In His Clothes

Two closets are better than one


If you’d have asked me three years ago what every man repeller should do, I’d have probably negated the question and explained that marriage, like an optional root canal, is certainly what she should not do. Why? Because it’s a terrible testament to the title we’ve earned.

“Happily ever after?” No thanks. The supposition that someone has earnestly chosen you and only you as a live-in best friend-with-benefits adhering to a strict exclusivity clause in perpetuity? What is wrong with him? Sex whenever you want it? How could one even gauge whether she is successfully repelling if these are the circumstances under which she must live her life?

Fast forward three years now.

If you’d ask me the same question, (go ahead, ask it,) citing the previous answer, I’d explain to you that having been inducted into the hall of unconventional domesticity, I can now attest that marriage doesn’t really stand between you and your alias. (It’s always been about us as individuals, why now, under the pretenses of marriage would it become about the ubiquitous him, anyway?)

As an institution, matrimony has its pros and cons. Though in volume, the cons (I like eating cereal in bed, okay? I cry during most episodes of SVU–no one had to know that, and sometimes I’m not so good at brushing my teeth before bedtime and I just feel like I don’t need the hygiene police on my ass about that) outweigh the pros, (do you see what I mean about maintaining the man repeller alias?), it’s the quality of the pros that make the legal joining of two people not just bearable but even a unique brand of enjoyable.

Sure, tax filing jointly and companionship vis-a-vis your dick-laden bestie are great, but it’s the prospect of adopting one more entire closet FREE OF COST that really turned me on to the whole thing. Which brings me to the photos above. We haven’t played the Who Wore it Best game in a long time and upon mulling over how to dive back into these risky waters–risky because of the inevitability that someone’s ego will deflate–I thought there’s no better way than to commission my own partner-in-sex to partake in “a really harmless style story.”

I wore his clothes, Naomi photographed it. He wore his clothes, and putting to use my expert iPhone photo capture skills, I photographed it. Sure, I have a foot up on him–if only because I’ve been granted the opportunity to wear heels whereas he must wear his black Rag & Bone sneakers.

But alas…

“I would never wear this outfit, Leandra,” he explained, “the jacket is NAVY.”  He’s a diva.

The million dollar question remains: who wore it best?

We’re wearing: a Theory blazer, Vince khaki jeans, a white shirt from Uniqlo (fine, mine is Equipment) and his sneakers are Rag & Bone while my sandals are Isabel Marant (and now $311 on The Outnet). Those sunglasses are Oliver Peoples.

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  • you
    if only because that is one kickass sleeve bunch

    can’t stop clicking first and last pic in succession. really aesthetically pleasing.

  • Elisa

    You totally wore it best! What looks quite conventional on him (nothing wrong with that, mind you) looks slightly cooler on you, I’ve got to say.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • Reptilia

    hahahaha funny! You look awesome!


  • Quinn

    I really admire you because even though you’ve evolved or changed as a person, this site and what you/it stand for/represents hasn’t changed. I come back everyday during class eager to read your pieces because they’re full of ideas and full of inspiration for people out there.

    Rock on, אתה מדהים

  • Changes like these — be it made to style,
    outlook, etc — are only natural when we are exposed to more and our existence
    is enhanced my others. And while you’re not wearing the
    prints-on-prints-on-prints and pink bowties or your earlier MR days, the core of
    this concept will always remain the same, only getting better with time. Plus,
    who doesn’t like the Emmanuelle Alt x Fran Lebovitz love baby witnessed above?
    In other words, that biological phenomenon means humor, wit, wisdom, growth,
    style, articulate tongue.

  • Alona Bronstein

    You are just amazing. Seriously.
    And girls just do it better- even wearing a man’s clothes.

  • I would just like to see HIM wearing YOUR clothes. Now that, dear Repeller, would be amusing.

  • Kelli

    So, just gotta ask…and maybe this reveals how dumb I am…but no belt? As is it because they are khakis? Thanks for the schooling.

  • GirlintheLockerRoom

    You win! btw I now live by two of your valuable rules: “Know your onion!” and “If it looks wrong, it’s right.”

  • Leandra Medine


  • Marriage is what you make of it. If you want it to change who you are, it will – but if you want to take advantage of all the comfy tshirts, baggy pants, and extra belts at your disposal, then so be it! 🙂

    I’ll toss out a vote to your hubs. Even though he looks like he knows he’s been set up to lose, he’s still rocking the “I may or may not still be in prep school” look pretty well!

  • GLUE


  • rhodawong

    well of course you wore it better!

  • Nico
  • i’m shocked you were able to pull this off. my dick-laden bestie will allow me nowhere near his clothes. he’s totally scared i’ll steal his thunder. or ruin his clothes.


  • Amalie Espeland

    Haha can i say you look alot better in them?! check out my blog, i love you!! (or, almost, i don’t know you personally) 🙂

  • I LITERALLY just shot the same post… Damn girl, beat me to it.

    • Leandra Medine

      Can’t w8 to see it!

  • Definitely you – Agree on the heels. They make everything better.

  • poor guy.. looks like he’s been put in time-out.

  • alcessa

    Well, it’s 50 : 50. Plain and simple.

    Erm, sorry. 🙂 Let me explain: he looks better in his own trousers and I much prefer his shoes, but you rock the shirt and the jacket.

    Plus, you both look gorgeous 🙂 it’s official now.

  • Unconventional domesticity!!!!!! SUCH a SYN!!!!! except I’m a shiksha xx Synderela

  • oh btw, you wore it better …and I’ve gotta ask; Was it to hard to get him to take the pic for the post?

  • Une petite Bruxelloise

    Plus, you should also do a post soon “In my shoes”, when partners in (sex) crime will have to actually have to wear your shoes….

  • monkeyshines

    fantastic boyish styling!


  • my french cuff men’s blouses come from my ever stylish, would be a man repeller brother-in-law…..

    also, obviously, hands down you win. pumps!

  • Isa

    I actually think you guys are pretty comparable – his jacket fits slightly better, but your ill-fitting version certainly has its own charm. Your shoes pretty much win it though.

  • Sgravalli Fashion Jewellery

    You both look cute no doubt, but maybe it`s because I think there is just something so sexy and feminine actually, when you see she in his clothes, so I`ll vote for you. Regards, Olja.

  • I like the outfit on both of you! He just has more of a sad expression.

  • What a clever idea! Clearly, you win (but what else is new). Kudos to your husband for playing along.

  • Aubrey Green

    You win. Also, I think you get prettier everyday.

  • I agree! Not in a satire but him in some unisex pieces from your closet styled as a guy would normally dress.

  • Johanna Moroch

    Nice to get a peek of your inamorato…..

  • Leandra Medine= Moi Idol

    thats an awesome idea leandra try on

  • Gabriela Lubaba

    I love your style so much!!!! I so envy your shoe collection.

  • Jennifer

    You pull off menswear so well!

    xo Jennifer

  • Michele

    Tied for first

  • vittoria gallacci

    fantastic result! You’re lucky that he’s thin 😉

  • c.

    you’re the coolest person ever.

  • Jaclyn

    love how manly this look is yet femi with less than nothing heels!

    check my blog:

  • Liz

    He is ADORABLE!

  • Haha, “an optional rot canal” – your mind is just full of surprises!

  • Wendy Coral

    Umm, clearly you did!

    I do love a woman in men’s clothes

  • Laura

    i showed this pictures to my husband and he said: SHE ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD! (screaming and everything)

  • haha definitely you! Those heels made it a done deal. 😀

  • Meelena L

    your hair looks fab!


  • A whole new meaning to Bitch Stole My Look

  • I don’t recall what post you used the word conundrum, but it rocked my world the second I learned what it meant. How can words be so utterly fun to say and use? Well, I’d just like to thank you for kind of being the 3rd grade teacher I never clearly had. Basically, you’ve become, in a odd rather beautiful way, a vocabulary teacher for me. I was in class today, when my teacher let “conundrum” slip from his lips. I’m pretty sure I bore a grin from ear to ear, thinking to myself, “ahh, thank you man repeller, all makes sense in the world”. I love the fluidity of your words and the way you make the text flow off of the screen into a pool of laughter. Keep doin’ yo thang a thang.



    • Leandra Medine

      This makes me so happy. WORDS RULE!

  • Bloody hell…you look better in your hubby’s clothes than he does, so confused now. Should I swap wardrobes with my husband ? 😉

  • Without disturbing the matrimonial harmony of the MR household, can I just say that poor guy never had a chance! (I heard this MR chick is ruthless when it comes to nailing down an outfit!!) His solemn expression while you clicked away with glee tells me that he already knew who will wear it better!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Hmmm. Not a fair comp. He gets 1 pic to your 5. Stacking the deck – now that’s a stereotypical wife for you. (This is a joke fam.) Your shoes are killer, however. Oh, but he won because I’m a sucker for underdogs. But to give you a little luv, he’s already won in his choice of life partner. 🙂

  • ann

    i don’t know…he’s awfully cute. navy jacket with black sneaks be damned

  • Dandy

    Woman are so lucky that we can pull of men’s clothing yet they can’t really pull ours off! Double the choices for us! OH YEAH!

  • Laura

    Abieeee my forever favorite son in law!!! Of course Abieola wore it best… You look adorable Abie! MOM

    • Leandra Medine

      MOM!!!!!!! I’m your own daughter! #youvegottobekidding

  • LOL. May we see him wearing your clothes? That will be a very interesting post. LOL. You look amazing like always!

  • I’m going to have to go with you as the winner in this “who wore it best.”
    And I agree, gaining the boyfriend’s closet in addition to mine has it’s perks.

  • You do make it work but I think he definitely wore it best

  • You wore differently, what can I say I’m a diplomat – also bigups on the “you may also like” links at the end.

  • Karensitah

    What a trooper that husband of yours!

    Please tell me he has some kind of wonderful accent as I imagine him saying “the jacket is NAVY.” in a very proper and endearing tone.

    You two make such a lovely pair! Xx

  • Manu

    beautiful outfit 🙂
    love your trousers !!

    xoxo manu

  • Fatin

    I love doing this with my partner’s clothes as well. Somehow men’s shirts always look better on us women 🙂 Awesome post. For this round you win Leandra.

  • parfums

    so lovely looking . nice blog .

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  • maud.schellekens

    Love it, so french!

    XOXO Maud



    I LOVE HOW YOU WEAR IT! It’s just perfect from head to toe .. So definitely you 😉
    Btw .. It’s really hard to save the pictures when they are in this slide show thingy .. And I need to save pictures from your blog – it’s one of my hobby’s!

  • Great look- very simple but works well- for those wanting to make it a bit more complex or add a feminine twist i think a quirky hat would be perfect, especially with a tailored trouser suit. I’m getting ideas for future outfits. Thanks for the inspiration!;

  • Let me first say thank you for making me laugh this morning. “Tax filing jointly and companionship vis-a-vis your dick-laden bestie” are definite pros of marriage.))) Now for the game, definitely siding with you on this one. I can hardly believe those are his – you wear them so well! I don’t know why this idea never occurred to me… XOXO

  • Andrew

    Polygamy- why just have two closets when you can have seven?

  • sergio castaño peña

    youre amazing darlin’

  • Em

    I am constantly stealing my husbands t-shirts and hats much to his chagrin. WHAT? They have way better graphics than what I can find now for women!

    You look great btw, but Abe should choose an outfit he actually WOULD wear and then have you repel it!

    xoxo, Em

  • Definitely you look better Leandra!
    Your argument really gets my brain. I feel like getting a hubby (and his closet) asap. lol

  • Laura van der Brugge

    you look very nice!!


  • Théa Unknown

    Great outfit! So boyish!

  • hellpellet

    You! You, of course, wore it better

  • MGF

    ahah ah well, I m sorry sir, but I prefer Leandra Medine in you clothes !

  • FITA

    Your look great with those pants, Does shoes fit great with does pants. One kiss from Los 40 en Boga. Thanks for you comments.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    You look so cool!!


  • M

    Creative post, nicely done. You both look great, although you do have the upper hand with more photos. Plus, you look pleased to have your picture taken. He looks like I did on family vacations growing up – just get this over with already! Great styling. I and your teeth congratulate you on getting hitched.

  • ASULikeItNC

    Good thing he doesn’t wear nut-huggers, otherwise none of us would have been able to tell the difference! Very fitting for both of you 🙂

  • Hey this is a great way to share clothing with you significant other! Pieces that fit both the male and female!

  • getout

    It looks like you have a penis, or a sock, stuffed down your pants. Not a flattering look by any means.

  • Men’s clothing really suits you! (in the best sense of the word) 😉

  • This is so…. HAUTE! STEAMING HAUTE! I was once super hungover at some guys house. Had to call my best friend (happens to be a guy) to rescue me because I had no car and neither did the guy. (don’t ask) He picked my up with my walk-of-shame-worthy attire, gave me tylenol and forced me to go to a street fair with him. Since I couldn’t go in boxers, I wore his tank top, backwards (because I had no bra and it was super low in the front. You know bro tanks, I live in San Diego) so it hung low in the back to show off my TATT. it was haute. I think some people saw some nip at the fair tho.. LOVE THIS OUTFIT! wish I was hungover in NY.

  • You are definitely wearing it well…but…HIM.

  • you win