Is Fashion Telling Me to Get Naked?

I’m asking for a friend…


I would have just assumed this were another one of Marc Jacobs’ attempts (albeit successful ones) to change the way in which we consume clothing (or in this instance, lack thereof) but I think it’s more fun to argue that the fashion trajectory might be taking a turn for the indie spirit of DIY-able, appeasing penny pinchers and the most renowned fashion arbiters concerned with exposed nipples alike.

Proof of such? Not much.

Though there were, of course, the topless models (fine, one–singular–model) at the eponymous Marc Jacobs show which could have suggested that in true utilitarian fashion, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to invest in bloomers and a blouse, thus inferring a fairly handy (pun intended) solution that includes a ceaseless gesture to shield your knockers (lest you treat everyday like European topless beach day) which comes at virtually no cost at all. Your upper arms will thank you when they are lifting heavy machinery. Thoughtful? I think so.


Juergen Teller had a similar idea for the Spring/Summer ads that he shot for Celine this season, which are slowly but surely trickling into virtually every issue of virtually every magazine (The New Yorker excluded) to demonstrate two fundamental things.

Picture 1

On the one hand, bathtubs are better than shirts. On the other, so are large leather portfolios. On both hands–and one this probably goes without saying but because I can never be too sure, I’ll just say it–Daria is Queen and her hair is princess.

What’s great here is that the underlying premise in the image at left seems to once again celebrate the fortification of upper arm strength because in the event you plan to keep your areolas private, there’s no way around holding at least something up. It may as well be a document holder inspired by 1989 (care of my father) that is moonlighting as an oversize clutch, no? When push comes to shove and we’re forced to make that life-altering decision at gunpoint (read: the cash register) anyway, we’re going with the bag–aren’t we? The buy now, wear forever ethos has bastardized my relationship with blouses.

Not with bathtubs, though, even in spite of the fact that they might be slightly more difficult to trot around. But hey, if you can make that work, more power to you. Also, call me. I’d love to chat about a story idea.

Back in the throes of Marc Jacobs’ imagination:


There is naturally a chance that you’d prefer to invest in top half coverings because your shopping rituals haven’t been bastardized, and you like to let your legs free-ball. Sure, that’s all fine and well, go for the gold, let that bikini line see the light of Gotham’s day, but let me ask you a serious question. Suppose you are an ambitiously empathetic, self-anointed trend forecaster who just can’t help indulge in effectively every trend you see pass by? What if your hunch about no shirts and no pants suggests that you should abandon both? Are you subscribing to a highly stylized school of esoteric fashion, or are you surrendering to nudist colony culture?

I’m just asking for a friend…

Photographed above, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Photos via

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  • Local & Opulent

    Yes, yes it is. I personally opt for the “oops I forgot my pants at home look”.

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent and I have shoes on the brain! Seriously, who doesn’t love shoes. This collection would have Carrie Bradshaw drooling!

  • the (un?)social butterfly

    Yes, fashion’s been moving towards nudity from the moment clothes were invented to cover it up. First the ankles, then cleavage, then legs, then bikinis, transparency, the over the thigh split… So why keep pretending? We want to get naked! Let’s do it, John Lennon did it and how cool was he? and let’s follow the Beatles’ age old advice and shake it shake it shake it baby now.

    • Daisy Pena

      you got a point there…lol

    • Isa

      Ugh, I totally agree, but we live in such a sex-negative culture. I’d love to run around naked but not if it’s going to get me labeled a slut and ensure that no one ever takes me seriously ever again. Although I’m pretty sure if a guy did that he wouldn’t actually have to take nearly as much flak. But… whatever. Sigh.

    • Will Code For Clothes

      Amen. But then doesn’t this make those outfits very mangetter?
      This post reminds me of the olden day man repeller posts! Love it.

  • SaraConstance

    ehm…the 2nd option might be on my side aka the student-budget one. it could be a relief to know i don’t have to afford that stomach-achingly expensive top/bottom part of an outfit and just go half..hippie, but on 2nd thought, i also live in Denmark so that might not be such a good idea. i think shall stick to my weather-friendly garments…and cover myself..for the sake of health..not decency of course..

    but i still love Marc <3

  • I’m not i’m a size 16/18 nobody not even me wants to see “less is more” I couldn’t. I’ll show my legs in an amazing skirt thought but I could never walk outside in the hood of DC with no damn pants on.

  • if marc jacobs tells me to get naked, i’m gonna get naked.


  • I think I know this friend you are referring to, the one who hates pants..does her name happen to rhyme with Meandra? Honey you’ve been preaching about your no-pants days for months so I say just go for it, I firmly believe you can pull off either of the last two looks you posted. No shirt? I dunno about that one..maybe let your hubby decide.

    Great post as usual πŸ™‚


  • alcessa

    Oh, I love the sartorial “walk of shame” on the first pic … Though I couldn’t help myself but think of Lila from Dexter when seeing it for the first time (the “pardon my tits” scene) – actually, that’s the idea … tees and hot pants inscribed with “pardon my tits” and “pardon my ass” … No?

  • As a girl from Ohio who had to trudge through the snow yesterday, neither of these options is sounding too appealing. But give me a week in a warmer climate, and I’m sure I could muster the fortitude to leave my pants at home. I just have to make sure to remember to shave my legs, since winter has given me a bit of reprieve from the razor.

  • Daisy Pena

    This had me laughing so hard, though I will not be walking around holding my boobs without a top anytime soon (unless in my apt). Great read πŸ™‚

  • Lindsey R.

    This is all well and good… until you have to sit down. Nothing worse than cheeks and upper thighs touching public surfaces.

    • Martine

      Its not exactly new. Fashion shows and print media often pair the clothing with nothing else to show the garment better. Until they send a girl down the runway completely nude i don’t see why we should pay any attention or find it funny. But with the higher waists it looks so gorgeous shirtless I am sure many people want to be able to go shirtless.

  • Anita Young

    marc wants us to get naked…. at home. his inspiration was lux lounge wear (see: silk pj inspired blouses). i don’t mind getting naked if it’s at the comfort of my own home.

  • I totally agree with Lindsey! It looks good until you have to sit down on cold metal chairs that haven’t been washed.

  • Kath Noll

    put some pants, on, Laurence!

  • lynnsay

    Everyone loves a bit of nudity.. But somehow I don’t see myself leaving the house without a top on.

  • Rachel

    Not a good idea… We need to return to decency and modesty… Fashion can be just as good without having to show your bits and bobs…

  • Love Dare

    I think marc is just stealing some ideas from lena dunham, if hannah can pull it of, why couldn’t he?! πŸ™‚

  • Nudity is a crutch for when you don’t have any other good ideas. “Hmm, what could I do to make a statement? I’ve got nothing. Titties it is!” Step away from the episode of Girls and back to the talent of matching clothes!!

    • Leandra Medine


  • Anna Black

    Oh let’s all just get naked! hahaha great post!

  • Danielle Davi

    I surrender.

  • =^..^=

    The correct spelling of this state is NEKKID.
    Or, the couture version: BUCK NEKKID.


  • So is it fashionable to not wear a top… or pants? OH NO, I’m confused!!!

    β™₯ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • I love the pants less look! something about it is so retro πŸ˜€

  • Ivana DΕΎidiΔ‡

    Fashion shows are more like paintings…you have to interpret them for yourself, at least that is why I think.

  • Isa

    Well, MJ is allowed to do whatever he wants. Because he’s MJ. Even make his models take on horrible greasy hairstyles.

    But otherwise, I like the edginess of creatively topless photos. I think it’s different, though, when people start showing up naked in public. Also, it’s so weird that as long as the nipples are covered you’re not considered naked. You can literally show your ENTIRE boob with just a little sticker over the nipple and you’re not naked! It would be like if guys started parading around with just the heads of their penises covered and everyone had to pretend that they were clothed enough to actually leave anything to the imagination!

  • Tile Spin

    The body itself has always been considered a work of art, and the clothes upon it adornments. Simplification is a means to the root, which leads back to the bareness of (wo)man.

  • Ashton

    daria: best haircut eveeeeeeer

  • Jas

    Well it just snowed a few days ago and it is still well in the 40-50 degree range so this does not sound ideal. As for warmer weather, ehhh. It’s all fun and great until you have mosquito bites and bizarre tan lines and overheated/cold metal chairs/benches.

  • Lily

    Maybe the designer’s trying to help us poor consumers save some money.
    We no longer have enough caching caching to buy pants… or a shirt.

  • You really are a one of a kind ! If I was a guy I would marry you – man repeller or not huh !

    x Selma –

  • Obviously nudity is fine on the Catwalk, but not practical in real life situations. I think we need to remember that styling for catwalks is used to create a shock factor and put on a show. I’m sure MJ knows that women are not going to start going to to work topless etc. It has been used to evoke a feeling on the catwalk. All great collections!

  • I think they did it in a tasteful way πŸ™‚ it is just art not ready to wear πŸ˜›
    cammi @ http://www,

  • The One Dozen

    Every person should be able to choose freely how they’d like to dress up (or down?). I just hope that that girl is doing it for good reasons– like to feel the wind!– and not to get attention from men. Nudity is beautiful and if she feels comfortable sharing her body– than all the power to her! And if she feels uncomfortable– than hopefully no money or people would change her mind in thinking otherwise!

  • Martine

    Why care now? They always do this. It makes you look at the remaining clothing more. Shows off the higher waits. Its really not that funny. And; No. They are not suggesting you go naked.

    • Guest

      Loosen up.

  • Fabita Punk

    it wasn’t my favorite show of the season…at all

  • WOW this is certainly eye catching.