Lynn and Lea

A meeting of the generations. Clicky, clicky.


It’s your civil duty as a contributing member of society and the tight confines of Man Repeller’s Cosmo to judge me for having referenced myself in third person for the sake of this post’s title, so, go ahead.

Are you done?


Fine. One last jab, make it good.

Okay? Great. I’m glad we did that.

Moving on: when Ari asked me if I would participate in a program that he was putting together with Coach, I knew that meant the incorporation of the phenomenally rambunctious ladies he has gracefully painted gold over and over again on his site, Advanced Style. I wasn’t sure how we’d interact, but knowing that we would at all seemed enough to deliver an affirmative, “duh, what do you need from me? When? Can we do it right now?”

What resulted is the video featured right above, chronicling not only my first few weeks as a member of the short-hair-renegade (made devastatingly obvious by my disability to control it–why and how would any human with even half a heart and a camera allow the left side of my face to boast flocculent stir fry, damnit?), but also the suspension of my fear of growing old, care of my boisterous companion, Lynn Dell.

It sounds outrageous, right, that I’d be afraid to get old? Well, ever since I first read Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem, where she astutely points out, “It is often said that New York is a city for only the very rich and the very poor. It is less often said that New York is also…a city for only the very young,” I felt like I’d probably have no choice but to wrangle a way to cheat the biological system. If Brad Pitt could grow down, why couldn’t I, right?

Wrong. That’s Hollywood, and in real life I have come to realize that it’s somewhat tragic I’ve been able maintain such a violent fear of getting older–if we don’t grow old, it means we’ve died, doesn’t it? And if we’ve died, we haven’t had the chance to reflect on memory’s past, remembering all old times as good times, patting ourselves on the back as we continue loosening our belt notches to make more comfortable our stomachs, which are bursting with flagrant experiences.

If this opportunity taught me anything, it is simply that you haven’t lived until you’ve been able to call yourself an octogenarian so proud, so colorful, so full of life, everyone else has got wonder what youth really means.

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  • Reptilia

    You two are amazing! Love this video, so funny!


  • Congrats! you are so adorable. I like you even more now!

  • Opposite Lipstick
  • Charlotte

    ‘Thank you, I’ll take it!’ I wouldn’t be surprised if you would become friends!

  • Rachel Perlmutter

    This video is absolute perfection. If I could be bff with the Lynn Dell’s of the world, I would ditch every 20-something in my bag immediately.

  • This video was so cute! I loved when she was putting that scarf on you as a turban.

  • Kendal Stopak

    This.Is.Fabulous. That is all.

  • Does my excitement to go home from the bar, put on pajamas, and read Nora Ephron books qualify me to be a octogenarian? (im 20, 21 in may)

  • natalie smith

    Cute video. Cheers to stylishly getting older!

  • monkeyshines
  • Amy N.

    I just watched this! You’re both amazing!

  • ValentineAvoh

    So cute! I loved it!

  • LOVED it. SO inspiring for those of us who are not 20, nor are we 70, to know that the awesomeness never has to end; that it only gets….more awesome!

  • Such a cute video!

  • love that lynnism. another one of my favorites from her is “dress for yourself, if you’re happy you’ll make the world happy.” is not this blog a microcosm of that very ideal?


  • Johanna Moroch

    Make peace with time, since as they say on Star Trek, resistance is futile.

  • Leila Daiana Llunez

    Nice video! 🙂 Xoxo The Trend Upsetter

  • Angeles

    Nice and simple video…love it so much! you are unique and espontaneous!

  • disqus_y76eCPEb2m

    In the last shot you look kinda pregnant. Maybe it’s just a shadow, maybe is the shape of the onesie. but I had to say it.

  • Gabrielle

    Oh, she is fabulous! I’m 43 and proud of that…. and I hope to be this fun and beautiful when I’m her age! xxx

  • Lynn Dell IS Leandra Medine at 80.

  • s

    such an adorable video. im excited for 80 too now


  • Very sweet little video! It looks like you two ladies had a great time getting to know each other!

  • samantha

    This is the sweetest video I have ever seen

  • Gilda

    You are pure awsomeness… I love you!

  • this was the cutest thing EVER. i really enjoyed your interactions with lynn. she’s fabulous.

  • Deanna G.

    Haha! This is simply adorable.

  • This makes me want to start a talk show with you! So cute.

  • Great video – what an up for it lady! It’s funny but the older I get the less I care about getting older (I used to be afraid in my early 20’s) I guess nowadays, with Ari’s blog and Iris Apfel being as awesome as ever, there’s no fear in growing old – these ladies are doing it very gracefully and stylishly – nothings holding them back. P.s – that turban looked GREAT on you MR.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • Raya

    I love this! BUT, if I could make a request I would ask you to please write another “smart investments” piece. I loved the one about the hermes wrap bracelet… Keep up the awesome work- you’re the best!

  • Ghazal

    But we never see you wear coach!

  • Sarah

    only you would cut off an 80 year old, ha

  • We need more of these types of videos in the world. I find cross-generation friendships to be a priceless and important aspect of life. Plus, these women just know how to carry themselves, and do so with such grace. Through their style, they can express a myriad of experiences that they’ve encountered over the years. And also, the music in this video is from my cousin’s band, Swear and Shake! What a small world.

  • leslie spann

    This is marvelous…..


  • your definitely a character! avvesome 🙂

  • Manu

    cool video 🙂

    xoxo manu

  • Abigail

    You are fantastic and phenomenal!

  • Rebecca

    How awesome and confident can one be.. I would never be able
    to talk so comfortably and interrupt an 80 yr old like that! I’m in awe!!!

  • Christina

    You are awesome and I am so sad I didn’t get to meet you in Dallas when you came to Neimans! SO, I think you should come to Houston! Despite the unbearable weather, the people and the culture are quite hip indeed 😉

  • this is the type of woman i want to be, (45 years from now). colourful, wise, and a little eccentric. the elderly get a bad rap – we need to explore these relationships and people more – get a dialogue happening, more videos, what-have-you. what fun, leandra! and kudos to ari! (

  • Love turbans! Really need to find one that suits me well 🙂

  • Suzanne Carillo

    What a great post.

    My husband just went through a horrible cancer scare and surgery, prior to which we were both complaining non-stop about aging. Coming through the other side of the surgery he has a totally different view of aging, much like your own. If you’re not getting older then you’re dead. Now he looks at his wrinkles and smiles knowing that he has lived to see another day. I’m trying to follow his lead but I have to say I still think it is harder for a woman to accept and embrace aging.


  • MLK


  • Professor V

    What a beauty and style inspiration! Seriously, growing older is something to look forward too. Just Lovely

  • Nathan Moy

    You’re so sweet with her Leandra! And omg I love that quote about style as only me and fashion is me too, BRILLIANT! I’d remember that for life <3
    xx The Provoker

  • I think it is important to have friends both young and old. It keeps you current and makes you wiser. BOTH important!

    A new outfit post and photo diary from World MasterCard Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent

  • Fabita Punk

    You truly are a lovely gal 🙂

  • I really loved this video, you came across as someone so genuine and fun to be with.

  • hatchetface

    Love the video. But more importantly, the overalls… I’m now determined to find corduroy overalls. Where are those from??

  • debbywarner

    I volunteer at a thrift store (associated with a hospital) with about 35 different octogenarian ladies. They are all terrific and we have lots of laughs. Some have great style. I get wonderful advice and I have learned patience which was always very difficult in dealing with my own mother. We now have a much better relationship.

    The ladies move a bit slower and they may repeat themselves sometimes but they have so much to offer. Who knew these folks could be such fun!

  • Natalie Johnston

    you rock

  • I am terrified of aging. I keep saying “Where did my early twenties go?” Every birthday I weep a bit more…I’m 26 by the way. My husband tells me I am over exaggerating but he just doesn’t understand.

  • This video looks so much fun! I hate aging. Every birthday I turn 21 again. I just cannot handle how fast time flies by.