Eddie the Earring

Haven’t you ever wondered what your earrings are thinking when they’re not in your lobes?


Ladies and gents, meet Eddie Apricot. Conceived nine months ago while poolside in Long Island with one half of Dannijo, this earring is arguably one of the only you will ever meet with a vocabulary so extensive, heart so big and anxieties so outrageous, they could blow even Woody Allen’s out of the aforementioned pool water.

Danielle had the idea to turn a piece of her jewelry into a human bleeding real emotion long before she solicited by help to write a script that we would collectively decide could feature an earring named Eddie, forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of living life in a lobe, see: “I’m just so sick of poking people.” Times do get tough, Eddie is forced to remove and subsequently replace his twizzler arms, tic-tac fingers and mary-jane booties every time he transitions from in lobe to not-in lobe–and that is a hard life to live.

Since the time I dipped my mental objects into the formation of this character, it’s come an astoundingly long way care of the sister-duo. And now, nine month post inception, because it’s Tuesday but already feels like a tired, Friday afternoon, here’s a pick-me-up to pass by the time with a healthy chuckle.

You’re chuckling, right?

Come on! He doesn’t make the holes, they request the holes! That’s comedy, people.

Buy Eddie here.

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  • “And SLEEP with me in!” my favorite line. A new way to think about your jewelry. Who knew they had feelings? bravo! @Dannijo

  • Lefukaka

    Who made the video itself? Amazing.

  • Erika Epstein

    EDDIE <3<3<3<3

  • Aurore

    Absolutely brilliant

  • dannijo dioramas are the new peeps diorama.


  • Is it weird that I want to give an earring a hug?

    I know what you mean about today feeling like Friday. I don’t know what it is…the weather maybe…but this week seems like it’s taking forever, and we’re only 2 days in!

  • mariposa fashion blog
  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    “No, you may not call me Barry, Eddie. My name is Frank. DR. Frank to you.”

  • patrice

    me encantan este tipo de cosas


  • Thankfully Eddie has a therapist, he needs one. However, I would wear him he looks so cool. You are so creative and inspiring.

    See you in my blog, maybe.




  • Katerina

    This is effing HILARIOUS!! Certainly made me chuckle 😉


  • Will Code For Clothes

    This should be the next Pixar movie where the jewelery pieces compete to be worn the most by Andy.

  • Shnookums

    This is so annoying.

    • ShnookAms

      So are you.

      • Shnookums

        Funny because I had 2:52 minutes to make my mind up and you had the two seconds it takes to read four words.

  • Nataliechristina

    If Eddie wasn’t far over my budget I’d buy him. I tell ya – aint no earring like Eddie!


  • Daniella M

    This is amazing!!!

    I now sympathize with my earrings!

  • susan davey

    l.o.l honestly didn’t think i’d find this half as funny as I did. eddie is a nervous wreck! i’m going to think of this putting earrings in tomorrow! I truly adore your blog xox

  • Is this a scene from Disney’s next movie, Jewelry Story?

  • Hannah Torney
  • Johnston

    Well you were clearly drunk when you conceived this idea.

  • Isa

    Oh. This is cute. And befittingly weird.


  • From someone who fully believes that her shoes have spirits, thank you for the new friends.

  • ana romero

    hahahahha me encanta algo diferente!
    kisses http://www.rockafollow.com

  • Dandy
  • Chloe Moon

    This is absolutely hilarious!! =) Poor Eddie!

  • Rashida

    So funny!!!

  • His anxieties have anxieties..

    • danielle snyder

      best line

  • Lauren Dimesky

    Their jewelry and advertising ideas are out there!!!!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Manu

    cool video 😉


    xoxo manu

  • Alba B.

    Dear Leandra,

    I just have to make you my complements on interpreting and humanising an earring!!!!

    It is so genial the “metamorphoses” of it that what I found interesting watching this video were some dots of similitude between you and Lena Dunham in writing.

    Are you sure you were not separated at Birth?!!!!


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  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    I love everything about Dannijo!!! Really cool!!!


  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Nicoletta

    This is funny and genial….

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • www.dylicious.de

    I Love Love Love it! Great idea to make the earring alive!

    • Arzu

      Lovable, cute, funny, tothinkabout, wearable, knees lapping and sad in the same time… Brilliant!
      I need it in my blog… May I?

  • Gonna go make velvet pillows for all my earrings to sleep on now.

  • Fer

    Anthropomorphism at its best!

  • They request the holes! Genius! I loved this!

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