In The Mood

“Shit, I have nothing to wear!” Said every woman in unison.

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Do you know what I’ve been doing for the last 72 hours? Strategizing an exit plan from top shelf to anonymous cabinet somewhere, anywhere, for my sweaters. Do you know what I could have been doing? So many other things. I could have finished David Sedaris’ new book, or I could have followed Cara Delevingne in and out of the Bowery Hotel ad nauseaum until she accepted the plea to let me cut her hair. I could have called my mom, or my grandmother, or bought Rice Milk, but no, I was strategizing an exit plan. And do you know why? Because every time I gazed into that familiar black hole of curiosities choc full of the sweaters that cloaked my upper body through the totality of this frustratingly long winter, the high waist ripped jeans that lent diminutive frost bite to my knees and the Golden Goose sneakers–the fucking Golden Goose sneakers–I stopped myself short to proclaim, “I have nothing to wear.”

Now, this is obviously not true. I just catalogued three such genres of garment unabashedly loitering in my closet. So what’s my problem? And why am I framing this story in a sequence of stupid and rhetorical questions? Ah, yes, the time of year, (which answers one but not the latter, I’ll let you rip me a new one at your own disclosure.)

We’re back in limbo, folks, and that means it’s not particularly cold but it’s certainly not hot either. And what’s a girl to do under the circumstances that suggest she wear nothing and everything all at once? Opt for a uniform, abide by the uniform, and forget your knit-inflicted sorrows until you’re certain denim cut-off, white cotton/linen blend t-shirt weather is here and it is staying, which brings me to the above amalgamated.

My current mood is telling me there’s no better time to wear a short sleeve bathing suit as a top (this one is by Lisa Marie Fernandez and comes in an excellent shade of utility green,) with high rise, light wash, superbly roomy jeans, seemingly designed for a woman but fit for a man. (How else, after all, would we anticipate wearing body suits?) The ones photographed here are by MiH and are called the “Phoebe” which really forces me to believe they’re the indiscernible brainchild of a certain Mme. Philo. Per the accoutrements: two big cuffs, nothing small, nothing layered, and a bare neck. Photographed here Elsa Peretti’s bone cuff and Delfina Delettrez’s golden honeycomb–no pun intended.

The sunglasses are from Asos and their tinted lenses can be flipped up should you find yourself hungry for a Fresh Prince of Bel Air moment. The white strappy sandals are Alaia from The Outnet but I think you can and should really easily wear a flat with this too. Maybe a white Superga sneaker? Or those new Soludo espadrilles? Why now, am I talking in singulars? I don’t know. I just feel like the key thing to remember here is that if it rains, you’re gonna do great.

So, what are you in the mood for?

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  • Green suits you. (AKA you should get that bathing suit.) I am currently in the mood for man-repelling skin-showing (if that makes sense), since it’s randomly super hot in April at where I live.

    • Dark green is the best thing ever, I was so glad when people started realising that and making clothes that colour.

  • I’d TOTALLY let you cut my hair. Those jeans are sick. I’m in the mood to add more seersucker to my wardrobe, shorts or a dress ideally. Looks like American Apparel is the only place to find that stuff though.

  • I dig the swimsuit Repeller. One of the perks of summer. One piece & denim. I dig it! xx, Synderela

  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    Considering it is exam time over in academia land, I am craving my harem pants with looser than thou sweaters. And driving shoes. Prep it up.

  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    Also, that cuff is heavenly.

    • Tatiana Popovitchenko

      And soooooo sold out.

  • I am ALWAYS in the mood for Man Repeller!! Those glasses scream Dwayne Wayne and I love you for it! 🙂
    Visit us at

    • Jacqueline Nooner

      I was just thinking Dwayne Wayne. LOL Thank you!!

  • Niki

    Well here in Greece the weather is nearly 28 degrees Celcious, so i’d rather wear a denim skort that these jeans. Which are great, obviously!


    now this is something i would toooooooooooooootally rock!love it!!!

  • Stephanie

    Those shoes!!!! I die!

  • Lisa Simone Daniels

    First time in my life I’m totally bugged that I don’t have size IT41 to fit in to the last pair of those Alaia’s on the outnet

  • monkeyshines
  • I want to wear it as a top too!

  • Guest

    i’m in the mood to rock those cuffs in some outdoor seating, sipping margavezas sweaterless. aka bring on the spring already.


  • Maria

    An unrelated, but important note: have anyone ever told you, that you kind of look like Eva Mendes? I saw this picture and was like “Has Leandra become an actor??”

  • Katerina

    I totally understand what you mean about the whole “too cold, but too hot” drama in our lives. Montreal is exactly there, and I feel like I go through my closet 3-4 times before I can settle on an outfit, all the while still trying to look good! I feel ya girl…

    As for the pieces you’ve posted here, LOVE! I am a huge fan of a bodysuit. I do own a few myself. And the shoes are to die for! Great choices 😉

  • JessicaN

    Superb find on the espadrilles mentioned…ordered and done 🙂

  • This is an amazing look Leandra, and I love every single piece. Obsessed with white shoes as well!

  • Jane S.

    That swimsuit as a top is very cool…until you need to use the bathroom. No drinking water allowed.

    • Oh you’re making quite a point here, to be honest, I never once thought about that! 😉

      X Marjolein –

  • brunetteletters

    Hello Leandra,

    This season I’ve been struggling with what to wear!! I just wonder what I wore this time of the year, last year. Whatever it was, it’s no longer in my closet.

    It happens every season…

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Those jeans!! Love them.

  • i’m in the mood to wear those cuffs in some outdoor seating, sipping on margavezas sweaterless. bring on the spring already.


  • the (un?)social butterfly ;)

    I’m glad you were quick to inform that beehive cuff was Delfina Deletrez’ because I was about to bet a kidney that it was McQueen Spring 2013. Thank you for letting me know I still have a lot to learn before betting my duplicated internal organs on fashion related matters.

  • Rachael Goodrum

    well that beehive cuff is not only playing into my fear of being covered in bees but it’s making me want it to the point that i might actually wear it…what is wrong with me. lol amazing pick.

  • I’m with you! I think my man-repelling is coming out in full force lately because I can’t get into any of the girly clothes I own yet (too cold), but I feel like a sweaty pig in sweaters (too warm). So…today I’m rocking a plain, button down white shirt, skinny jeans, sneakers, and of course an arm party. I look like I should be in a Michael J. Fox movie, dancing around to some Rick Astley. And I’m kinda cool with it.

  • Constance O

    Very nice blog ! Love the jeans, I want, I want !

  • Beautiful cuffs and definitely feeling some white Superga sneakers. 🙂

  • Love that jeans!

  • Domonique

    Exactly how I’m feeling, April always leaves me feeling like this! Also those shades are pretty impressive for ASOS.


  • Sombody from Somewhere
  • Jacqueline Nooner

    Girl, look, here’s a vintage swimsuit (from my Pinterest page) that I won’t allow my arms or crotch to fill. It would look great with those heels!

  • ana romero

    that cuff is AWESOME. Kisses

  • Greer Clarke

    I love collage posts!

  • Jenaly Enns

    i really want those jeans!!!

  • Alison

    The cuffs! Stunning, and, in the case of the beehive, fun.

  • Dandy

    The awkward trans-season “I have nothing to wear!” is so relevent in Australia right now! start of freezing, end up melting! what are we suposed to do!?



    *Says the desprate, dateless girl running out of time*

  • All I have to say is… ahemmm…”screw you bitch for being able to clean out your closet and rid your chunky sweaters/Tupac loving sweatshirts because it is still 30 degrees in Chicago and I am still freezing my titis off, so come June when I can rid my closet of sweaters, scarfs, furs, michelin man coats, and footie pajamas I will write/call and let you know how the one piece is looking for a top”
    -sorry did I complain yet that it’s still winter in Chicago?

  • Anna

    this shoes are brilliant!
    blogerki modowe

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • In London town I have the daily dilemma of looking out the window- trying to feel if it simply just looks sunny but is cold outside so planning in advance is a no go. Today I chose a long sleeve jumper dress- if its warm at least i get a breeze on my legs and if cold the rest of me is covered up;

  • Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska
  • Corrie Gabs

    Great post! I always struggle with what to wear at this point in the year! Also, in love with the Alaia sandals!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Chic Trends

    Hello dear~! Absolutely loving your style and writing! Although it’s taken us a while to find you, we’re absolutely loving everything here!

    Greeting from ChicTrends. We can’t wait for more from you. If you’ve got the time do check out our site. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Omigod, I think this is my favorite outfit I’ve seen… I don’t even know why, but I have to make this happen on my body soon. It looks so cool and easy at the same time. It’s edgy without trying too hard. Love it.

  • Shit. I just realized that they don’t even make the neoprene tee-suit in my size. Or anything even similar to it. I can now fully appreciate how unique this piece is. Now I just have to wait for the t-shirt/bathing suit/body suit market to explode with options.

  • brunarosso

    I’m wondering to see those jeans and that heels, I feel that one “eats” the other.
    Anyway, that’s a nice choice.