It’s Thursday Vol. II

Important reminders and what have you


Hey, folks, here’s Beyonce’s 2013 summer collection campaign commercial for H&M. It’s also a friendly reminder on this lovely, sunny Thursday that we are not now, nor will we ever be Beyonce. In conclusion, I defer to the question I’ve canvassed several times before: do the really good mortals residing on earth, trekking through the banalities of the day to day with smiles on their faces become Beyonce when they die?

Will I become Destiny’s Child?

Okay, back to regular programming. What are going to wear today? Huh?

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  • Not even Beyonce can make these bikinis look good. I’m really sorry, but speaking as a brazilian, you guys have lots of room to improve on cut and fabrics of bathing suits…

  • alcessa

    Please, don’t. Become Beyonce, I mean. Funny thing with Beyonce is: no matter what she does, she still seems … somewhat bleak. Bland. Blah. Whatever is the correct expression for good old boring nowadays.

    May I, like, suggest Florence instead? 🙂 And by doing that also answer your question about the clothes to wear: anything see-through?

    • I so agree, florence welch has so much style, such a fantastic personality and great voice, what could be better? Srsly?

    • Will Code For Clothes

      Beyonce’s not bleak! She runs the damn world.

    • There’s a forced quality to Beyonce, like a child pageant. That fierce thing doesn’t come naturally to her. Maybe her best work is yet to come?

    • Florence ain’t no Diva 😮

  • Heidi

    I’d rather be me, a regular, old, not so good mortal.

  • Guest
  • I hope I never become Beyonce.

  • I don’t really want to become Beyonce.

  • Reptilia

    Hahahahaha. Love the commercial but i don´t like the collection at all.


  • Jacqueline Nooner

    Say what you will about her but dammit, dancing and playing around in sand is hell on the eyes! And even Beyonce gets ashy.

  • brunetteletters

    I think the commercial in gral is nice, in terms of special effects, motion, etc… but HER….not so much.

    I don’t like the collection at ALL.


    Brunette Letters Blog


    Not a big fan of the collection or Beyonce but i must accept that I like some pieces.

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  • jaclyn

    I will be wearing a denim jumpsuit. border line janitorial or maybe car repair men suit. Anyway thats what Im wearing.

    check my blog:

  • Cynthia Garcia

    Beyonce is copying Shakira….hahahhahah!!!!

  • sashafierce

    florence ain’t no diva

  • olivia sacha soyons ouf

    God I love her.

  • beautyandtheb

    She’s a goddess. simple.

    B xx

  • GeorgiaGirl88

    Right??? So over this woman.

  • Sylvie

    I’m thinking that if we all had lighting, makeup artists, hair people and most importantly, never take a picture of the hips straight on and always have the legs partially crossed…we all come pretty close.

  • Mônica

    Beyonce in black hair looks like Kim Kardashian, doesn’t she? Blargh!
    And Florence is so cool…. Maybe Opening Ceremony instead of H&M?

  • A little late, but I wore a 3.1 Philip Lim button-down top layered with a J. Crew Navy Blue sweater, paired with bf jeans with holes in the shape of Africa. Heeled boots from Spain (M’Jus) & I must say, I love this weather… perfect for layering

    • Alison

      Selena, did you cut the holes yourself or did you buy the jeans that way? They sound cool.

      My two cents: Beyoncé is a smart businesswoman and her _Vogue_ cover was stunning. I certainly interpreted the ruffles in a new light after the MR post.

      • I swear, it was not by any or all means intentional. The hole was frayed and shaped so oddly that it was reminiscent of the continent. Naturally made holes are the best holes, I always say..

  • I would have to agree, Florence is such a BAMF.

    P.S. my friend told me he saw you today and broke your phone by accident! Sorry about that!

  • Anna

    she looks so hot!

  • ehh it was whatevs. Really makes me want to go to a tropical island and lay out on the beach tho!

  • Dandy

    Beyonce for queen! but we don’t all live on tropical islands to prance around in flowy tye dye numbers.

  • tatiana

    hope they’re selling the feather head piece too

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  • The Urban Promeneur

    Is not uniqueness know for having the special character of being inimitable? Why wasting time in thinking about modification?

  • Blou

    Why do people think beyonce is so great? I mean did you see that nipple costume she wore? LIFE REPLLING! Also how she thinks she empowers women?! Always half naked and and bragging about herself! I am glad your not beyonce

  • Blou

    Also also that 3rd nose job she’s just had done! She’s a terrible role model especially to young black women while she is looking more and more like a white woman each week! Now that’s her own choice BUT when you claim and are seen to be a role model… “b” needs to check herself!

  • alcessa

    Yeah, well, I guess this cannot be disputed. She rules my 1 GB iPod, too – I use it when working out or running and wouldn’t want to do that without her. But nothing resonates, nothing sticks, nothing changes my life … though everything so well-crafted.

    And Florence – she just rules. I will pause in what I am doing, many a time, and let a line or two from any of her songs slip through my head, then think about it, listen to it, let it influence my mood, again and again and almost always in a different way. She’s also men-repellinger 🙂

  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    I for one admire Beyoncé’s role as a hard working individual. Do you think it is easy to look like that after a baby?

    How much do you have to think and think in order to afford yourself some private time. She crafts her image as a celebrity in the frame of modern media. And gets to live her life on the side. Not a bad lesson for some people to learn.

    • A mans Point of View

      Do you think it is easy to look like that after a baby? Well yes! I am a man and i know that with endless amounts of time, money, no 9-5 or 9-7 and a chef, personal trainer many other non celeb mothers could look that good.
      Hell! as a non child bearing man i could look better with all those things.

      Bad example, bad point.

  • No matter how stunning Beyonce is, being the ‘old-fashioned’ person that I am, I will never like her that much. I agree about Florence, she’s the epitome of retro glamour. X

  • We all become Beyonce. Imagine that…

    She is beautiful, so is Florence.

    The bikinis, not so much.

  • vain319

    those swimsuits were boring..and I have seen plenty of those styles already*rolling eyes**shakes head*nothing new with this campaign..H&M use to have original looking clothes.Love Beyonce but her fashion is tired to me.

  • Restless Blonde

    I also don’t have a need to become Beyonce 🙂 She is ok, but I prefer myself … Am I a minority? :p

  • Kablammo

    Why does she always put her hands on her hips all awkward like?

  • Christina

    Love B…but she is arguably the farthest thing from a Man Repeller


    There’s so much hate for Beyonce. The ad is ok, it suits her. I admire her work ethic and I think she’s a great female role model ( that’s my opinion, you don’t have to agree). Thanks for sharing the vid.

  • Fashion Hound

    H and Hmmmmmmm…Beyonce may have the booty but the question remains.. can she rock a drop crotch like Leandra

    Not sure it makes me want to buy the High St stash, I will however take the Stephen Jones feather crown for my ensemb today…easy breezy right

    Faye x

  • Olivia

    Thank you so much for this post. I have closure now on not being Beyonce, But I think I’ll just buy Beyonce x H&M bikinis and then I could still be her,… I think!

    love your blog!


  • Beyonce just looks stunning in the campaign but I’m afraid I’m not sold on the actual garments. I find them a bit..well..meh.

    I’m moving house today so I will be wearing my Maharishi Sno Pants, hot pink Doc Martens, H&M jumper and a chiffon blouse underneath. Must be comfortable as I have a 4 and a half hour car journey to my new house. Sigh