Over all corduroy

Jumpsuit endorsement, part 1.


Am I eligible to join FarmersOnly.com yet, or what?

I know what you’re thinking but don’t worry, guys. I’ve cut my hair approximately six more times since these photos were taken. I’ve also started to use my left eye again (driving with a comb-over is more difficult that one might imagine) and perhaps most importantly, I’ve stopped tucking my chin into my neck, period.

Moving on: Here is what I look like in burgundy corduroy overalls and bright pink single sole pumps. Calling them comfortable would be ambitious and dramatic but they do make my ankles look like they belong to baby deers, which is pretty neat and nice.

Just because I put a shirt around my waist does not necessarily mean that you must do the same but should you feel compelled, it’s important that you remember to unbutton that little critter before wrapping, thus covering your behind in totality. The Victorian style blouse is actually not optional (how else do you expect to compliment corduroy?) but I would recommend one that doesn’t button up the back. You know why? Because putting it on is hard and lonely and frustrating and if you’reΒ  single, it’s also just a reminder of that.

Finally, here’s a really stupid gif.

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Cinema credits: Isabel Marant blouse, Confezioni Crosby overalls, American Apparel denim shirt, Jimmy Choo pumps, Edie Parker minaudiere. Photos by Naomi Shon, and the smile is by a combination of genetic failures, care of my mom and dad. Also, guys, do you still like these personal style pieces in spite of the Instagram selfies (hash tag: redundancy), or are we moving closer toward more of those article reactions and think-pieces? Tell me what’chu want.

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  • Yes, that blouse is pretty much the only thing that could ever make those overalls ok. But it does, so they are! Also, I will agree with you on the buttons. My weddings dress had what felt like zillions of buttons up the back and I remember being so exhausted after all the festivities, and wishing I could just slip out of my dress, but no, it took forever! (Of course I had help, what with my new husband and all, but still). Yeah, my comment may be a wee bit off topic, but I’m guessing you’ll forgive me…


  • Rebecca

    Ahhh I love the Man Repeller clutch! So cool! I would probably not wear that outfit but I think you are the one person who could pull that off!


  • i like your heels! especially the color:)


  • Belen Canalejo

    I like this type of post more than the Think pieces! This is more your original style and it is easier to follow for non native English speaking people!

  • Natali

    Super lovely! Looking gorgeous!


  • Hmmm I’m not a fan of overalls in general, but I’m a big fan of the way you’re writing, I’m always laughing out loud…

  • variety is the spice of life – still like the styling pieces, along with the think-pieces. (that was really articulate.) love the corduroys avec lacy blouse – unexpected!

  • Albatross


  • “the smile is by a combination of genetic failures, care of my mom and dad.” #HILARE. But so not failures πŸ™‚
    As for blog content – I still like this type of post AS WELL as our little discussions – do it all MR!

    β™₯ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Mariah

    I love the overalls with the lace top! Very chic! The shirt tied around your waist and pumps seem out of place though. If it had been one or the other it could work, but the two of them with this outfit left me a little confused.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Love the overalls!! You look amazing!!

  • @noelmo08

    wait your ankles + those jimmys totally have a elle woods feel to them. savvy?

  • Sheryl

    How was Austin?

  • jenny

    i love the combo of the overall and blouse!


  • Danielle Davi

    still love the style posts like these AND the think-y pieces! πŸ™‚


  • NoΓ¨mie

    I really missed you! Will you ever have a meet and greet or an event in NYC anytime soon, like you did in Austin?

  • Isa

    ohh, I think you look fabulous. (And it’s true, it’s impossible to do anything with your hair all in your eyes.)

    I still love the personal style pieces! I think I like them combined with the think-pieces – why can’t you make it both?


  • Like Pride and Prejudice, Grapes of Wrath, & Barney all at once. Ideal.

  • monkeyshines
  • Victor Philpott

    I like both!
    Establish a healthy balance between the personal style posts and the more eloquent and stimulating fashion business and theory pieces and you will continue to appease each and every one of your readers

  • Sadhbh

    I have been thinking for a while about how I miss your styling posts like how to layer! I like the opinion pieces too but I think they’re taking over!

  • love the combination of blouse and jumpsuit, although i think it would have looked better/ less farmer full length rather than cropped/folded over
    such pretty heels

    new outfit post

  • Style Limelight

    Lovely overalls!!!!


    ( CHOIES.com GIVEAWAY on the blog – win 50$ coupon & a secret gift – 5 winners!!)

  • That white shirt is everything.

    Haute. Haute. Haute.

  • Local & Opulent

    That is one serious man repelling look! LOVE!

    A new outfit post is up on Local & Opulent – spring comes to Canada!


  • Saakshi Kaushik

    do anything you want, LEA LEA, for we love you unconditionally. Yours truly, voguishsoul (now named, hornokplease1)

  • Jennifer

    I love cords, I love overalls, I love this.

    xo Jennifer


  • Kristina

    I think we’re all falling in love with your writing (if we hadn’t fell in love with it long ago) so just keep up the work. I’m kinda obssesed with your blog and I know there are many of us but not that much in Slovakia where I’m from so not many people get me as I’m a man repeller body-and-soul, but I guess it’s the same everywhere, people just don’t grt what your wearing right? But I miss the lessons in layering and posts like that so you could do this more often, pretty pretty please. P.S. I have these shoes and my ankles look better than Pamela Anderson in her era.

  • I love overalls and the pink pumps were the perfect color choice for them!


  • redundancy be damned, never will we not want personal style pieces from you. otherwise we’ll have to get all of our overall styling tips from farmersonly.com and spoiler alert, jimmy choo pumps are seriously lacking.


  • Love the shirt! I have a pair of corduroy jeans in this color I got an Urban Outfitters about 8 years ago and I still wear them. I could see this shirt tucked in these jeans with a gold belt and those shoes. Love Burgundy and hot pink together!

    Ali of


  • It looks like farmersonly.com has found their newest member (SCORE).
    And I like a little mix of those awesome articles and also some OOTD type stuff. And definitely more posts about GIRLS!

  • Valentina Siad

    I’m all about the think-pieces (Mattie Kahn fo Prez.) but lessons in layering are how this whole love story began (yours and mine). Vive le onion.

  • lala

    in regards to your question, i absolutely adore these personal style pieces. they are what made me fall in love with the man repeller blog and concept in the first place. while i like the essays you post, i miss the old school man repeller posts that feature pictures on your parents’ balcony, arm parties and your crazy dance moves. i miss coming here to see good fashion, and i must say that it saddens me to see so many guest authors on your blog. i miss your fashion voice, and while i love hearing your thoughts on love and technology, etc., i liked it best when this was a fashion blog first and foremost.

    • I agree! this needs to be more fashion related…I want to see more pictures of your style like this post!

    • I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Camilla Ackley

    God you know how perfect this is? They need to make a dungaree dating site, perhaps also called dungareedatingsite.com so I can find other humans that don’t laugh at me when I wear my denim ones. I don’t care if they look stupid, they make you feel like a toddler and it’s glorious.

    x Camilla


  • Ali

    Definitely keep the personal style pieces! I love seeing your outfits in more detail, and they’re always hilarious!

  • that’s a pretty sick outfit in a damn good way!

  • bobbi linehan

    I like a little selfie pics and your posts! Mixing it up is the way to go.

  • kgh

    I would love to see you do more “think-pieces” and thoughtful criticism of fashion and the fashion industry — you are one of the few out there who has tackled that from time to time with intelligence and insight — anyone can do the easy fashion pics — your gift may well be in the brain stuff and it is so sorely needed in this time of extraordinary change …..

  • Anna Saltykova

    Ahahah really like your GIF))) Like the way you blogging))

    Follow me on bloglovin http://www.bloglovin.com/saltystorm
    Push like button on facebook http://www.facebook.com/saltystormbyanna

    A huge thank you!!!

  • Marina Martinez

    A balanced diet (from what I’ve been told) includes sweet fruit, hearty grains, vitamin-packed veggies, a nice healthy-sized portion of meat, dairy?, etc. etc. etc. So in my opinion, I like to view the fun of reading your blog on the daily as a balanced diet. Because I am selfish, and want to read it all – fruits to dairy and er’rythang in between. Woo variety!

    And insta-selfies let’s view those as tapas? Small, delicious, but hardly satisfying. Unless, of course, we stuff ourselves.

    • haleyisshort

      i concur

  • Like the look… not sold on the jacket around the waist.

    Men can wear jumpsuits too though, take a look at this Damir Doma jumpsuit three different ways!


  • Adrianna Alfidi

    Please keep posting personal style pieces. They’re your best posts!

  • Adrianna Alfidi

    Also, I vote for haircut tutorials… You know you’re thinking about it!

  • Anna Black

    • Caitlyn R


  • Celeste

    A mixture of both types of posts!

  • You look absolutely fantastic. The bright heels were unexpected.

  • NazareGR

    Instagram is fun, but it’s incomplete. a full post is always better. conclusion: keep everything, the personal style pieces, the article reactions and think-pieces.

  • becatwalk

    looooooooooveeee these Jimmy Choo pumps! amazing style <3
    come and check my blog!


  • Linz

    YES! To personal style pieces. The outfits hook me, the think-pieces keep me.

  • AbbyG

    Love the think pieces but I thoroughly enjoy indulging in your latest creations so please, never stop sharing your fantastic personal style pieces.

  • =^..^=

    The personal style posts are my favorites: KEEP DOING THEM, PLEASE !
    You dont even have to keep buying brand new crap: restyling outfits using your current crap is fine by me πŸ˜€

  • Natalie Lane

    I think a mix of both is awesome! I REALLY loved your Saint Laurent piece.. I don’t know about anyone else, but I take breaks from Instagram, it can be a little boring and pointless..


  • Iliyana Licheva

    i love thoese pink shoes!


  • rhodawong

    that is one perfect jumpsuit!


  • sensitivetobeauty

    love your blog and your outfit!!

    visit me here, look, restaurants and recipes in madrid!!



  • liz

    I visit your site to see your style posts, I want to see more please! Like the Givenchy Ankle boots you purchased and posted about, I never saw how you ended up styling/wearing them? Lately there has been less styling pics and more articles, I like it the other way around.

    • Caitlyn R

      I totally agree 100%!!

  • Isabella

    “and here’s a really stupid gif” <3
    what I want is the blog like it is now – I like when you post your pictures and looks like this. I only miss those posts for thought (the Think About It tag, as you call it), but well, I guess you can't always find a good subject to think about (except Girls. every sunday night you have Girls to think about and damn god, I love Girls's posts). where's Suzy Menkes to write polemical texts these days?

    and keep posting the 'really stupid gifs', please

    and you're fucking awesome, that's it

  • Gabi

    definitely keep the personal style pieces. while we love to read the hilarious and lengthy brilliance that pours from your mouth, rather finger tips, ’tis your strange and lovely style that keeps us coming back for more.

  • gigi

    so, old man repeller is back?

    • gigi

      i miss it

  • Caitlyn R

    Please never give up your personal style pieces!! I check MR everyday to see what your wearing. I absolutely adore your style and love to see how you put outfits together!! You are my style icon!! Never ever give em up!

  • please please please keep the style pieces. I continue to love your layering tutorials and instagram just doesn’t do your outfits justice. The think pieces are always fun reads as well

  • Nathan Niche

    That Isabel Marant blouse is sweet! I remember how much you love a victorian shirt + denim dunagree combo with denim tied around the waist, is this a referece to that look? Love that you still put of course your own man repeller twist on it with this corduro overall which I don’t know how you ever scouted this statement unique piece lol. FIERCE and still repelling as ever- Btw, I just posted the FRONT ROW SHOTS I TOOK from the new GIVENCHY AW13-4
    show. Yes, the photos aren’t from Google, they were taken by me. It was
    my first Givenchy show so please do tell me what you think of it. It’s
    not your average review I guarantee. Hope you’re gonna be wonderfully

    xx The Provoker

  • Emily

    Keep both!

  • While I love seeing your outfit posts, they lack something that the essays bring to the table. I first started reading this blog because I loved your style, but reading this post today did not fulfill my appetite in the manner that one of your essays would.as they provoke thought. I think that the most successful format of post has been when personal style photos have accompanied an essay. Thank you for the wonderful and insightful posts on your blog. I look forward to reading what you have to say everyday and I think that your writing has brought a level of sophistication to your site that it did not have when Man Repeller first began.

  • Please don’t stop doing personal style pieces! It’s why I fell in love with your site in the first place!

  • Lilli

    if you remove the personal style pieces my life will not be worth living

  • Sarah Enriquez

    It’s really great to see quirky outfits. People have been taking fashion very serious (in the wrong way of course) when it is really supposed to be something of self expression and freedom. Always finding new ways to pair old trends and make them relevant is key to developing your own sense of style. It is really refreshing to see.

  • Addison Joel Butler

    Definitely keep these personal style pieces. Without them we won’t give a shit about your blog because we won’t give a shit about you. Take it from a guy who ~knows~ (insert eye twitch here).

    I mean, it’s not like MY opinion matters..

    … But if you know what’s good for you you’ll keep writing these pieces…. (cue second eye twitch)

  • Netta

    In regards to your question, I quite honestly like everything and anything you write. Though the high ratio of sponsored posts these days is doing me in a little….

  • You’ve got the coolest and MOST ruthless personal style. If anyone dare criticise, they can just go piss off


  • Tatiana Popovitchenko

    I need that Marant blouse. It is awesome.

    Also, you look like you are doing the chicken dance here. πŸ˜›

  • Thebluemoon
  • Thebluemoon

    I love your blog, come check out my inspiration on my blog http://thebluemoon-tbm.blogspot.fr/

  • Marla Vender

    You may need two blogs. I like your original tone and style,but your evolution as a writer and social commentator has gotten you published. I like the old school repeller.

  • Definitely a new way to wear a Victorian blouse! And I love how you mixed burgundy and hot pink. PS: thank you times a million for not calling it oxblood.



  • the outfit posts have to stay!!! i mean, your essays are brilliant and super entertaining, but us aspiring man repellers out there still want to know what you’re wearing (selfies or no selfies!)

  • Hudson Berry

    Never give up on the personal style pieces. They are the heart of MR. Neva give up on the good times.

  • please don’t give up on these posts – I love them and although I follow on Insta it’s just not the same…
    love the look and we all have shoes like that – hey, they do look good

  • Nico
  • Paulina

    Wow I love your pumps:) are they comfortable? πŸ˜‰


  • I love this on you!…and that shirt is so delicate and beautiful!…Adore the clutch, its brilliant!!…xv


  • KZ

    Your personal style will never get boring. Keep it coming. Of course in tandem with gross witticisms and musing on Girls.

  • Totally loving the high neck with the courdroy!! πŸ™‚


  • Ashton

    i like and appreciate a little of both

  • Please keep these personal style pieces coming! Instagram will never beat out the good old blog.


  • Em

    You know what I’m missing? Man-Getter to Man-Repeller! I loved those a lot!

    I enjoy everything you post, but a balance between style and articles would be nice. Your writing is incredible but if I haven’t had my coffee yet [e.g.- this morning] it becomes more of a TLDR than a winner.

    xoxo, Em

  • Marija

    Those heels are sick and I think you’re the only one who can pull out this and look so cool! Thumbs up

  • Steph

    ive never commented before, and even though i shouldnt be on your website right now because im procrastinating writing a 10 page psychology paper, i find this is far too important to pass up. I love you and i have been a loyal reader because of you and your humor and your overall awesomeness. but, i started reading your blog and coming to your website everyday, because of your sick clothes and eccentric style and I, still, always want to see what new and glamourous piece youve got and how youre wearing it. i definitely would love to see more thought provoking articles (show me how you help others) and stories (i love when mattie writes) but keep giving me what i loved in the first place, your posts about your outlandish and particularly awesome style. it never gets redundant.

  • Greer Clarke

    Hahaha I love the subtitle after everyone getting shitty about your sponsorships… I see whatcha did there

  • Laura

    I like both! I think what made (and makes) this blog special is your unique personal style — it’s inspiring to see how you put pieces together, and I will always want more of that. That said, it’s nice every once in a while to delve into a think-piece and question “what it all means.” But please don’t stop that personal style pieces!!

  • I like it.

  • Anna

    a rather odd combination that only you can pull off..also victorian shirt and dungarees the perfect combo to avoid looking like a pregnant lady!

  • more personal style pieces and selfies!