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How much longer do you think I can pass off wearing this precise denim shirt from the mens section at American Apparel with these equally precise ripped Paige jeans before you lose all your respect for my “styling capabilities?” (A note about the jeans: I stand behind a very firm denim theory that washing jeans expedites their death and as such have never washed the particular pants in question. That said, however, I have kept them in my freezer, which seems to clean them and bodes rather well in warmer months when the unanimous-our legs can use the aid of an icepack.)

Frankly, I’m aware that masquerading two rather ubiquitous clothing articles with a separate array of outerwear (be they leather jackets, wool blazers, red blazers with pink lapels or a combination of all of the above), footwear, and necklaces can only mask for so long. But maybe I’m just falling into the very thick of what defines my personal style.

Today, the third party aiders (see: fringe jacket, neo-mary jane pumps) confirm that I am taking a page from the Lloyd Christmas (see: Dumb and Dumber and Jim Carrey’s character coming upon Samsonite-branded money and the subsequent purchase of a fringe jacket not unlike the above) book of style. You know what I’m talking about, right?

“Aspen? Ah. California!”

“We landed on the moon!”


No? I searched for the photographic proof-of-semblance but Google failed me hard. Anyway, bye!

Isabel Marant jacket and shoes (thoughts on a white Bekket, people), Paige jeans, American Apparel blouse (it’s a mens S). And if you’re wondering about my hair–I’m not sure why you would be, but there is a chance that you are–it is actually the result of that six-week AG Hair challenge I wrote about yesterday. Oily, bouncy, et al. Speaking of yesterday, I really appreciate all your insigtful feedback on Saint Laurent’s fall collection.

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    u rock

  • lavieenliz

    this is fringing awesome!!

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  • gosh I love that jacket

  • Natasha @ Totalknockoff

    LOVE those paige jeans. Always in the market for a good pair of medium washes

  • Naazak

    You are amazing

  • monkeyshines

    fascinating fringe jacket!


  • I need to start not washing my jeans.

  • That jacket is such a fun piece and of course you totally pull it off. Diggin’ those jeans too. Definitely a cool combo! x

  • Thumbs down on the white “Brian” (not Bekket) sneakers. They’re reminiscent of my grandmothers orthopedic shoes. Thumbs up to this “Dallas” themed outfit. Fitting for the occasion. When are you going to post your outfits from PFW? I’ve only seen about 3 of you (besides the Manstagrams).

    • Leandra Medine

      But aren’t they also kind of grossly weird in a really awesome way? (the Bekkets. I’d be hard pressed to buy another pair, ever, but…they’re kind of perfect)

      • I think there’s a reason they’re so popular, because they’re so good. Despite the endless appearence of them on nearly only social media platforms, they still remain downright cool. White shoes in general kind of rock so I would buy ’em while ya can. They might be something you can pull out in a few years if you ever get sick of them now. If you treat everything like a collector’s item, then it gives validity to the purchase. And should we go back to the mother shoe of this pair, I’d say the classic Reebok hi-top would be it. They’re grossly weird in an awesome way, too.

  • Veronica

    Amazed is the only word that comes up to my mind! Stai benissimo, i love the jacket and YOUR HAIRRRRRRR damn girl

  • ITGNick

    Does that rodeo jacket come in man sizes? And also, I see a peek of what looks to be an undershirt (green? seafoam? crewneck? v?)–where is it from?

    • Leandra Medine

      When I blink in twenty second intervals, I am entitled to royalties c/o the entire eyeglass industry.

  • Thorie

    You are just the ray of sunshine I needed today, stuck in a snowstorm in Iceland. I love your writing, photos and all-over vibe. I feel weird for hanging out on your site as much as i do but it is just that goooood.

    Also, the very first photo is friggin gorgeous. As are you!

  • Jennifer

    Canadian tuxedo with a cowboy twist? Yes!

    xo Jennifer

  • Sorry but I have to veto any Isabel Marant sneakers. Once a style (or in this case, styles, plural) has been ripped off so prolifically and for so long, it just needs to rest in peace. I fancied the original wedge IM sneaker a couple of years ago but when I saw the price tag I was like, WTF?!!?! As we say in French, “foutage de gueule.” Sneakers made in China for 400 euros? Not. (I was super close to buying the Kenzo Sneeky shoes the other day but when I tried them on I saw the “made in China” sticker and changed my mind. Not that I won’t buy anything made in China, but seriously, come on, high end labels charging couture prices for inferior products made in China just doesn’t turn me on.)

    • Laura

      (Not that I’m a big fan of China nor their production system) but do you happen to know China is exponentially improving the quality in their products due to quality requirements from their buyers? A quick example: my uncle ran a leather treatment company (they made car seat covers and stuff) in Switzerland for over 20 years, well… the closed last december because they used to compete with China in quality but they don’t anymore: Chinese are making just as high quality seat covers now. This is happening to every industry. So, China: not necessarily bad quality nor inferior products anymore.

      • There are a lot of issues with manufacturing in China, and quality (often, but not always, poor) is only one of them. China’s government has almost no protection of basic human rights, so workers (some underage) work ridiculously long shifts in terrible conditions. Sure, it’s cheap to produce in China and it’s even possible to produce good quality products. But the toll on our environment and our economy is the price to pay.
        What really irks me is high end labels charging high prices for stuff that’s made in China and you KNOW they are making a huge profit because production costs are dirt cheap. The whole equation is wrong in so many ways.

  • Leila Daiana Llunez

    Nice jeans! I love the combination with the shoes! The Trend Upsetter

  • Reptilia

    Amazing jacket and shoes!!


  • cuteness, i love the pumps.

  • V from the Drastically Blog

    I LOVE those jeans-it’s so hard to find perfectly ripped jeans without looking like a streetwalker. You always have such a great eye for this stuff. And the hair works!

  • Serdane

    So nice outfits ! So inspiring !

  • Mouthful of Style

    Very Americana! Back to my roots…

    Luxury fashion insights & inspirations:

  • Vignette

    leave the Isabel Marant sneakers, time to move on people…. maybe opt for something more original/less rip-off?

  • I dont wash my denim till the six wear and I have any so its safe to say I hardly ever wash denim. I dont want to loose the or rinse. Interesting look per usual.

  • Guest

    Lloyd Christmas! Were you thinking of this?

  • Lloyd Christmas! Were you thinking of this picture?

  • kathryn

    MIDNIGHT COWBOY!! one of my favorite movies!!

  • love the first reflection shot. so cool.

  • rhodawong

    perfect for dancing i’d say?

  • on go texan day (only in texas y’all) in 8th grade i concocted what is to this day one of my favorite outfits featuring versace jeans, my brother’s denim shirt, and my mom’s dkny suede fringe jacket. i came close to ruining it with a massive fan bun, a hot pink bandana, and like 3 claire’s chokers but pretty much all of that is back now. what i’m trying to say is that this is like a way more fashion forward version of the zenith of my styling capabilities so never take it off because it’s perfect.


  • Great shoes!!

    Kate xo

  • Your hair looks fantastic.
    And, I am almost positive that you can never go wrong with a Canadian Tuxedo #bringonthedenim

  • Malibu PR Gal

    Stellar combo of the Isabel Marant jacket and those shoes!!! The entire ensemble gets a major Malibu ( Cali ) thumbs up!! xo

  • thechicndamned

    that first photo looks amazing, american eagle with rodeo heels twist?

    x karen

  • Maike

    fully understand the white Bekket problem! Today wearing my black ones from last season and they are still (!) great! An so comfortable!
    And the white ones looking really cool!
    Cheers, M.

  • Alba B.

    I like your transcendental “landed on the moon” look.
    It is awesome interesting, especially the shoes (so feminine for those ALIENS), but I’d rather suggest you some “RUSTY ROUGE” for your pulpy mouth, to brightness your face (and faint your eye sockets).
    But I think it is all due to the long journey. Am I right?!!!

  • natalie

    im jealous of how good you make that fringe jacket look

  • Ana

    hmmm I dont know about the fringes…. but the shoes oh yeah they are lovely.

  • As soon as you said Lloyd Christmas a picture of him on the scooter with frozen snot flashed across my mind – luvly. You look rockin BTW.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Evainny

    Cowgirl on high heels! I love it!

    Evainny´s Fashion Diary

  • maud.schellekens

    Those Isabel Marant heels are awesome!

    XOXO Maud

    Check out my new outfit post on

  • Where the women flock like the salmon of Capistrano?

  • Amalie Espeland

    DUUDE that jacket is the best!! You know how some jackets/bags are like overloaded with fringe, well this one wasn’t! Love the color. and you totally rock it with those jeans. and what? you do not wash your jeans? im gonna try that actually.

  • @noelmo08

    is your hair washed in the above pictures?

  • Lloyd Christmas, indeed! I have been on the hunt for a good denim shirt for a while now, and I’m not sure why, but it never occurred to me to venture into the men’s section. This is why we need you, oh queen of Man Repelling…to remind us that there is a whole other side of the store we often ignore!

  • You are probably falling into your personal style and I like it. Even though people think they wanna see something different when they go to a fashion blog they find comfort in the familiar.

  • Local & Opulent

    I am obsessed with fringe. When I was 10 I just wanted to be a hippie so badly that I never cut my hair, layered on the peace sign necklaces and scooped up anything that my mom would buy me with fringe! I am convinced that 10 year old me had the best fashion instincts!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent: Paris is Always a Good Idea!

  • oh

    This is such a strange statement, but I love that you look cold and tired… You look like you are actually from New York and are suffering as much as we all are from fatigue in the winter time, rather than the transplant girls that always have their hair and makeup dramatically done while wearing an outfit, that is yes, expensive and dressy- but so try-hard. No, I love the cool factor that you exude and in fact, it makes me feel better about myself. Intelligent, feminist, independent, balanced and fashionable while maintaining a very “real” image. To the rest of the country you might seem “rough around the edges” just because your hair looks natural, your makeup is rarely noticeably done, and you admittedly repeat outfits day-to-day. Of course, not trying to bash anyone els because a lot has to be said about the girls who always look uncomfortable in their dramatic makeup, hair and heels every day. Those girls have an incredible amount of discipline.

    • Leandra Medine

      I fucking love this comment. Hey, can you e-mail me? Have a story idea!

    • That’s quite insightful. The same could be said of women all over. That to which you’re referring is quite prevalent here in the south (I live in Atlanta); although I think here it’s largely cultural as so many southern women are quite taken with the notion of keeping up appearances.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni
  • Victoria Grace

    Your hair is just rad

  • Nathan Niche

    That’s the thing about denim, I found this gorgeous vintage oversized men’s denim shirt with large armholes that was in the perfect shade of blue. I wore it (without washing) and had some fab time getting complimented in it. When I finally decided not to be gross and wash it, it turned a shade lighter which really put me off and made me sooooo sad to realize that it can change color soooo easily 🙁 sighhhh. Btw, I was behind you at Margiela and loved your printed trousers, you were so chic!!!! I was so starstruck I was too shy to say hi….

    P.S. I’ve just uploaded my first ever outfit post from Paris Fashion Week! I
    would say it’s Parisian-Provoking-Chic and I credit that to the Céline
    foulard printed flared trousers, I guarantee you’d be mega provoked 😉

    xx The Provoker

  • I love the mixture of fringes with jeans outfit, but most I like the shoes!

  • Paulina
  • Blaire

    I love this jacket. And if I saw it walking down the streets of this city (NYC) I’d love it even more, given the context. Really cool.

  • erica wright

    All the comments about ‘leave the Isabel Marant Sneakers.. it’s time to move on.. there’s been so many rip-offs’ really stress me out! Why can’t we still covet a product regardless of how many times it’s been worn by bloggers or promoted in magazines or copied by high-street companies. This is the kind of thing that makes the term ‘throw away fashion’ exist; (or rather, quote Veblen) people rejecting a style just because everyone else is wearing it. So what! If you love that product and want it in every colour and know you’ll get loads of use out of it, get it! It doesn’t mean its any less covetable just because its been around for two years and is a popular product. Sorry people, I am totally on board with those white ‘Brian’ Bekkets for sure!

  • Violet Davis

    not fringe but still funny

  • Shawnee

    That fringe is quite amazing.

  • Kat

    extra gloves? you’ve had extra gloves this whole time?

    ah, ya… we are in “the rockies”.

  • Domination!

  • Jessica

    Gurrrl your style is flawless. No need to define yourself!

    The Lovelorn

  • Marissa

    Go for the bekket. Always go for the bekket. A slimming, comfy, cute shoe should never be “out.” There may be a lot of knock-offs out there, but how could you possibly care when you’re walking around in a fresh pair of marants?

  • Ditte

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay 🙂

    Paris is lovely any time of the year.

    I like your fringe. I wear a black fringe vest whenever I can, and may I say – I look gooood.

  • Any nay-sayers who question the merit of the men’s shirts from American Apparel knows nothing. I live and die for their flannel, too.

  • Mauricio

    Love the fringe jacket, so cool!

    Isabel Marant always knows how to do it right!

  • are you killin it! Go go go


    Greets jon