His First Bag

Saint Laurent’s inaugural handbag is here

Duffle 12H in black

Saint Laurent’s inaugural handbag–which bears a striking (albeit diminutive) resemblance to the ubiquitous duffle–is officially here, seizing time and the contents of many a woman’s belongings sans Yves, but what does thee think?

After the extensive argument that circumvented Hedi Slimane’s second collection for the newly branded Saint Laurent, I think it’s fairly important that we asses the first eponymous handbag, inspired by a travel bag that Mr. Slimane requested and designed for personal use last spring. Frankly, there’s nothing un-Yves about it. Coming in three sizes and colors that run a gamut from bordeaux (ox blood) to chalk (muddy bones), it’s fresh, it’s seemingly timeless, it’s not trying to be anything or knock you over the head with an auspicious brand name.

And though I’m not particularly keen on carry-alls (sue me, practicality just isn’t really my bag–pun outrageously intended–give me a seashell and I will make an honest minaudiere of it), I do like that this one is obviously unisex (after all, it’s inspired by the mental objects of Mr. Slimane’s own accessory bank) and therefore applicable under any and all circumstances. Take it to work, take it to lunch, take it to the gym, your therapist’s office–it’s a product of your hard-earned money–wear it to sleep if you damn well please. And maybe, too, it’s an indiscernible nod to what the next season holds? You tell me, folks.

What do you think of Hedi Slimane’s first contribution to Saint Laurent’s accessory roster? I for one, am emoting in favor.

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  • natalie

    i’m loving this bag!



  • I like! I prefer it in the other colors (dove white/earth) which makes it more interesting, while still being a neutral-colored universal carryall. I also like their Sac Du Jour (is it new as well?) which looks a little (a lot) like a Birkin.

    • liam

      I had thought the exactsame thing about the sac du jour

  • rhodawong
  • Love that its unisex, a couple can just buy one and share it (if the woman allows it, haha), so it can be sort of like a couple bag thing. I don’t know; but either way the bag itself is stunning, so sleek and modern.


  • it’s beautiful to be sure.

    but a reiteration of many other bags, non? it’s a sleeker LV speedy, or a kissing-cousin of the sofia coppola LV bag.


    • Poulette

      I was thinking exactly the same, its the big sister of Sofia’s LV bag. Plus there are so many others out on the market, this will be purchased only to show off the understated logo…

  • Sara

    It’s even better in person! I love it…sure, the duffle has been done many times, but I haven’t seen any one of them with leather as smooth and luxurious as this one.

  • Graziela Oborn

    It’s a classic. Wear it today, wear it in 20 years. Definitely a good investment!


    A Tad Bit Chic | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

  • monkeyshines
  • It looks a little too masculine for me and a bit too wide.

  • I like it! It’s classic, simple yet somewhat chic. I could use it to anything, literally and will surely match any of my outfits. I’m honestly a lazy person and there are several times that I only use one bag for several occasions because I have the same essentials anyway. And if I let a guy carry it, it will not be embarrassing for them because its style is unisex. It’s perfect! <3


  • Manohar Singh

    Thats an intriguing job. It was designer temporary your blog. Expectation to see again. Mens linen dress shirts

  • Alice

    Al though I’m highly disappointed with his two ready to wear collections (forever21 lookalike for fall, seriously?), I love what he is doing with the footwear and handbags. Like the French say :Ce qui est le plus simple est le plus sexy.

  • Iliyana Licheva

    i don’t know..i think this baag is a classic item that will never go out of style…


  • A Mans Point of View

    This bag is both simple and classic…. and has been done before. The simple lines are maybe too simple with the name distinguishing what fashion house it belongs to, instead of a design that allude’s to the fashion house. If this bag was a design via Zara, Forever 21, H&M (& New Look, COS, &Other Stories if you live in Europe) would there be a fuss? Would it even feature on these pages? I think a good bad that is classic and defines a label is the bags by Victoria Beckham. Familiar, classic and a bit original.

    • It’s the ugly sister of Sofia Coppola’s bag for Louis Vuitton

  • …I do not dislike >

  • I do like it. Surprisingly. It seems incongruent with the rather tatty collections he put forth (editorialising, yes, but I hardly think that I am in the minority here). I would dig this. Especially in Muddy Bone or Ox Blood…

  • Lia

    nice bag but to me it looks too celine inspired.. i would like to see saint laurent with a ysl inspiration..would not buy.

  • This is an iconic piece. I have been eyeing this baby for a few weeks & may be only one of the few who actually enjoyed seeing the collections. I applaud Slimane for using Marilyn Manson in the ad campaign as well.

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    I have the cabas chyc in large and i prefer it!!

  • To me this is perfection. Perfect for classy attires, perfect to add a luxe twist to a quircky outfit, perfect to make a casual outfit more chic.


  • zesiku




  • Classic, yes, indeed. Does it blow my skirt up? Not really. It’s beautiful and timeless, no doubt; I kinda just wish Slimane came outta the (handbag) gate with both both guns a-blazin.

  • Alexa Curtis

    I love it. A bit reminiscent of lots of other designers “structured” handbag, but is there ever enough black handbags? No. Would rather have seen something a bit more unique so that is was set apart from other bags exactly like this with the lock thing in the front.



  • Lola

    This is an extremely boring bag “understated” no just boring..

  • maybe it’s nicer in 3D or other colors – but at the moment for me, no lady boner is being induced.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  • furoreblog

    Personally I love it, also have my eye on the black hightops sneakers! 😀


  • ana romero

    Too simple but very classy and clean. For an investment I think this is a very smart choice because it´s timeless. It´s a “safe” bag not statement piece.


  • Lena Dunham

    We should collab and create something equally as awesome. Love your work Leandra!

    • shab

      you two collaborating would be the best thing that’s happened since the invention of nutella. DO IT

    • Laura

      This comment is blowing my 24 year old mind. OMFG.

    • I’d love to help you out with this ladies 🙂

    • Behind the Mirror


  • We have this bag for sale at bygeorgeaustin.com!!!!

  • Nico
  • Manu

    wow . . awesome bag 🙂
    love it


    xoxo manu

  • Leila Daiana Llunez

    I’m also in favor, that bag is gorgeous! The Trend UpsetterTTU Facebook Page

  • lela

    Love this bag… timeless and practical
    a must have!

  • Issa


  • Bronte

    I would wear this baby to bed for sure…. and maybe to my therapists office :/

  • Louisa


  • gilda

    Love your blog and your posts… I love how you inspire us all with you sense of fashion
    this bag is to die for..

  • Yunjung Hwang

    Love this bag! It’s classic and simple. Needless to say, just a perfect bag!
    Black & White color combination is my favorite!


  • Megan

    I can’t say I like it… I own one from years back that looks EXACTLY the same from a thrift store… and I only paid $2 for it, and unnamed brand… I was expecting something a little less simple, something that would stand out and not just look drab, plain and unimaginative.


  • Lauren Dimesky

    Good bones!


    Lauren at adorn la femme

  • Ghazal

    It looks like something I’d been wanting and searching for. I’d definitely get it if I could afford it.

  • Patricia

    Did Lena Dunham actually commented on your blog?
    That is awesome!

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    perfection! love.

    xo elizabeth


  • I like the simplicity and clean lines. And besides, everyone needs a great weekend bag.


  • stela

    It is disgusting what was done to the name of Yves and in the same time ridicules as they are continuing to sale the tribute sandal (I love them) and you can see the at Saks Fifth Ave web site that they are “confused” as some of the sandals are under Yves Saint Laurent and some under Saint Laurent! So ridicules. I am sorry to say I don’t see any beauty or inspiration in the new collections. Bring the name and talent of Yves back!

  • It is nice and basic!


  • Love it! its the bag i’ve been looking for my whole life 😀

  • Elizabeth

    I find this bag to be another version of the same old thing. It’s simple, it’s classic, but it’s not “inspired.” After his most recent collection, I had the expectation of seeing something a lot more daring. This just doesn’t seem to fit with Slimane’s new aesthetic… I’m confused. I feel like he hasn’t decided on the direction he wants to take Saint Laurent. I’ve also never been a fan of gold hardware on bags… I think it cheapens the look. #maybeitsjustme

  • Amazing looks.

    Kiss from Manual Fashion


  • I really like this bag for its simplicity, timeless quality…but as many have commented already, it looks like it could be ANY bag. Trust me, I’m all for nondescript carry-alls because I can keep them in rotation forever and no one will be the wiser…but for a designer’s first go around? I was kind of expecting something a little more distinctive, I guess.

    And yes, you and Lena should come up with a collabo for a sick bag we’d all love – I can just see it now, in all its man-repelling glory!

  • Daniella M

    I think it is consistent with the look he is going for. I love it! At first glance I didn’t think much of it, but considering his Fall 2013 RTW, I think it goes well with every thing he has put out! I want one!!

  • It looks simple and awesome.


  • Lust Covet Desire

    In love with the structure..


  • PYXH

    Wait, is not Coach?

  • Aubrey Green

    hate it.

  • Em

    There is nothing unique or outlandish about it, but the sharp sleek lines scream classic to me. I don’t know however if this is the way that Slimane should introduce himself to the world. After his last collection I feel that redemption is needed and a structured black carry-all, albeit beautifully done, doesn’t seem enough to go the distance.

    ~ Em

  • her persona

    love the simplicity of this bag!


  • Liz-Best.com

    I wish this bag had more interesting lines and shape. It will always be classic, but does not necessarily scream anything out in terms of Hedi’s talent.

  • Laura


  • Lateybirdy

    i actually like this.

  • Clara the french

    Lena+Leandra who run the world GIRLS
    and to comment on this post:

    • MK

      AGREED!! THANKS! 😀

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  • Danielle Snyder


  • Jaye

    without a logo, its a meh bag that deserves no commentary.

    • Leandra Medine

      But with the logo?