Cheap Jewels

Rad jewels that will not break your bank but may very well break your back.


Sorry, I meant jewelz.

Does anyone else in this chatroom agree that jewelry and particularly bracelets are frustrating to wear in colder months? I don’t feel like devoting a generous chunk of my day to meticulously unweaving my knit sweater in an effort not to completely obliterate the entire sleeve care of the rhinestones/brass/charms/studs quietly dwelling on my wrist. No one can even see them, damnit. And it’s cold. And they are chunky and as such make wearing a coat with slim sleeves even more difficult.

I didn’t know I maintained this aversion toward necklaces, too, but among the stealth intel my trip to Mexico last week provided, guess what? I do. We can trick ourselves into thinking necklaces look great layered over turtlenecks and thick sweaters and collarbone-cloaking blouses but the fact of the matter remains: there is nothing quite as lovely as a gem propped up against human skin. (Other than daffodils and homemade pancakes and stuff like that).

In light of this revelation and the assumption that though spring has seemingly taken a detour, it is on it’s way, behold a selection of hip jewelry. What’s more? Nothing clocks in at over $80. Repellers on a budget, unite!

Picture 4

From top left and ascending vertically: that first piece is, yes, a white belt but I have this idea about wearing white belts as chokers this season. Trust me on this one (and also know, there is a tutorial on it’s way.)

A gold cuff, followed by a selection of brass rings to adorn every single finger on your entire body, even toes if you are feeling adventurous. (Do also send photos if this means you.) Also, a spiked gold choker because this year’s Met Costume Institute Gala theme is punk.

Colorful tribal necklace equipped with mini coins et al, Daffy Duck’s hot chick of a girlfriend on a gold chain, and a combination of colored stones, spikes, and a cascading amulet in the figure at bottom.

Per the last row of hip thrills: eyeball studs and a little baby bracelet (because, you know, I’m watching your every move and such), an ear cuff adorned by leafs, mismatched chandelier earrings ($30) to confuse your dad or whomever and a beaded bracelet to wear with your eyeball because beads are cool especially when of the anal variety.

What? Bye!

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  • overmycloset

    Oh Please, finally! πŸ˜‰ wearing a showroom of jewelZ during winter is beyond impossible to me! I’m not a freak any more. Thank you, Mrs. MR.

  • Ivyanna Adams

    I don’t think I wore a single bracelet in the winter because as you say they are rather a pain in the arse when trying to get your lonn sleeves on. Hopepfully Spring’s detour won’t take long and it will arrive soon. hmmm belt as a choker?? well thats new so look forward to seeing that.Keep om repelling.



  • Roxana B

    Oh yes I hate wearing jewelery in winter too! I look and look and look at it in my drawers but can’t force myself to go through all the hassle of trying to make it go with the sweaters… I saw some people manage to find ways but I’m like… naaaah! Too much of a hassle. So I take some things out of the drawers and place them on my desk, I think that makes up for me not wearing my belowed jewelery in winter… I still get to see it though! LOL Am I the only weirdo that does that? Guess so…

  • I don’t wear bracelets at all because I feel like it’s always in my way when I type, write, or just do things in general. And I don’t wear necklaces in winter because it gets tangled in my scarves. :

    • Lisa

      Same problem here… Sometimes bracelets are just annoying. So when I’m typing, I take them off and forget to take them back on. There’s no use in them if you’re working, so I guess they’re more of a free time thing. A luxury not everybody can afford πŸ˜‰

  • Alessandra

    before leaving the house, (an elusive) they say, you should take off one accessory. this ensures you won’t overdo it and henceforth look costume-ish.

    i, on the other hand, say overdo it, schmoverdo it (does that work?). the more the merrier.

    yes, sometimes this backfires. yes, sometimes i actually jingle as i walk. but i’m a girl who loves a lot of jewelz (your word).

    let me just say you have “killed it” (god, i’m cool) with your selection of affordable, yet hip jewelry. i’m a big fan of it all, if that matters. (though i’m not sure i’m on board with the belt chokers, who’s to say i can’t be convinced?)

    and i agree. the less clothing i am wearing, the more apt i feel to show off my extensive collection of funky jewelz.
    what’s that lyric, “i’m a little drunk on a sleeve full of bracelets and high on summertime”?

    also, i offer a slight digression: today, i am wearing a fanny pack. that is all.

  • emma

    o.m.g. this sentiment: “I don’t feel like devoting a generous chunk of my day to meticulously unweaving my knit sweater in an effort not to completely obliterate the entire sleeve care of the rhinestones/brass/charms/studs quietly dwelling on my wrist.” i can’t, but i can. that’s EXACTLY how i feel and you put it so eloquently. just recently i’ve started to create “arm parties” because the weather is finally hitting 70 degrees here in Dallas. but, before that, i can’t. what’s the point in layering up chunks and chunks of bracelets when you’re wearing a long-sleeved anything – loose-fitting or not?



    • N G

      Totally agree with you. NOTHING is worse than your arm party inviting themselves to link and snag a beautiful sweater.

  • margot


    • Leandra Medine

      yes, as in actually leaves (i know, i know, but the name of the cuff is actually LEAFS!)

  • I’m with you on the bracelets during winter thing – I hate when they get tangled or stuck in my sweaters. Putting a hole in an expensive sweater with a $5 bracelet just grinds my gears. πŸ™‚

    I’m digging the white belt, though I’ll probably still just use it as a belt – but I can’t wait to see how it turns out in choker form!

  • Nico

    Yeah you’re right about colder months! Cool selection!

  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    Leandra et al., have you guys seen this KoS post? The necklaces there fall into line with the plasticy-neon-fabulousness ASOS one:

    PS: if not for the necklaces, do give the bunny butt a quick look. It is adorbs.

  • I am loving that white belt!

  • This post was so saucy L! Belt “chokers” and beads of the “anal variety”! You aren’t coming out with a “multi-purpose” jewelry line by any chance are you?

  • monkeyshines
  • jewelz! this is literally what i’m always talking about. and i mean that both in the sense of like i’m frequently conversing about them and as “something you say when you see something really cool” as per urban dictionary. and as far as this spring jewelry goes what with rainbow bright beads, spikes, and the like; ear leaves, tons of rings, and belts as neck bling, now THAT’s what i’m talking about.


  • Although I hate to be that guy, the inner Disney maniac in me is hurt. That is actually DONALD Duck’s hot girlfriend, Daisy. Sorry, boo. I LOVE YOU

  • Lots of great picks. I have tons of great inexpensive one of a kind vintage jewelry for sale on my website.

  • Nice selection! check out my “ornaments” collection on socialbliss on the same theme πŸ˜‰

  • ana romero

    Totalmente de acuerdo!! besos

  • smassidy

    Where is that gold spikey choker from?! I shall wear it to Coachella and it shall be my spikey (choker).

    • Leandra Medine

      Asos, yo!

      • smassidy

        of course. their shit seriously rules. thank you!!

  • Lust Covet Desire

    Belts as chokers. There’s so much irony there.

  • Eva

    I also hate wearing jewelry during winter. It gets stuck behind everything from my (small sleeves) coat to my knitted sweater (that falls totally apart after wearing it two times with the wrong necklace). During winter I wear scarfs and beanies as accessories but when spring arrives here in Holland my jewelry is ready to go πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Aitzi

    Lovely items!


  • coco

    Oohh.. I really love those eyeball studs! I just can’t find them on the site! Woe is me…

  • Mariana

    what about the eye earrings? I can’t find where is it from, I’m just crazy about one of them (:

  • =^..^=

    Wish Khai Khai would do some lower-end items: he’s got great style, but my wallet’s too cheap to cough up that kind o’ cash : (

  • Katherine Ocanto

    Anal beads! Lordy, lordy… I think I’m your hispanic twin sister separated at birth…. (by an ocean and half of a continent)

  • Kate

    I love the gold cuff.

  • snsvintage
  • Love me some cheap jewelz.


  • Omg, I’ve been looking for that kind of ear cuff since forever! Thanks!!!


    Not 100% sure about the mismatched earrings, seems like something only Leandra could pull off!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    I want it all!!


  • The eye ones are a bit freaky- but cool; I’ve been discovering some great London based jewelry brands ranging from expensive but worth it to unbelievably cheap- startiing from $10/ Β£6!!!!;

  • Jon

    Love the evil eye jewelry. I have been on the look out for men’s versions of the trend, but they are hard to come by! Would love an evil eye brooch. Anyone seen one online anywhere?

  • her persona

    love the tribal necklace!

  • Paulina

    I love jewelry. I always have my Lilou personalize bracelet ( and a pink quartz bracelet πŸ™‚

  • Dandy
  • Karina Graj

    Oh well, they can be frustrating to wear during summer as well, especially if it’s a particularly hot one. I just feel as if I had an extra layer of clothes. But I usually suffer and wear it anyway.

    The Daisy Duck you posted… Can’t decide whether it’s awful or awfully cool.

  • Em

    That coin necklace is full of YES. YES DARLING YES.

    I’m happy to see there are some lower bracket jewelry items that are MR-approved. I wish I could buy everything Dannijo but alas my non-profit job cannot call for such an investment. Thanks for the tips!

    xoxo, Em

  • I would argue that a statement necklace looks wonderful against a collared blouse. But that’s beside the point. I am loving the brass ring collection. XOXO

  • sari

    can you provide a different link for the last piece (the super colorful beaded bracelet)? i keep clicking on the ASOS page and i’m not finding it. thanks!

  • Splendid Little Thrills

    Ahhhh! I just did a Asos jewelry post. As I was looking at the jewels I thought, these are totally Manrepeller worthy, and I you have proved me right!

  • Thanks for you suggestions i really like your taste and they way you carry things

  • That was more like from top left and ‘descending’…?
    Nothing is more awesome than cool and cheap..

  • lililai

    I just bought an armful of adorable bracelets from Austrian designer Sophia Mamas…take a look at how sweet and whimsical they are…and totally affordable!

  • mageeski


    Magee /

  • katie wynn