1 Shirt, 3 Looks

And you’re just like, what?


How many more times can I talk about “this awkward in-between weather” before the collective you begins an uproar called Tell That Broken Ass Record To Shut Up?

I hope at least once.

On Monday morning I was doing that thing where I stare blankly into a full closet and denounce the inevitabl(y untrue): SHIT, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. So you know what I thought? If I were me (which I am,) and I could wear whatever the shit I wanted, what would I wear? And then you know what I thought?

I’ll tell you what I thought.

Brooks Brothers.

Eureka! It’s so simple, I just wanted a blue and white striped dress shirt (file this one under: indubitably made for men, sparingly used by women) with an easy-to-manipulate collar that I could tuck into virtually everything. Maybe that was the secret sauce–that capital T-Thing that makes the entirety of a pre-existing closet feel brand new again.

Now, because I live downtown and there is no Brooks Brothers south of 1st Street, I consulted the next best thing: Uniqlo, where my findings were a phenomenal combination of cheap and chic. I’m just kidding, I would never say that. But really, the shirt was cheap and it is conceivably chic.

What you see in the above images are three separate looks styled with the same shirt, worn the same way but applicable under the circumstances of several different occasions that occur during the infamous, aforementioned “in-between” season.

In look #1, I’m, let’s say, going to the park for a walk or the coffee shop for a scone or maybe I’m going to the chiropractor and an oncologist back-to-back because my upper back has been killing and naturally, I think that means I have cancer. I’m wearing the Uniqlo shirt, which costs $39.90, paired with Rag & Bone shorts, Golden Goose hightops, and an Antik Batik clutch. The sunglasses are Warby Parker and though everyone wants to call them “Lennon shades,” I prefer calling them “Lenin shades.”

In look #2, I am hypothetically meeting my parents for dinner or maybe I’m on my way to an important “business meeting” or, or, or! maybe I’m interviewing to work at a fashion house. This is what I’m wearing. The jeans are MiH (yes, these are the Phoebe jeans we wrote a poem about last week,) the purse is Lizzie Fortunado and the heels are Caroline Issa for L.K. Bennett. I maintain that you haven’t lived until you’ve worn neon balls on your Achilles.

And finally, in the last look, you’re definitely going somewhere (cue slide #9, in which I insouciantly walk), I’m just not quite sure where. Why? Because this is precisely the blazon of outfit that doesn’t necessarily need a destination attached to it. Just wear it because it’s great and because you love it and because it’s fruity. The skirt is an old Stella McCartney number I scored on The Outnet, the shoes are Isabel Marant and really awesome because they assume so many different identities. They could have been Gucci when the house was still running at the helm of Tom Ford, they could alternatively also be Guess, so, there’s that.

As for the way I move (because I know you’re wondering)…

Play this music:

And watch this:

iIHNrR on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Happy Wednesday!

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  • maud.schellekens

    Great look!

    XOXO Maud



  • Suzannah

    Love this idea!! I have so many Brooksie button ups and I’m always trying to reinvent ways of wearing them. Thanks!

    • Gan

      Please never say Brooksie.

    • what style BB do you wear?

  • i love the second matching!! and the gif is cute:)

  • Dory Alvarez

    The last look is the best <3
    Me encantas 🙂

  • love your dancing video lol

  • Becky Fearn

    I love the third look the skirt is something else!!


    B xx

  • Nico

    Great idea, I love the first look!


  • Well. P.
  • Ines Cruz

    Awesome ideas!

    I hate this in-between weather… so many doubts when dressing up!


  • Natali

    Both outfits are awesome, 2nd one being my favourite one!


  • Kristina

    finally I know what I’d wear If I were you (which I’m not, sadly). P.S. that crazy gif works for me even more hilariously to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp6j5HJ-Cok enjoy

  • rhodawong

    just love the way you style!


  • OMG You got the Caroline Issa for L.K. Bennett heels!!! They’re sold out everywhere!!!!!!! (I just used up three lifetimes’ worths of exclamation marks.) Love the outfits as always <3

    Oh, you can make GIFs on photoshop pretty easily so you won't have to have that thing on the bottom right. 🙂

    • john doe

      of course she did. who do you think she is, a plebeian?

  • Lima Ché

    Great post and pictures dear!
    Always a pleasure to pass by!!


  • Daniela Acevedo

    I will tell you in Argentinian: No podés!! that it means: You Can’t (or you are impossible or incredible) You are THE man repeller, and you make me laugh so much!! The looks are great, also! Besos!! Dani

  • Too cute!

  • the narrator

    that has to be one of the most spectacular GIF’s i have ever seen.

    off to uniqlo i go!


  • Kate Barnett

    if anyone, like me, was thinking: i know that song, i can appreciate the gif without actually hitting ‘play’…. i strongly urge you hit ‘play’

  • I got those same shorts! I love Brooks Brothers and the way you move too.


  • Great looks…best is the floral skirt.

  • ready for fashion never a dud,
    never relaxin’ man repeller is everlastin’.
    not clashin’ not at all, mccartney and marant interactin’;
    the shirt is uniqlo if anyone is askin’.
    drip drip drop there goes an eyegasm
    now you’re inspired all over the place.
    but i know y’all wanted those lk bens can you feel yourself repelling the M-E-N.


  • Susana

    “…they could alternatively also be Guess, so, there’s that.”

  • amapola

    haha love the video and the gif.

  • monkeyshines
  • ana romero

    hahahahahahha love this! so funny, and amazing style as always.

    I have some funny bloopers in my blog. Making fun of yourself is the best!

    kisses from http://www.rockafolloe.com

  • kc

    when did you get your shirt…? would love it. love the broad stripes. and yo cool stylin’ gurrrl ! wish i could wear all that to work !

    • Leandra Medine

      I got it on Monday!

  • lefukaka

    AHAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST LUNATIC ON FLIPPING EARTH. Caps because I am yelling not because I want this shit to look big. I love the way you move.

  • Oliver Lips

    1 shirt, the 3rd look is the best, but the 1st + 2nd aren’t bad at all!? 😉


  • NyeshiaCareem_

    i love your dance at the end! rock on, man.

  • sarah

    love your look and moves 🙂

  • mulberry&melrose

    dying, i love you, you are hilarious -S

  • love all the looks and the last gif even more x

  • Domonique

    So that gif just made my bloody day!


  • brunetteletters

    omg your last picture !!! hahaha I wondered what people thought when they saw you doing that..

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • I love the third outfit! Skirts are always awesome, with anything 🙂
    Nice post!

  • Where did you find that graffiti? Killer.

  • sarah

    i really love your mom’s necklace

  • That gif at the end…haha…I’m dying over here!

  • Jennifer

    That gif maks my day!

    xo Jennifer


  • That Stella skirt is amazing and looks awesome with the shirt.

    Loving your moves…x


  • The blue moon

    I love your blog it´s very inspiring ! Go check mine on http://thebluemoon-tbm.blogspot.fr/

  • Eva

    Love how versatile some pieces are, great looks! xx


  • caseable

    Love the pictures! Reminds me of an earlier collaboration

  • Astrid

    Third look is amazing! Doesn’t look at all “last season” (or whatever).

  • Juan Fernández

    Gracias por compartir. Te dejo muchos abrazos y te invito a ver las Portadas más famosas de mayo y espero que me cuentes cual es le que más te ha gustado. Besos todos

  • Brandi Murphy

    The third look is definitely a winner! Skirt=KILLER.


  • Michèle
  • Sombody from Somewhere

    Love the third look the most!


  • I just love you! :)) What a beautiful, funny lady you are! Loved all the looks, but my fave one is with a skirt!

    I think I’m gonna ask myself every morning now ” If I were me (which I am,) and I could wear whatever the shit I wanted, what would I wear? ” :)) Brilliant!


  • sooo… has anyone said you’re just A-M-AZING??? haha!! http://www.pepajuliette.com

  • Jessica Penny
  • You seriously are making me want to save up for GOlden Goose sneakers!! Great looks and I love the Isabel Murant heels!


  • =^..^=

    Yo, Sis: what size Uniglo mens shirt ??

    • Leandra Medine

      It’s a medium!

  • chellalvz

    lol! love the moves!! and the outfits!!

  • Your Stella McCartney citrus skirt is so cool! I love the bold and fun print of it. (:

  • Brooks Brothers right at WTC way south NYC my new fav is the old RL classic fit oxford timeless and Kiel James Patrick scalloped collar oxford

  • I actually watched that gif to the end of that song, your dance moves are so hypnotizing girl!


  • V from The Drastically blog

    I LOVE that skirt! The way you show the motion it can create in one of the photos, Tyra would be proud! Also, LOVE Brooks Brothers. You might want to check out my link below, I found the coolest Kate Spade bag a girl was carrying on the street last week!


  • Gracie

    Love the skirt & that shirt, great choice! and thanks for the gif so funny and creative as always…<3

  • Sarah

    i LOVE when you do these posts– good work

  • The size of your photo lacks clarity and definition. I need larger photos or a zoom feature where I can examine the Guess-like footwear. You can even say Candie’s…?

  • You are such a fruit. Probably of the coconut variety.

  • Passant Adel

    love it love love IT!! also love the how you put it in different occasions, yes no.3 doesn’t need anything, its just an #everywhere look.

  • My votes for the clementine skirt look. I want it! Ps u got some moves- can see a new dance trend there – you go! http://thelaststraggler.wordpress.com/

  • lydia

    the gif & the song. omg.
    just too much. too too much to lol at. (and your dancing remarkably manages to stay in time with the music for the whole song. trust me, i know; I was hypnotised).

  • Alinanancy

    Really interesting! Well done! Beautiful post in every way!
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  • Alba B.

    Hello Leandra,

    if you would be a Humorist, I personally think that is going to be too boring for you because that Ironically Humor, comes so naturally from you that I wouldn’t figure smb else with such a lean verve of putting you in a good mood, with or without* your SHIRT, which by the way my favorite look is the second one!!!

    I am already stargazing myself like going on the second outfit to a “business meeting” and hearing & moving with your song. I think that will “shake” their routine, don’t you?

    Thank you once again for your solutions.

    with or without* – U2 song

  • nororre de P&P
  • milexblog.blogspot.co.uk

    pure love.

  • milexblog.blogspot.co.uk

    pure love

  • Carola Disiot

    love 3° look!!! so insual and beautiful!



    in the Kitchen!

  • Nicoletta Italian fashion

    Wow… Beautiful legs..
    Come to my New blog.. http://www.facciadastile.it

  • elise

    the gif (do we call it that? the moving picture of you… yikes, I am behind) obvi made me think of the tagline “happy air-hump-day”. Which, I digressed, totally worked in light of the Mean Girls post because Amy Poehler makes hump day cocktails for the Plastics + Lindsey

  • SylviaETC

    great looks!!
    nice coincidence, I posted on wednesday too an outfit with a stripe shirt – totally agree it’s such an essential piece 😉


  • Rose Marie

    the last look actually makes me want to have sex with you


  • vicsmarket

    wonder if that video would pass parental control

    cool article, and you can have nothing to wear even if you have lots of clothes, totally unrelated 😉


  • love the dancing video & song

  • I am going with #3. Isabel and Stella got me..


  • Bonnie Clyde

    Love all outfits!!


  • marvelocity

    I have a teal-ish blue and white striped (mens) Brooks Brothers button down and I love that shirt! It’s perfect worn not tucked in with a belt, leggings, and boots.

  • Thrifted and Modern

    Your blog is always spot on and we love your humor…and your sense of style, of course. Check out our store & blog http://www.thriftedandmodern.com

  • Chic Trends

    OMG that gif made us laugh to tears!!!

    You look great, as always! x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  • Susy

    No homo but you have some of the nicest legs I’ve ever seen in a photograph.

  • Jane

    Amazing moves…

  • Felicity

    What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
    I LOVE the second shoes.


  • Amazeballs legs… And looks. Love.

  • Aha the gif made me laugh. I love all the looks but my fave is the 3rd just cause of that amazing skirt.


  • ela’s world

    Love the skirt!

    Check out our “weekly” from last weeks Miami trip!


  • Del

    LOVE the banana bag!!!

  • Gudule

    I-would-kill-for legs.

  • Michaela

    We love your blog and outfits 🙂 Check out http://www.stylegodis.com from LA for more fashion finds!

  • Lee (brazilian fan)

    I LOVE you in this skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neslisah Cetin

    So sweet 🙂

    visit my blog as well , http://www.neslisahcetin.com/en

  • Mooday

    Leandra you’re just great! I love the way you write, I can laugh all the time while reading your articles and still appreciate your styles! Maybe you’re a man repeller, bur surely you’re a women propeller!