deal? Tell us.

    • alicake

      Happens to me with alarming frequency. I find that the amount of time it takes me to choose an outfit is often inversely proportional to how much I end up liking the outfit. Overthinking ruins everything.

  • CW

    Those sunglasses are so retro, I have a pair of Ray Bans like that for myself too!

  • Jill

    Please Leandra, who makes the sunglasses?

  • ela’s world

    digging it!

  • gege

    are those the mesh super gas?

    • Leandra Medine


  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    You look amazing!!


  • Sartorial Revenge

    Thank you for not being afraid to share the error part of the trial-and-error-process that is getting dressed.
    That actually makes the outfit kinda perfect – at least in my book.

  • Which filter are you using for all the photos ? 🙂

  • Talia

    Whenever I read your blog, or is that rather follow it religiously, I can’t help but yell GENIUS inside my head! My god Leandra, your trial and error makes you greater than the usual banalities bloggers craft themselves into.

  • jaclyn

    I mean not only is your suit mind blowing but the why in which you styled it is beyond… great.

    check my blog:

  • Too much Acne for may taste. Drips & drabs, maybe a Dries blazer would’ve been a smarter choice? Ditch the Supergas, they look better with crotch shorts.

  • It’s man repelling, but not like super repelling. Love the lesbo-chic-at-coachella vibe!

  • xtyb

    I love the look IF you have been wearing it on the beach previously. Once it’s mid June, go out to Robert Moses, bring fresh water to rinse your body but not your hair and then wear that out once you change in the car-don’t go home on the way out. Perfection.

  • Nicole Zimmerman

    I would like it with shorts!

  • chinuskaftans

    That is one awesome suit! I love the blazer 🙂

  • the baby question

    having a baby?
    nice swimsuit

  • Behind the Mirror

    oh how had I forgotten about the bathing suit in the city video… Love, so fun!

  • I do think that its fairly interesting, with the green peaking out from white and grey stripes…though I think it’d work better with heels, though I like the idea of the swim suit underneath. Its like a little secret you can keep to yourself.

  • marysia


  • Lily

    Like I always say, the only true fashion mistake is mediocrity. At least it was interesting. But since we’re criticizing here, I personally would have gone with a grey or at least a more neutral suit. It would have looked really cool if you wore a striped bathing suit, I think a black-striped bathing suit would be a really interesting contrast against the pale stripes. The bathing suit needed to be low-waisted; it would have looked better without the bathing suit bottom poking out. Also, this look definitely needed a heel. Pointy-toed stilettos or chunky heels would be perfect, even Jeffreys would look cool. Personally, I think flatforms would look REALLY cool with this outfit, and shoes with gold accents to match the necklace would also look good.

  • Captive Louise

    Whatever, you pull it off. And the background really helps the case, emerald is such a purdy color.

  • Marissa Klurstein

    I am fully aware this post launched a century ago in blog time, but in the off chance that you have never seen this image, I had to share. In the even more off chance that you don’t know the significance of me sharing this image, see Karen Mulder’s feet.