Beach Bound?

Haha! Lol! No you’re not. But…it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, we’re about to have us some fun.


When you wake up and look to your iPhone, hoping for good news or at the very least a sliver of light that may indicate a far fairer forecast for the weekend ahead, do you know what happens when you realize you’re looking at Cupertino and not at New York? You get incessantly excited. You start packing your bags for the weekend–even if you’re not going anywhere–just to feel like Memorial Day Weekend belongs as much to you as it does to anyone else. You think bathing suits and sarongs and panama hats (plural), and if you’re in a really, really good mood, you even think several different pair of sunglasses for the different days you will indulge in heat and sunlight.

And then you know what happens? You come back to your iPhone, look back at the forecast and realize you’re not in start-up nation. Where you really live, the tales of Memorial Day Weekend are far more disconcerting. 55 degrees. Rain. Thunderstorms–that forecast may as well share what it’s really thinking: Hey, asshole, remember when you put your coat in storage last week? Big mistake. Huge.

But I’m not one to gloat in misery, oh no, and thus by osmosis neither are you. Eventually summer has got to come around, right? So we may as well start planning and let this weekend inaugurate summer in a slightly different capacity. Maybe, too, if we convince ourselves the forecasts are wrong and our clothes are right, we can find ourselves sunscreen-laden and daiquiri drinking.

Just kidding, I fucking hate daiquiris. Let’s stick to plan A. Your summer stripes, right this way.

1. Oversize denim jacket, Topshop, $90

2. Linen, striped scarf (you will wear it as a sarong, right?), Lemlem, $140

3. Denim shirt slash dress slash jacket slash perfect to put over a bathingsuit or, you know, your naked body, Maison Martin Margiela, $425

4. Owl intarsia cotton-blend shorts, Etoile Isabel Marant, $290 (and, full disclosure, I am wearing them right now.)

5. With this precise T by Alexander Wang black and white striped linen shirt.

6. Red floral tea dress, Topshop, $85

7. Dolly cricket striped flats (an elegant alternative to Soludos, and a perfect antidote for those of us who don’t particularly love flat sandals), Tabitha Simmons, $395

8. Navy and black panama hat because, why not? Live a little, J. Crew, $58

9. Gold coast shades, Nasty Gal, $40

10. Printed ruffled triangle bikini–and I know what you’re thinking–why now after all the despair I just shared? Because it’s nearly 60% off, people! Zimmermann, $110

11. Embellished sandals–these ones make my heart sing–Tory Burch, $276

Doesn’t that feel great? Talk to me–what do you like? What do you hate? Happy long weekend, folks!

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  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    Those Isabel Marant shorts are IT.

    And who says you can’t slip them on, turn on the heat to an obnoxious level, and put on some sunglasses while jamming to Will Smith (“Welcome to Miami…Spanishspanishspanish”)?? I certainly say no such thing.

    • Ha ha, just what I wanted to suggest … let us all turn on the heating (we do need a warmer climate, it is known) and sort of celebrate summer in tees, shorts, sandals (why not, it’s MY floor, sort of) … I’d have a caipirinha, though (I know, I know, that’s sooo … 2001?)

      • Tatiana Popovitchenko

        2001….Old enough to be vintage.

  • I hate margaritas – all kinds. Just don’t care for rum or tequila. Or slushies.

    I also have to make sure I look at the right city on my phone. Otherwise, I get jazzed up that I’m in Florida and it’ll be 90 (I’m in Ohio, and it’s like 50).

  • can’t wait to wear these and feel the sand between my toes. at surf bar, where i’ll be weathering the storm and drowning my summer sorrows into my tiki mug.


  • jaclyn

    all seems very you and i love it all. personally that dress wouldnt have been a first choice!

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  • Selena Aponte

    Ahh, that Margiela jacket is unreal. I can wear that with just about anything and it would be perfection..

  • Elizabeth

    Oh how I wish this weekend was going to be as gorgeous as everyone expected! Oh well. I’ll be dreaming of (and eventually ordering!) that red TopShop dress… I can’t live without.

  • Nico
  • You’re reading my mind, girl. Packing for beach right now!!! Scarf as sarong is noted.

  • Meringues & Chiffon
  • CarlotaLMorais

    Crazy for the red dress from topshop and the striped tshirt! Both essencial for summer, simple but put together!

  • Josefina

    Those dolly cricket striped flats drive me crazy

    • Josefina

      and tha panema hat, and the sunglasses, and the bikini… Oh my God, Summer hurry up!!

  • chatNoir

    It’s 57F & raining/windy here in The Nation’s Capital on this Memorial Day Weekend Eve: BOOOOOOO.

    Still: I can PRETEND i’m wearing owl shorts — woo hoo!!

  • Guess its gonna work just with a really really good figure

  • Aubrey Green

    Shorts are amazing.

  • Oliver Lips

    You can’t believe how bad the weather is in Zurich, Switzerland.
    It has been raining for a week now and it wont stop the next few days. And if that wouldn’t be enough: it also got f*cking cold, so your sentence “Hey, asshole, remember when you put your coat in storage last week? Big mistake. Huge.” is stuck here as well… And the worst thing is that I hate myself for complaining over the weather all the time!!

  • Yates

    Ah, one of the only times Alabama beats New York. I’ll be hitting up the white sand beaches in approx. 3 hours. I only wish I had that denim shirt/jacket/dress/cover-up.

  • Joana Gomes

    Ever the optimist. I love your wit.

    xo Joana

    In Fashion

  • Those Isabel Murant shorts are killling me!! TOO cute!

  • Me too, I also feel terribly old when complaining about the weather :-).

    But then, I never even got to putting away my coat. Or boots. So I must be old.

    But I did buy 3 summer dresses, to prove my horoscope sign is the Optimist 🙂

  • sisters go bananas

    those Nasty Gal sunglasses are amazing and they’re affordable too… perfect

    sisters go bananas

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Spencer

    that cupertino comment is so unbelievably accurate.

  • Tamina S.

    so many great pieces for the beach and summer itself

    I hold you and your blog with so high regard 🙂 you apparently did so ridiculously much for it

  • Christine


    I guess it depends on where you live that you would be wearing a denim jacket to the beach, but I have to say…I loooove that mix matched pattern bikini! Very cute, and totally fab!

    You should check out our list of the

    Top 40 Swimsuits for Summer 2013:

  • V from The Drastically Blog

    I live in NY-Coney Island, my windows face right to the beach. It is cold out today but the new hire lifeguards are sitting on their lifeguard stands! I feel so bad for them!

  • Claire

    LOVE the Tory Burch sandals! And I hate Tory Burch.

  • Asma and Reem

    Our top 3 picks have got to be the Isabel Marant shorts, Nasty Gal sunnies and those gorgeous Tory Burch heels! Not quite sure about the T by Alexander Wang shirt though.

    Asma and Reem

  • Love those shorts.

  • erica jensen

    Need those Tory Burch heels!!

  • Patty


    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • FKxoxo

    WOW! in love with every piece of this post 🙂

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  • Karen M

    Those Tory Burch sandals make my heart burst!

  • shoppingspout

    Nice winter item jacket is super i will get this soon.

  • Bibi

    ahahaha seeing Toru Burch on manrepeller is like seeing Princess Diana wearing JCPenney

  • Captive Louise

    You know what would look good at the beach? These friggin’ crochets

  • Margaux Shops For You

    Got that Topshop dress, it’s the perfect summer dress!!

  • I want so badly to the beach only it is so cold here!!

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports