Dainty Days

How are you wearing your rings?


Let’s talk about the not-so-recent influx of knuckle rings festooned across more fingers than I can count, (though I do understand that using my fingers only amounts to another ten fingers,) shall we?

Daintier jewelry makes a far better winter case–we all know this. The science is simple: chunkier bracelets remain uncomfortably hidden under sweaters and large finger fragments make wearing gloves harder than three-day-old K-9 feces. We all know this too, right? And that once temperatures begin rising and we have the opportunity to whip back out our (registered) big guns, we will rejoice. Right again?


Cocktail rings are essentially for only femlae medical anomalies–women who have cocks or those who have tails or genetic lottery winners who have both cocks and tails. It’s been years since I, for one, have last sought out a cocktail ring (and even then, it was only–in true blinded-by-the-label fashion–of the Yves Saint Laurent arty oval variety,) but it’s only been months since I’ve forfeited my right to ring-wearing securely in favor of keeping shit above the fold, so to speak.

So what does it mean? Is the evolution of accessorizing just taking us in the direction of daintier, “fashion forward fine,” in place of thicker brass? I’ve personally adopted a mantra that goes, if I can’t shower in it, I don’t want to wear it. But maybe that’s not it, maybe we’re growing tired of using the conventional limbs to decorate our canvases (see also: the ear cuff boom) and haven’t yet been able to digest a toe-ring resuscitation.

Frankly, I’m not sure if you find your limbs facing a similar transition and your own personal hunger transcending the days of our preaching go big or go home in favor of the little guys above (yes, the ones pervading toothbrushes and bequeathing monocles to punk dogs, etc,) but in the event you do, sit back, relax, and stay a little while. We’ve got rings on rings for days.

Ring credits as documented according to slide #9: on left hand starting from pinky: Mark Henry Alexandrite flower, Vita Fede spike rings. Khai Khai snake ring on knuckle, Khai Khai handcuff rings across middle and index finger. Above index finger: skinny bands from a nondescript shop in LA though Anita Ko makes them too. On right hand starting from pinky: Jennifer Fisher charm ring, Catbird knuckle rings, Mark Henry diamond band with little baby Alexandrite nuggets, Khai Khai stock market ring. Jennifer Zeuner rings across middle and ring finger, Alexa Leigh ring on index finger. Photos by Naomi Shon.

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  • So much ring-induced jealousy happening over here right now. Beautiful!

  • Irene Laura
  • Mery

    uau, one more time, simplicity wins!


  • Hahaha yes I only have that one cocktail ring and it’s more of a weapon than a jewelry. Yet I still don’t wear many dainty rings all at once that often because I feel uncomfortable washing my hands with them. Though, I envy your collection very, very much.

  • Shira

    I love my cocktail ring-it’s not massive but it’s a beautiful amethyst in rose gold and small diamonds! I love dainty rings too but I don’t mind my ring:)


  • wow! love those rings! beautiful! simple and chic


  • I am loving all those rings!


  • gp

    Kudos for restoring the stud’s masculinity/facilitating her sex change.

  • you pretty much have my year’s rent dusting your knuckles. if that’s not big pimpin’ i don’t know what is. you go girl.


  • Well P.
  • Sartorial Revenge

    Cocktail rings aren’t my kinda thing either but I do have a lot of chunky silver rings that I pair with dozens of daintier rings. It’s the best of both worlds and always always makes people look (even at the airport, where I was recently asked if the big ass silver ring I wear on my index finger could be used as a weapon…)

  • Erykah La Rocca

    What an idea! Great and amazing!
    best regards from Poland


  • monkeyshines

    fascinating pieces!


  • Bird

    Ah! I have never liked cocktail rings, but I, too, fell for the YSL variety. Other than that short-lived love, I’ve always worn dainty jewelry. Jewelry is adornment that stays with you and builds over time, and I think that’s why I could never get behind the arm party or the bib necklace. They’re just flirting when dairy jewelry is the marriage!

    • Maria

      Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  • brunetteletters

    I truly like those rings…I am not a fan of huge jewelry. I am more on the ‘less is more’ side but wearing super thin rings like those, are perfect for me.

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • Sgravalli Fashion Jewellery

    I am crazy about jewellery, well obviously, but fashion jewellery, bijoux, more than the jewellery you can shower with, I simply find it more creative and I guess I am attracted by the out-of –the-box possibilities when comes to mix of materials. Interestingly enough I was never much drawn to rings in particular, any rings. I have a few, and I MIGHT wear it only when going out, otherwise, I think it bothers me when I`m doing something, and I`m always doing something. Yeah, I think that`s it. But you know what, I love what you showed here, these look clean and simple and beautiful just like that. But I prefer how they look stacked together, I will always vote for “more is more”! Still, these would be for some extra special occasions only, just doesn`t look much comfortable or practical to me.

  • Sylvie

    I have some knuckle rings for arthritis. they are actually ring splints to help with joint alignment. I always get comments on them. Neat to think they are now COOL!

  • I love reading your post and also this beautiful and simple rings.



  • Nico

    Cocktail rings are my fav but I’m trying something different right now.


  • Never a big fan of cocktail rings either. I only thought those would ever come in handy if I were in a bar fight (they always reminded me of brass knuckles), and since that rarely every happens nowadays…

    I’m not sure if I want to admit this to the internet, but I have on the same toe ring that I’ve worn since I was 15. That’s half my life. I considered parting with it on my 30th birthday, as some kind of douchey symbol of me “growing up,” but if you can make toe rings cool by June, I’ll consider keeping it on…in the name of fashion. 😉

  • Pamela Soluri

    I just found your blog and I love it!
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    Love your beautiful and simple rings. Really cool.


  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • I love stacking rings! Dainty and cocktails. So cute~


  • For the most part, any ring I put on ends up being a knuckle ring. I have really large fingers so I am glad to hear this is an up and coming trend. You just made my day a little brighter!
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  • MGF

    Geee you have got so MANY great ones

  • MaggieB

    I disagree, cocktail rings rock, but only if they are hand-me downs from your mother or grandmother. I also love the idea of cocktail rings, but how about something a little more affordable…

  • Jaclyn

    truth time! like many commenters and yourself have the YSL ring (sighing face). which I still wear- shameful? perhaps. usually I combine ONE (most likely YSL) cocktail ring and more dainty rings. BUT since Im a frequent pee-er I find it extremely annoying to have to remove all my rings (out of habit- which I cant break) to wash my hands. Anyway love dainty jewelry and cant wait to see you stack toe rings! =)

  • Nathan Niche

    I too have been sucked into the YSL oval ring, but I loved your humor on cocktail rings are for women who have cocks or tails, ewww perish the thought! You have the BEST ring collection ever, forget the arm party, we want a phalanges fiesta! Btw, I just posted my full on minimalist Céline resort 2013 look used for a styling shoot! Do tell me if I have successfully PROVOKED you 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • Irene Glez

    awesome! you’re great!

    I think the best way to wear rings is like the second slide: on a toothbrush!



  • aleza

    love them all, and the way you put them together

  • Dandy

    mo’ money mo’ problems.


  • Cheaper options please! xx

  • michaela

    On the recently influxed topic of stacked rings, knuckle rings and all things rings check out my giveaway for just that!




    I also was a sucker for the YSL ring but these days there’s nothing that makes me cringe more than large chunky jewellery. I’m loving the understated rings and thin wearable necklaces that are perfect to wear everyday whilst avoiding looking like a chronic outfit repeater.


  • For all of those ogling over Leandra’s collection (like me) but don’t have the dosh to purchase her enviable collection (like me) here’s a cheaper option to start off your collection… a dainty, chain ring x


  • Olive

    Discovered the Miss Wee website yesterday and then saw this post today so thought I would share as her rings are gorgeous:


  • rhodawong

    i need more rings in my life, not like i dont have enough already


  • V from The Drastically Blog

    Those are such amazing rings! I’ve been eyeing knuckle rings and resorted to finding the right ones, however they are sold out online! Fingers crossed for a new shipment! You are literally reading my mind! Nah, my hunt for knuckle rings began cuz of you!


  • Pelin Onal

    photos are great. Love the idea of ringed tooth brush! A girl needs accessories in every-imagined-where


  • Romina Ch

    I totally agree with you. And your rings are also beautiful. Romina


  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Amazing rings!!


  • I’m actually not the biggest fan of rings, however, those simple golden rings completely captivated me. Want so badly! X


  • Em

    Catbird rings are a particular form of kryptonite for me. They’re so easy to wear and are insanely comfortable.

    Stack that shit up yo!

    xoxo, Em

  • JennyMGold

    I notice the absence of Vera Meat’s dainty yet beautifully macabre pieces. I had a little gold raven but the beak cut into not only clothing but flesh so I traded it in for a curious little gold owl ring that I watches over this keyboard as we speak…

  • Jane

    The registered big guns joke is in really poor taste.

  • NeenaJ

    Dainty rings look ethereal on slender fingers. But, for a repeat violation knuckle cracker like me, it would be a man-handed disaster.

  • Lust Covet Desire

    Those Khai Khai rings are pretty dope!


  • Is the finger fiesta replacing the arm party? And what about your wedding ring?

  • Love the knuckle rings- but if y’all want to save some money, do what I did. I took my sons to the dentist and when it was time to get their prizes, I steered them not toward the miniature bouncy balls or the temporary Sponge Bob tattoos, but toward the little rings. They will fit a grownup’s knuckles and look adorable. Free! Well, except for having had to endure the agony of taking a child to the dentist.

  • maggie

    paragraph 4- typo! female should be female 🙂