Are We Doing Ascots?

It’s a trick question, the answer is obviously yes.


Not in the sexual way, guys. That’s gross.

I’m asking because as it happens, spring is seemingly here in spite of my earlier nod to its bullshit detour, and spring being here means that we are about to print our human stamp on the deceased runway season. Now, if we learned anything last September from the new honchos at the helm of two of the largest houses in fashion, it is clearly that ascots are going to happen.

Photographed above are looks from Raf Simons’ first ready-to-wear collection for Christian Dior (if you turn that baby around, it is a total ascot, trust me,) and Hedi Slimane’s for Saint Laurent. The respective neck pieces retail for upward of $500 (the Saint Laurent one clocks in at $585 to be exact, while I believe Dior’s actually retails for $495). I like to believe the hefty price tags assume longevity so maybe, just maybe the investments here are worthwhile?

Of course, there is always the prospect of DIY and I am definitely not suggesting that you blow your entire load of one of these (especially after this morning’s post), but perhaps we can neck-flex in celebration because traditional brass necklaces are about to be demoted to the backseat of fashion’s moving car so that fabric chokers can properly operate the steering wheel? Maybe?

You tell me. And buckle up, freaks. (Photos via Vogue)

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  • bartpiwowar

    looks cool,
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  • Kristen Nicole

    Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this. Definitely think the time has come for necklaces to take a back seat.

  • I have a few scarves that might be a good stand-in for an ascot because lord knows I’m not paying $500 for something that goes on my neck and isn’t diamond-related. 😉

  • N G

    Two thoughts came to mind:
    1) women’s fashionable way of hiding hickeys
    2) also hides vampire bites?
    Sorry, it’s the twihard that got the best of me.

  • Kelly

    I love the idea of ascots become de rigeur as an accessory, there is something so ladylike and sophisticated about them. Sadly I also feel like I either need to be older than my 25 years to carry them off or to have more funding in my bank account. Maybe that is just because I don’t feel I have the necessary fashion kahunas to carry off a look that basically yes ‘ I am so chic I should be honoured in public.’ As it stands I’d still be more inclined to wear an ascot as a head band, less Driving Miss Daisy and more ‘Voulez Vous’ from Abba. Still, I’m sure there’s a time and a place for that. I’m either really behind or really REALLY ahead of the game.

  • monkeyshines
  • Wow, that price is totally justified, lol 🙂
    I might get an ascot myself, but that one will be from a satin ribbon.

    Fashion Agony blog

  • I didn’t know we ever not doing ascots. . .

  • Bri Wang

    The ultimate ladylike way to hide hickeys.

    • Leandra Medine

      Are people still doing hickeys?

      • Nell

        Oh, they better be.

      • There have been quite a few sightings on my campus in recent months.Maybe it’s an age-related (or lack thereof) thing — but I thought they were “out,” too.

      • debbywarner

        I doubt it — so 80s

      • On my first day in my Pd.D program, I scan the lecture hall and think to myself: I am so screwed. All of a sudden I see this beautiful girl with an ascots around her neck. In my attempt to be friendly, I compliment her accessory. Her response: I am hiding a hickey. We have been best friends ever since. That was 9 years ago and that was my last ever sighting of a hickey.

  • Thus far I haven’t managed to pull one off without feeling like Alice in Wonderland meets Iris Apfel. Maybe I need to be taller? Pout more? Wait another 50 years?

    with grace & gumption, Hilary

  • Julia Jones

    I’m not sure I’d be able to wear one with enough confidence but I know plenty of people that could. How does one really wear an ascot without a poodle skirt/ looking to 50s? I’d like to know. You feel. You feel.

  • How much is it worth if I spilled some Diet Coke on it while failing, once again, to master the act of sipping out of a straw? Cause that just totally happened.

  • If the girls in my class even knew ascots existed, they’d suddenly be the new must-have in town.

  • I smell diy…

  • The Provoker

    Yep, I think a ‘new’ take on the escot (enlargement of it lol) will defo take on. The Dior one is relatively cheap considering its campaign appearances (450 ish pounds), but they’re literally ALL sold out, they’re gorgeous and I tried turning it to the front and it looks GREAT too! <3 Btw, you must check out my new Stella McCartney Spring 2013 runway
    perspex soled shoes #humblebrag, guaranteed you're be mega provoked, do
    tell me what you think! 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • Andreina H

    Great meeting you today Leandra!! (Yep, im that freak that screamed your name in the middle of Madison today 🙂 ) P.s: Raf Simmons’ all the way.

  • Andreina H

    SO GREAT MEATING YOU TODAY LEANDRA! ( yep, im that freak who screamed your name in the middle of the street today 😉 )

    Where ascots ever not in style? Anyway, Raf Simmons’ all the way. In my opinion, Saint Laurent just doesn’t make sense any more. Yves’ elegance and charm isn’t alive or transmited through the clothes. Unlike Dior, which still carries the timeless glamour it’s always had.

  • Adcos are timeless. They will never age like some accessories! A good quality ascot will last forever, and they can go with so many things, so yes I believe it is a good investment!

  • Manu

    awesome post 🙂
    thank you !!

    xoxo manu

  • This website has amazing vintage Dior and Gucci- thin I slightly prefer their older stuff but it always has been and always will be amazing!;

  • Gonna have to be Raf’s take on the neck scarf for sure (I still have Saint Laurent issues that must be addressed). I saw Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad wearing it and she looked pretty lush in the nude version.

    Erica x

  • ana romero

    I love the way you write, you are an inspiration!

    kisses from

  • Jon

    I am feeling this trend so hard right now! But I am more into neckerchiefs. Old bandanas or a colorful Vera scarf worn tight arounf the neck. I did a little profile of the trend a few weeks back on my blog. Check it out!

  • This is a trend I could get into…

  • Memoreyes

    As for fabric chokers and moving cars, remember what happened to Isadora Duncan…

    • Leandra Medine


  • Bex

    Really any question that begins with “Are we doing” is going to be answered with a yes. Love this post!

  • Laura

    Much more affordable, though still pricey, are the “lady ties”/ascots of Ginger Root Designs from DC