Blogger v. Editor

One dress, two people


Still stuck on the idea that style maintains the supernatural power to allow us as individuals the ability to interchange identities, I thought taking one simple white dress and styling it in two separate ways might function as a proof of concept.

I bought Simone Rocha‘s tea-length eyelet short sleeve, high neck dress that comes with a skimpy micro slip at Dover Street Market when I was in London for Fashion Week. I wasn’t sure if I’d been drawn to it because I am historically enamored by white dresses (I’m still working through the precise, subconscious manipulations that drive our style choices,) or if because upon showing it to Emily, whose style is so sufficiently different from mine (her motto may go something like, “not black? Not interested,”) she loved it too.

Is that in itself a testament to its chameleonic nature?

I tried it on and resolved it was perfect–only if worn ironically, though. This meant combat boots to detract from its overwhelming femininity, or a menswear blazer/utility jacket to cloak that too. And when I got around to styling it for Man Repeller, it hit me that what could be a fairly fun story might frame the dress as a blank canvas being used to paint the pictures of two distinctly different individuals: a blogger and an editor.

If you’ve already flipped through the slideshow, I would imagine you’ve perfectly uncovered who is who but in the event YOU COME HERE FOR WORDS, cats out of the bag, the two styling routines discern the difference between how I believe a stereotypical blogger might style this dress vs. one of the old media, editorship variety.

In the first outfit, I’m wearing a jacket by Thu Thu over the Simone Rocha dress, a Eugenia Kim cat hat (which, too, is out of the bag), House of Holland sunglasses and Nike Frees. The vibe is certainly more fun, if only because of the use of color, and maybe that in itself is emblematic of the way in which we operate? I might be trying too hard to reel this one in.

In the second outfit, I’m wearing a Dries van Noten blazer over the dress, holding a Z Spoke by Zac Posen oversize clutch and wearing Proenza Schouler open toe sandal booties. While there is no question this look is indubitably more elegant, does it maintain an equal dosage of enthusiasm in comparison to the last one? Does it matter?

Which do you prefer? Frankly, I’m going with editor. Photos by Naomi Shon

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  • I too like the editor look better, while the separate pieces of the blogger outfit are great, I don’t see how I could actually go about my day wearing them all together (something that happens to me often when looking through extreme blogger fashion).

    Also, I read before looking at the pictures… then I felt stupid for doing so when you commented on it, when to see the pictures and came back to the reading. Still don’t know if I prefer looking at the pictures before or keeping them a mystery till the end.

  • I love both looks, but I’m drawn to the blogger look just because I appreciate the whimsey. I LIVE in sneakers, so I am obsessed with the Nike Frees with the white dress. Great styling, Leandra!

  • I prefer the editor look – but think you should keep the cat hat on #toocute!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • I prefer the editorial look but, I think you are dead on with your interpretations of Blogger vs. Editor. Great read, fun post. Would love to see more of these!

    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    • Quinn

      Sweet name you got there

  • I prefer the editor look too, if only because I would totally rock a blazer like that at work. It’s subtle enough that most people wouldn’t notice the pattern…but the ones that do, won’t be totally put off by it.

  • Melissa Jenkins

    Honestly, I think the white dress looks out of place in the “blogger” look. Actually the whole look feels completely random, which I don’t think is a fair representation of blogger style. The second look, though more quiet, is really beautiful on you.

  • Laura

    The blogger outfit is more fun, but I prefer the editor one, more elegant!

  • 에린 이

    Editor anytime of the day. After seeing the last picture, I’m completely sold.

  • Jennifer

    I really like it with the blazer and pumps!

    xo Jennifer

  • qmanh

    I prefer the editor look of course. I don’t even think the first look is a true blogger look, because, really, I don’t think you’d wear it down the street. Seems like something you
    put together for this post.

    • Glistery

      Isn’t that what a true blooger look is? Something attention grabbing and designed solely for a picture opportunity?

      • ladybirdlovesleandra

        i agreee gliestery! i mean bloggers are style inspirationsand dare themselves to come up with something new! Maybe qmanh will be wearing that excact outfit in a couple years!! because of leandra!

  • The blogger ensemble looks too billboard street style paid for by your endorsers.

  • brunetteletters

    Blazar and pumps definetely!!

  • I too, prefer the editor look. The blogger look is a bit too random for my taste. I just don’t feel like it all fits together like it should, and like the editor look does.

  • I prefer the editor look as well!

  • Irene Laura
  • Ummm…whaaaaaaaaaa? I, for one, am obsessed over the blogger look. It’s my favorite look you’ve done in a while. Color me kitshcy but I would wear that ‘random’ ensemble walking down the street like, right meow. Love ya, mean it, ciao.

  • Natali

    2nd one is my favorite one 🙂

  • Paperstarz

    The editor look is nice but so cookie-cuter. If you want to look like every other million person in the world who “loves” fashion. BORING.
    kitty beanie, sunglasses and white dress: Impossible-to-gauge awesome! Coat: booooo. Sneakers: meh.

  • Rose

    Definitely the editor look 🙂

    Breakfast for Shoe Lovers –

  • Sgravalli Fashion Jewellery

    Hey! Look at you! Super cool! I love both, it really depends on the occasion. While I am not too sure about the sneakers in the first outfit (or I am not that brave to pull this off), I love that super funky coat and glasses of all the things presented here.

  • Reptilia

    I prefer editor look! It looks more elegant!


  • gp

    Ah, the good ol’ days of understated minimalism.

    when all good style took was a white-geometric-high-collared-half-sheer-eyelet-filled-midi-shift-like-dress-cloaked-with-oversized-grandpa-esque-part-paisley-feather?-embroidered-shoulder-padded-blazer-and-faux-book-clutch-cum-handleless-briefcase-and-half-sandal-half-boot-mutt-snake-reminiscent-footwear.

    simple times.

  • Eva

    All though the first one is way more surprising and unique I still like the second one better. Maybe I’m just a little boring but the first one is just a little too much for me 😉 xx

  • Hannah

    J’adore the editor look.

  • Magda

    I think IRL your style is a cross between the two characters.

  • I gotta go with the editor. Just because those boots sucked me in. 🙂 Can’t complain about the Nike Frees tho.

  • i like the blogger one! it’s a bit more fun and my taste than the other one but both are good x

  • Adrianna

    My god, Leandra, every single time I think this may be the ONE time you took your outfit too far for me, I think again, and I just like you even more.

  • I love how you post at least one “outtake” in your slideshows.

    Please keep posting various ways of styling conservative pieces; the other day I had difficulty putting together a casual outfit with the main piece being a floor length dress (I was going out for Turkish food) nonetheless, it ended up back on the hanger after 3 wardrobe changes, and I ended up with nothing but sheer frustration. The casual vs. professional look helps me immensely when blending pieces & accessorizing. You harness this ability to create magic out of a simple piece & this is where I need the most help.

  • c.

    i love the editor look!

  • I totally prefer the subtle badass-ness of the editor. The toned downed grey and fresh white catch my eye as a great office look and easily transformable for a drink after work. The blogger looks very forced and unbelievable. Like seriously we are wearing that out in the streets? I hope not. Maybe that is my Indy coming out but yeah absolutely not.


  • =^..^=

    Love the editor ensemble: because the image on the blazer sleeve looks like the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s dragon tattoo …

  • Bridget

    I have such a heartfelt lady boner for the editor look.

  • N G

    Here’s a suggestion, wear the blogger look for half the day and the editor look for the rest of the day. I kid, or am I? Am I the only one that ends up switching it up at some point of the day? Sometimes I get to work and think to myself, wth was I thinking wearing this with that? Blah.

    Wardrobe on Wheels

  • Kate Barnett

    one of the things i love about working in fashion is that i’m not limited to the dark neutral suit ensemble. but i still take into account that i’m not just representing myself when i go to meetings. i imagine the same is true for editors, though they have much more creative leeway than most. the ‘blogger’ look to me isn’t so much random as it is a bit more punchy and fun, and a good example of how one might style the same dress if they didn’t have to take anything else into account. Either way, I covet that dress, and in the third ‘blogger’ pic when the Thu Thu jacket’s cinched by your hands, the combo looks particularly good.

  • Nigar Gurbanova

    The blogger outfit definitely has a miss Bubble presence to it. You’re more of an editor and that’s a very good thing!

  • Adrianna Alejandra

    I am definitely feeling both looks, but I have to state that the blogger look is more my type of superman suit. Honestly, the editor look is refined, polished… and well goddamn fashion portraying high fashion, but the blogger look and its colors are calling to me. I would of opted for a shoe switch though…. Hm. I am half and half mi’ lady.

  • Olly

    Both looks are strong. My favourite has to be the editor look. It’s sleek, chic and original.

  • Frances

    Editor all the way.

  • rhodawong
  • Blogger style all the way! I need more colours in my life;

  • gigi

    i like editor better if only because the second jacket fits you a lot better

  • Dandy

    I like the blogger look because the fun option is always the best option!

  • I prefer the Editor too. Are you gunning for a new job? Don’t leave us!! You look fab, as always.

  • love the dress but not the jacket. what if I try a denim over this, would you like it?

    designer dress

  • AF

    Sorry both jackets dont look good at all with that dress.

  • Sombody from Somewhere
  • Sara

    OMG I LOVE the Proenza Schouler sandals … I need them! Now!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love that dress!!


  • Oliver Lips

    Such a great dress, I love both of the looks!

  • Andrew

    Editor all the way. The first one is a little too “homeless chic” for my taste.

  • ana romero

    two amazing looks! so man repeller, I love them :). kisses

  • MQ

    I love the blogger look. It’s fun and unexpected and I like that the white dress is used as a canvas to ground such whimsical layers. Who wouldn’t smile seeing someone wearing that on the street?

  • I love to see sports shoes on fashion blogs, for some weird reason. Because if done right, they make an outfit stand out.

  • Mona Sharaf

    No jacket, just the pumps. Statement dresses like this should be seen!

  • Melissa Gagliardi

    The second look is where it’s at.

  • Great post, very interesting thought. I prefer the second look 😛

  • i have to say – i like apples and i like oranges. but far and away, i like my apples and oranges (who doesn’t love a sweet glass of sangria) together the best. i value both stylistic perspectives be it editor and/or blogger and think we all have the right to dress however we want to. the more the merrier!

  • tsoutherland


  • as for the entire outfit: editor. Nonetheless I’m enamored of the HOH sunnies and the Thu Thu jacket. The cat hat, same as the floral wreath, is one of those trend overused by bloggers that becomes overseen and nausea provoking after 2 weeks.

  • María Belén Acosta Meana

    I like the editor one, you look stylish yet playful. The first look is just way tooooo playful for me. The irony went just too far ant it’s quite near the absurd… sorry!

  • Not even a question. While I like some of your blogger looks because they are genuinely stylish for being different, this one is far too ‘look at me I look different (read: ridiculous), take my picture.’ On the other hand, the editor look is an example of what you do best because it’s savvily put together. I wish I owned all of those pieces to wear it.

  • Omg, so cute hat !!! LOVE LOVE IT !!

  • Michèle
  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    Editor, definitely.

    But, I think switching the sneaks for the heels would get the blogger more votes!

  • Paddle105

    There is no contest really the Editor look is so much better. The blogger look. The look shows you mean business in a way which is sophisticated and pretty at the same time. Not so sure about the blogger look.

  • i h8 hipster

    fuckin hipsters waering trainers go back 2 your shit

  • Mercedes

    Editor, all the way (to fashion week).

  • cashkom

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  • Team MR

    OMFG i LOVE the cat hat! i am OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MRSWAG Leandra ur the fucking best blogger i have ever read a blog of! damn i am a huuuuge fan!

  • Maria

    I loved the editor poses! For a second I thought I was reading the Sartorialist! haha
    I think the blogger look was very well put together, it certainly looks like a mixture of sponsors billboard + photo op (Chiara, anyone?). And the editor look… The poses, the busy look on your face, everything was perfect. And I just loooooooove how you picked the editor! Can I be your friend?