Sunday Funday

Bellinis at your discretion.


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With the exception of perhaps Definer, mobile games aren’t typically my bag. So when Bumble and bumble sent over their prototype for Bumble and shuffle, I didn’t rush to try it out. The same cannot be said, however, for MR’s own Kate (high score 150k, level 13). Curious what could be so engrossing, I gave it a try. And guess what? It’s really fun. So we’re inviting you into our rabbit hole, because it’s Sunday, and taxes are almost due, and the slot machine sound effects are unusually satisfying. For the full effect, you can download it from the iTunes store and earn points towards actual Bumble and bumble product (Kate’s planning to bathe daily in Creme de Coco). For a preview, click ‘play’ above.


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  • Just started. Damn you. This is seriously addictive. I am now blaming all of today’s unproductivity (totally a word) on you.

  • Retired Stylist

    Now I’m hooked on this game AND your Seaweed Shampoo!

  • Aitzi

    I´m going to play!


  • I’m afraid to try this one out. I have a stack of papers to grade, and I know myself…haha…they won’t get done!

  • lefukaka

    You have just royally screwed my sunday.

    • Kate Barnett

      ha! you’re welcome. 🙂

  • Sgravalli Fashion Jewellery

    Sorry guys, I can`t follow you on this one! I was never attracted to any digital games like that, kinda seems to me a waste of time if I don`t see any “tangible” or “useful” result (but that`s just me). I am one of those people who always complain about day being too damn short for all the things I was planning to do, and then I can`t sleep because I`m organizing
    stuff in my head for tomorrow. I think it`s in my blood or something; you see, my grandpa from Croatia, where we all used to live, he had a ranch in a village, worked from early morning to late at night, every single day of his life, and he was a rich and happy peasant. Infact, we all from the city would go to ranch and work over the weekend or even on workdays after work and school. One time, my uncle, his son, an engineer, head of a high profile company in Croatia, who travelled the world and experienced the other side of the life (hedonistic one), took him one time, on a mini vacation to a beach. To one of those beautiful beaches along our Adriatic sea. That was maybe in the 60-ties, 70-ies, and my
    grandpa has never been to a beach before. So when he got there, he was just shocked because of what he saw, he said: “Dear God, look at all these people, everybody lazy, nobody doing anything just lying around like that!” True story, not kidding! Ahaha! Hope you get it now:)

    Well, enjoy your game, I need to finish my taxes today (yes, still not done, did not have enough time, again) …

  • Paragon Desert

    Thank god for a game that isn’t about moody animals?

  • lauren

    this is addicting

  • Lauren Harrigan

    Level 11, Score 78,870! Catching up to you Kate…

  • anonymous

    this is awesome, I can’t stop playing. I will be downloading this tomorrow for sure.

  • ana romero

    Tonight we are living historical elections in my country, Venezuela. This is the first election post-Chavez and we have a great chance of wining for the first time in 14 years . Thanks so much for this game, it is really helping with my nerves :)!! #Venezuela #WeCanDoThis

  • dandy

    look what you’ve done! haha

  • Manu
  • flyingadolescent

    It’s really good!

  • kati

    oh my god so addicting. damn.

  • Debbie

    my score was 23000!….yay!. Made it to level 6 🙂

  • meloxm


  • anonymous

    level 9


    not sure I get this game – are big heads worth more?