Because It’s Thursday

And maybe you don’t know what to wear


I have this theory. And maybe what I’m doing is essentially piggybacking off of yesterday’s desperate plea (delicately masqueraded as outgoing advice) for help conceptualizing an easy dressing routine. One that doth not include my blankly staring into a full closet, wondering what to wear.

Or maybe it’s not.

There’s this idea floating through an abyss that intersects at style and existentialism which mandates that when you’ve become wholly comfortable in your own skin, with who you are and essentially too, who you want to be, you get stuck in your style. Or maybe stuck isn’t the proper word–it indicates a note of entrapment and in this instance, I’m not sure we’re bound by those dreadful lines of demarcation. We’re just comfortable and as a result, inevitably drawn to the window we’ve cultivated in tandem with that enlightenment of sorts.

Make sense? Not really? Okay. When I was 21, I bought a pair of ripped denim cut-offs by Levi’s, a utility jacket from Urban Outfitters and used an old muscle tee from Topshop (to cloak my mammaries under the jacket). I wore the described outfit precisely 78 times (dramatization, I have no idea the actual number but it was frequent) through the duration of that summer. Now in 2013, for some reason or another, when I cite The Summer of The Utility Jacket (which, mind you, is often–several unilateral monuments materialized during that three month stint), I recall a foreign sense of ease that denoted an absolute sense of me. And at the risk of turning this into an earnest style story about the way in which it truly is a window into our souls, wah wah wah, I will just say that it’s hard to detach the tangible, external materials that have helped cultivate that idea from the idea itself.

Conclusion: on Thursday, April 25, I probably just needed to take a well-suited shot of me.

And because you may not know what to wear, I urge you to think back into the trenches of your bank of mental objects and remember what you were wearing when you felt most yourself. My disclaimer is that I might come back next week in a diaper and nothing else to explain to you that the real truths of my identity unfolded when I still maintained the ability to shit myself and receive acclaim based on that accord.

(Drops mic.)

Outfit credz: Club Monaco short sleeve utility jacket, T by Alexander Wang tank, ASOS jeans, Chanel booties, Delfina Delettrez collar and I am not sorry that my stomach is falling over my pants.

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  • Natali

    Awesome outfit, love how cool and relaxed it is!

  • Ash

    You always inspire me to get weird, and I love it. Thank you.

  • Mery G.

    jajajaja you’re extremely different! I dont like so much this look but your comments make that really worth it anyway!

    From Barcelona,

  • Mojo

    Sudden clarity reached on why I tend to wear whatever is still on the floor from the day before…

  • monkeyshines

    wonderful oversize pieces!


  • I like the tough chick shot the best…is your stomach FALLING over your pants in is merely there methinks.

  • Corrie Gabs

    This post definitely made me laugh and think back to what outfits have made me feel most like myself! Also, I love the Chanel booties!

  • I actually recently wrote an article that’s about “Last Minute Style” and what to do when you are staring blankly into your closet thinking, “Maybe I can just throw things at my body and they will catch!” Check it out if you have a second:! LOVE your blog. -Patty

  • Hudson Berry

    Our art director just walked up to my desk as I was browsing the slideshow above. He scrutinized the screen and said, “Wow, that guy looks a lot like a girl. He’s very cool though.”

    • Leandra Medine


  • missdeneuve .

    how wonderful to see that spring started in America as well!

    Hugs from Germany

    p.s.: Your Jeans make me wanna do some nasty things with my old Levi’s….love these shoes in combination with it! Thanks for the inspiration,xx

  • brunetteletters

    After reading this I started to think and no…I still don’t know what to wear.

    I love the shoes!!

    I would pay to see you posing like that around are hilarious!!

  • Remember what I was wearing when I most felt myself……I like it.

  • Camilla Ackley

    goddamit those jeans are so perfectly destroyed (things only fashion people say)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Pelin Onal

    Great point of view! I wear my comfy and true-me outfit several times especially when I mostly need to be myself

  • Paperstarz

    <3 your style, but please put some chapstick on. ;(
    Maybe its a lipstick? But I think your lips have been looking really chapped in pics lately. (Coming from a fellow extremely-sensitive-lipped-girl.)


    You make me happy with every post, I always smile with you, thank you for that! ( By the way, i love the way you made a combo of parka and fancy shoes!)

    50% crazy discount in Médium Store! Hurry to get the gorgeous artisanal jewerly and handbags.

  • Lara C.

    Psshh what this look! I’ve never commented but I’m addicted to your writing and just want to say that I LOVE your haircut – excited for your book. xo

  • Oliver Lips

    This necklace is so great! I love it’s color and form.

  • As-per-usual another inspiring, Man Repelling post on the blog. Well done Leandra!
    I love the way in which your personal style enables you to pair cheaper goods such as these ASOS jeans and more expensive pieces such as the Chanel booties resulting in an overall Uber-Chic outfit.

  • gp

    Can I just note that one of the necklaces on the page you linked to is $89,124.00.



    • Leandra Medine

      That is a shit lot of money

    • Alice

      Screw mortgages, cars, college tuitions or life-long health assurance. I want a necklace

  • Aubrey Green

    always pulling the same thing out of the closet. I have things with tags still on them.

  • c.

    diggin the jeans

  • Sylvie

    I love these pictures, especially the first one!

  • rhodawong

    i like this all baggy shape!

  • Alison

    The shoes!

  • When I even try to cuff my jeans like this, I look like a fucking idiot. My legs are short, so I end up dragging them so you only see the toe of my shoes.. you make it look so effortless yet elegant

  • Valentina

    Leandra! I thought i was the only one who noticed your belly jajaja skinnyfat you are AWESOME and a delight to read. You took me back to a summer (or maybe longer) when everyday a wore a hanes white tshirt, ripped levis jeans and red lipstick, sort of like a uniform.

  • I would look ridiculous with those pants. good job! 🙂

  • Dandy

    I feel most myself in shiny pants, i remembered this the other day and went out and bought some new shiny pants, it’s like I got my self back!

  • i’ve never felt more myself than in an outfit i concocted in 5th grade. it was from friends, the tween spin off of rampage for those not in the know or if we’re going SAT style here friends was to rampage as limited too was to the limited. it was a short sleeve lime green angora sweater and a pair of white super stretch bell bottom jeans. it should be noted that i never once wore this outfit in public. i would wait for my parents to leave and slap that outfit on and quite literally (or hopefully) dance as if no one was watching to my pure disco cd on the coffee table. what i wouldn’t give to be that girl again.


  • Justin Phillip

    Love you and the necklace.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love your outfit!!


  • jen

    When you hit success at a time when you least expect it outpours of “stuff” come with. It seems as if you are “being dressed” & now the only control you have (possibly) is how you style it. I say, stick to designers you are passionate about & pass up some of those freebies to wear or showcase. The ManRepeller may not be repelling men anymore, especially not in given, runway pieces. I dig the low key look of yours. Seems you are ready for a new chapter MR. -xo @recycle2inspire

  • Behind the Mirror

    Love “I am not sorry that my stomach is falling over my pants…” but I was kind of hoping you would say there was a little repeller to blame… ???? …. no? ok.

    • Leandra Medine

      ixnay on the abybay.

  • Fashion Hound

    I’m sorry I didn’t catch any of that for the blinding shiny-ness (may or may not be a word) of your slick tresses! #justsaying

    Faye x

  • Elizabeth

    Hmmm. You reminded me of the outfit I wore so often over the course of a year that it literally fell apart. Faded & slightly distressed boot-leg jeans, a long sleeved white tee shirt with a black racing stripe down one side, and a royal blue thin fleece vest. I felt more at home in that than in anything before/after. Your outfit really reminded me of it.

  • Royal Wang